tisdag 19 november 2013

Machete Kills

From a Grindhouse trailer, made into a motion picture, Machete took the world by storm. Let´s be honest, without Danny Trejo in the lead role as Machete, this would not have been as good as it did. This legendary actor knows how to make icon characters, and as Machete he nailed it big time. Director Robert Rodriguez have always loved B movies, remember From Dusk Til Dawn ? You could tell that this was a tribute to the 1970´s, with corny picture and sleazy dialogue, just the way we like it. Machete Kills is the latest story of Machete, and this time we have a handfull of movie stars included, how about Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen and Cuba Gooding. Jr ? Yes, in case you wonder, Lady Gaga is also here. So with Danny Trejo back as Machete, will the audience have a great time once again, or are the expectations too high ?

Machete Cortez ( Danny Trejo ) and Sartana Rivera ( Jessica Alba ) is on a mission to stop corrupted US military men, who have been supplying the Mexican drug cartels. The mission does not go as planned, and Sartana is killed, shot in the head. Corrupted Sheriff Doeakes ( William Sadler ), tries to hang Machete with no luck. Suddenly Doakes is informed to stop the torture, The President Of United States, Rathcock ( Charlie Sheen ), order his staff to bring Machete to the white house. President Rathcock suggest that if Machete help him, Rathcock will arrange so Machete becomes an american citizen. Machete agree on his mission, to eliminate Marcos Mendez ( Demián Bichir ). Machete meets his handler Blanca Vasquez ( Amber Heard ), who seduce Machete, before he heads off too Acapulco. In Acapulco he finds Cereza ( Vanessa Hudgens ), who can help him locate Marcos. Cereza takes Machete to Marcos, where he meets this legendary criminal. Chaos breaks out, and Machete kidnap Marcos. But the problems don´t stop here. Marcos have a missile launch device to his heart, and within 24 hours the device will blow up. Now a bounty hunter known as El Chameleón ( Cuba Gooding. Jr ) is out there to kill Machete, as well as his old enemy Osiris Amanpour ( Tom Savini ). Determined to finish mission, Machete will not let anyone stand in his way.

Before i saw the trailer of Machete Kills, i was really looking forward to a sequel. After having seen this sequel, i feel kind of split. Is this good ? Yes, in some ways. Is it worse than the original movie ? Yes, but this is not an awful action movie. The cheesy dialogue is here, cheap special effects, lots of hot girls, and big guns, all the right ingredients you need at a dinner while watching Halv 8 Hos Mig. One problem is that the magic with the first motion picture is not as clear here, as it used to be. I loved the grindy picture, here this is made more like an ordinary action motion picture. Ok, Machete Kills may not deliver as much as i hoped, but this is still a fun ride. With lots of action, lots of body parts flying, and you will laugh at some of the bad jokes. Machete Kills wont win any awards, but if you love B action movies, then you will guaranteed get a morning wood from this motion picture.

Rating: DDD

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