måndag 29 juli 2019

Why You Should See Her Smell Instead Of The New The Lion King !

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Daniel here, the amazing movie review critic from Sweden. I am back to give you a very important update, before i publish my last review for this month.

I saw The Lion King in cinema, and for some reason people applauded when the film ended. My first thought was, why ? Don´t get me wrong, it is not a horrible movie, but this is not a masterpiece in any way. I just don´t enjoy this film as much as some of you people do, so i won´t review this film. Instead, i want to give you a better advice, what you should be seeing instead of The Lion King. You should be ordering a DVD copy of independent drama film Her Smell, from director Alex Ross Perry. A really powerful film, with an absolutely brilliant performance from lead actress Elisabeth Moss as the punk band singer Becky Something.

Now this is a damn good film, a lot better than The Lion King ( my opinion, i know some might not agree and that´s ok ). So if you want a really good film you should be watching Her Smell instead, and i guarantee you will be emotionally touched. So go online and order a DVD of Her Smell, and you will support quality independent films as well. Take care and have a good week, and i will see you soon with the last review of this month.

Cheers from Daniel

måndag 22 juli 2019

The Intruder

Psychopaths, what would life be without them ? Exactly, we would not have that wonderful movie American Psycho with a brilliant performance by actor Christian Bale. This film actually helped me understand what romance really means. I used to think that everything i need to know i would learn from watching romantic comedy French Kiss ( released in 1995 ) with Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline. Oh boy, i was wrong for sure. You see, American Psycho made me realize that flowers and chocolate are too predictable, and very boring for women. That is why women appreciate some real action, just like American Psycho offered. So thank you Christian Bale for teaching me the right path to go. Whenever i think about psychopaths in films, i always come back to a true 80´s classic known as Fatal Attraction. Released in 1987 from director Adrien Lyne. This film tells the story of Manhattan lawyer Dan Gallagher ( played really good by legendary actor Michael Douglas ) who is married and live in a beautiful house. One day he has an affair with Alexandra " Alex " Forrest ( played brillaint by actress Glenn Close ), an editor for a publishing company. At first Dan is having a great time with his new lover, but it becomes clear that there is something really wrong with Alex. Fatal Attraction is a very effective psychological thriller, and shows you that you can never trust anyone completely. The character Alexandra is a perfect example of a person who could destroy anyones life, if you have her too close in your home environment. There is a scene that i think most people will never forget, where she boils Dan´s familys rabbit. If you have not seen Fatal Attraction, i suggest you pick it up on DVD or Blu Ray. This is one of those classics that will always be appreciated by fans of this genre. When you hear the name Dennis Quaid, i Think most people will think about all the classic films he have made. The list is long, but i have to mention two of my personal favourite titles with him in the cast, known as Frequency and of course Traffic. During this spring i was hearing a lot of hype about his new film The Intruder, where he is supposed to play a psychopath from hell. of course this made me curious, to see him do a very different character than he has done before. Is this film a very effective thriller, or is The Intruder most likely one film that will be forgotten on DVD shelves ?

Scott Howard ( Michael Ealy ) and Annie Howard ( Meagan Good ) are a happy couple, who are living a good life thanks to Scott´s work position. Annie Dreams about having a house, outside of the big city. They go look at an old big house, that looks Beautiful and meet the owner Charlie Peck ( Dennis Quaid ). Charlie give Scott and Annie a tour around the house, and they feel that this home is very special for Charlie in many ways. Annie wants this house, so Scott agree to buy it. But as they begin their new lives in the big house, Charlie is still showing up unexpected. At first they think he is just lonely, and need someone to talk to. But it becomes clear that Charlie have a problem letting go of his old house.

I think we need to be very clear about The Intruder. If it was not for the performance of Dennis Quaid, this film would not be as fun to watch as this film is. When he turns on his bad behavior, this film gets going in the right direction. You could probably say that this film reminds us of other psychopaths in other classic films, such as The Stepfather with legendary actor Terry O´ Quinn. Of course these films are very different from each other, but they both have very disturbing personalities. Dennis Quiad gives a performance that clearly stands out from the rest of the cast, and i have to thank him for trying to make his character as insane as he seems to be. If we look at the rest of the cast, here it becomes clear that we have a problem. Not many of the characters feels interesting, such as Scott Howard played by actor Michael Ealy ( who you probably have seen in the romantic comedy Think Like A Man ). He is not awful, but he does not bring anything interesting with his character. I feel that actress Meagan Good ( who i especially remember from the horror film Saw V ) at least make her character Annie Howard loveable. The story surrounding The Intruder is very simple, and works as long as Dennis Quaid is in his scenes. When he is not, i don´t feel as interested in the other character´s lives. One thing that works though is when we see Charlie become more dangerous, and his behavior becomes more disturbing. I actually feel like Quaid should have shown a bit more of his disturbing behavior, and Charlie could have given this film an even stronger message. Director Deon Taylor ( who directed the great thriller drama Supremacy ) have made a psychological thriller that is a step in the right direction since his action film Traffik. It has been a long time since we have seen a disturbed personality as Charlie, and director Dean Taylor clearly must be a fan of Fatal Attraction, and balance this genre in a positive way. The Intruder may not be original in any way, but as a psychological thriller i had a good time watching Dennis Quaid go nuts. One thing is for sure, i will be watching my neighbors from now on, someone of them might be insane ( unless they are naked in the garden, that could be accepted).

Rating: DDD

The Odds

Money, the key to make life easier. With money you can basically do anything you want, especially if you happen to have a lot of it. Of course there is always a risk with lots of money, you have to know how to handle it in a clever way. I am in no way a rich guy, just an ordinary worker. But i do know what i would do, if i did win millions in the lottery. I would build up an amusement park know as Dolph World. What is this amusement park ? Very easy, everything here would be a tribute to the greatest Swedish actor or all eternity, known as Dolph Lundgren. Just imagine, going on the Universal Soldier rollercoaster ride, or how about being He-Man in Dolph style, or perhaps be the icnoic Ivan Drago for a day ? Dolph World should happen, this is the greatest idea ever. Really ? Yes, it really is. But what if you were given a chance, to have a lot of money if you did anything to get them, would you do it ? There are several films that have used this idea, in different combinations. And i suggest we talk about one specific title that actually turned out to work well. The 2016 film known as Nerve, used a modern take on technology and how far you would willing to go to play a game for money. Each player choose how far they are willing to go, even if it means they could die. Directed by Henry Joost, this is a thriller that shows a dark side of social media, and how especially young people can do anything to become famous. And it becomes pretty clear that whoever created this game, is not worried how many people could be killed. The cast of actress Emma Roberts and David Franco, actually felt like a great combination. If you enjoy modern thrillers, that brings up some of the problem with social media, then you should check Nerve out on DVD or Blu Ray. What if you had the chance to win a lot of money through a game, that is shown online for the whole world ? That might not sound so bad, until you find out that for each level you make, the more you have to be tortured. The Odds is an independent film i came across on VOD that looked interesting. With only a few actors, and this film seems to take place in one room, is The Odds an unexpected winner or should this film be thrown into the failed Lotto ticket bucket ?

In a secret room, a woman known as The Gambler ( Abbi Butler ) have agreed to play a game. If she survives she wins a lot of money that could change her life, and give her a chance to build up a relationship with her daughter. The rules are that for each round, she must survive different torture activities. Other players are playing the same game, and all Abbi needs to do is to be the one who survive each round. Game Master ( James J. Fuertes ) is making sure she is following the rules, and tries to be supportive. But can Abbi really go through the whole game? Is she mentally strong enough to handle this ?

It has been a while since i have seen a film that tries to go in a different direction than most thrillers. And this is why i find The Odds an interesting film, because you realize that anyone could be in this situation. Especially if you have lost all hope, and are willing to do anything to get money, no matter what it takes. The plot reminds me of some films, but still manage to tell a story in a way that works well with the characters. Let´s talk about the characters for a bit. Actress Abbi Butler ( who you might recognize from the Jeff Fahey film Country Line ) as the character The Player, gives us the strongest performance in this film. Her character is clearly willing to do anything, to win this game. Abbi manage to balance her acting in a professional way, and give her character a strong personality. It is hard to imagine what she must be going through. The second character known as Game Master, played by actor James J. Fuertes is clearly a sick individual. Even if his character is interesting, Abbi Butler steals the show through this film. The Odds is a different film from most gambling related stories, since this film tries to show a different kind of game. The psychological level is the strength of this film, when we see how The Player is forced to be tortured in many different ways to survive. One of the things i feel i would have liked to know more, is the background story of The Player, since we find out something happened in her past ( an event that affected her relationship with her daughter ). The length of The Odds may be a little bit long, but does not affect the quality of the film. Director Bob Giordano clearly wanted to tell a story, on how far we are willing to go if our mind is determined to reach the goal. He manage to do so, in a solid thriller ( with some horror influences ). The Odds is not a film for you who hate a lot of dialogue. But if you enjoy a film that does look different from most DVD releases, give this film a chance. The Odds will make you be more careful about gambling, and that is of course a good sign.

Rating: DDD

lördag 20 juli 2019

I Can Be Seen On Ron Jeremys Official Facebook Page

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Daniel here, the most sensual movie review critic ever. Really ? Of course i am. This is not related to any movie reviews or anything, but me and my friend Tony can be seen on a tshirt, hold up by legendary adult film star Ron Jeremy on his official Facebook page. We are called The Golden Boys Of Sundsvall, and we have been promoting Ron Jeremys Rum and Gin for a very long time, on trips worldwide. So feel welcome to check it out on Ron Jeremys Facebook page. 

New movie reviews are on the way, and the 20 Years Anniversary Review of The Matrix will be coming soon as well. Have a good weekend and i will see you soon with fresh movie reviews. 

Cheers from Daniel !

tisdag 16 juli 2019

The Curse Of La Llorona

There is a curse in Sweden that has been haunting us ever since the 80´s. The story goes that when you play the Herreys album Crazy People ( released in 1985 ) backwards, it would summon the demons of known as " Skärm Stänkare ". For those of you who are not familiar with these demons, they would usually be found infront of a TV screen, hoping to enter the world of Solsta Café with Bengt Alsterlind. But what the demons did not know, was that TV host Bengt Alsterlind had his secret weapon against demonic powers, known as Hajk. This is a story that is well known for people who live in Sweden, and even until this day no one wants to play the Herreys album Crazy People backwards ever again. Just to make sure that the " Skärm Stänkare " would not return from the other side. Folklore tales in horror films is something we have seen in a lot of titles. But let´s talk about one specific film that has a folklore story, and actually turns 20 years old this year. Tim Burton´s magnificent 1999 film Sleepy Hollow, tells the story of the folklore of The Headless Horseman, that returns to chop off heads in the city of Sleepy Hollow. This is a very well made horror film, with a wonderful cast of Johnny Depp, Christina Ricci, Casper Van Dien ( much better than i would have expected ) and Christopher Walken. Sleepy Hollow is one of those horror films you can return to, and it still looks really good 20 years later. And i have to say, Johnny Depp as the lovely character Ichabod Crane is one of the biggest highlights of this film. If you have not seen Tim Burton´s classic horror film Sleepy Hollow, you need to check it out. Just a few months ago i heard about a horror film under the name of The Curse Of La Llorona, based on a story of a Mexican folklore. Since i am a big fan of horror films, and appreciate films based on local stories, is The Curse Of La Llorana exactly what we need on VOD this summer, or is this a horror film you will forget as soon as you finished watching it ?

In 1673 Mexico, a mother of 2 children drown her two sons to hurt her cheating husband, taking away what he loves most. She regret what she did, and kill herself in the same river where she killed her sons. 300 years later, in 1973 Los Angeles, Hispanic caseworker Anna Tate-Garcia ( Linda Cardellini ) investigates the disappearance of client Patricia Alvarez ( Patricia Velásquez two children. Anna arrives at the home of Patricia, for a welfare check. Inside, she finds Patricia´s children locked inside the door. Patricia attack Anna, warning her not to open the door, and not let the children out. A police officer arrest Patricia, and her two sons are taken to a police station. The young boys of Patricia are found dead, after seeing a woman dressed in a white dress. Anna is called to investigate the murder of the boys. It seems that a the woman who is known as La Llorona, who lived in 1673 in Mexico, has come back to take the life of other children. Now, Anna´s two children could be the next victims, unless Anna find a way to stop this evil spirit.

If you are a fan of The Conjuring films, or if you enjoyed the remake of The Amityville horror film from 2005, then i have a feeling you will enjoy The Curse Of La Llorona. This is the kind of horror film that is set out to make you feel an haunting environment. I think it is a good idea, telling the story of an old Mexican folklore, and mix it up with a horror story. That way it feels more natural to understand why La Llorona keeps coming back. One of the things this film has is a great main female character. Actress Linda Cardellini ( who i especially remember from the 2011 film Kill The Irishman ) as mother Anna Tate-Garcia is exactly what a film like this needs. A woman who will do anything to protect her own children, no matter what she has to do. I am so happy to see actor Tony Amendola return as Father Perez, from the first Annabelle film. He gives a performance that fits well with his character. I have to mention actress Marisol Marinez ( who you might have seen in the interesting 2015 horror drama Circle ), who plays the evil La Llorona. She does a wonderful job with her character, and make her feel very creepy in several scenes. Even if this film is well made, and i enjoy the folklore story, there is one problem i have with The Curse Of La Llorona. There are no big surprises here, where something completely unexpected happens. I would have liked to see a surprise twist among the way, to make the story more interesting. Director Michael Chavez have directed several short films, but this is his full feature directorial debut film. I think he clearly have an eye for how to make a horror film work, and i recently found out he is the director of The Conjuring 3 ( i hope he will give us a worthy sequel ). If he only would have made an unexpected twist in the story, i have a feeling this could have been an even more effective horror film. With that said, i still think this is a film that will especially please fans of The Conjuring. Don´t know what to Watch on VOD this weekend ? Why not give The Curse Of La Llorona a chance, and you might be pleased. If i ever hear a crying mother wearing a white dress, i won´t be standing around for long, i guarantee that.

Rating: DDD

Big Kill

In my childhood i wacthed a lot of Sergio Leone western films. Especially the western films with Clint Eastwood such as A Fistful Of Dollars, For A Few Dollars More and of course my favourite The Good, The Bad And The Ugly. Director Sergio Leone had a very unique view on western films, and managed to capture the magic with his story telling, and with the strong characters. Sergio continued doing another really good western epic film known as Once Upon A Time In The West, with the amazing cast including Henry Fonda, Charles Bronson, Claudia Cardinale, Gabriele Ferzetti and many others. The western genre managed to keep audiences enchanted into the 70´s, where Clint Eastwood continued making great films in this genre. But as the 80´s came along, you could tell that the western genre was going through a change. But not in a negative way, since there was still hope for this genre. In 1988, a film called Young Guns hit the cinema screens worldwide with a really good cast including Kiefer Sutherland, Charlie Sheen, Emilio Estevez, Lou Diamond Philips and many others. Young Guns was an attempt to make a younger audience appreciate western films, and it worked. This is a fun western film with crazy characters, and some fun gun battles as well. A sequel was released 2 years later, that also worked. I would probably say that the first Young Guns is the best of the films, but the sequel managed to bring the characters back in a positive way. Speaking of Lou Diamond Phillips, this is an actor who have continued working constantly with new films. And he has done some more western films as well, especially in the 2008 film Lone Rider, and the 2009 film known as Angel And The Bad Man. None of them may have been anything unique, but i was hoping to see him return in a new western film with a bigger cast. And this is what we got with the western film Big Kill. A film that recently was released on DVD in Sweden on company Studio S Entertainment. Of course i had to pick a copy up to see if this film would be worth a watch. Is this a surprisingly good western film for us who appreciate this genre, or should Big Kill have been buried underneath the desert sand ?

Travis Parker ( Clint Hummel ) and his companion Jake Logan ( Scott Martin ) have just escaped from the Mexican army, being chased by Mexican General Morales ( Danny Trejo ). As they cross the border to America, Travis and Jake believe they should be safe. But General Morales and his men keep going after them. They are forced to return to Mexico though when Colonel Grager ( Michael Paré ), order them to return or be killed by his men. Jim Andrews ( Christoph Sanders ) needs help to get to the town of Big Kill, and is looking for guides to take him there. He meets Travis and Jake, and offer them to help him make his journey possible. They agree, but it becomes clear that Big Kill is not the friendly town to visit.
I will be honest and say, the biggest reason why i wanted to see Big Kill is because of the cast. Just look at this classic actors list in this film:

Jason Patric
Danny Trejo
Lou Diamond Phillips
Michael Paré

All 4 of these actors have given us some great classics in the past, and to see them all together in a western film is a wonderful idea. The question is, does Big Kill bring anything positive into this genre ? I would not say this film bring anything different to the western genre, but i will say that this is a independent film that tries to bring back the old school feeling of classic western films. Even if i am happy to see these legendary actors, they are not the only ones who bring great characters. Actor Clint Hummel ( who some of you might remember from the B action movie P-51 Dragon Fighter ) is the bad ass character Travis Parker. Clint manage to balance his character in a professional way, and still manage to make him enjoyable. Scott Martin ( who is also in the film P-51 Dragon Fighter ) plays gun slinger Jake Logan who is hard not to like, and i especially enjoy his attitude. I think the chemistry between Clint and Scott comes across in a positive way in this film, and to see them together in many scenes makes me appreciate this film, from a character perspective. Lou Diamond Phillips as the gun slinger Johnny Kane, is his best western performance in many years. He is a really good choice for this character, and he proves once again why this is a genre he should do more often. Jason Patric as The Preacher is one of those cool characters who should have his own film ( just imagined a teatle such as No Mercy With The Preacher ). Michael Paré as Colonel Grager is a perfect match for this film, he is rough and very clear who is in charge. Danny Trejo knows exactly how to do his character General Morales, without feeling too predictable. The story of Big Kill actually works pretty good, and capture the time period with nice locations. The small western town, where everyone gets drunk and play poker feels right as well, since this film is trying to bring back the old school western films instead of updating the genre. Director Scott Martin ( who have worked as a producer on many films, such as Dolph Lundgren film Don´t Kill It and P-51 Dragon Fighter ) have made a western film that will be appreciated by fans of this genre. He clearly wanted to make a film that has more to say, than just having gun battles. Get on your horse and ride down to your local DVD / Blu Ray shop and pick up a copy of this film.

Rating: DDD

P.S. If you can´t see Region 1 DVD´s or Region 1 Blu Ray´s, you can find Big Kill on Region 2 DVD from Studio S Entertainment. Link is found below:


lördag 13 juli 2019

Monster Island

If there is one thing i have learned in life, it is that The Asylum movies can make any bad day turn around and make everything better. How is that possible ? It is very easy. The Asylum knows what humanity needs. They make sure we have films with monsters, bad CGI effects, bad acting, and wonderful characters. I would not say i enjoy all of their films, but for most titles i always find something that is entertaining. So why not dig into two films from The Asylum that i think you should buy on DVD or Blu Ray, to prepare christmas gifts for this year ? Let´s start with the 2011 horror film Zombie Apocalypse from director Nick Lyon. This film have some classic zombie elements and a great cast as well including actor Ving Rhames ( most known for his films such as Con Air, Dawn Of The Dead and the Mission Impossible franchise ) and actress Taryn Manning ( known especially from Netflix series Orange Is The New Black ). Zombie Apocalypse is exactly that title you have waited for, especially if you are a fan of British cricket matches. Let´s get into the next film. 3-Headead Shark Attack is a wonderful sequel to the awful film 2-Headed Shark Attack. This sequel actually looks much better, and has a much better cast including legendary actor Danny Trejo, wonderful actress Jenna Sims, wrestling legend Rob Van Dam and Baywatch actor Jaason Simmons as well. If you love sharks and underwater action scenes, then 3-Headed Shark Attack will guaranteed please your Mariah Carey fantasies ( this combination actually makes more sense than you can imagine ). Every year The Asylum keep releasing new films, and i try to check some of the titles out. And this summer i saw a premiere was coming of a new film called Monster Island. The title itself sounded wonderful, so of course i had to give this film a chance. With a production bigger than all of Åhlens stores around Stockholm area, is Monster Island the masterpiece we all have been waiting for, or is this film as bad as you expected it to be ?

Billy Ford ( Adrian Bouchet ) is a billionaire who´s into undersea mining. While his team is looking into the mining operation a giant starfish is released from the mining location. Billy´s two employees Cherise Ramon ( Donna Cormack Thomson ) and Riley James ( Chris Fisher ) help Billy and the government agent Sarah Murray ( Natalie Robbie ) to get to safety from the giant sea monster. They piss off the Starfish who bleeds out lava, and the situation gets worse from here. Navy captain General Horne ( Eric Roberts ) is ready to kill the beast with all the firepower they have. But the truth is that they need help from another monster, known as Living Mountain. This might be the only chance to save humanity.

I am surprised over Monster Island. This is perhaps one of the more serious films i have seen being made by The Asylum. As you might know, in most films made from this company they focus more on the monsters than on the characters. And sometimes that works, while sometimes it should have been the other way. When it comes to Monster Island, this film focus more on the characters than on the big Kajun monster. If you expect to see the monster attack in many scenes, you won´t see it in this film. This film is trying to move in a different direction. The acting is not in any way good, but i do like that this film stands out from other productions of The Asylum, by focusing more on the characters. The best character for me personally in this film, is actor Adrian Bouchet ( who you might remember from films such as Alien vs. Predator and The Seasoning House ) as the character Bily Ford. He is the right kind of character for a film like this, being confident about his position. The other character i enjoy in this film is Sarah Murray, played by actress Natalie Robbie. She is a character you would want underneath the ocean, not afraid to take chances. Legendary actor Eric Roberts is of course here as well, as the character General Horne. He may not have many scenes, and does not give this film anything unique, but you can´t help enjoying his presence. What about the monsters ? They are not around a lot, and that is too bad. Because i do like to see Kajun monsters in different forms. Now to my biggest problem with this film. The ending is really bad. In fact, it feels like they choosed to make the ending as easy as possible, just to finish the story without any real reason. And this is where Monster Island fails to deliver, since the ending destroys the plot that is built up through out the film. Director Mark Atkins have directed a lot of The Asylum films, especially the solid film Android Cop. He does have some good ideas with Monster Island, but i have no idea why he let this film end as bad as it does. Such a shame when we have some interesting characters here. Hopefully the cast will return for Monster Island 2 with more monsters and a better ending. Then i might actually have something to be happy about.

Rating: DD

Men In Black: International

Summer of 1997. A great summer for films indeed. Just look at the list of summer films that were shown back then and you will see what i mean:

*Con Air
*Men In Black
*Air Force One
*Cop Land
*Event Horizon
*Money Talks

There are of course other titles i did not mention here, but still a pretty impressive list of great films. Especially if you loved action films, then this year offered some really good titles. Let´s stick to one specific title in the summer of 1997. The film known as Men In Black was a huge box office success worldwide. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones as Agent J and Agent K, known as the men in black, from a secret organization, who supervise extraterrestrial lifeforms who live on Earth and hide their existence from ordinary humans. Men In Black is a very funny film, and a great combination of science fiction and action as well. Director Barry Sonnenfeld managed to balance this film in a very professional way. Since this film was such a huge hit, of course there were more sequels made. In 2002, 5 years after the original film was released we got Men In Black II. I will be honest and say, this sequel failed to live up to the original film level of quality, and felt more like a sequel just made to cash in on the success of the first film. Johnny Knoxville was in the sequel for some strange reason ( probably because his Jackass TV series was still popular during this time, including the films ). I did like actress Lara Flynn Boyle as shapeshifting alien Serleena, perhaps one of the characters that saved this film from falling apart. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones did return for the sequel, but you could feel that they were not as good as they were in the first film. In 2012 we got a third film simpy called Men In Black 3. I was actually surprised how good this film was, much better than the second film with a solid cast and a wonderful bad character named Boris The Animal, played by actor Jemaine Clement. Josh Brolin as a younger version of Agent K, and he gives a really good performance, together with Will Smith. Men In Black 3 is a sequel that actually found a way to tell a story correctly, compared to Men In Black 2. So here we are in 2019 with another Men In Black film, but without Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith, this time with a new casting choice. Is this a positive take on this genre, or is the latest Men In Black film doomed to fail from start to finish ?

In Brooklyn 1996, Molly Wright witnesses her parents being neuralysed by agents of Men In Black while she helps an alien escape. 23 years later Molly ( Tessa Thompson ) tracks down an alien landing and follows MiB agents back to their headquarters in New York. She is caught making an entry, but Agent O ( Emma Thompson ) is impressed how she managed to find the organisation. Agent O is convinced that they need a woman like Molly in the organisation, and she is awarded probationary agent status as " Agent M" and assigned to the London branch of the organisation. In London, Agent M meets High T ( Liam Neeson ) the head of the London branch. Agent M learns that at the Eifel Tower back in 2016, High T and Agent H ( Chris Hemsworth ) were fighting against the invasion of The Hive, a parasitic rase who invades other planets. Agent M arranges for herself to be assigned to assist Agent H, as they meet Vungus The Ulgy at a night club. Two alien twins attack and kill Vungus. The clues seem to lead that there is a traitor in the MiB organization. Agent M and Agent H investigate closer, no matter what they have to do to find the truth.

I did not know what to expect from Men In Black: International, since i had my doubts about this film. But i have to say, this is not as bad as i thought this film would be. And i think this is because of the chemistry between main characters Agent H and Agent M. Actor Chris Hemsworth and actress Tessa Thompson works better than i expected as the agents dressed in black. You might remember how good Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones was in the previous films ? Chris and Tessa may not hit that level of Chemistry, but manage to do well anyway through comedy timing and the dialouge. I would say that actress Tessa Thompson gives this film another perspective, through her beloving character. Legendary actress Emma Thompson is also here as Agent O, a role she fits well into. Legendary actor Liam Neeson is also a part of this cast as High T, and he actually surprised me with a performance that works well. Now, if you compare this film to the previous films, you might find certain details that you will probably react on. For me personally, i see no bigger probelms with Men In Black: International. I think they have managed to keep the formula of the previous films, without changing too much. There are of course new aliens here, and some different weapons but that´s supposed to be a part of this franchise, to give us some surprises. What about the bad guys ? The alien twins is actually a duo that manage to bring some fun into this film, as they attack the agents. One of the problems i will mention with this film, is that i would have liked some really funny scenes. We get a few fun scenes, but not enough to make this film more enjoyable. Director F. Gary Gary ( who directed the surprisingly good action thriller Law Abiding Citizen ) have managed to make a Men In Black film that respects the classic film, but also dare to try some new directions. I appreciate that he made sure that the new agents felt natural, and not just placed there to cash in on the franchise.. Men In Black: International is a film you will appreciate if you enjoy the Men In Black series, if you can accept a new casting choice. A film worth seeing in cinema this summer, and in some ways brings back memories of the summer of 1997 for me. And that is of course a good sign.

Rating: DDD

tisdag 2 juli 2019


B action movies, what would my life be without them ? Probably pretty boring, since my childhood needed to see grenade launchers blow up terrorists, ninjas chopping soldiers and hot women with big guns. I learned more about how life works here, than in Math class with my teacher Kjell ( nice guy but one hell of a boring teacher ). I have seen so many B action movies over 35 years, that i am happy to say they helped me become the romantic man i am today. For example, i know that the sexiest thing you can do while taking your wife / girlfriend out, is to dress up as Michael Dudikoff army outfit from American Ninja. Why ? Because you can´t get any sexier than that. Michael Dudikoff´s character Joe Armstrong in 80´s classic American Ninja is what makes marriages survive. The B action movies have survived, thanks to a handful of actors such as Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren, Michael Jai White and Scott Adkins of course. Let´s talk about British actor Scott Adkins for a while. This guy have made a lot of really good action films over a long period of time, and i would like to talk about 2 films that i especially enjoy. Ninja: Shadow Of A Tear is a sequel to the 2009 film known as Ninja. This sequel directed by Isaac Florentine have some of the best martial art fight scenes i have seen in a long time. Adkins really proves why he is one of the best, making an outstanding performance with some really hard hitting action scenes. The next film i should mention is Accident Man. A fun British action thriller, where Adkins is wonderful as an assassin. This film is filled with great action scenes and very well made fight scenes, and some funny comedy moments as well. I really hope we get a sequel on Accident Man. I try and see almost every Adkins film, and actually buy his film to support the work he does to keep the B movie action film insdustry alive. So i had to pick up a copy of his film Avengement on DVD in the UK. Is this another Adkins hightlight, or is he running out of ideas ?

Cain Burgess ( Scott Adkins ) have had a very rough life. After being brutally beaten in prison, and treated like shit by police, Cain is ready to revenge the ones who destroyed his life. One day he shows up at a bar, where some different people he knows hangs out, he have the chance to have his voice heard. Cain went to prison because of a job he did for his brother Lincoln Burgess ( Craig Fairbrass ), and he is ready to confront him, and his criminal friends. You can´t change the past, but Cain is about to deal with the past in his own personal way.

If you have been looking for a rough, brutal action film with both a sense of humour and realy well made fight scenes, then Avengement will most likely please you. This is how the 1999 film Notting Hill with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant should have looked like. Avengement is a brutal potrait of a criminal´s life, both behind prison but also after he gets out. I have to say, this is the best acting performance i have seen from Scott Adkins recently, and it really feels like he wanted to give his character Cain Burgess a very dark personality. Adkins both deliver dialogue very effective, and a very good physical performance as well with lots of violence. But we have more characters we have to mention. Actor Craig Fairbrass ( who i especially remember from the British action horror film Devil´s Playground ) as Cain´s brother Lincoln. You can tell in certain scenes that there is a lot of emotional pain going on between these brothers. Thomas Turgoose ( who most people remember from the classic British drama film This Is England ) is the cocky character Tune, and i really enjoy seeing Thomas doing a character like this. Leo Gregory ( who i especially remember from the British drama film Hooligans, a must see ) as the character Mo, is exactly the kind of guy you want as a guest at your wedding, pissed off and not afraid to speak out. There are more great characters here but let´s talk about why this film works from an action perspective. The fight scenes are really brutal, and you can feel every punch hitting each person. So to the sound effects crew. a very good job indeed. Adkins fight scenes are always good of course, and he really knows how to put up a real show, so you don´t have to watch The X Factor. Avengement may not bring anything new to the table but is an effective action film, especially for Adkins fans. Support this film as i did and buy a copy, we need films like Avengement to be made, to make sure our world will be more beautiful in harmony.

Rating: DDD

måndag 1 juli 2019

Godzilla: King Of The Monsters

Monsters have always been an important key in Hollywood. Ever since the first King Kong was released in 1933, we have had a lot of different stories about beasts in different shapes. Of course Hollywood knew that the audience loved frightening monsters, so they made a lot of films to try and please horror fans. Who remember the cult classic Creature From The Black Lagoon, released in 1954 ? Directed by Jack Arnold, this film tells the story of a geology expedition in the Amazon, who discover a fossilized skeletal hand from the Devonian period that provides a direct link between land and sea animals. And this expedition is being watched by a piscine amphibious humanoid, that no one has ever seen before. Creature From The Black Lagoon may not look amazing in present day, as it probably did back in the 50´s. But as a monster movie, this is a true classic with a great story and a great looking costume design ( considering they worked hard to make this costume work for the film ). Let´s stay within the 50´s but move to Japan instead. In 1954 the first film was released about the giant monster Godzilla. Directed by Ishiró Honda, this film tells the background story of Godzilla, as it is the first time we see the beast. Scientists and politicians deal with a sudden appearance of a giant monster known as Godzilla, whose attack triggers fear of nucelar holocaust during post-war Japan. It was clear that the Japanese audience loved the monster Godzilla, and the giant beast kept coming back for a lot of films. I have not seen all of the Japanese Godzilla films, only a few of them, and i did enjoy some titles. Of course i did see the American version from 1998, not a film i like to think about. But the 2014 film was of course a pleasent surprise, and the best Godzilla film so far in my opinion. We have a sequel here now, and i just had to experience Godzilla: King Of The Monsters in a cinema. Is this the Gozilla sequel we all wanted, or should this sequel have been stopped from being made ?

Dr. Emma Russell ( Vera Farmiga ) is a paleobiologist for the crypto-zoological organization Monarch, wich seeks out and studies giant creaturs known as " Titans ". She and her daughter Madison Russell ( Millie Bob Brown ) witness the birth of a larva dubbed Mothra. Emma calms Mothra down with the " Orca ", a device that can control Titan behavior. A Group of eco-terrorists, led by Alan Jonah ( Charles Dance ), suddenly attack the base and kidnaps Emma and Madison. Mothra flees and pupates under a waterfall. Monarch scientists Dr. Ishiro Serizawa ( Ken Watanabe ) and Dr. Vivienne Graham ( Sally Hawkins ) approach Dr. Mark Russell ( Kyle Chandler ), Emma´s ex-husband and Madison´s father, to ask for his help. The Monarch team tracks down Godzilla in Antarctica, where Emma and Madison is located as well. Emma awakens Monster Zero, who kills several Monarch members. They find out that Emma was actually not kidnapped by the terrorists, but was secretely working with them. Emma contacts the team and inform why Titans must be awakened in order to heal the planet from the damage that humans have caused. But Monster Zero is actually an alien seeking to terraform the Earth with the help of other Titans. Humanity will be lost unless Godzilla can bring back hope.

If you love big monster fights, then this sequel will probably please you for trying to give you more monster battles than in the 2014 film adaptation of Godzilla. And i will admit that some scenes are cool, they feel pretty epic when Godzilla fight the massive monsters. But there is one problem i have with this film, compared to the 2014 film. And that is the characters are not very strong in this film, as they were in the previous film. That does not mean all the performances are bad here, not at all. I will get into some of the performances i did enjoy. Actor Kyle Chandler ( who most of you have most likely seen in the really good drama film Manchester By The Sea ) as the lead character Dr. Mark Russell is a great lead character, and Kyle manage to make this character more interesting through his emotional performance. Actress Vera Farmiga ( who i especially adore in The Conjuring films ) also gives a solid performance as Dr. Emma Russell. One of the characters that gives this film a deeper meaning, is actor Ken Watanabe as Dr. Ishiro Serizawa ( who also was in the Godzilla film from 2014 ). Especially one scene towards the endwith Ken Watanabe, is both very emotional and well made. But these are the only performances that stood out for me , and we have a lot of characters in this film. Remember how good legendary actor Bryan Cranston was in the 2014 film version Godzilla ? This acting level is not reached in Godzilla: King Of The Monsters and i think this film would have needed that. Let´s get into some positive details though. The action scenes in this film ( compared to the previous film ) are more majestic. I like the fact that this film tries to look more like the old Godzilla films, where the beast attacks in a brutal way. There is especially one scene towards the end where Godzilla is forced to strike really hard, and i appreciate the CGI effects. This film also manage to work pretty good as a monster film, showing us some great details about the beasts. Director Michael Dougherty ( who directed the cult classic horror film Trick ´r´ Treat ) have done a pretty good job with this sequel. He clearly wanted to bring back the old school formula of Godzilla, and manage to do so. Godzilla: King of The Monsters is a film that you will enjoy if you love monster films, and Godzilla films in general. And you will forget about the 1998 version as well watching this film, and that is of course a good sign.

Rating: DDD