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The World´s End

British comedy have some of the best comedian talents out there in this world, Monty Python have done so many classic movies and sketches, but the list of more comedy talents are so many...it would take forever to mention some of my personal favourites. In the year 2004, one of the best zombie comedies ever came out, Shaun Of The Dead. If you have not seen this one, you have to go and buy it. Don´t ask why, you just have too have this in your movie collection. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost became superstars with their fantastic performances . I was not surprised they returned with Hot Fuzz, a cop action comedy so twisted, i simply loved the idea of a small british town gone mad. They returned again in a different genre, Paul, where they meet an alien close to Area 51, it was funny, but not as good as the previous movies. So, here we are. The ( final ? ) chapter of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost movies, in a sci fi comedy. Is The World´s End another classic, or is the magic lost along the way ?

Over 20 years ago, a group of friends decided to make an unforgettable night, visiting every pub in small town Newton Haven, and finish at the pub The World´s End. That night ended with everyone being too drunk to continue the journey. Now, 20 years later, Gary King ( Simon Pegg ), a middle-aged alcoholic, can´t stop thinking about that night. So, he decide to contact his old friends Peter Paige ( Eddie Marsan ), Oliver "O-Man" Chamberlain ( Martin Freeman ), Steven Prince ( Paddy Considine ) and Andy Knightley ( Nick Frost ). His friends don´t know if this is a good idea, since 20 years have gone, and they are no teenagers anymore. But Gary manage to talk them into doing the same pub journey in their hometown. Gary manage to Contact Oliver´s sister Sam Chamberlain ( Rosamund Pike ). She visits the guys at one of the pubs, but soon leaves after Gary´s behavior. While they continue their mission, to drink a pint in all the pubs, they notice that Newton Haven have changed. People look strange, and don´t talk very normal. In one of the pubs restrooms, Gary confronts one young man, to find out he is not human. Andy finds out Gary lied about his mother passed away, and want to confront him on this subject, as he finds out what is going on. All of Gary´s friends end up fighting these strange robots ( as they call them ). What started like an ordinary night, is soon changing into a nightmare. Who are these aliens and what do they want ?

I can honestly say, i laughed a hell of a lot while watching The World´s End. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have done it again, delivering a comedy with so many great scenes, you will have a great time guaranteed. There are plenty of highlight scenes, like when Andy orders in a glass of water, and Gary becomes furious, because you dont drink water, when you have a beer night. The fighting scenes with the aliens are hilarious, with some very effective scenes along the way. I have to say, not only Simon and Nick are great, but the rest of the cast does a really good job in their characters. This is british comedy at a quality level, for all ages. I don´t think i need to dig too deep in more details, The World´s End is a great time, especially if you loved sci fi classic motion picture Invasion Of The Body Snatchers. This is a mix of classic movies, put together in a very clever way. Make sure you buy a ticket, before it ends showing in cinemas.

Rating: DDDD

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