fredag 22 november 2013

Jug Face

Every year we see what the big movie studios are doing. They will do anything to have another big blockbuster hit at the box office, no matter how many times we have seen the same concept. Horror is the typical genre for this subject, sequels and prequels are released constantly. But sometimes there comes a original story, that does not look like everything else. For example, take a look at this motion picture called Jug Face. Made with a very low budget, and directed by Chad Crawford Kinkle ( this is his first full length film ), Jug Face got a lot of positive feedback at Slamdance Film Festival 2013, and by many movie critics. Most actors are pretty unheard of, except for Larry Fessenden ( Stake Land ) and old school actress Sean Young ( No Way Out, Blade Runner ). Is Jug Face a fresh story for us who love new ideas, or is this another typical straight to dvd release ?

In a backwoods community, clay maker Dawai ( Sean Bridgers ) have made a Jug Face, that a voice told him to do. This voice is coming from The Pit, a pit in the ground who the whole community worship. Every jug face that is made from Dawai, is supposed to look like someone in the community. This means that person must be sacrificed. Ada ( Lauren Ashley Carter ) have sex with her own brother Jessaby ( Daniel Manche ) in the forest, Ada realise she have to keep this secret, as she steals one of Dawai´s clay heads, that looks like her. She bury the clay head underground, so no one in the community knows she is supposed to be sacrificed. Ada´s family have chosen her to marry Bodey ( Mathieu Whitman ). Her family still thinks she is a virgin, so no one can find out her secrets. But the community is being suspicious about Ada, what is she hiding ? And what is the secret behind The Pit ?

When i see something original coming out on dvd, or blu ray, i try to check it out as fast as i can. Here in Sweden, there were no talk about Jug Face, so i discovered the movie from different web sites, that praised this motion picture. Knowing that this is not a big Hollywood production i felt very curious about what this could be. I have to say, Jug Face delivers quality. Forget about the budget, this is more intelligent than most of the horror releases coming out this year. The story about this cult society is deeply disturbing, and shows how people in a small community can become evil, and do terrible deeds. Main actress Lauren Ashley Carter proves that she could be heading towards a very bright future, after this performance in Jug Face. She reminds me of a young Susan Sarandon, but still with her own style. Director Chad Crawford Kinkle may borrow some classic cult influences, but he mix them with his own visual style, and with a different twist. I am already looking forward to his next motion picture. Jug Face is not a classic horror movie, but this is still worth checking out. I even suggest you buy this one, to support directors who are trying to make different ideas, made into a cinema delight. Who wants a Jug Face ? I know i do want one.

Rating: DDD

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