tisdag 6 december 2016

Officer Downe

There is no doubt that the 80´s have made a huge impact on action films. It would be too easy to say that Die Hard was the only memorable action film, because there are some more we easily could mention. How about The Terminator, Predator and Robocop ? Even if i think the 70´s had some fantastic action films, the 80´s managed to develope some fresh ideas, and make them feel original. One of the action films that you have to own on blu ray, is of course Robocop. The original film from 1987 is still today on the list of best action films ever. Director Paul Verhoeven combined a standard cop action idea, with a robot instead and with science fiction elements. This turned out to be a really good combination, and a new icon was born. Robocop became a hit worldwide in cinemas, and the toy industry were ready to deliver kids what they wanted. of course Nintendo had to release a video game, based on the film. I did play it, but can´t remember much of the game. Let´s just say it was not that great. Since the first film was a big hit, of course we had to have a sequel. In 1990, Robocop 2 landed in theatres. Peter Weller, who was Robocop from the first film was also back. But the film failed to please the audience, and critics did not like the film. Director Irvin Kershner tried to make a sequel, but it was obvious that he did not have the same vision as Paul Verhoeven had with the character. I will say this, Robocop 2 does have some fun scenes, but is nowhere near as good as the original film. Just 3 years later we got another sequel, this time called Robocop 3. If there is one film you should avoid to watch, it is this film. Robocop 3 is one of the worst action sequels i have seen from the 90´s, it is that bad. I can understand why Peter Weller turned this film down, and did not want to be a part of it. Interesting fact, Robert John Burke, who plays Robocop ( why did he even agree to do this ? ) in the third film, have actually managed to become a much better actor in recent years. He have proved himself in films like Safe, 2 Guns and True Story. Let´s bring back the 80´s again, do some of you remember the classic action film Maniac Cop with Bruce Campbell and Joseph Zito? A classic, that also managed to deliver a good sequel as well. Imagine a combination of Robocop and Maniac Cop ? Do you recognize the name Shawn Crahan ? Known as Clown in the metal band Slipknot, he have made a new action film, based on the comic book character Officer Downe. I love Slipknot, and i love classic action ingredients. Could his new film Officer Downe be a future classic, or is this a disaster ?

Officer Downe ( Kim Coates ) used to be human once, but was killed in duty. Through an experiment, scientists found a way to bring him back to life, and make him stronger, and even more effective as the ultimate police officer. The rough Police Chief Barringer ( Laura Lunar Vélez ) bring in Officer Gable ( Tyler Ross ), to see if he can handle the pressure. But the situation is far from positive, and Gable try to adjust as much as he can. Everytime Officer Downe is brought back to life, more criminals are hoping to kill him for good. Is it any idea to bring him back constantly, or does he deserve to rest in peace ?

Imagine a mix of Robocop and Maniac Cop, combined with the brutality of Hobo With A Shotgun, and you have Officer Downe explained, in a easy way. And for those of you who know me, i love B movies that try and bring back the 80´s. This is a action feast made for fans of VHS violence, and i am one of them. Kim Coates as Officer Downe is the perfect example, why we need a film like this in cinemas screens worldwide. His portrait of the comic book character gives us all that wonderful violence, insane shootouts and dialogue just as sharp as Martin Stenmarcks album covers. One of the reasons why Kim Coates fits so great in the lead role, is because he have managed to make Officer Downe feel like Judge Dredd, the 2012 version ( not the Stallone adaptation ). And this is a really good choice, because we want to see a cop who don´t give a shit about rules, he just want to clean up the streets. The style of the film, feels like a insane LSD trip, with bright colors and a society where freedom have no meaning no more. Director Shawn Crahan is obviously a fan of the comic book character Officer Downe, and i think he have made a film that kind of looks like the comic book. He does use a very brutal tone, and this is a big advantage, because this is what a film like this needs. Now let´s get to something less good. The masks on some of the evil characters, such as Lion Man and Miss Tiger, just feels too easy. When they talk, you feel like they just placed masks over their heads, but forgot to adjust them correctly. We want to see them talk, with their mouths moving. Instead, it looks like they are talking out of their masks, and their mouths barely moves. I understand that this film have a limited budget, but i feel that these masks could have looked better. Apart from this, i would say i had a good time watching Officer Downe. It is nice to see directors who tries to go back to the good old days of video violence. Lead actor Kim Coates deserve respect for his performance, and i really hope we get to see him do a sequel to Officer Downe. I have a feeling that we might get even more fun next time. Until then, pop up some cold beers, grab your nuts, and enjoy Officer Downes brutality. Just the way we want a sunday afternoon, after tea and biscuits of course. I think i might dress up like a cop right now, it looks like fun fighting ninjas and maniacs on the streets.

Rating: DDD

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