tisdag 29 september 2020

Jesus Shows You The Way To The Highway

Weird films, what would life be without them ? Pretty boring i would imagine. I am one of those who love strange films, that dare to go in a different direction. Directors who have a different vision, is always welcome in my world, since i feel that we need weird films to explore different genres mixed up into each other. And i love it when a director just throw in ingredients that probably should not fit in there, but ends up being a perfect match. There are a lot of films that i could talk about in here, that are probably seen as a weird film, but i decided to bring up one film that i especially remember. And that is the 2012 film known as John Dies At The End. Directed by Don Coscarelli, this is one film i guarantee that you will never forget. The story surrounds a new drug on the streets called " Soy Sauce ", that is said to give uses an out of body experience like no other, including drifting across time and experience other dimensions. Slacker friends John ( Rob Mayes ) and David ( Chase Williamson ), a pair of college dropouts who can barely hold down a job between them. They trug the drug Soy sauce, and are about to see a completely different world than they expected. If you recognized the name of director Don Cascarelli, i am not surprised. He also directed one of the biggest classics of the 2000´s, and that is of course Bubba Ho-Tep, with a brilliant Bruce Campbell in the lead role. His film John Dies At The End is a roller coaster like no other, with a lot of crazy scenes, crazy characters, and most of all the unexpected turns that this film offers. If you have not seen John Dies At The End, you must order a DVD or a Blu Ray copy, this is a must see. Earlier this year i came across a very weird trailer of a film called Jesus Shows You The Way To The Highway. Just the title itself is brilliant, and the trailer seemed to be very different from any releases this year. I just had to see this film, and decided to get myself a Blu Ray from Arrow Video. Is this going to be one of the best films of this year, or should this film be heading straight into a trash can and not be seen ?

Agent D.T. Gagano ( Daniel Tadesse ), is a diminutive undercover agent with back problems and a passion for pizza. His job, with his partner Palmer Eldritch ( Augustin Mateo ), is to go into the CIA´s operating system, Psychobook, via virtual reality to root out problems. On the day he plans to resign so he can support his wife Malin´s ( Gerda-Annette Allikas ) dream of starting a kickbox Academy, he and Eldritch are sent into the system to root out a virus called " Soviet Union". However, after inhaling a toxic substance in VR, Gagano becomes trapped, while in real Life, he´s gone into an irreversible coma. A version of Gagano finds himself in an alternate-reality Ethiopia, where he is worshipped as a prince and persecuted by the president, who is dressed up in a superhero costume. Gagano have to find a way back to the real world, to make sure that his plans with his wife will become reality.

Imagine if you would have combined directors Quentin Tarantino and Terry Gilliam, as they are completely high on cocaine, and decided to make a kung fu film, and you have Jesus Shows You The Way To The Highway. This is without a doubt the most odd film this year, and i guarantee that you will agree with me once you have experienced this film. It is hard to describe this film in a certain genre, because this film have a lot of different ideas mixed into each other. The idea behind this film is that the title of this film is based on a video game, and you do get to see that as some of the characters enter the game through VR glasses. And this is where all the insane stuff goes on. You have kung fu fights to get the arch of the covenant, secret spies fighting, laser shooting giant flies, some of the best dialogue scenes of this year, and acting so bad that it becomes brilliant. You even got Jesus in here, well…. a guy who believe that he is Jesus who gets high with a strange substance. Instead of going into every character, i thought i would especially say some really positive words about the performance of actor Daniel Tadesse. If anyone deserves to be in a future Tarantino film, it is without a doubt Daniel Tadesse. He is such a cool character in this film as Agent D.T. Gagano, and Daniel knows exactly how to portrait him in his own unique way. The same goes with his dialogie scenes, he knows exactly when to make every scene feel nostalgic. There are a lot of fun characters in this film, and especially the strange masked human like figure, who changes masks to look like certain famous people with odd talking masks. A detail that actually works surprisingly well, and gives this film a different look. The video game influences are all over the place, and if you can accept some crazy details, i guarantee you will be having a really good time. Jesus Shows You The Way To The Highway is a film that does not follow any rules, and this is why i really enjoyed this film. With all these crazy ingredients, we get a film that does not care about how things should be, but follow the heart and bring us a delightful taste of B movie nostalgia. Director Miguel Llansó have made a film that will be a cult film classic, and is a film that should be seen by everyone. Do yourself a favor, pick up this film from Arrow Video, and exeperience a film that you never thought would be possible. This should be the Christmas gift of 2020 to everyone, no doubt about that.

Rating: DDDD

måndag 28 september 2020

Lazy Susan

A lot of us can probably confess, that we are lazy sometimes. We may not be going as often out for a walk as we should, or go for a jogging tour around the neighborhood. Sometimes we may even be lazy not making a meal, and order food to be delivered to our home. But i do Think that sometimes, we deserve to have a lazy moment in our lives. Especially us who work a lot, it is just nice to have a Netflix evening and order a large pizza, just to relax. But there are those in society, who might be too lazy and live a very lazy lifestyle. I think we have all met that kind of person, no matter if it is in family, a friend, or even a work collegue, there will always be lazy people who will do as little as possible. The thing is, people like that will probably never change. They are used to have everything served, that they don´t think about anyone but themselves. There are a lot of films that have brought out many different kinds of lazy characters, where you can clearly see the typical lazy couch potatoe, who does not want to do anything. One of the films that came to my mind, is the 2004 Comedy known as Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle. Simply known for being a stoner comedy, that is actually funny. And it is thanks to the characters of Harold and Kumar ( played by actors John Cho and Kal Penn ), that especially make this film funny. The story is basically simple, they decide to go to the food chain White Castle and end up in some unexpected events. When i mention lazy people earlier, i have to say this is where the character Kumar is clearly a good example of this. He does not want to look for a job, he does not want to work, he just want to sit at home and smoke weed and eat food. I recently came across a film that really noticed the issue of lazy people, in an independent film called Lazy Susan. I read some reviews and this film seemed to have an interesting plot, that especially brought of the subject of lazy people. Is this a funny independent film that everyone should check out, or is Lazy Susan a really boring and predictable story ?

Susan ( Sean Hayes ) is a slob, who loves doing nothing. Any way she can get away to do as little as possible, she will find a way to do so. The only thing that she does put time into is doing scrapbooks, where she finds picture in magazines and find things that she loves. With no plans to get a job, and with no money to pay for rent, she is not heading towards a good situation. Her family does not really like her, because she usually only ask them for money. Susan though is planning to be in a talent show with her best friend Corrin ( Carrie Aizley ), as they practise their number in her home, hoping to win 1st prize. Will finally Susan turn things around and improve her life, or is she running out of time ?

Lazy Susan is a perfect example of a film that portrays a really lazy woman, who basically have no respect for anyone but herself. In some ways this is a tragic portrait of an adult who will never do anything with her life, but there are a couple of funny scenes here as well that hit the right spot on a satire level. And i like the fact that this film does not try and lift up Susan as a caring woman, to make you feel forced to like her. The idea is more to show you what an asshole she can be, when she is in a bad mood. One of the things that is actually charming about Lazy Susan, is that this film manage to capture the feeling of Susan as an scrapbook addict. She cuts out pictures of magazines, and post on her wall, and make scrapbooks as well. Maybe this is her escape into the life she wish she had, but can not have. She does try to make some of her dreams reality, such as when she finds a pair of white boots she loves. Happiness for a moment, until her ordinary day life kicks in. We have to get into the characters for a while. Lead actor Sean Hayes, who plays Susan, give us a performance that fits really well with the character. Sean manage to capture the personality of a really lazy, selfish couch potatoe that i believe we all can recognize in someone we know, or at least have met at some point in our lives. Jim Rash ( who some of you might recognize from TV comedy series Community ) who plays the character Phil, who may seem like the friendly business owner, but is clearly playing a game for his own advantage. I feel that Jim delivers one of the most interesting characters in this film, and there is actually a pretty funny scene in Jim´s family adventure business, where he and and Susan jump around, and end up making out after Susan puke. I have to mention the character Corrinn, played by wonderful actress Carrie Aizley. This is one of the most charming characters in this film, who will make you smile. Director Nick Peet have made a film that is not only charming, but he also manage to show a sad reality of a personality that we all have seen too many times before. And to see a character like this being in the centre in the entire film, is not something you see very often, and only that makes Lazy Susan worth watching. If you enjoy independent drama comedies with a bit of satire, then i have a feeling that you will enjoy Lazy Susan, just like i did.

Rating: DDD

måndag 21 september 2020


We all need to sleep to heal our bodies. If you get enough sleep you get the power to take on a brand new day, no matter what you do, if you study or work. We can´t forget parents who may have young children, they need sleep as well when it is possible. I have had issues with sleep in the past, but have found ways to take more time to relax when i can. Especially if i am driving long distances, then power naps is a great way to reload your batteries to do travelling more safe. But what if you can´t sleep normally because of a sleep disorder such as insomnia, or neurological disorder such as narcolepsy ? Or what if you can´t sleep because if you do, a sleep demon might end your life ? If you have no idea what i am talking about, have no fear. There is a connection to the sleep demon, in an independent horror film known as Mara. This was a film i was supposed to review about 2 years ago ( at least that was my plan, but other movies were chosen instead ). The reason why i mention this film, is because this is actually a great horror film from director Clive Tonge. This film tells the story of criminal psychologist Kate Fuller ( played by wonderful actress Olga Kurylenko ) is called to a crime scene, where a father of young daughter Sophie, was killed in his bed. No one can really explain what happened to the man, but his body have been twisted. Young Sophie tries to tell Kate that Mara did this, who is supposed to be a sleep demon. At first Katie wants to be realistic and investigate this case further, but as she digs into the truth, she is about to see another reality. Mara is a effective horror film, that reminds me of Japanese horror films with creepy sound effects and creepy body movements. But the one detail that makes Mara interesting, is that the film brings up the difficulty of living with sleep paralysis. If you have not seen Mara, i suggest you pick this film up on DVD or Blu Ray. Speaking of sleeping problems, i recently came across an Australian horror film known as Awoken, that looked pretty interesting. I have heard about this film since early summer, but finally got a chance to sit down and watch it. Is this horror film one of the best choices to watch this fall, or is Awoken as predictable as a Hallmark Channel film usually is ?

Young medical student Karla ( Sara West ) is trying to do the best she can to help her brother Blake ( Benson Jack Anthony ) who is suffering with Fatal Familial Insomnia. Since treatment is not helping, things are not looking good for him. But thanks to a team of experts, who is trying to give treatments to similar patients inside a secret location, Karla still hold on to hope, that he will get better. But as this treatment begins, Karla is about to find out that this location may have a dark past.

If you are interested in medical horror films, and especially where the film is focues on sleep ilness, then Awoken does have something that will probably fit with your taste. This is a horror film that especially focus on treatments of patients who have serious problems with sleep illness. But there is also another twist into this film, that there might be a demonic possession that is causing damage to these young patients. This part may not sound very original, and it isn´t. But the combination of a medical horror, combined with a classic ingredient as possession, turns out to be an effective combination. The one thing i have to say that Awoken manage to do, is to bring out the importance of patients who are in need of medical treatments. You see the patients struggle every day, while you can sense that there is an evil entity in the room. Let us get into the cast for a bit. One of the characters that i wish we could have seen more of, is the patient known as Angela ( played by actress Felicia Tassone. This is my first time seeing her in a film, and i have to say that she gives a great performance as Angela, a young woman who is clearly suffering with her diagnose. Actress Sara West, who plays medical student Karla, is really trying to do all she can to help her sick brother. Sara manage to balance her performance in a natural way, how most of us would feel and react, when you have a family member who is ill. One of the most interesting characters in Awoken, is without the patient known as Blake ( played by actor Benson Jack Anthony ). When you see the behavior of Blake changing, from being one of the most sick patients, you get a sense that something is seriously wrong with him. And Benson bring out one of the strongest acting performances in this film, since he manage to make us believe that he is really sick. As a horror film, i have to say that Awoken manage to work well through great performances, an effective plot and with some simple but creepy moments. Director Daniel J. Phillips first directorial debut full feature film is actually a pleasent surprise for me, and i am looking forward to see what he will direct in the future. If you are a horror fan, i suggest you pick up Awoken on DVD or Blu Ray, and prepare for Halloween. I guarantee you will be pleased.

Rating: DDD

onsdag 9 september 2020

10 Years Anniversary Review Of Clash Of The Titans

Everyone goes through different phases in their lives, and that is the way it should be. This way we learn to deal with pain, sadness, and great moments as well. I have a lot memories i could easily share, at different times in my life. But i decided to share one special moment i will never forget, and we have to go back to the year of 2010, and it was in April that year i was about to experience something i did not expect. My wifes brother Janne have been talking constantly about the new remake of Clash Of The Titans, day and night. And most of all he was really excited to see Sam Worthington in the lead role as Perseus. So, that weekend when he went to see the premiere, i remember he called me up afterwards. He cried, and i mean really cried. I thought something seriously bad have happened. But he explained to me that Clash Of The Titians ( the remake ) is a film that let all his emotions out. For him, this was his wake up call that this was the best film of that year. He told me how happy he felt seeing Sam Worthington on the big screen, like it was his own moment with Sam, that no one could take away from him. I was happy for Janne that he loved this film so much, and that he felt so much happiness of seeing Sam Worthington. Since that day ( that is now over 10 years ago ), i can still see Janne get emotional every time someone mention Clash Of The Titans. I have a feeling that if he ever decide to get married, or engaged ( if it happen´s, he does not have to of course ), i have a feeling he will celebrate by having a private ceremony screening of Clash Of The Titans with fans from all over the world. To me that sounds beautiful, and i am proud of Janne, that he is not afraid to show his emotions over this film. I recently came across a list of films that have turned 10 years old, and there are a lot of titles that reminded me of the year of 2010. But since i mentioned Clash Of The Titans earlier in this Review, i thought it would be nice to visit this film again, since i have not seen this film for quite some time ( Janne have probably seen it many more times than i would expect ). Looking at Clash Of The Titans now after 10 years, is this remake entertaining today, or has this film aged a lot over these years ?

After defeating the Titans, the gods divided among themselves; Zeus ( Liam Neeson ) took the skies, Poseidon ( Danny Huston ), Hades ( Ralph Fiennes ), deceived by Zeus, was left with the Underworld. The gods created the mortals, whose worship maintained the god´s immortality. Over time, however, the mortals begin to blaspheme and defy their creators. The demigod Perseus was born to the mortal queen Danae ( Tina Stapelfeldt ) who was conceived by Zeus during the siege of King Acrisius ( Jason Flemyng ). Upon discovering her conception, Acrisius order´s the queens execution and locks the child in a chest with her corpse. The king throws the chest in the sea. Fisherman Spyros ( Pete Postlethwaite ) discover the chest, and decide to raise the child Perseus with his wife Marmara ( Elizabeth McGovern ). 13 years later, Perseus and his family watch soldiers from the city of Argo destroy the statue of Zeus, declaring war on the gods. The Furies are then released and slaughter the soldiers. Hades appears and destroy Spyros fishing boat and let him, his wife and daughter drown, while Perseus is the only survivor. Found by a Group of Soldiers, Perseus is brought to king Kepheus ( Vincent Regan ) and queen Cassiopeia ( Polly Walker ). They are celebrating their campaign against the gods. Hades suddenly shows up, killing most of the soldiers. Since they have disrespected Zeus, he warns the humans that he will release the Kraken, unless Princess Adromeda ( Alexa Davaos ) is offered as a sacrifice. 

For me personally, Clash Of The Titans fall right into the category that is known as a " Guilty Pleasure ", that means a film you enjoy for being bad but entertaining. And that is exactly what this film is, if you ask me. I can put on Clash Of The Titans on a boring day, and have a good time with bad acting, fun CGI effects and funny cheesy dialogue. I realise that Janne will be reading this review and will probably not agree with me, since i know how much he loves this film, and see this film differently than me ( i suppose from his perspective he sees this film to be an epic film experience ). And i respect his love for this film, and i have a feeling he can respect that i see this film in a different way than him. With that said, i do think this is a film you should watch if you love Greek mythology, Greek gods and if you love a lot CGI battles. I will get into some of the actors later, but i need to mention something that i think this film did right. Since we are talking Greek gods, you have several battles between gods and humans, that are actually quite funny to watch. Especially the fight scenes against Medusa. If you can accept the bad CGI effects of Medusa, and just see the entertainment value of seeing her fight against Perseus, then i think you might still have a good time. When it comes to the acting we have a lot famous actors in this film. You have Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes, Mads Mikkelsen ( raising a proud flag for Denmark of course ), Jason Flemyng, Luke Evans and many more. Considering so many great actors, you would think that the acting would be on a top quality level. But that´s not the case here, it is more like they went for a different approach and try to sound serious, but you can´t really feel it. Instead it feels like some of them are acting over the top instead, and it actually becomes quite funny with the dialogue included. Director Louis Leterrier ( who directed the entertaining crime mystery film Now You See Me ) have made a remake that may not hold a lot of power when it comes acting. But if you just want to have fun, and unlock your brain cells for a while, then i still see why Clash Of The Titans works as pure entertainment. I suggest you pick up Clash Of The Titans on a Blu Ray, and get into the right Greek spirit, that no one can resist.

Rating: DDD 

Deep Blue Sea 3

I don´t know about you, but i love to swim in the ocean. To feel free and swim anywhere you want, and walking on a beautiful beach afterwards, is a combination that i can´t say no to. I could easily spend hours on a beach, just to get my mind and body to relax. I have been to some beautiful countries in the past, and every time i visit some of their beaches i feel at home. Even if i love swimming out far in the sea, i remember being careful one time when i swimmed far out in Thailand, when some local folks told me not to swim too far out. They did not really say exactly what they were trying to warn me about, but i got a feeling they might be thinking about sharks. Speaking of sharks, there are so many films released out there that have shark subjects. Some are just traditional films that you have seen so many times before, while some are actually trying to mix up different ideas. I know most people think about Steven Spielberg´s classic Jaws most of the time, and i have to admit this is a great film. But there are films that are good, that you don´t hear that much about anymore that have sharks in the film. A perfect example of that is the Australian horror film The Reef, released in 2010. I would not be surprised if most of you have not seen this film, but this is actually a great film. The Reef tells the story of a group of friends who decide to sail towards Indonesia, but their sailing boat hit a reef and they can not go on. Stuck outside in the ocean, they are forced to swim to land, not knowing what is out there. It is a very simple plot, but this film manage to build up a frightening atmosphere as these people try and survive in the ocean. Director Andrew Traucki use simple but effective details to make The Reef a great horror film. I suggest you pick this film up cheap on DVD, especially from the UK. If you remember the 1999 horror action film Deep Blue Sea, you might remember that it was a fun ride. It is one of those films i can still see today as a guilty pleasure. The sequel ( released in 2018 ) did not give me much at all. So i was not really excited to see that we have a third film out now, but i decided to give this film a chance. Is it possible that Deep Blue Sea 3 is the best sequel in this franchise, or should this film have been stopped from being made ?

Dr. Emma Collins ( Tania Raymonde ) is a scientist who is following in her deceased father´s footsteps. She works to preserve the ocean, especially sharks. Worried about climate change causing island flooding, she has been studying on the island of Little Happy for the last three years. She has a small team helping her, consisiting with her father´s former co-worker Euguene Shaw ( Emerson Brooks ), tech genius Spinnaker ( Alex Baht ) and Miya ( Reina Aoi ). The man-made island has been subjected to flooding from rising sea levels, reducing the population to only two, Bahari ( Siya Mayola ) and Nandi ( Avumile Qongqo ). Dr. Collins have another reason to be here, and that is the great white shark named Sally, tagged by Dr. Collins. At first everything seems to be in order, until Dr. Collins discover that three bull Sharks have entered these waters, that seem way more intelligent than she would expect. The truth is that these three bull sharks actually escaped from a research lab owned by a pharmaceutical company.

I will be honest and say that i had no high expectations on Deep Blue Sea 3 since i felt the second film failed to be a worthy sequel. And if you thought this sequel would do the same, then i have some good news for you. Deep Blue Sea 3 actually manage to both deliver better characters than in the second film, and we also get better looking CGI effects as well. The sharks are actually more effective this time around, since they finally understood that we can´t have a sequel to Deep Blue Sea without having shark attack scenes that actually works. This film is still not as good as the first film of course, but i am still surprised that they still managed to get this sequel right. Let´s talk about one of the biggest highlight of this film, and that is actress Tania Raymonde as Dr. Emma Collins. For those who you who might recognize Tania from the classic TV series Lost, i can tell you that she is the strongest character in this film. Not only does she pull off a great performance, but she clearly shows that she knows how to make her character both feel intelligent, and funny as well. And in a sequel like this to the well known first film, i have to say that they made the right choice to put Tania as the lead actor. When she starts striking back at the sharks, you can see that she had fun on the set of this film. I have to mention one of the most charming characters in this film, and that is actress Reina Aoi as the character Miya. If you ever had a bad day, Miya is the one you need to see to cheer you up, since she gives you a feeling of happiness with her presence. And that is exactly what she manage to do in this film. There are some other great characters i could mention as well, but i need to mention that this is one of the few sequels i have seen with a good ending. And that includes a lot of violence as well ( not extremely ), that fits with the final part of the plot. Deep Blue Sea 3 may not be a masterpiece, and may not deliver everything on a top scale, but this is still a fun action horror film if you appreciate these kinds of films. Director John Pugue ( who directed the great horror film The Quiet Ones ) have found a way to tell the story of Deep Blue Sea without insulting the first film. I feel that he managed to combine ideas of previous film, and adding some other details that is surprisingly good. If you are planning a cozy home evening, i suggest you pick up Deep Blue Sea 3 on VOD, DVD or Blu Ray, to make sure your family see how life ususally looks like in Sweden on an ordinary day ( this is probably the most realistic portrait of Sweden in a film ever ).

Rating: DDD

söndag 6 september 2020

Eternal Code

Life is shorter than we think. We may believe we have all the time in the world, to make things right. But in reality it becomes clear that we should consider what we should focus on. Is it more important to own a lot of stuff, than helping other people´s lives ? Is it more important to be popular on social media, than actually caring for the ones who needs support ? I have worked 21 years in health care, and i can tell you that i have seen a lot of things that have changed my life. All the people i have met with different diagnoses, or mental issues, have taught me that we can help people if we really want to. I will admit there have been some rough times, but that is where you learn how much it matters to reach out, and actually listen to the ones who needs help. But what if we were able to use science on a different level than before, so we could bring back the ones we love? What if we never really would die completely ? Some of these subjects were brought up in the science fiction thriller Replicas, from director Jeffrey Nachmanoff. I was very curious about this film, since the plot seemed very interesting. And i have to say, i do find some interesting details in Repilcas that i think a lot of people would discuss. The idea of bringing back family members back to Life have been done before in other films, but Replicas had another twist to the story that made it stand out from similar films. Unfortunately, Replicas had some problems along the way. Especially with some of the details surrounding the plot holes. Even if Keanu Reeves was the best part of this film, he could not save this film. There are other films out there that brings up medical science as well as other ways to help patients. I was asked by film producer Joe Williamson to Review a film called Eternal Code, and of course i said yes. Whenever a film producer ask me to Review any film, i always make sure to write their requests. Is this an independent film that you should be picking on on DVD, or is Eternal Code not a film you need to look for ?

Military veteran Corey ( Damien Chinappi ) is about to finish his life, since he have had enough of living on the streets with nothing left to live for. Just as he is about to pull the trigger, he witness a prostitute named Stephanie ( Kaiti Wallen ) being attacked by a man, and saves her life. Stephanie is so grateful for what Corey did, and want to be a friend with him. Corey is about to find out that he is not the only kind one, when two girls named Miranda Pellegrini ( Angelina Daniella Cama ) and May ( Calohun Koenig ), as they give him food that they prepared. Corey can´t thank these Girls enough for their kindness. Meanwhile, two corporations in a towering office, are discussing a business decision that will take a new revolutionary technology to a new level. But Miranda´s mother and corporate CEO, Bridget Pellegrini ( Erika Hoveland ) is not sure about this business deal. If this technology goes into the wrong hands, it may cause more problems than actually make a difference. Business leader Oliver ( Richard Tyson ) is determined though to make sure that he can continue with this technology, no matter what it takes to get it approved.

Eternal Code sort of have 2 stories that are combined into each other. You have the story of two companys, where one of the companys wants to use technology to help people have eternal life, and then you have the story of a war veteran who is trying to survive for each day. In my opinion, the strength of this film is when the story is focused on the company who wants to take technology on a new level and play God. This is where Eternal Code becomes interesting, when we know that there are scientists out there who are trying to find new revolutionary ways to save people´s lives, and even make them live longer than should be possible. We have to get into the characters for a while, and the strongest acting performance comes from legendary actor Richard Tyson ( you all remember him from Kindergarten Cop, and i know a lot of horror fans remember him from the horror independent film Hayride ), who plays the character Oliver. When you get to see who Oliver really is, you understand that he is willing to do anything to make his plans become reality. Richard Tyson goes all in on his character, and give us a character that i believe show you how desperate some people can become, when they want to have more power than they can handle. Another character i think works well is actress Scout Taylor-Compton ( who i recently wrote about in my review for the independent film Penance Lane ) as the bad ass character Charlie. A kidnapper who does not take shit from anyone, and i have to say that she brings a performance that is wonderful. Eternal Code is a different kind of independent film, that tries to give you a glimpse into the world of medical corporations, and what happens when someone tries to go too far. This is my first time seeing a film from director Harley Wallen, and i can tell that this story must have inspired him, since he does take the subjects of this film seriously. I especially think he did a good job with the company scenes, when things are about to fall apart. I can´t say that that i feel completely saitisfied with all the details, but Eternal Code certainly give you a lot to think about, especially what is moraly right or wrong in the world of medical science, and what matters with showing respect to others. A film worth watching, if you are interested in medical issues and science as well.

Rating: DDD

torsdag 3 september 2020

Attack Of The Unknown

There are certain things in life that we appreciate more than other things. As an example, some people love chocolate more than gummy bears. We all love differet things, and that´s ok. But i believe that most people will agree, that if there is one thing we can all appreciate, it is sci fi action horror films. This combined mixture of genres, have turned out to work well in many different films. Instead of talking about certain films, i decided to pick out one film that may not have been appreciated by film critics, but is more appreciated by fans. And that is the sci fi disaster film Skyline, directed by Greg and Colin Strause. This film may not be a classic in any way, but if you want to see a sci fi film with pretty descent CGI effects, Skyline managed to deliver some solid sci fi action scenes. But that´s not all, Skyline also have an interesting concept of an Alien invasion with these shining lights, who can control people. There is a sequel called Beyond Skyline, and that film is even better than the first film. Over the years i have been involved in supporting several fund raising campaigns on websites such as Indiegogo. I enjoy helping independent films to help film makers get funding to make their films. One of the films i did help get funding, is the B movie known as Commando Ninja on Kickstarter. A really fun 80´s influenced action film, that have so many fantastic characters and so much violence. Worth checking out if you love 80´s action films such as Commando with Arnold Schwarzenegger. If you have been on Indiegogo, you may have seen some campaigns that have been very popular with the names of Michael Mahal and Sonny Mahal. These guys have been very active with films such as Party Bus To Hell and Art Of The Dead on fundraising campaigns. I actually helped them with their campaign for the film Attack Of The Unknown, because this looked like a fun throwback to sci fi films from the past. Is this one of the better action films of 2020, or is Attack Of The Unknown most likely to be forgotten ?

A SWAT team are about to transport the Vicious criminal known as Miguel " Hades " Agguire, with SWAT member Vernon ( Richard Grieco ), who have a problem with the attitude of Hades. But as they continue to finish their job, Everything changes when they see that Earth has been invaded by blood sucking aliens. Vernon and the SWAT team are aout to face their biggest threat ever.

Going into a film like Attack Of The Unknown, is like finding some of your favourite 90´s VHS tapes, with a little bit of everything for everyone to enjoy. You have a lot of shootings, aliens who attack, dialogue that fits better than expected and characters who actually make an impact. This is the kind of film you would pick to play at a wedding, to get everyone into the right mood for a party. Let us talk about the characters for a bit, and i do feel that we should begin with legendary actor Richard Grieco. He plays the bad ass character Vernon, who may know how to handle complicated situations, but clearly is struggling with personal issues. And this is something that Richard Grieco manage to bring out through his performance, without doing it over dramatic. One of the surprises for me is to see actor Douglas Tait ( who fans of the TV series Grimm will recognize ) as the SWAT team leader Maddox. I have to say that he is a perfect choice for this character, and i love the confident attitude that Maddox brings to the table. Actress Tara Reid is here as well, maybe not for a long time, but can appreciate her appearance since she has a star quality presence over her. Legendary actor Robert LaSardo does what he knows best, bring out an evil character in his own unique way. Outside of the fun characters that this film brings, we get some 90´s action influences included. There are plenty of bullets wasted, and in a film like this it is actually a good idea to bring the audience some VHS nostalgic memories. The aliens have an old school design that reminds us of sci fi films of the 50´s, that actually works. Are there any problems with Attack Of The Unknown ? Yes, there are certain details that could have been better. But overall, if you are a fan of independent sci fi action films, i have a feeling this film will probably make you pleased. Could we have a sequel in the future ? Who knows, but i have a feeling that the ending did open the door for another film. Until we find out, check out Attack Of The Unknown on VOD and you will hopefully have a good time as i had watching this film.

Rating: DDD

tisdag 1 september 2020

This September, Please Support Creature Horror Anthology Film Cryptids

Cheers everyone!

Autumn is here, and we leave another summer behind. Of course i wish summer would last forever, but since i live in Sweden, you can´t expect that to happen. Snow starts in the end of August, unfortunately.

Anyway, the real reason why i am writing this post today, is because we have a very important subject to talk about. There is a new anthology horror film being made called Cryptids, and there is an awsome Indiegogo campaign for this film. I suggest you check out the Indiegogo video, and i guarantee you want to support the makers of this film, because it looks awsome. Cryptids looks like the kind of film you would remember from the 80´s, So go into the Indiegogo campaign on the following adress, and support this film any way you can:


New movie reviews are coming for this month, so stay tuned and have a fantastic week. And remember, let´s help Cryptids get a nice release in the future.

Cheers from Daniel!