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10 Years Anniversary Review Of Clash Of The Titans

Everyone goes through different phases in their lives, and that is the way it should be. This way we learn to deal with pain, sadness, and great moments as well. I have a lot memories i could easily share, at different times in my life. But i decided to share one special moment i will never forget, and we have to go back to the year of 2010, and it was in April that year i was about to experience something i did not expect. My wifes brother Janne have been talking constantly about the new remake of Clash Of The Titans, day and night. And most of all he was really excited to see Sam Worthington in the lead role as Perseus. So, that weekend when he went to see the premiere, i remember he called me up afterwards. He cried, and i mean really cried. I thought something seriously bad have happened. But he explained to me that Clash Of The Titians ( the remake ) is a film that let all his emotions out. For him, this was his wake up call that this was the best film of that year. He told me how happy he felt seeing Sam Worthington on the big screen, like it was his own moment with Sam, that no one could take away from him. I was happy for Janne that he loved this film so much, and that he felt so much happiness of seeing Sam Worthington. Since that day ( that is now over 10 years ago ), i can still see Janne get emotional every time someone mention Clash Of The Titans. I have a feeling that if he ever decide to get married, or engaged ( if it happen´s, he does not have to of course ), i have a feeling he will celebrate by having a private ceremony screening of Clash Of The Titans with fans from all over the world. To me that sounds beautiful, and i am proud of Janne, that he is not afraid to show his emotions over this film. I recently came across a list of films that have turned 10 years old, and there are a lot of titles that reminded me of the year of 2010. But since i mentioned Clash Of The Titans earlier in this Review, i thought it would be nice to visit this film again, since i have not seen this film for quite some time ( Janne have probably seen it many more times than i would expect ). Looking at Clash Of The Titans now after 10 years, is this remake entertaining today, or has this film aged a lot over these years ?

After defeating the Titans, the gods divided among themselves; Zeus ( Liam Neeson ) took the skies, Poseidon ( Danny Huston ), Hades ( Ralph Fiennes ), deceived by Zeus, was left with the Underworld. The gods created the mortals, whose worship maintained the god´s immortality. Over time, however, the mortals begin to blaspheme and defy their creators. The demigod Perseus was born to the mortal queen Danae ( Tina Stapelfeldt ) who was conceived by Zeus during the siege of King Acrisius ( Jason Flemyng ). Upon discovering her conception, Acrisius order´s the queens execution and locks the child in a chest with her corpse. The king throws the chest in the sea. Fisherman Spyros ( Pete Postlethwaite ) discover the chest, and decide to raise the child Perseus with his wife Marmara ( Elizabeth McGovern ). 13 years later, Perseus and his family watch soldiers from the city of Argo destroy the statue of Zeus, declaring war on the gods. The Furies are then released and slaughter the soldiers. Hades appears and destroy Spyros fishing boat and let him, his wife and daughter drown, while Perseus is the only survivor. Found by a Group of Soldiers, Perseus is brought to king Kepheus ( Vincent Regan ) and queen Cassiopeia ( Polly Walker ). They are celebrating their campaign against the gods. Hades suddenly shows up, killing most of the soldiers. Since they have disrespected Zeus, he warns the humans that he will release the Kraken, unless Princess Adromeda ( Alexa Davaos ) is offered as a sacrifice. 

For me personally, Clash Of The Titans fall right into the category that is known as a " Guilty Pleasure ", that means a film you enjoy for being bad but entertaining. And that is exactly what this film is, if you ask me. I can put on Clash Of The Titans on a boring day, and have a good time with bad acting, fun CGI effects and funny cheesy dialogue. I realise that Janne will be reading this review and will probably not agree with me, since i know how much he loves this film, and see this film differently than me ( i suppose from his perspective he sees this film to be an epic film experience ). And i respect his love for this film, and i have a feeling he can respect that i see this film in a different way than him. With that said, i do think this is a film you should watch if you love Greek mythology, Greek gods and if you love a lot CGI battles. I will get into some of the actors later, but i need to mention something that i think this film did right. Since we are talking Greek gods, you have several battles between gods and humans, that are actually quite funny to watch. Especially the fight scenes against Medusa. If you can accept the bad CGI effects of Medusa, and just see the entertainment value of seeing her fight against Perseus, then i think you might still have a good time. When it comes to the acting we have a lot famous actors in this film. You have Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes, Mads Mikkelsen ( raising a proud flag for Denmark of course ), Jason Flemyng, Luke Evans and many more. Considering so many great actors, you would think that the acting would be on a top quality level. But that´s not the case here, it is more like they went for a different approach and try to sound serious, but you can´t really feel it. Instead it feels like some of them are acting over the top instead, and it actually becomes quite funny with the dialogue included. Director Louis Leterrier ( who directed the entertaining crime mystery film Now You See Me ) have made a remake that may not hold a lot of power when it comes acting. But if you just want to have fun, and unlock your brain cells for a while, then i still see why Clash Of The Titans works as pure entertainment. I suggest you pick up Clash Of The Titans on a Blu Ray, and get into the right Greek spirit, that no one can resist.

Rating: DDD 

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