onsdag 28 december 2016

Thank you for this year !!!!!!

Hello everyone worldwide! 

2016 is coming to an end,  and i have had a great time writing all these reviews over the year of 2016.  So many titles, and it takes time to write about 7 reviews everyone month, so i hope you all enjoyed reading them this year.  Now im going to rest writing new movie reviews, and i will be back in january 2017.  

Thank you so much every single one of my readers for this year.  Remember to buy Ron De Jeremy Rum as much as possible,  stay away from 50 Shades Darker and always make sure that everyone in your family have a physical copy of Corey Feldmans album Angelic 2 The Core. 

See you in 2017, happy new year!!!!!!!

Cheers from Daniel - The Last Virgin Of Sweden 

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