onsdag 9 september 2020

Deep Blue Sea 3

I don´t know about you, but i love to swim in the ocean. To feel free and swim anywhere you want, and walking on a beautiful beach afterwards, is a combination that i can´t say no to. I could easily spend hours on a beach, just to get my mind and body to relax. I have been to some beautiful countries in the past, and every time i visit some of their beaches i feel at home. Even if i love swimming out far in the sea, i remember being careful one time when i swimmed far out in Thailand, when some local folks told me not to swim too far out. They did not really say exactly what they were trying to warn me about, but i got a feeling they might be thinking about sharks. Speaking of sharks, there are so many films released out there that have shark subjects. Some are just traditional films that you have seen so many times before, while some are actually trying to mix up different ideas. I know most people think about Steven Spielberg´s classic Jaws most of the time, and i have to admit this is a great film. But there are films that are good, that you don´t hear that much about anymore that have sharks in the film. A perfect example of that is the Australian horror film The Reef, released in 2010. I would not be surprised if most of you have not seen this film, but this is actually a great film. The Reef tells the story of a group of friends who decide to sail towards Indonesia, but their sailing boat hit a reef and they can not go on. Stuck outside in the ocean, they are forced to swim to land, not knowing what is out there. It is a very simple plot, but this film manage to build up a frightening atmosphere as these people try and survive in the ocean. Director Andrew Traucki use simple but effective details to make The Reef a great horror film. I suggest you pick this film up cheap on DVD, especially from the UK. If you remember the 1999 horror action film Deep Blue Sea, you might remember that it was a fun ride. It is one of those films i can still see today as a guilty pleasure. The sequel ( released in 2018 ) did not give me much at all. So i was not really excited to see that we have a third film out now, but i decided to give this film a chance. Is it possible that Deep Blue Sea 3 is the best sequel in this franchise, or should this film have been stopped from being made ?

Dr. Emma Collins ( Tania Raymonde ) is a scientist who is following in her deceased father´s footsteps. She works to preserve the ocean, especially sharks. Worried about climate change causing island flooding, she has been studying on the island of Little Happy for the last three years. She has a small team helping her, consisiting with her father´s former co-worker Euguene Shaw ( Emerson Brooks ), tech genius Spinnaker ( Alex Baht ) and Miya ( Reina Aoi ). The man-made island has been subjected to flooding from rising sea levels, reducing the population to only two, Bahari ( Siya Mayola ) and Nandi ( Avumile Qongqo ). Dr. Collins have another reason to be here, and that is the great white shark named Sally, tagged by Dr. Collins. At first everything seems to be in order, until Dr. Collins discover that three bull Sharks have entered these waters, that seem way more intelligent than she would expect. The truth is that these three bull sharks actually escaped from a research lab owned by a pharmaceutical company.

I will be honest and say that i had no high expectations on Deep Blue Sea 3 since i felt the second film failed to be a worthy sequel. And if you thought this sequel would do the same, then i have some good news for you. Deep Blue Sea 3 actually manage to both deliver better characters than in the second film, and we also get better looking CGI effects as well. The sharks are actually more effective this time around, since they finally understood that we can´t have a sequel to Deep Blue Sea without having shark attack scenes that actually works. This film is still not as good as the first film of course, but i am still surprised that they still managed to get this sequel right. Let´s talk about one of the biggest highlight of this film, and that is actress Tania Raymonde as Dr. Emma Collins. For those who you who might recognize Tania from the classic TV series Lost, i can tell you that she is the strongest character in this film. Not only does she pull off a great performance, but she clearly shows that she knows how to make her character both feel intelligent, and funny as well. And in a sequel like this to the well known first film, i have to say that they made the right choice to put Tania as the lead actor. When she starts striking back at the sharks, you can see that she had fun on the set of this film. I have to mention one of the most charming characters in this film, and that is actress Reina Aoi as the character Miya. If you ever had a bad day, Miya is the one you need to see to cheer you up, since she gives you a feeling of happiness with her presence. And that is exactly what she manage to do in this film. There are some other great characters i could mention as well, but i need to mention that this is one of the few sequels i have seen with a good ending. And that includes a lot of violence as well ( not extremely ), that fits with the final part of the plot. Deep Blue Sea 3 may not be a masterpiece, and may not deliver everything on a top scale, but this is still a fun action horror film if you appreciate these kinds of films. Director John Pugue ( who directed the great horror film The Quiet Ones ) have found a way to tell the story of Deep Blue Sea without insulting the first film. I feel that he managed to combine ideas of previous film, and adding some other details that is surprisingly good. If you are planning a cozy home evening, i suggest you pick up Deep Blue Sea 3 on VOD, DVD or Blu Ray, to make sure your family see how life ususally looks like in Sweden on an ordinary day ( this is probably the most realistic portrait of Sweden in a film ever ).

Rating: DDD

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