tisdag 24 juli 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

Summer of 2012 is filled with comic book movies, The Avengers, The Amazing Spiderman and of course the latest Batman movie .If you look at all the Batman movies, they all deliver different quality. And if you have not seen Batman & Robin, then don´t worry, you wont regret it. In fact, it may be one of the worst comic book movies made in the 90´s. Thankfully director Christoper Nolan picked up the story of Batman in 2005, to give us a more darker, serious story of Bruce Wayne. Wich gave us 2 movies with very high quality, and who will ever forget Heath Ledger´s performance as The Joker ? With this latest story of Batman, will Christopher Nolan dazzle us once again, or is the magic gone?

8 years have gone, and Gotham City is in a state of peace. Commissioner James Gordon ( Gary Oldman ) have cleaned up the city, but he feels guilty. He knows about the cover-up of Harvey Dent ( Aaron Eckhart ), but he can´t tell the world about it. As villain Bane ( Tom Hardy ) finds out about the cover up, he makes sure to use this information. Bane have placed a nuclear weapon in Gotham City, and will detonate it. As people wonder where Batman is, we find Bruce Wayne ( Christian Bale ) closed in his mansion, he does not belive in himself anymore. Trying to deal with his pain, and the fact that Wayne Enterprise is not doing well, he finds out what Bane is up to. As time is running out, he knows Gotham City needs his help.

If you know the story and the characters of the comic books, you will love the details The Dark Knight Rises give us. You can tell Christopher Nolan wants to stay true to the original story, and give us a big piece of the pie. Remember what i said about details earlier? This is a very important issue during the movie, there are a lot of scenes with much to say, both about Gotham City as well as the life of Bruce Wayne. The most positive suprise is how good Tom Hardy is as Bane, a very disturbed gentleman with a unique style. When he takes place, and speaks, you want to hear more. On the negative side there are some scenes that are very dull. Really? Yes, im afraid so. When we think of Batman we would want massive action scenes, and less drama. There are some amazing scenes, like when the football arena falls apart, but we would have needed some more of this to clean the spots. But don´t worry, if you look at the results of the whole movie, this is a very proffessional product of the Batman franschise, and well worth watching. The Dark Knight Rises delivers a cinematic experience that few superhero movies don´t even come close to. Make sure you get tickets, i can tell you that there is a suprise in the ending, that will please fans of a certain character....

Rating: DDDD

Rec 3 Génesis

Weddings. Almost every girl want to wear a wedding dress, experience a moment of a lifetime that last forever. Well, not always. Besides, to be married does not guarantee eternal happiness, it takes a lot of work to make it work. So what if you´re wedding became a disaster, not what you would expect? Rec 3 Génesis is the next chapter of the huge spanish success series. Does Rec deliver for a 3rd time, or is this just an excuse to make more cash?

Koldo and Clara are preparing for their wedding day. Family and friends make sure everything is perfect, and look forward to a big party. But when one of the family members have been infected from a dog bite, all hell breaks loose. What seemed to be a perfect day, is now a wedding straight from hell.

When America tried their own version of Rec, they actually managed to do a quite good version. But the second one did not deliver the same quality. In a way, Rec 3 is not as good as the first 2 spanish movies. One problem is that it´s more made like a real movie. So, it loose some of the feeling of a Rec tradition, documentary horror. Still, i had a good time. Maybe because i love the idea of a massacre wedding, especially to see a bride with a chainsaw split bodies in half, that´s my kind of wedding. And the Spongebob guy with a shotgun is a fun character, every kids nightmare. Another detail you see this time, is that the infected show their true bodies in mirrors, the human body is just a shell. When all pieces are put together, Rec 3 manage to keep the audience satisfied. If you did not know a 4th one is on the way, i am not sure if that is a good idea, but who knows, maybe we have some more fun coming our way.

Rating: DDD

onsdag 4 juli 2012


If you never watched Dinner For Schmucks, my advice is you should rent it. I just love comedies made with odd characters, and here Steve Carell delivered a very unique personality, with an obsession of stuffed dead mices. Paul Rudd, who lately been in a lot of comedies, seem to continue with this genre, with different results. This time around, he teams up with Jennifer Aniston and Malin Åkerman. Will Wanderlust give us a positive lust for more, or is this as stiff as former Centerpartiet´s leader Anders Flanking´s speaches?

George ( Paul Rudd ) and Linda ( Jennifer Aniston ) is a hard working married couple, who purchase a micro-loft in New York. Suddenly both George and Linda are out of work, and they are forced to sell their apartment. The couple decide to travel towards Georgia, to live with George´s brother Rick ( Ken Marino ) and his wife Marisa ( Michaela Watkins ). After a long drive, Linda asks George to stop at a breakfast hotel named Elysium. A naked man runs straight infront of them, and take them both by surprise. But this is just the start, here at Elysium, lifestyle has a completely different meaning than George and Linda are used too, and they like it. Here you can feel free to do what you like. Since Rick and Marisa are waiting for them to arrive, they have to leave Elysium. But things dont´work out as they thought with George´s brother, so they decide to take off towards Virginia, back to the free open minded family. But what seemed to be so perfect, may not be just what it looks like in real life.

Personally, i have to say i am not a very big Jennifer Aniston fan. Some of her movies are alright, while other ones are...terrible. So, seeing her performance in Wanderlust, i can´t say my personal opinion about her changes that much. She still does the same thing basically, being the hot girlfriend, who says what she thinks. Wanderlust have some good comic points, about why you don´t have to live in a certain way to be accepted, or that money is not the most important thing in the world. It´s just too bad some of these important messages are lost on the way of the script. I will admit i laughed a few times, especially when Wayne The Nudist likes to be close to George, even in the morning with his dick close to his face. Paul Rudd tries to be funny too often, there is actually one scene where he talks about cock all the time, that it get´s boring. Overall, Wanderlust could have been much funnier with a better script. But check out Alan Alda as the hippie leader, he is actually pretty good.

Rating: DD

Man On A Ledge

How often do you watch a trailer to a new movie, and tell yourself :- Hey, this might actually be something good ? In the case of Man On A Ledge, i was hooked up the first time i saw the trailer. Yes, Sam Worthington is here, an actor who gets a lot of negative reactions, but maybe this is the turning point, where he can show his acting skills ? Is Man On A Ledge one of the better thrillers lately, or is it doomed to be a straight to dvd release ?

New York City. Nick Cassidy ( Sam Worthington ) checks into the Roosevelt Hotel, using a fake name. He walks to his room on the 21st floor, goes out of the window, and walks out on the ledge. Not knowing why he made this choice, people on the street watch him, as police is contacted. Detective Jack Dougherty ( Edward Burns ) arrives at the hotel, and tries to contact Nick. But Nick has a demand, he will only speak to negotiator Lydia Mercer ( Elizabeth Banks ). She has 30 minutes to arrive, or Nick will jump. She arrives on time, as she tries to find out why he wants her, and why does he want to jump?

I don´t want to reveal too much about the story, since it will simply be more satisfying to find out on your own. Man On A Ledge is indeed a nice try of making an old school thriller, with a pretty good cast, including Ed Harris, William Sadler ( remember his maniac character in Trespass from 1993? ), Jamie Bell, Kyra Sedgwick among others. You can see director Asger Leth have a feeling of how thrillers should be made. Even if the movie has a few flaws along the way, i still feel pretty pleased with the results. Since so many thrillers are released every year, and only a few have a premise with solid ground, Man On A Ledge manages to stand on it´s own, even if my expectations were higher. What about Sam Worthington ? He´s not fantastic, but who cares ? At least you can feel he tries to bring a personality to his character, wich is a good sign. I suggest you see this one, if you enjoy old school thrillers, you might actually be enjoyed for a moment.

Rating: DDD

tisdag 3 juli 2012

It´s been a while, but...im here again

Vacation 2 weeks, and now ill at home, for almost a week, i feel it´s about time we bring some fresh movie reviews to this page, i will be uploading 2 new movie reviews tomorrow, and hopefully some more later on this week. So put your kettle on, make some scones, it´s about time we have those sexy movie reviews back on track ;)