torsdag 3 september 2020

Attack Of The Unknown

There are certain things in life that we appreciate more than other things. As an example, some people love chocolate more than gummy bears. We all love differet things, and that´s ok. But i believe that most people will agree, that if there is one thing we can all appreciate, it is sci fi action horror films. This combined mixture of genres, have turned out to work well in many different films. Instead of talking about certain films, i decided to pick out one film that may not have been appreciated by film critics, but is more appreciated by fans. And that is the sci fi disaster film Skyline, directed by Greg and Colin Strause. This film may not be a classic in any way, but if you want to see a sci fi film with pretty descent CGI effects, Skyline managed to deliver some solid sci fi action scenes. But that´s not all, Skyline also have an interesting concept of an Alien invasion with these shining lights, who can control people. There is a sequel called Beyond Skyline, and that film is even better than the first film. Over the years i have been involved in supporting several fund raising campaigns on websites such as Indiegogo. I enjoy helping independent films to help film makers get funding to make their films. One of the films i did help get funding, is the B movie known as Commando Ninja on Kickstarter. A really fun 80´s influenced action film, that have so many fantastic characters and so much violence. Worth checking out if you love 80´s action films such as Commando with Arnold Schwarzenegger. If you have been on Indiegogo, you may have seen some campaigns that have been very popular with the names of Michael Mahal and Sonny Mahal. These guys have been very active with films such as Party Bus To Hell and Art Of The Dead on fundraising campaigns. I actually helped them with their campaign for the film Attack Of The Unknown, because this looked like a fun throwback to sci fi films from the past. Is this one of the better action films of 2020, or is Attack Of The Unknown most likely to be forgotten ?

A SWAT team are about to transport the Vicious criminal known as Miguel " Hades " Agguire, with SWAT member Vernon ( Richard Grieco ), who have a problem with the attitude of Hades. But as they continue to finish their job, Everything changes when they see that Earth has been invaded by blood sucking aliens. Vernon and the SWAT team are aout to face their biggest threat ever.

Going into a film like Attack Of The Unknown, is like finding some of your favourite 90´s VHS tapes, with a little bit of everything for everyone to enjoy. You have a lot of shootings, aliens who attack, dialogue that fits better than expected and characters who actually make an impact. This is the kind of film you would pick to play at a wedding, to get everyone into the right mood for a party. Let us talk about the characters for a bit, and i do feel that we should begin with legendary actor Richard Grieco. He plays the bad ass character Vernon, who may know how to handle complicated situations, but clearly is struggling with personal issues. And this is something that Richard Grieco manage to bring out through his performance, without doing it over dramatic. One of the surprises for me is to see actor Douglas Tait ( who fans of the TV series Grimm will recognize ) as the SWAT team leader Maddox. I have to say that he is a perfect choice for this character, and i love the confident attitude that Maddox brings to the table. Actress Tara Reid is here as well, maybe not for a long time, but can appreciate her appearance since she has a star quality presence over her. Legendary actor Robert LaSardo does what he knows best, bring out an evil character in his own unique way. Outside of the fun characters that this film brings, we get some 90´s action influences included. There are plenty of bullets wasted, and in a film like this it is actually a good idea to bring the audience some VHS nostalgic memories. The aliens have an old school design that reminds us of sci fi films of the 50´s, that actually works. Are there any problems with Attack Of The Unknown ? Yes, there are certain details that could have been better. But overall, if you are a fan of independent sci fi action films, i have a feeling this film will probably make you pleased. Could we have a sequel in the future ? Who knows, but i have a feeling that the ending did open the door for another film. Until we find out, check out Attack Of The Unknown on VOD and you will hopefully have a good time as i had watching this film.

Rating: DDD

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