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Matthew McConaughey is an actor with a catalogue wider than Kim Kardashian´s tits. What do i mean by this ? He does so many different genre movies, that he never gets stuck in the same pattern. And this is a good thing. There was a time when he made some bad choices. Remember this one, Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past ? There are some others, but he suddenly changed into a completely different actor in The Lincoln Lawyer, where he really took me by surprise. Nowdays i actually look forward too what he does, since he seems to understand what quality means in acting standards. Mud became a favourite at The Sundance Film Festival where the audience praised both the acting, but also the story from director Jeff Nichols. He directed one of my personal favourite movies of 2011, named Take Shelter. Considering that i know he is a talented director, with a great lead actor, does Mud deliver as much as i hoped, or is this a big let down from my expectations ?

2 very young boys, Ellis ( Tye Sheridan ) and his best friend Neckbone ( Jacob Lofland ) go out on a boat trip on the Mississippi River. On an small island, Neckbone knows a place where a boat is stuck in the trees, after a flood. While looking around in the boat, Ellis finds fresh food lying in a plastic bag. Someone must be living here, so the boys get down from the boat and run towards the beach. Before they get back out on the river, they meet the man who lives on the boat. He call himself Mud ( Matthew McConaughey ), and he is supposed to meet someone on this island, and if he does, he will leave. Until then he will live in the boat. He ask the boys if they can help him get food. Neckbone does not like Mud, so he tries to leave, while Ellis feel sorry for Mud. The boys travel back into land, not to talk about Mud. Ellis packs some can of food down from his home, and head back towards the island with Neckbone. They give Mud the food cans, as he tells them he is waiting for his girlfriend Juniper ( Reese Witherspoon ) to see him again. But Ellis becomes worried, when a police stops him and his mom, where the police says they are looking for a fugitive. The picture is a photo of Mud. Ellis lies and says he have never seen this man. Now Ellis and Neckbone know Mud is lying, so who is he, and what is he hiding from ?

Matthew have done it again. His portait of Mud is simply outstanding, and he proves once again why he is such a great actor. But let´s not forget the young boys Tye Sheridan and Jacob Lofland. For such a young age, they are really good as best friends, caught in a dangerous situation. Director Jeff Nichols capture the Mississippi feeling with beautiful scenes, and make the storyline interesting for such a simply story. Reese Witherspoon is also good here, i am not her biggest fan, but i have to say she fits the character of Juniper. Mud is a very well made thriller drama, about making life choices, and what consequences it may give you. You can buy Mud from Usa and England so far, and will get a cinema premiere on 15th November in Sweden. I am really looking forward to Matthew McConaughey in his upcoming motion picture Dallas Buyers Club, based on the true story of HIV positive Ron Woodroof, a man who loves to party and use drugs, until he is given 30 days to live. Until this movie shows up in a cinema near you, i suggest you buy Mud, and you are guaranteed a good quality cinema experience in your blu ray player.

Rating: DDDD

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