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Eternal Code

Life is shorter than we think. We may believe we have all the time in the world, to make things right. But in reality it becomes clear that we should consider what we should focus on. Is it more important to own a lot of stuff, than helping other people´s lives ? Is it more important to be popular on social media, than actually caring for the ones who needs support ? I have worked 21 years in health care, and i can tell you that i have seen a lot of things that have changed my life. All the people i have met with different diagnoses, or mental issues, have taught me that we can help people if we really want to. I will admit there have been some rough times, but that is where you learn how much it matters to reach out, and actually listen to the ones who needs help. But what if we were able to use science on a different level than before, so we could bring back the ones we love? What if we never really would die completely ? Some of these subjects were brought up in the science fiction thriller Replicas, from director Jeffrey Nachmanoff. I was very curious about this film, since the plot seemed very interesting. And i have to say, i do find some interesting details in Repilcas that i think a lot of people would discuss. The idea of bringing back family members back to Life have been done before in other films, but Replicas had another twist to the story that made it stand out from similar films. Unfortunately, Replicas had some problems along the way. Especially with some of the details surrounding the plot holes. Even if Keanu Reeves was the best part of this film, he could not save this film. There are other films out there that brings up medical science as well as other ways to help patients. I was asked by film producer Joe Williamson to Review a film called Eternal Code, and of course i said yes. Whenever a film producer ask me to Review any film, i always make sure to write their requests. Is this an independent film that you should be picking on on DVD, or is Eternal Code not a film you need to look for ?

Military veteran Corey ( Damien Chinappi ) is about to finish his life, since he have had enough of living on the streets with nothing left to live for. Just as he is about to pull the trigger, he witness a prostitute named Stephanie ( Kaiti Wallen ) being attacked by a man, and saves her life. Stephanie is so grateful for what Corey did, and want to be a friend with him. Corey is about to find out that he is not the only kind one, when two girls named Miranda Pellegrini ( Angelina Daniella Cama ) and May ( Calohun Koenig ), as they give him food that they prepared. Corey can´t thank these Girls enough for their kindness. Meanwhile, two corporations in a towering office, are discussing a business decision that will take a new revolutionary technology to a new level. But Miranda´s mother and corporate CEO, Bridget Pellegrini ( Erika Hoveland ) is not sure about this business deal. If this technology goes into the wrong hands, it may cause more problems than actually make a difference. Business leader Oliver ( Richard Tyson ) is determined though to make sure that he can continue with this technology, no matter what it takes to get it approved.

Eternal Code sort of have 2 stories that are combined into each other. You have the story of two companys, where one of the companys wants to use technology to help people have eternal life, and then you have the story of a war veteran who is trying to survive for each day. In my opinion, the strength of this film is when the story is focused on the company who wants to take technology on a new level and play God. This is where Eternal Code becomes interesting, when we know that there are scientists out there who are trying to find new revolutionary ways to save people´s lives, and even make them live longer than should be possible. We have to get into the characters for a while, and the strongest acting performance comes from legendary actor Richard Tyson ( you all remember him from Kindergarten Cop, and i know a lot of horror fans remember him from the horror independent film Hayride ), who plays the character Oliver. When you get to see who Oliver really is, you understand that he is willing to do anything to make his plans become reality. Richard Tyson goes all in on his character, and give us a character that i believe show you how desperate some people can become, when they want to have more power than they can handle. Another character i think works well is actress Scout Taylor-Compton ( who i recently wrote about in my review for the independent film Penance Lane ) as the bad ass character Charlie. A kidnapper who does not take shit from anyone, and i have to say that she brings a performance that is wonderful. Eternal Code is a different kind of independent film, that tries to give you a glimpse into the world of medical corporations, and what happens when someone tries to go too far. This is my first time seeing a film from director Harley Wallen, and i can tell that this story must have inspired him, since he does take the subjects of this film seriously. I especially think he did a good job with the company scenes, when things are about to fall apart. I can´t say that that i feel completely saitisfied with all the details, but Eternal Code certainly give you a lot to think about, especially what is moraly right or wrong in the world of medical science, and what matters with showing respect to others. A film worth watching, if you are interested in medical issues and science as well.

Rating: DDD

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