onsdag 28 mars 2018

20 Years Anniversary Review Of Roland Emmeriche´s Godzilla


I remember many things about this year. I was working on many different jobs, and have lots of ideas about my future. I was working on many industry jobs during this time, and the money was pretty good. I was hooked up with a girl named Marie at this time, that i found out slept with my friends ( not the best idea ). One thing i especially remember about 1998, was the album 100 % Colombian by hip hop band Fun Lovin´ Criminals. I still consider this to be their best studio album ever. With a mixture of soul, jazz and pop influences, Fun Lovin´ Criminals made a classic, and i did listen to the album recently again, and it still sounds really good. My movie passion was of course on a high level during this year, so i watched a lot of Box Office Blockbusters in cinema. 1998 was a really good film year, with releases such as Saving Private Ryan, The Thin Red Line, The Truman Show, The Big Lebowski, Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, and the list goes on....But it was this year when legendary action director Roland Emmerich decided to release an American movie adaptation of the legendary creature Godzilla. Since he have made some really good films in the past, such as Universal Soldier, Stargate and Independence Day, you you expect him to give us all a wonderful blockbuster, for all ages to enjoy. And as many of you may remember, Godzilla is one monster that the whole world have loved for many years in the Japanese movies. I remember seeing Godzilla in a theatre with friends this year, and i actually enjoyed it during this time. I also remember buying the movie soundtrack on CD, because i especially enjoyed some of the songs from the film, from Jamiroquai and P. Diddy. I also ended up buying Godzilla on VHS, with the green VHS case. The 90´s had a lot of fun movie releases, and it felt natural to revisit some of those titles, that i remember from my youth. So this year it turned out that Roland Emmerich version of Godzilla turns 20 years old, so i was curious to see how i would feel about this film, so many years later. I managed to find a Blu Ray release with some special features included, so i decided to buy myself a copy and see the film again. Is the 1998 version of Godzilla still a fun time after 20 years, or have this film run out of course completely ?

In the 1960´s, a marine iguana nest is exposed of radiation, through a nuclear test in French Polynesia. Many years later in 1998, a fishing vessel is suddenly attacked in the South Pacific ocean by an enormous sea creature. Dr. Niko Tatopoulos (Matthew Broderick ) is working in the Chernobyl exclusion zone in Ukraine, when he gets a visit from the American military. They need his knowledge, to understand more about this sea creature, and what it wants. Dr. Niko have never seen anything like this sea creature before, so he tries to learn more about why this beast have arrived to New York City. While Dr. Niko try to find answers, his ex-girlfriend Audrey Timmonds ( Maria Pitillo ) run into Niko to try and spend time together again. Audrey is hoping to become a news reporter, if she can find the right material. She finds a video cassette with material about the beast that´s called Gojira, and this is her chance to finally get a break into the TV Channel News Team. She steals Dr. Niko´s material, to make sure she will get to do the biggest TV news scoop yet. Dr. Niko is not happy at all, and focuses on his job. But when Dr. Niko finds out that the sea creature is pregnant, he realises that this could cause a chaos, if these eggs hatches. He have no other choice, but to try and prevent even bigger problems than before.

Some movies can grow very old, and still be as good as they were when the come out. No matter how long it has been since you watched them, the quality level never changes. However, there are films that grows old, and loose some of the magic you used to enjoy. And in the case of the 1998 version of Godzilla, i found myself realizing that this film have grown away from me. Back in my early youth years, i remember i used to enjoy this version of Godzilla. But i think that´s because i used to think that the film looked good. Now, 20 years later, i feel that the film feels like a disappointment. Considering that the budget is said to be 130 million dollars, i can´t say that the CGI effects are that impressive. We do get a lot of action scenes, and explosions. But the design of Godzilla does not look very good, and that is a big mistake. The scenes where Godzilla runs around in the city and is chased by helicopters, looks pretty ridiculous from today´s standards. The few positive things about this film, is the casting. Having Matthew Broderick in the lead role as Dr. Niko is a really good choice. I also enjoy actor Jean Reno as the French Secret Service Agent Philippe. I also enjoy the character Victor Palotti, played by actor Hank Azaria. I think Godzilla becomes a little bit more fun to watch, thanks for the good choices in the casting of this film. They actually do have some good scenes, while some other scenes does not work really well. I can sense that director Roland Emmerich wanted to mix, the traditional story of Godzilla, with some updated elements, and this becomes a problem. If he would have stayed and told more about the origin story of Godzilla, this could have been a different film. Instead, he chooses to go for the action scenes. Some action scenes are fun to watch, while some becomes very dull. But when the CGI effects fails to keep up with the action scenes, you can´t really be pleased. I know that Roland Emmerich is a talented director, he have proved this several times. But he should have stayed away from Godzilla, honestly. The 2014 movie version of Godzilla is still my favourite movie adaptation of Godzilla. This 1998 version of the legendary monster, have not much to offer. If you love the classic monster films from Japan, you might want to see this 90´s version, just for nostalgic reasons. Other than that, stick to the 2014 film. I guarantee you will have a much more fun time. 

Rating: DD

lördag 24 mars 2018

12 Strong

I remember September 11th in the year 2001.

I was working with handicapped people, as one of the fathers of the boys came up to me and said :- Have you heard what happened in New York ? At that moment i had no idea what he was talking about, until i turned on a TV at our working place. Air planes have crashed into the World Trade Center. I still remember the images from the chaos on the streets, and people jumping out of the towers. The name on everyones lips from this day on, was Osama Bin Laden. It became clear that Osama did confirm that he and his men were behind these attacks, and the president during this time, George W. Bush declared war against terrorists. September 11 will always be a day in American history that will be remembered for many reasons. Terrorists have striked many times since this tragedy, and it seems like it never stops. Talibans, or other terrorists continue to strike with suicide bombers, and other extremely dangerous personalities. And they need to be stopped, because we have to be able to live our lives in a normal way, without being worried about public places. There are plenty of Hollywood films that have taken on the subject of terrorists, especially set out to kill people. One classic that may not be mention very often, is Chuck Norris film Delta Force from 1986. This is one of those 80´s classics you can watch over and over again, because you love to see Chuck Norris wipe out terrorists. I have to recommend the 1996 film Executive Decision with Kurt Russel, John Leguizamo. Hale Berry and David Suchet ( brilliant as the terrorist leader on board the Oceanic Airline ). Steven Seagal also does a cameo, and he is not all terrible ( how about that ? ). Director Oliver Stone also did a well made film, based on 9/11, with his film World Trade Center in 2006. A film that is both emotional, but also realistic portraying how the rescue workers did everything they could to save as many people as possible. Nicolas Cage did one of his better performances in years with this film. Have you read about the story of Captain Mitch Nelson, who were sent to Afghanistan with a team of soldiers to eliminate a Taliban leader. This story was written to a novel called Horse Soldiers by author Doug Stanton. And here we are, with a new film based on the book Horse Soldiers, telling the story behind these soldiers in Afghanistan. I remember seeing the trailer, and that Chris Hemsworth was chosen to play Captain Mitch. With an unknown director, and a good cast on board, i decided to see 12 Strong in cinema. Is this one of the best war movies in many years, or is 12 Strong a film that no one will remember at all ?

Captain Mitch Nelson ( Chris Hemsworth ) is moving to a new home on September 11 in 2001, when he hears the news about the World Trade Center towers. America is under attack. Mitch wants to act against the terrorists, and suggest that he can lead a team of soldiers in Uzbekistan, until he gets permission to do so. Mitch and his team including Chief Warrant Officer Hal Spencer ( Michael Shannon ), Sergeant First Class Sam Diller ( Michael Pena ). A team of 12 soldiers pack up, and travel to Uzbekistan, to be informed on their mission. They are to go into Afghanistan, with the help of Northern Alliance leader, Abdul Rashid Dostum ( Navid Negahban ) and his soldiers. They are ordered to find Taliban leader Mullah Razzan ( Numar Acar ), with support from the Northern Alliance. This will be a mission, where anything can go wrong, unless you are willing to risk everything.

Knowing that this film is based on a true story, makes it more interesting. Since we already know what happened ( if you have read about this military operation ), we know how it ends. But that does not make 12 Strong boring. From a military action perspective, you get plenty of shootings, explosions, and violence. It is hard to imagine what these soldiers went through in Afghanistan, fighting the Talibans. One thing is clear though, this film does not try and become too cheesy, and make a more dramatic step forward. This is a pure action film, and if you loved Rambo 3, i think you might actually appreciate what 12 Strong is trying to do here. Chris Hemsworth is an actor who can portrait very different characters, with different results. I think in this film, he have done a pretty good job as Captain Mitch Nelson. One of my favourite characters in this film, is actor Michael Shannon playing the character Hal Spencer. You like him instantly, from the very first time you see him on screen. The other characters work as well, just enough to make the film feel effective. Since this is basically a war movie, it is important to make it feel like this feels like a war. And the film does manage to capture the essence of the brutality of war. How do you handle the situation when chaos strikes ? Do you risk everything just to take out the target ? There are plenty of things to think about throughout this film. There is a brutal scene, where one of the Taliban leaders assassinate a mother in front of her children, because daughters are not supposed to know how to read, or know school subjects. This scene made me furious, because you could feel the children terrified and filled with pain. Even if 12 Strong is a pretty predictable film, this film knows what it wants to say to the audience. Director Nicolai Fuglsig have made his first directorial debut film with 12 Strong, and i can see that he wants to make an impact, to make people react about what happened during this time period in Afghanistan. He knows how to film battle scenes, and make them look realistic. This may not be a film for certain people who are against guns and wars. This is a film that is supposed to tell the story what happened with these soldiers, so it needs to be brutal, and show us how this operation worked out. 12 Strong may not be a war movie classic, but as a war movie i feel that this is a film worth watching in a cinema. Tired of romantic comedies at the cinema ? Let 12 Strong lead the way with plenty of bodies flying in the air.

Rating: DDD

tisdag 13 mars 2018

Cold Skin

I love the ocean!

Some people love skiing, some people love snow tsunamis and some people love winter cabins. To those people i have something important to say, it is not too late. You see, if you really think about it, what makes you feel good ? Mountains of avalanches and snow tornados, or a hot sun and a clear blue ocean ? Exactly, i think we all know the answer to this. I personally feel like snow cabins is the entrance to hell. Do we really want to be in a house and dig ourselves out from 284 meters of snow ? That is why we have oceans and sun, we need vitamines, not depression. As long as i can remember, i have swimmed in the ocean, both here in Sweden, but also in Europe and of course in Asia. No matter where the ocean is, i will be there. If there is a snow cabin, i will not be there. Majestic oceans have so much to offer, you can swim, go fishing or just explore the ocean underneath. Hollywood have made plenty of classic films that portrait the ocean, and one of my personal favourite films has to be James Cameron´s classic The Abyss. Released in 1989, this film became a box office hit, and won the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects, and was also nominated in 3 other categories. The film is about a U.S. search and recovery team, trying to locate a missing submarine. And deep in the ocean, they encounter something unexpected. Director James Cameron managed to do a very well made science fiction film, with a really good cast included. The Abyss have maintained one of the classics of James Cameron, and if you get the Blu Ray, i suggest you check out the nice special features. The special effects looks great, even today in this film. I could have easily said that Jaws from director Steven Spielberg is one of the ocean movie classics, but there are other ones as well. I think a lot of people don´t talk very much about Tom Hanks film Cast Away. A very dramatic, and almost a different version of Robinson Crusoe from director Robert Zemeckis, in a more modern approach. Since i enjoy sci fi movies, and especially combined with ocean locations, i stumbled upon a review of the film Cold Skin from YouTube reviewer Geek Legion Of Doom. This film looked interesting, and seemed to be taking on a different twist of World War I. A sci fi film, combined with historical references, is Cold Skin a winner, or is this film doomed to loose the audience ?

The year is 1914. A young Irishman named Friend ( David Oakes ) travels to a remote island in the South Atlantic, to work as an meteorologist, as the previous one passed away. The only other inhabitant on the island, is Gruner ( Ray Stevenson ), caretaker of the lighthouse.  Friend finds the previous meteorologists diary, that contain his stories of strange creatures from the ocean. He understands why the previous meteorologist died, now when he encounter the sea creatures himself. Friend manage to survive, as he goes out to find Gruner the day after. He does, but also with one of the creatures close to him. Turns out this specific creature is in company with Gruner, known as Aneris ( Aura Garrido ). She is harmless, and does not attack humans. Friend suggest that they make a deal, he brings coffee and other things from the abandoned cabin, if he can live in the lighthouse. Gruner agree, but only if he learns to defend himself from the sea creatures that attacks every night. With a limited amount of ammunition, and nowhere else to go, will they be able to survive every night the sea creatures attack ?

When you make a film that is set during World War I, it is important to have a good combination of great characters, and a plot that makes you feel interested. And this is something that the movie Cold Skin manage to do. The main characters Gruner ( portrayed by actor Ray Stevenson ) and Friend ( portrayed by actor David Oakes ) are very different from each other. Gruner is an old school tough survivor, who knows how to deal with the rough life on this island. Friend is a book reader, with philosophical ideas, but is not used to this rough enviroment. And when they face the sea creatures together, it is clear that they need to be prepared that anything can happen. The sea creature Aneris ( really well acted by actor Aura Garrido ) that lives with Gruner, is clearly a sea beast with emotions. She connects with Friend, while Gruner see her as a sea beast only. One of the things that surprised me with this film, is how this film is like a different version of I Am Legend with Will Smith. The world is not doomed, but these creatures comes out at night, just like in that film. To survive they must fight against them on the top of the lighthouse at night time. The action scenes are effective, and the survival attempts also fits with the story, especially when the attacks become brutal. I can sense that there are a few similarities between Cold Skin and The Shape Of Water. The connection that grows between Friend and Aneris. Since the landscape is rough and cold, it feels like they found the right location to make this film. Director Xavier Gens directed the very well made french horror film Frontier(s) from 2007, and he also directed the first Hitman film based on the video game. I have to say that Cold Skin is one of his best films so far, from a director perspective. He have combined science fiction with historical elements, that actually works well. I would have liked to know the origin story behind the sea creatures, but otherwise i feel that this is a film that will most likely please sci fi fans of all ages. Cold Skin is one of the surprises i have seen this early spring, and i must say that this is a film i would recommend. It is unique in some ways, even if you can recognize some influences. Worth a watch with your family, and you might feel like hugging each other after this experience.

Rating: DDD

Last Flag Flying

How do you live a normal life, after coming home from a war ?

A lot of soldiers worldwide, have been through many wars, and even if the war is finished, they remember so many things. It is hard to imagine, how hard it must be to come back home, after seeing people being brutally killed. Can you really switch it all off and just live a normal happy life with your family ? How do you deal with ordinary day life, after a very long time in misery, darkness and fear ? These are questions that only soldiers can answer, since we who have not been in war have no idea how they feel. But i must say, i have always been interested in historical wars. We could discuss many different wars, but let´s focus a moment on one of them. Vietnam War, a war that caused a lot of chaos, too many victims and a lot of political issues. I was not born at the time when the Vietnam War was active, but i did read about the war, and watched plenty of documentaries. To me it became very clear, that America probably thought they could win this war. But it felt like the Vietnamese people were more prepared, and perhaps more willing to do anything to win the war. I could be wrong, but that is just the way i feel. Hollywood knew that they could tell very important stories from the Vietnam War, and director Francis Ford Coppola made sure to make one of the most epic war movies ever. His film Apocalypse Now is one of those masterpieces, that will always be known as one of the best films of the 70´s. The amazing cast of Marlon Brando, Martin Sheen, Robert Duvall, Dennis Hopper, Laurence Fishburne, Harrison Ford, Scott Glenn and many others. We have to mention the masterpiece The Deer Hunter from director Michael Cimino, where steel workers go over to fight in the Vietnam War. The performances from the cast of Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken, John Savage and Meryl Streep are all oustanding, and the film gives you a very realistic image of how the war affected the soldiers. In late 2017, i was hearing some positive reviews on a new film called Last Flag Flying from director Richard Linklater ( who directed the very funny film School Of Rock, and the unique film A Scanner Darkly ). A story about Vietnam War veterans, with a great cast of Steve Carell, Bryan Cranston and Laurence Fishburne. With a talented director and a really good cast, is Last Flag Flying a positive surprise, or is this a drama film you will most likely forget completely ?

In the year 2003, Larry " Doc " Shepherd ( Steve Carell ) travels a long way to his old war veteran friend Sal Nealon ( Bryan Cranston ), a bar owner. They have a good time together, since they have not met in many years. Larry have a surprise for Sal, and takes him to a church. Here Sal is shocked to see that their old veteran friend Richard Mueller ( Laurence Fishburne ) is a Reverend, who have his own congregation. Larry asks his friends, if they would accompany him to collect his son Larry Jr´s body and take him to a scheduled burial. His son was killed in Iraq. Sal agree to go with him, while Richard is not sure. However, Richard´s wife Ruth Mueller ( Deanna Reed-Foster ) persuade her husband to go with his old friends, and help them. This will be a journey for old friends, that will give them a chance to find each other again, after so many years have passed by.

If there is one thing that Last Flag Flying manage to do really well, it is bringing 3 very interesting characters together on screen. And this is something very important. Usually in most films, you get a few interesting characters, divided throughout the whole film. But here we get 3 of them, and they have a lot of screen time together. And to follow these three Vietnam veterans around, is both emotional and entertaining. Old friendship will always last, no matter how many years go by. You can fight, you can be mad at each other, but eventually you realise that you belong together. And for war veterans that survived a war together, they need to look after each other. All the three actors Steve Carell, Bryan Cranston and Laurence Fishburne deliver solid performances, from three very different personalities. Each of them have experienced the war, and have their memories of their time together. The funniest dialogue is delivered by legendary actor Bryan Cranston as the bar owner Sal. He want to continue enjoying life with alcohol, and not grow too old. Steve Carell is the shy, and friendly Doc, who care about everyone. You can see his grief, after he lost his son in war. Laurence Fishburne is the pastor Richard who have moved on with his life, but realise that old friends never die. There is a really funny scene on board a train, where the war veterans tell a young marine about the whore houses of Vietnam. It is important to remember the good times, and these three men have gone through a lot together. This is a dramatic story that is good, but there is a lot of dialogue scenes. So there are parts of the film where it takes time to get through conversations. Other than that i don´t really see any problems. Director Richard Linklater´s movie adaptation of the novel ( with the same title ) by author Darryl Poniscan, is a drama film with important issues. He manage to balance the serious issues well, and also manage to mix it up with a good sense of humour. Last Flag Flying is a film especially for you who enjoy good acting performances, and realistic stories. Nice to see a film that care about war veterans as well, and how important it is to enjoy life.

Rating: DDD

fredag 9 mars 2018

Accident Man


The country known for tea, biscuits, football, and sex doll brothel. Yes, it is amazing what you can get, just by visiting London for a weekend, or a week. Now, if you are really lucky, you might find tickets to a East 17 concert. I am sure you remember these guys, there were everywhere back in the 90´s. They still tour, and of course you get all the hits. But make sure you get tickets in time, they might get sold out ( there are still many East 17 fans out there ).
If you happen to be looking for something else, than i may suggest watching Scott Adkins in the Undisputed films. His character Boyka is explosive, raw and one of the most Iconic Russian fighters in cinema history. But there is so much more to Scott Adkins, he have worked a very long time in the movie industry and continue to work hard to make sure B action movies are still being made. I really support his passion, because we do need these movies to be made, and that can happen if people actually buy the films on Blu Ray or DVD. I have bought plenty of films with Scott Adkins, and one of my personal favourite films has to be Ninja: Shadow Of A Tear. This is an action film that is so good, that many of the Hollywood action films feels very weak compared to this film. The fighting choreography by Scott Adkins looks outstanding, and the fight scenes are incredible. I also recommend that you see him in Hard Target 2, the sequel to the Van Damme classic from 1993. Over the years Adkins have worked on many B movies, and it seems that he have plenty of new films coming our way. I finally got a chance to watch one of his latest films called Accident Man on DVD. This is a film i know that he personally loved to make, so i was excited to see what this could be. The only thing i knew was that the film is based on a British comic book. With a legendary action Icon in the lead role, in a completely different movie genre this time, is Accident Man a surprise or a failure ?

Mike Fallon ( Scott Adkins ) is a professional hitman, who is not afraid to take on the hardest targets. As a young boy, he learned about a hitman´s work while following Big Ray ( Ray Stevenson ).  When the only woman he ever loved is brutally murdered, he will make sure to revenge her death. But the people he thought he could trust, turns out to be his biggest enemies.

Accident Man is very different from the previous film that Scott Adkins have been in. This is a bit more of a mixture of a British action thriller comedy, that is actually surprisingly funny throughout the film. And i have not seen Scott Adkins do any comedy scenes before, so i have to say he does a pretty good job. The other characters such as Jane The Ripper, Big Ray, Poison Pete, Finicky Fred, Carnage Cliff and plenty of other, all do a great job. Since this film is based on the British comic by Pat Mills and Tony Skinner, i can understand if fans of the comics would compare the film with the comics. I have not read the comics, so i am judging this film on it´s own. And i had a good time with this insane hitman film. The good thing about Accident Man, is that it does not look exactly like every other hitman film we have seen so many times. Thanks to the crazy characters, and the unexpected turns, you get a film that manage to stand on it´s own. I think it is a good idea not to make this film too serious, because that would not fit the characters. The story is pretty simple, but it is easy to understand the point of character Mike Fallon sets out to do. The fighting scenes are as always really well made, and Scott Adkins knows how to put up a nice show. Nice to see Michael Jai White in another film with Scott Adkins, and they fight against each other as well. Is there anything missing in here ? Not really, it all depends on what you are looking for. I do feel that the serious scenes feels a bit drawn out, like they are not that important. Instead, it is when the action kicks in when you feel back on track. Director Jesse V. Johnson ( who have directed several films, including the Scott Adkins film Savage Dogs ) have made a entertaining film, especially if you enjoy martial arts mixed with action and comedy. This is not a film that will be appreciated by everyone, but if you just want a great popcorn film to a couple of beers, i recommend you buy this film on Blu Ray or DVD, to support these hard working people. Accident Man is another great Scott Adkins film, i think he deserves his own statue in England ( after all, Van Damme has one in Belgium ).

Rating: DDD

Hellraiser: Judgment

In the world of horror, there are some people who have changed the genre completely through their fantastic ideas and designs. What would the world of horror be without legendary directors such as George A. Romero, Tobe Hooper, Wes Craven or Dario Argento ? These names, and many others gave us cult classics that will always live inside the horror community. No matter how many years go by, their classic films still capture that cinema magic we all love to experience. In 1987, a man named Clive Barker, released his film Hellraiser ( based on Clive Barker´s novella The Hellbound Heart ). A British horror film that looked very different from anything else. It was a very disturbing film, where a puzzle box opens the door to an alternate dimension of pure hell. I have to say, since this was the directorial debut from director Clive Barker, he did a really good job with this film, considering the budget was only around 1 million dollars. The make up effects in this film looks really good, and the list of people who worked on this film is amazing. The character known as Pinhead ( played by legendary actor Doug Bradley ) is one of the most Iconic horror characters in movie history. Hellraiser was appreciated by horror fans, but not all movie critics. Of course that would not stop them from making Hellbound: Hellraiser II. This time the film was directed by Tony Randel ( known as the director of Godzilla 1985 ). The film was actually not bad, and he did manage to capture the style and brutality of Clive Barker´s world of Hellraiser. Of course more sequels were on the way, so in 1993 we got Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth. It was after this film that the Hellraiser franchise started to fall apart ( except for Hellraiser: Inferno, pretty good after all ). Doug Bradley continued as Pinhead in a number of sequels, but the magic was gone. Every sequel just kept on using Pinhead as a trade mark, but left out the style of Clive Barker. At it seemed for a long time that Hellraiser was doomed, for all eternity. Until i watched the trailer for Hellraiser: Judgment. A new film directed by Gary J. Tunnicliffe, the man who worked make up effects on the first 3 Hellraiser movies. I could tell by the trailer he wanted to bring back the classic style of Hellraiser. Do we finally have a worthy Hellraiser sequel, or is this another shitty attempt to milk money out of fans ?

In Hell, Pinhead ( Paul T. Taylor ) and The Auditor ( Gary J. Tunicliffe ) are discussing how to adapt their methods of harvesting souls, now that advancing human technology is making the Configurations ( gateways to Hell ), gradually more obsolete. On Earth, three detectives Sean Carter ( Damon Carney ), David Carter ( Randy Wayne ) and Christine Egerton ( Alexandra David ) are on the hunt for the serial killer, known as " The Preceptor ", whose murders are based on the Ten Commandments. A connection to one of the victims, leads Detective Sean to look into Carl Watkins ( Jeff Fenter ), a local criminal who went missing near the abandoned residence at 55 Ludivico Place. Sean go here all by himself, as he looses consciousness, and wakes up in the Stygian Inquisition´s domain in hell. He is questioned by The Auditor, before he will know his verdict. But the Angel Jophiel ( Helena Grace Donald ) tell them to let Sean go. On his way out, he steals one of the puzzle boxes. Sean have not realised, that with this cube, the Cenobites haunt his personal life, and could destroy his life if he actually open the box.

I am happy to say, we finally have a decent Hellraiser sequel in our hands. Hellraiser: Judgment is a step into the right direction. It is of course nowhere near as good as the original film, but compared to many of the sequels, i have to say that they have done a pretty good job. First of all, the idea of punishing people for their sins, is a good idea. No matter what you did, be prepared to be judged. The brutality for the sinners is one of the details i think makes this film more interesting. Every chosen one will be punished brutally. Every Hellraiser sequel have tried to tell different stories, and in more recent seuqels i feel that you did not care about the films. Basically because they failed to capture the essence of Clive Barker. Now, Hellraiser: Judgment may not capture his world as much as we would like to see, but i can sense that this is still a film that tries to find the classic concept of Hell with Pinhead and the Cenobites. Pinhead is of course no longer played by Doug Bradley, so this time actor Paul T. Taylor takes on this legendary character. Doing this classic character just the way Doug Bradley did it, is of course almost impossible, but i think he did do a pretty good job portraying Pinhead. We have other characters here as well worth mentioning. We have legendary make up artist, actor Gary J. Tunnicliffe as The Auditor. This is one of my favourite characters of this film, His look, and his dialogue makes you curious about his background. Nice to see legendary actor Heather Langenkamp in a cameo as well. The other characters works for the most part, even if you would like to see some more creatues from Cenobites. Director Gary J. Tunnicliffe have taken his job seriously, and have clearly tried to please the fans of Hellraiser. Even if the budget is limited, he manage to use some of those classic chains flying through human bodies, and even a face ripping scene. The ending is one of the problems i have with this film, it felt too easy and not very interesting. But we should be happy, Hellraiser could finally be back on track again since the year of 2000, and it only took about 18 years. If there is another film coming, i could actually be excited to see it. Give this film a chance, if you are a Hellraiser fan. 

Rating: DDD

söndag 4 mars 2018

The Shape Of Water

There are some directors that stand out in the crowd. Not because of their looks, or where they are from. It is more about the way they make movies, and their own style. Of course there are many directors who have proved their amazing work over the years, but i am thinking about one certain director from Mexico. If you remember the name of Guillermo Del Toro, i believe you might have seen some of his film. My first introduction to his work, was back in the year of 1997 with the American horror film Mimic. At the time the film came out, i did enjoy the film. A horror film with huge cockroaches attacking humans. It was not a unique horror film in any way, but still a good time. My next encounter with director Guillermo Del Toro was with the Spanish horror film The Devil´s Backbone. The film takes place during the Spanish Civil War in 1939. A very effective horror film, that combined classic elements into history. I strongly advice you to check out The Devil´s Backbone if you have not seen it. But his next film was a big surprise, when he decided to direct Blade 2 with Wesley Snipes. This is definitely the best Blade film, and one of the best horror action films in many years, and you could tell that Guillermo have worked hard to make a Blade movie that would please fans of the comic books. Wesley Snipes of course in the lead role, also did a really good job as the character. Guillermo continued on his path with comic book characters, and directed the film adaptation of Hellboy with Ron Perlman in 2004. I enjoyed the film, especially because Ron Perlman was a really good choice as Hellboy. But it was in 2006 when the whole world would open their eyes on a completely different level, when Guillermo´s next film Pan´s Labyrinth was released in theatres. This film was quickly seen as one of the best films of 2006, and both movie critics and audiences loved this story, set during the Spanish Civil War. This is in many ways a very unique movie experience, with a dark and mysterious fairy tale touch. Guillermo continued to direct more films, including the very majestic action film Pacific Rim ( a must own on blu ray ). When i heard about his latest project called The Shape Of Water, i was hooked up instantly. It seemed to be a throwback to old school cinema, and also bring some other elements from classic movies. I finally got a chance to see this film in a cinema, hoping that my big expectations would turn out to be positive. Is this another wonderful film by director Guillermo Del Toro, or has the magic run out of course ?

The year is 1962 in Baltimore. Elisa Esposito ( Sally Hawkins ) is mute and communicates through sign language. When she was a child, she was found in a river with mysterious scars on her neck. She works in a secret government laboratory as a cleaning lady. Her only friends are her next door neighbor Giles ( Richard Jenkins ), who is a gay advertising illustrator, and her co-worker Zelda ( Octavia Spencer ) who also help Elisa being her interpreter. One day, the facility receive a tank with a creature captured by Colonel Richard Strickland ( Michael Shannon ). Elisa is curious, and finds out that the creature is a humanoid amphibian, known as The Asset ( Doug Jones ). Elisa begin to visit the creature, and become closer attached to the beast. Colonel Richard is ordered to vivisect the creature, while scientist Robert Hoffstetler ( Michael Sthulbarg ) hopes to continue to do studies of the creature. His vision seems to fail, as it is clear that the plan is to kill the creature eventually. Elisa will not let this happen, so ask her best friends Giles and Zelda to help her save the beast. Colonel Richard find out what Elisa is trying to do, and he will not give up until the beast is dead.

I am not surprised why The Shape Of Water is praised by critics worldwide, and nominated for so many Academy Awards. This is a very magical film, that have so many elements of quality. You have beautiful cinematography by Dan Laustsen, and the costume design looks gorgeous. There is also a very magical story, that reminds me of the classic Beauty And The Beast theme, with elements from the classic Creature From The Black Lagoon. This combination, with really powerful performances from the cast, makes The Shape Of Water a very unique experience. This is not a horror film, this is more of a fantasy drama, with influences from science fiction. The main character Elisa ( played wonderful by actor Sally Hawkins ), is a woman who may not speak, but have so many emotions inside of her. The way she shows her emotions towards this beast, is pure magic. The film clearly shows, that when you fall in love, it does not matter if someone looks different, or is not normal. It is all about chemistry and emotions. Legendary actor Doug Jones ( who have worked with director Guillermo Del Toro on several films together ) does a splendid performance as the Amphibian Man. With this amazing detailed costume, and the way he moves on screen, i guarantee that you will feel the cinema magic from start to finish. We also have legendary actor Michael Shannon here, as Colonel Richard. Finally we get to see Michael Shannon shine again, on the acting level we all love to see him do. I was worried after the film Salt And Fire, if he would come back to where we need him most. And he really does shine in this film, even if his character is one mean bastard. The story feels very interesting, and is really well executed throughout the film. It is simple, but that is also a good choice. Sometimes you can make a movie magical, just by adding small simple details. I belive that this film also manage to show, that no matter what handicap you have, you have the same emotions and feelings as any other human being. The Shape Of Water is one of the most beautiful films i have seen in a very long time. Director Guillermo Del Toro really is a master at making majestic movies, that have so much to say. I would not be surprised if this film takes home many Academy Awards this weekend, because the film deserves every nomination that the film have been nominated in. Run to the cinema and watch The Shape Of Water, we finally have cinema magic brought back on screen in the best possible way.

Rating: DDDD

fredag 2 mars 2018

Please Support Commando Ninja

Hello everyone!

I am here today to give you one advice. You see, there is a new film called Commando Ninja that is an insane tribute to 80's action film, and the trailer looks amazing. Now, the film crew needs help to get the film released, and i know a lot of people will want to watch this film guaranteed. So head in to Kickstarter and support Commando Ninja. I am supporting this campaign, and i hope everyone does as well. I will write a review of Commando Ninja when the film is released. 


My latest movie reviews this new month is coming soon, so be patience and i promise there will be some good stuff. 

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