måndag 26 december 2016

The Best Movie Of 2016 Is......

Its finally time to tell the world, what my favourite movie was of the year 2016.

This year had some really good films, and some surprises as well. But there was only one film that got the highest rating from me this year, and that film is.......

Captain Fantastic 

Wow, this is a fantastic film indeed.  You have acting on a top quality level, you have a story that may be simple but really emotional and funny.  Viggo Mortensen is absolutely fantastic as the hippie father of 6 kids. What i really love about Captain Fantastic,  is that the film gets you thinking.  Do we have to live in a certain way, or is it ok to live the way you want to,  outside ordinary society? The film is also very emotional in many scenes, and the children actors are absolutely splendid. 

Captain Fantastic is a film you wont forget, it stays in your mind for a very good reason. And this is without a doubt the best film of this year. 

If you have not seen it yet, you have to make sure you see this film.  There are no excuses. Buy, or rent Captain Fantastic,  you just have to experience this wonderful film 

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