onsdag 28 december 2016

The Autopsy Of Jane Doe

I have worked almost 20 years in health care, and in those years i have experienced patients dying. Not many, but still it is always a tragedy to see someone pass away, no matter what the age is. We all die at some point in life, so in the end we will all have to face the truth, you can´t live forever. But that´s ok, because as long as we are alive, i think we should all enjoy life as much as possible. So what about the people who find out the cause of dead bodies, by professional coroners ? Can they live a normal life, and still don´t let their work affect them personally too much ? I belive they can, because they have to find a way to deal with many situations, and see that their job is very important, especially in crime related death causes. Of course they have to leave work at the morgue, and not bring it home. This is very important, because you have to separate personal life and work, as much as possible. I have never seen myself how a coroner works in a morgue. And i don´t think i would want to see, even if i respect their profession a lot. Simply because i am not the type of person who wants to see a human being opened. There is a very big difference to see this on film, than in reality. When it comes to films, that are connected to autopsys, we have some to choose between. I am especially thinking of one film from 2008, simply called Autopsy. A low budget horror film, with legendary actor Robert Patrick included in the cast, including Michael Bowen. This was a pretty good horror film, nothing unique or original, but still good enough to rent. Now i should tell you that this film did not include coroners, but simply one insane man doing autopsys anyway. This got me thinking of the 90´s classic film Body Bags, where John Carpenter and Tobe Hooper were deranged morgue attendees. Usually when i see new trailers, i either come across them on my favourite horror web page Bloodydisgusting, or on Youtube. But there was actually one film that i came across through Facebook, and that film is called The Autopsy Of Jane Doe. Before i saw the trailer, i knew nothing about this film, i did not even know it existed. I noticed that The Autopsy Of Jane Doe is released through IFC Films, a company i have seen many really good horror films in the past, so of course i had to check this one out. Do we finally have a wonderful family holiday film in our hands, or is this another dull horror release, easy to forget ?

An unidentified female body is dicovered in a basement, where other bodies have been found near the entrance of the house. But the difference between the bodies, is that this woman does not seemed to be murdered through any weapon, or any tools. Police send the young womans corps down to small town coroner Tommy Tilden ( Brian Cox ) and his son Austin. Austin is about to go out with his girlfriend Emma ( Opelia Lovibond ), but he decide to go back to his father and help him finish the autopsy. What starts off an ordinary autopsy, is about to change direction, when Tommy and Austin is about to find out secrets about this unknown woman.

I have seen plenty of films, released by IFC Midnight over the years, but i don´t think i have never seen any film as good as this one from the distribution company IFC Midnight. The Autopsy Of Jane Doe is a horror film, very elegantly made, with very good acting, and really professional executed direction by Norwegian film director André Ovredal. You might recognize the name, he directed the very well made norwegian found footage mockumentary Trollhunter. He have worked on other films as well, but The Autopsy Of Jane Doe is his first american film, and i have to say that he really hit a jackpot with this one. The details surrounding this autopsy film, is just simply outstanding. It almost feels like we are seeing professional coroner, the way they tell details about human parts, their observations during the autopsy of the young woman. The most pleasant surprise with this film, is that you have no idea what will happen, at any point. You can´t predict the film, because it focuses on staying secret. You may think that it sounds boring, a film about an autopsy, but once you get into the film, i can guarantee that you will not be bored. Director André Ovredal knows exactly how to deal with the content. His way of telling a story, of a dead woman´s unknown identity, keeps you focused all the way through the film. Lead actors Emile Hirsch and Brian Cox, both deliver very solid performances, as we follow their search for the truth. One thing that this film manage to do, is not to follow the popular jump scare trend. Instead, you get a more old school horror style included, where the story is more focused than most horror films released lately. This is how horror films should be, because in the end the typical jump scares becomes dull and predictable. I also like the twist towards the end, when we do get more answers. Nice to see a horror film at the end of the year 2016, that actually managed to surprise me. The Autopsy Of Jane Do is a really good horror film, and will be appreciated by all of you who love old school horror. I have to say that director André Ovredal have proved, you don´t need a massive budget, or CGI, to deliver quality. I might have said that The Conjuring 2 was one of the best horror films of 2016. I have no problem saying this, The Autopsy Of Jane Doe is without a doubt almost as good as The Conjuring 2, who would have thought that would be possible ?

Rating: DDDD

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