söndag 25 december 2016

The worst 3 movies of 2016 is..........

Every year there are always really bad films released, and i could probably do a countdown list of many titles, but this year i thought i should do something different. Instead of doing a top 10 list ( that i never have done before ), why not do a list of 3 films that really made me angry.

And boy do we have 3 stinkers to talk about. There were several films that i was disappointed with during 2016, but there were especially three films that should have been flushed down the toilet, or even buried underground forever. So here we go......

1. Max Steel

Do you love cartoon shows made into films ? Then you are going to hate this new film adaption of cartoon show Max Steel. Holy shit, let´s be honest here. Everything is awful, in fact i want to burn every dvd and blu ray of this film, because no one should see this pile of shit. There is absolutely nothing good here. The acting is so bad, i can´t understand why these actors were paid to be in this film. The special effects are beyond awful, the story is a waste of time. You should see how angry i am right now writing this, my head is about to explode thinking of Max Steel. You heard it folks, Max Steel is the worst film i saw in 2016. I dare you to find one film worse than this one this year, and i know you can´t.

2. Mother´s Day

I have to start asking, what the hell were you thinking director Gary Marshal ? Making a tribute to mothers with this corny, horrible, tasteless comedy with Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts and Kate Hudson ? Mother´s Day is a film that makes you throw up, because you can´t be happy seeing a film with all of these actors wasting their time. Everything is so cute, and everyone is so perfect, and i wasted my time seeing this ? Therapy next week.

3. Meet The Blacks

How about a comedy with Mike Epps being thrown into a Purge night ? Wow, that sounds fantastic. No, honestly this is a horrible film. No fun, no comedy values, just a stupid comedy that leaves a sour taste. Mike Epps have been funny in the past, but now he proves that he should quit the movie industry, if he keeps coming back with films such as this one. Meet The Blacks tries to make fun of black families, this is just silly and stupid. 

Here you go folks, 3 films none of you should see at all. I will reveal the best film of 2016 before New Years Eve, and also post one final review of this year. 

Cheers from Daniel 

3 kommentarer:

  1. Dont forget most of ihe Swedish produtions

    1. Youre right Tony, Sweden do make a lot of bad films. Thats why we need a quality film like Dyke Hard 2 to be made 😉

    2. Youre right Tony, Sweden do make a lot of bad films. Thats why we need a quality film like Dyke Hard 2 to be made 😉