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Bullitt is one of the biggest classic motion pictures when it comes to car chases. Steve McQueen behind the wheels in San Fransisco in the 60´s, an icon movie that will live on. Some might say Getaway from 1972 is also one of the best car action movies of all time, also starring Steve McQueen. The Fast And The Furious franchise is todays biggest car action blockbusters, and for every movie it seems that people love this genre. I suppose if you mix cool cars, hot girls, and lots of action, it should be the perfect mix for viewers of Leila Bakar. You might think Getaway with Ethan Hawke and Selena Gomez is a remake from the 70´s motion picture, but this is not a remake. Instead it is said that Getaway is an original story. With such a great actor as Ethan Hawke behind the wheels, is Getaway a popcorn feast, or another example of a poor idea gone bad ?

Former race driver Brent Magna ( Ethan Hawke ) comes home to find his home destroyed. And his wife is missing, as it turns out she have been kidnapped. Brent recieve a phonecall from a man called The Voice ( Jon Voight ), who explain what he has to do, to make sure his wife will survive. A special designed car is located in a chosen area, and Brent need to drive and follow instructions, if he does not follow orders, his wife will die. While Brent is ordered to wait in a construction zone, a young woman called The Kid ( Selena Gomez ) tries to steal Brent´s car. She fails, as The Voice order Brent to take The Kid with him on his journey, since he might need her help. It turns out that The Voice have planned everything, that The Kid was supposed to try and steal the car. The Kid is a skilled computer hacker, so her knowledge is usefull while The Voice give them both new orders. Time is running out, and Brent know that too many mistakes might end it all.

Getaway have been panned by almost all movie crititcs, and i can understand why. Getaway is not a great movie, but at least it is not bad all the way. The biggest problem with Getaway is that the plot feels dull, and when Ethan Hawke does not deliver his acting quality as he usually does, there is not alot left to be happy about. Selena Gomez did a great performance in Spring Breakers, here she is just a teen girl who tries to be cool, and that´s pretty much it. There are a few car scenes that looks pretty good, but overall director Courtney Solomon have delivered an action movie without intensive scenes. Getaway is nothing you will remember, but would i rather watch this than Intresseklubben ? Yes, no doubt about that.

Rating: DD

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