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Lazy Susan

A lot of us can probably confess, that we are lazy sometimes. We may not be going as often out for a walk as we should, or go for a jogging tour around the neighborhood. Sometimes we may even be lazy not making a meal, and order food to be delivered to our home. But i do Think that sometimes, we deserve to have a lazy moment in our lives. Especially us who work a lot, it is just nice to have a Netflix evening and order a large pizza, just to relax. But there are those in society, who might be too lazy and live a very lazy lifestyle. I think we have all met that kind of person, no matter if it is in family, a friend, or even a work collegue, there will always be lazy people who will do as little as possible. The thing is, people like that will probably never change. They are used to have everything served, that they don´t think about anyone but themselves. There are a lot of films that have brought out many different kinds of lazy characters, where you can clearly see the typical lazy couch potatoe, who does not want to do anything. One of the films that came to my mind, is the 2004 Comedy known as Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle. Simply known for being a stoner comedy, that is actually funny. And it is thanks to the characters of Harold and Kumar ( played by actors John Cho and Kal Penn ), that especially make this film funny. The story is basically simple, they decide to go to the food chain White Castle and end up in some unexpected events. When i mention lazy people earlier, i have to say this is where the character Kumar is clearly a good example of this. He does not want to look for a job, he does not want to work, he just want to sit at home and smoke weed and eat food. I recently came across a film that really noticed the issue of lazy people, in an independent film called Lazy Susan. I read some reviews and this film seemed to have an interesting plot, that especially brought of the subject of lazy people. Is this a funny independent film that everyone should check out, or is Lazy Susan a really boring and predictable story ?

Susan ( Sean Hayes ) is a slob, who loves doing nothing. Any way she can get away to do as little as possible, she will find a way to do so. The only thing that she does put time into is doing scrapbooks, where she finds picture in magazines and find things that she loves. With no plans to get a job, and with no money to pay for rent, she is not heading towards a good situation. Her family does not really like her, because she usually only ask them for money. Susan though is planning to be in a talent show with her best friend Corrin ( Carrie Aizley ), as they practise their number in her home, hoping to win 1st prize. Will finally Susan turn things around and improve her life, or is she running out of time ?

Lazy Susan is a perfect example of a film that portrays a really lazy woman, who basically have no respect for anyone but herself. In some ways this is a tragic portrait of an adult who will never do anything with her life, but there are a couple of funny scenes here as well that hit the right spot on a satire level. And i like the fact that this film does not try and lift up Susan as a caring woman, to make you feel forced to like her. The idea is more to show you what an asshole she can be, when she is in a bad mood. One of the things that is actually charming about Lazy Susan, is that this film manage to capture the feeling of Susan as an scrapbook addict. She cuts out pictures of magazines, and post on her wall, and make scrapbooks as well. Maybe this is her escape into the life she wish she had, but can not have. She does try to make some of her dreams reality, such as when she finds a pair of white boots she loves. Happiness for a moment, until her ordinary day life kicks in. We have to get into the characters for a while. Lead actor Sean Hayes, who plays Susan, give us a performance that fits really well with the character. Sean manage to capture the personality of a really lazy, selfish couch potatoe that i believe we all can recognize in someone we know, or at least have met at some point in our lives. Jim Rash ( who some of you might recognize from TV comedy series Community ) who plays the character Phil, who may seem like the friendly business owner, but is clearly playing a game for his own advantage. I feel that Jim delivers one of the most interesting characters in this film, and there is actually a pretty funny scene in Jim´s family adventure business, where he and and Susan jump around, and end up making out after Susan puke. I have to mention the character Corrinn, played by wonderful actress Carrie Aizley. This is one of the most charming characters in this film, who will make you smile. Director Nick Peet have made a film that is not only charming, but he also manage to show a sad reality of a personality that we all have seen too many times before. And to see a character like this being in the centre in the entire film, is not something you see very often, and only that makes Lazy Susan worth watching. If you enjoy independent drama comedies with a bit of satire, then i have a feeling that you will enjoy Lazy Susan, just like i did.

Rating: DDD

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