tisdag 1 september 2020

This September, Please Support Creature Horror Anthology Film Cryptids

Cheers everyone!

Autumn is here, and we leave another summer behind. Of course i wish summer would last forever, but since i live in Sweden, you can´t expect that to happen. Snow starts in the end of August, unfortunately.

Anyway, the real reason why i am writing this post today, is because we have a very important subject to talk about. There is a new anthology horror film being made called Cryptids, and there is an awsome Indiegogo campaign for this film. I suggest you check out the Indiegogo video, and i guarantee you want to support the makers of this film, because it looks awsome. Cryptids looks like the kind of film you would remember from the 80´s, So go into the Indiegogo campaign on the following adress, and support this film any way you can:


New movie reviews are coming for this month, so stay tuned and have a fantastic week. And remember, let´s help Cryptids get a nice release in the future.

Cheers from Daniel!

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