onsdag 28 februari 2018

40th Anniversary Of Dawn Of The Dead

In horror movie history, there is no doubt that zombies have left a big impact on many classic films. Flesh eating dead people, attacking living humans have been a very effective horror genre for a very long time in cinema history. You could probably say that the first zombie movie ever made, was Victor Halperin´s White Zombie, released in the year of 1932. I have not seen this film, but i am of course curious to watch it for many reasons Another zombie film i am also curious to see, is the movie Doctor Blood´s Coffin from 1961. This film is actually one of the first zombie films that was shot in color, and is directed by legendary director Sydney J. Furie. In my personal view, the real zombie classic that really made an impact worldwide has to be the 1968 film Night Of The Living Dead by legendary director George A. Romero. It was this film that made George A. Romero´s name very respected in the horror society worldwide. Not only was Night Of The Living Dead a unique film, it also showed a very different view on people coming back to life. The film have always had a big cult following of fans, and i know that many horror fans consider this to be one of the greatest zombie films ever made. But it was director George A. Romero´s next film, Dawn Of The Dead, that would push the zombie genre forward with a much more larger scale of violence and gore. Released in 1978, this film became another cult hit for the director of Night Of The Living Dead. I did not see Dawn Of The Dead until in my early 20´s, and that was when i bought a dvd collection of George A. Romero´s zombie films. I watched Day Of The Dead ( a film i still love even today ) first, until i went on to see Dawn Of The Dead. Now, since i have not seen the film for many years, i decided to watch the Extended Version on blu ray, to see if i would appreciate the film at the 40th Anniversary of Dawn Of The Dead. I got myself a copy of the 4 disc Italian blu ray release, with different versions of the film, including some really nice special features. Is it possible that Dawn Of The Dead is one of the greatest zombie classics still today, or has the film grown old and don´t have much to offer us anymore ?

At the WGAN television studio in Philadelphia, a lot of people are confused and shocked. All over America, dead people have come back to life and walk the streets for human flesh. Why have they come back to life, and what caused this to happen ? Police SWAT officer Roger DeMarco ( Scott Reiniger ) and SWAT member Peter Washington ( Ken Foree ) meet up with WGAN staff members Stephen Andrews ( David Emge ) and Francine Parker ( Gaylen Ross ), who have a plan to steal the WGAN helicopter. They manage to get away, and find a big shopping mall where they can get supplies, food, weapons, clothes and anything they need. But inside this shopping mall, there are plenty of dead corpses walking around. To get everything they need, they will have to do anything they can to protect their own lives. Is there any safe place left, or have the dead taken over the world completely ?

Knowing that 40 years have passed, i can still feel that Dawn Of The Dead have a lot to offer after so many years. This is a timeless classic that will forever be close in many horror fans hearts, and perhaps the biggest classic of legendary director George A. Romero´s career. I realise that some fans will say that Night Of The Living Dead is his greatest work. I personally enjoy Dawn Of The Dead more than Night Of The Living Dead. But let´s get into why i enjoy Dawn Of The Dead. First of all, the characters of this film is really good. Just look at the character Peter Washington, played by actor Ken Foree. He is tough as hell, and is not afraid to take down any zombies in his way. And he clearly loves guns, something you will notice later on in the film. The other characters Stephen ( David Emge ), Roger ( Scott Reiniger ) and the wonderful Francine ( Gaylen Ross ) all make great contributions to their characters. Then we have some really good looking make up effects by legendary make up artist Tom Savini, especially the flesh wounds and the head shots. Even if this was made in the late 70´s, you could tell that Tom Savini really knew exactly what he was doing, and what the zombies needed to look like. It becomes very clear that director George A. Romero have chosen a perfect location to have a zombie invasion, in a shopping mall. In ordinary day life, this is the place where families go to have dinner, or go shopping together, just to enjoy themselves and relax. So to use this family friendly zone, and bring in flesh eating dead people is a perfect choice. There are also some really funny scenes, especially when the music starts playing in the shopping mall speakers, and zombies are very confused what they are hearing. This could also be a sign that director George A. Romero wanted to show that dead people might react to things, in a very different way than we think. There are some gory scenes, but not too much. I feel that the film focus more on the survival instinct, and how far we will go to make sure we are safe. The plot may be very simple, but works really well with the great characters. And i have to say, the camera technique by director George A. Romero makes this film more effective from a horror perspective. There is no doubt, after 40 years this is a film that still have a lot to offer. Dawn Of The Dead will always be a cult classic, and should be seen by a younger generation. Who wants to have some fun at the local shopping mall ? Might as well bring a chainsaw, just in case the dead are still walking around.

Rating: DDDD

tisdag 27 februari 2018

Mom And Dad


We all have parents in our lives. You either love them or hate them, but they will always be your parents. A lot of parents are really good, they will do anything for their children. But there are also parents who don´t care about their children. Unfortunately, this can cause problems in society. These children can be damaged for life, unless they get the love and support they need. This is why it is very important to remember parents out there, always make sure that your children have your support. Now, when it comes to films that works as a black comedy about parenthood, i have to mention a 90´s classic by legendary director John Waters. His film Serial Mom with actor Kathleen Turner from 1994, is a really good choice if you want to see how a mother takes care of business. Katheeln Turner as a serial killer mother, is a really funny satire on the perfect family image. The film was a box office bomb, but became a cult movie and respected through many movie fans. I personally think that Serial Mom manage to show us 2 very different sides very effective. You have the ordinary American family, and they you have the psycho mother ready to kill anyone who goes in her way. I suggest you pick up the film on dvd or blu ray, it is worth a watch. Speaking of parents in films, how many of you have seen the British horror film Mum & Dad from the year 2008 ? A very disturbing horror film, about two parents who takes hostages, prepared to kill if they need to. A small film that not many people noticed, but i have to say that as a horror film, the concept worked. The film directed by Steve Shell, clearly showed you how disturbing some families can be. I suggest you pick up the dvd from the UK, this is a movie for horror fans. In the autumn of 2017, i was reading about upcoming films in 2018, and came across a title of Mom And Dad. The first thing i noticed was the cast, legendary actor Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair, in a film that seemed to look very different from their previous films. 2 parents gone insane, who have for some reason decided to kill their own children. The trailer looked insane, so of course i had to take the chance and see the film on VOD. With a great cast, and with a plot that looks insane, is Mom And Dad the perfect family movie of this year, or is this another stinker from the catalogue of Nicolas Cage ?

The Ryans Family looks just like the ordinary American family. Brent Ryan ( Nicolas Cage ) is a family man, who is especially not happy about his daughter Carly Ryans ( Anne Waters ) new boyfriend Damon ( Robert T. Cunningham ). Carly is struggling with her teen years, and she is very annoyed with family life. Mother Kendal Ryan ( Selma Blair ) does not seem to connecting with her daughter, as they used to do. Carly´s little brother Josh Ryan ( Zackary Arthur ) loves to make his older sister Carly pissed off. One day at school, Carly notice that parents to students are standing outside, for no reason at all. Until it seems that every parent, is out to kill their own children. No one knows why, or how this all started. But it becomes very clear, Carly and her little brother Josh needs to run, their parents are also out there to take care of their children.

If you are a fan of Nicolas Cage, i do belive you will want to see Nicolas Cage go completely nuts as Brent Ryan in this film. Because he really does, and i can´t remember the last time i have seen him this crazy. And for me personally, Nicolas is one of the reasons why you watch Mom And Dad. His screen presence makes a big difference to this story. But there is more to enjoy here of course. Selma Blair is also good as Kendall Ryan. I can´t say i have ever seen her do a character like this one, and that is why it becomes more fun to watch. Really nice to see legendary actor Lance Henriksen in here as well. He does not have a lot of screen time unfortunately, but still nice to see him on screen as the crazy grandfather. Also a cameo of Dr. Oz as well, the doctor who have worked to help actor Corey Feldman on child abuse. The character Carly Ryan, played by actor Anne Winters, give us the innocent looking teen with a lot of anger. She also does her performance well. The film clearly makes a message, that when we get older, life changes. And there is a scene when Nicolas Cage destroy a pool table, frustrated that life did not go the way he thought it would. He thinks back to his youth, and remember the good days. So this could also trigger, the insane decisions they are about to make, attacking their own children. The idea of all parents want to kill their children, is a really disturbing idea. The film does give you a feeling that all parents have been infected, by something. Why else would they run around after their kids, trying to kill them ? Mom And Dad is a very strange mix of horror and comedy, and with a story that seems to be ordinary, but change completely after a while. This is the kind of film that some people will hate, and call this one of the worst films they have seen. My view on this film, is that it does have entertainment value, if you appreciate dark comedy mixed with disturbing scenes. Director Brian Taylor ( perhaps most known for directing the two Crank movies with Jason Statham ), have made a very odd film that can´t be compared to anything else this year. A mix of the cult classic The Stepfather and perhaps The Crazies ( 2010 remake ). This is not a fantastic film in any way, just a crazy fun watch for being so odd. Mom And Dad may be the film that should be shown in parents groups, remember that kids makes life wonderful. This film will clearly confirm that.

Rating: DDD

lördag 24 februari 2018

Is It Possible American Psycho 2 Is One Of The Worst Movies Of All Time ?

Cheers everyone!

My 2 last movie reviews of this month are coming this week, so have patience and you will read them soon. Since i love to take on challenges in life, and go outside of my comfort zone, i have been hearing so many bad words about the film American Psycho 2 ( the sequel to the really good Christian Bale film ), i have decided to see the film this spring.


Well, if i survived Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1 ( i almost did not survive this one ), i thought how bad can American Psycho 2 be?

Maybe it is a film so good, it will always be close in my heart ? 

I think i will see the film in April, since i have plenty of new movie reviews to see first. So until next time, fresh movie reviews are on the way, and remember....there is no need to follow the path of Fifty Shades. If you do, depression is guaranteed. 

Cheers from Daniel

lördag 17 februari 2018

The Ritual

Sweden, a country filled with happy naked people, who loves to dance on the streets and paint flowers on houses. Sweden have a lot to offer, no matter what you enjoy doing. You might have heard mostly about cities like Stockholm, Gothenburgh or perhaps Malmö ? But i do belive that many people love to visit the northern part of Sweden. Why is that ? Well, there are many reasons. But to be honest, The North Of Sweden is known for 4 things, that most foreign people have not thought about.

# The Northern Swedish people belive that VHS Video is the latest trend, wash their clothes in lakes and eat rotten fish ( surströmming )

# Here they don´t like to use cell phones, instead they use walkies talkies, just in case an alien invasion will happen. 

# During mating season, real men show other men how you do " The Stefan Sauk Drilling ". I have not seen this myself, but i hear it is very " effective ".

# Everyone who lives in The North Of Sweden, own a copy of Jason Donovan´s classic vinyl album Ten Good Reasons from 1989. This is considered to be the greatest album made of all universe by people who lives here.

There you go, i bet you did not know all of this about The North Of Sweden ? Well there is more to know, if you really want to visit here. There are a lot of great forest areas, mountain hiking trails, and a lot of fishing waters as well. You can also go skiing, or ice swimming ? We even have our very own Elvis Presley up here known as Eilert Pilarm. I believe most people got a different view on The North Of Sweden from the 1996 film known as Jägarna ( The Hunters ). Actually a really good Swedish film, about a police officer ( Rolf Lassgård, who you might have seen in A Man Called Ove ) from Stockholm, who goes home to Norrland to investigate a crime. A film i suggest you should see, if you want to get a glimpse of how life can be up here. The sequel Jägarna 2 ( The Hunter´s 2 ) was surprisingly good, where actor Rolf Lassgård returned to Norrland again, this time to go up against Peter Stormare. Swedish horror films are not seen very often. This is such a shame, because with the right director and with a good cast, i do belive we could have a Swedsih horror film that could actually work. Only a few are worth mentioning, like the Swedish horror film Psalm 21. Released in 2010, this was at least a positive attempt to make a horror film with a religious theme. Since then there have been a few films that have tried to go into this genre, but without a lot of success. Until when i heard about a British horror film called The Ritual last year, that would take place in The North Of Sweden. The trailer looked great, and then i heard that the film was going to be released by Netflix. I have been impressed by Netflix productions in the past, so of course i had to see if The Ritual would deliver something delightful. Could the film The Ritual be the best British horror film for many years, or is this a film they should have thrown down over the mountains of Northern Sweden ?

A group of British friends, Luke ( Rafe Spall ), Phil ( Arsher Ali ), Hutch ( Robert James-Collier ) and Dom ( Sam Troughton ) all decide to go to Sweden and go hiking, far up in the North. Ever since they lost their friend Robert ( Paul Reid ) in a store robbery, they want to make sure this journey is dedicated in the memory of him. Luke feels very guilty, that he could not save his friend, while watching him die. Still, he tries to focus on their journey. As the group take a short cut through the woods, they come across strange markings, and a very old cabin. The hiking journey is about to change, in a completely different direction.

It is of course a great pleasure to see a horror movie that takes place in my home country. I knew that we have some crazy bastards in the woods, but that they would be this insane makes it even more fun. The mixture of horror influences presented here in The Ritual reminds me of Evil Dead and the British classic film Dog Soldiers. Both of these films takes place in different cabins where all hell breaks loose, and it does here as well in The Ritual. The idea to combine Nordic folklore history with horror influences is a really good idea, and the creature we get to see later on looks very creepy, and interesting. I will not reveal much more, just in case you plan to see the film. The cast of The Ritual works surprisingly good, Actor Rafe Spall ( known for his performance as Millburn in Prometheus ), is one of the main characters known as Luke. You can really feel sympathy for him, knowing he could not save his friend in the store robbery. Should he have attacked, or did he do the right thing ? This is hard to know, because what do you do against armed criminals ? The journey to Sweden clearly affect him personally, and you can tell that by his performance as Luke. The rest of the cast, also does a good job. Actor Sam Troughton as the complaining character Dom, give the film a bit more funny moments. Maybe because he is annoying at times, but it fits with the concept of the hiking theme. The cinematography by Andrew Shulkind looks gorgeous, and he have managed to capture the majestic nature of the northern part of Sweden. The mysterious symbols that these hiking lads finds in the woods, including the dead animal ripped apart in the trees, looks very gruesome and effective. And the atmosphere surrounding the old house and the odd objects hanging around, is also a nice touch. Director David Bruckner have directed horror films before, especially on the projects of V/H/S and Southbound, but The Ritual is his real big step into showing his talent as a horror director. He have done a really good job with this film, and have managed to combine classic horror influences with some surprises. I will say i am disappointed with the end, because it felt too easy. But i will say The Ritual is a horror film worth watching, especially if you want to see what Lasse Stefanz fans really are in real life ( they are just as crazy as the forest people ). One thing is for sure, i will not be going hiking for a very long time.

Rating: DDD

fredag 16 februari 2018

The Disaster Artist

Over the years, you get to watch some really bad films. Luckily, there are a lot of quality films to see, so you can skip the bad ones you hear about. However, sometimes there are movies that are so bad, that people actually say you have to see them, just to experience how bad they are. One of those films that i will never forget, is the Kirk Cameron film Saving Christmas. This is most likely the worst movie ever made, forever and ever. How bad is it ? Well, it is so bad that i can´t describe the film. A Christmas movie that tries to be funny, serious, with some of the worst dialogue ever written ? Wow, sounds like a champion right ? Saving Christmas should be experienced, if you ever wanted to see what the worst movie of all time looks like. But i know that some people might not agree on this. There are plenty of people who will say that the 2003 film The Room is the worst movie of all time. Never heard of this film ? Well, i can understand why. The film have however become a cult hit, and is still today played in cinemas, for being one of the worst movies ever made. The Room was directed by Tommy Wiseau and written by Tommy Wiseau. A very odd personality, who had so much passion for this film, that he wanted to make his own masterpiece. For us who have experienced the film, i can tell you this. This is one of those films you won´t forget, because it is so bad that is becomes fantastic ( in some odd way ). You simply have to see it yourself to understand what this film is. The amazing thing about The Room, is that the film is still in cinemas every year, especially on special screenings. I think it would be fair to say that director Tommy Wiseau is a legend for his cult film, because you can´t find many films that are like The Room. Ever since this film came out, and have made a big impact worldwide, actor James Franco decided it was time to tell the story about Tommy Wiseau and how The Room was made. So he both directed the new film The Disaster Story, and stars in the lead role as Tommy Wiseau. Since i heard about this film, i just had to see it to learn more about the making of The Room. Is this film based on a true story, one of the highlights in many years, or is this a disaster just like The Room ?

Greg Sestero ( Dave Franco ) is a young man, dreaming to become a big actor in Hollywood. He meet Tommy Wiseau ( James Franco ) in acting class, a very mysterious man with very strange acting technique. They begin to spend time together, and work on making their way inside Hollywood. They finally get a chance to make a film, that Tommy have written a script for called The Room. Tommy believe this is the greatest film ever made. Greg is about to experience, what it really is like to be in the world of Tommy Wiseau. This is a film set that will change movie history forever, and change the lives for both Greg and Tommy.

It is not very often you come across a film that is so funny as The Disaster Artist really is. Just the idea of how the film The Room was made, looks like a big mess in this film. I love to see how Tommy Wiseau used all his ideas, and what made him want to make The Room. Lead actor James Franco does an excellent performance as the odd director / actor Tommy Wiseau. He capture his body language, his dialect, his style, that it feels like you are watching Tommy Wiseau on screen. I can understand why James Franco really wanted to tell the story behind The Room. You don´t see many films out there, that feels very different, and unpredictable like The Room really is. And you do get to understand on a much larger scale what Tommy Wiseau´s vision was with his project, through The Disaster Artist. The film making of The Room clearly had some very odd situations, like the toilet demand from Tommy Wiseau. No one can use that specific toilet with no doors, only Tommy Wiseau, because he is the director, and that is the director´s personal toilet. The dialogue scenes with Tommy Wiseau are so funny, i guarantee you will laugh a lot. He have such a odd style of delivering lines, that you have never seen anything like it before. The rest of the cast also does a great job. Actor Seth Rogen is great as always, here as the character Sandy. Dave Franco ( little brother of James Franco ) also does a really good performance as Greg, who is Mark in the film The Room. I also enjoy the performance of actor Ari Graynor who is chosen to play Lisa in The Room. The Disaster Artist is a very interesting and entertaining story of Tommy Wiseau and his film The Room. You don´t get to see stories made like this in Hollywood, and that makes this film unique. And for that reason, i feel that this is a film that needs to be seen by a larger audience. You should see The Room first, to understand the background of this cult film. Then you might understand The Disaster Room even more, and why director James Franco wanted to tell this story. A really funny, odd journey inside the mind of director / actor Tommy Wiseau. Director James Franco have done a really good job with this film, and deserves respect for taking a big chance with this film. The Disaster Artist is a winner, in many ways, and the funniest film in a very long time.

Rating: DDDD

måndag 12 februari 2018

Roman J. Israel, Esq

Ever since my childhood, i was always interested in TV series and movies, that would bring up law and justice. Perry Mason was one of those TV movies i used to watch with my mother, where legendary actor Raymond Burr returned as Perry Mason, after a hiatus of nearly 20 years. During the 80´s and 90´s, there were some interesting films about lawyers. One of those films that comes to my mind is the 1997 film The Devil´s Advocate. This is a film that have divided many movie critics. Some really appreciate this film, while some does not like it at all. I personally think this film does a really good job, mixing up the lawyer image between good and evil, where both actors Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino does great performances. This is one of those films that feels very different, because the mixture of horror influences is clearly inspired from Roman Polanski. Not that The Devil´s Advocate looks like Roman Polanski´s classic films, but you can sense that director Taylor Hackford could have found inspiration from Rosemary´s Baby. I do know that The Devil´s Advocate is inspired by the story of historical Johann Georg Faust, according to director Taylor Hackford. And it does make perfect sense, Faust is said to have made a pact with the Devil. I suggest you pick up the blu ray release and enjoy the film. Speaking of films with lawyers, how many of you remember the performance from Denzel Washington in the 1993 film Philadelphia ? Actor Tom Hanks gave a performance that you will never forget as the AIDS patient Andrew Beckett. Speaking of Denzel Washington, this is an actor who pretty much can do any character on screen, and knows exactly how to portrait people in very different life situations. One of the films i personally love with Denzel Washington, is the 2007 film American Gangster from legendary director Ridley Scott. Denzel as the drug dealer Frank Lucas, is one of those performances you won´t forget. Actor Russel Crowe is also very good in this film as Detective Richard. The cinematography is excellent, the costume designs looks gorgeous, and the story is very effective. I have seen so many good films with Denzel over the years, so of course i wanted to see his new film Roman J. Israel, Esq. With such a good lead actor on board, and a talented director as well, is Roman J. Israel, Esq a delightful surprise, or a film that most of you will forget ?

Lawyer Roman J. Israel ( Denzel Washington ) have worked hard many years for a lawyer company, making sure that every client is treated with respect. One day, he is informed that the lawyer company´s owner is hospitalized with a serious heart condition. Roman see this as an opportunity to take over the lawyer firm. Instead, the decision is made to close the lawyer firm, leaving Roman without a job. To make sure that Roman have a steady job, Roman accept the offer to work for lawyer George Pierce ( Colin Farrell ). It becomes clear that Roman finds evidence that his former boss have hidden secrets from him, as he digs into the law firm. But as he takes on new clients, it becomes clear that Roman is heading in the wrong direction, making some bad choices.

It becomes very clear that this film makes a strong impact, thanks to the performance of Denzel Washington. He is the most interesting character in the entire film, and you can sense that Denzel Washington is the biggest reason why this film works. When you have such a strong character as Roman, you would need a really good cast to back him up in the story. There are a few actors that do a pretty good job, like actor Colin Farrell as the lawyer George. But my biggest issue with this film, is that Denzel is so good, that you don´t really care about any other characters. Now, i do feel that the film is a fascinating look at the life of Roman, and everything he does to survive after he lost his job. You do feel sorry for him, and you can understand why he is becoming desperate, since he devoted his life to the law firm all these years. The other parts of the film, where we get to see Roman step out of his comfort zone, makes you curious to see how far he is willing to go. Will he break all the rules that he always made sure other people followed ? I would have liked to know more about the character Roman´s background, how he became interested in working in a lawyer office. Overall, Roman J Israel, Esq is a film that will be enjoyed, especially if you like lawyer films. You do not get to see many court scenes, i think that is a good idea. Director Dan Gilroy ( who directed the excellent Jake Gyllenhall thriller Nightcrawler ) does know how to make a professional film. I think the problem with this film is that his vision of telling the story of Roman, does not dig deep enough into his personality. Otherwise i do enjoy the film in general, because this is a good looking film with Denzel running the show all the way. They say that being honest is always the best way, and it is true. Roman J. Israel, Esq clearly shows what we as humans can do, if we end up in complicated situations. Denzel Washington is nominated for an Oscar Academy Award for best actor for this film. He deserve the nomination, because clearly he made this film good.

Rating: DDD

söndag 11 februari 2018

Congratulations Tony Brandtehagen

Cheers everyone worldwide!

Sometimes i get questions from my readers, and i like to show my respect to my fans of this movie review blog. Now, a Swedish man named Tony Brandtehagen made it very clear, how much he loves movies with Hugh Grant. He asked me if it would be possible to write a review on one of his films. 

I have some good news Tony, i will write a review on his latest upcoming film A Very English Scandal. I know how much Hugh Grant means to you, i noticed that you have seen Four Weddings And A Funeral more than 15 times. I must say, you could be the biggest Hugh Grant fan in Sweden.

So congratulations Tony, i will write a review of A Very English Scandal as soon as it has been released. 

To all my readers worldwide, i am posting new movie reviews very soon. 

Cheers from Daniel

fredag 9 februari 2018

Will I Do A Review Of Fifty Shades Freed ?

Hello everyone!

It is almost Valentines Day, and you know what that means. It is time for another Fifty Shades sequel that is called....Fifty Shades Of A Third Grey Shade ? Well almost, if you were to correct it. Anyway, Fifty Shades Freed is running in cinemas worldwide. So i have been asked, will i review Fifty Shades Freed ?


So why not? Well, i would not want to waste my time writing about a film i know is shit. I choosed not to see Fifty Shades Darker, since i wasted my time watching the first Fifty Shades Of Grey. So how can i know this final film is that bad ?

Easy answer, it is Fifty Shades, that´s all you need to know.

So sorry girls worldwide, you won´t see me do any review of Fifty Shades Freed. I would not even do one if i was paid to do one ( maybe if i got a lap dance from Kim Basinger, but that´s another story ). I suggest you check out The Florida Project in cinemas instead ( actually have premiere in Sweden this weekend, so run to the cinema swedes and see a real quality film called The Florida Project ).

New reviews of other films are coming soon, so keep your eyes open, and i will see you soon everyone worldwide. Thanks for reading my movie reviews, i really appreciate it.

Cheers from Daniel

torsdag 8 februari 2018

The Pirates Of Somalia

Journalism can bring us deeper into the real world. Things we did not know happened, can be shown in a completely truthful way through journalism. Of course, there are journalists that will tell lies to sell newspapers, but i believe most serious journalists are doing what they can to tell true stories. Through history we have seen many shocking revelations, that hard working journalists have brought forward. One of the stories that i will never forget, is when the Boston news paper The Boston Globe, published a story through the Spotlight team, about the Catholic Church protecting child molesters within the church. This made headlines all over the world, and the Catholic Church tried to do everything they could to cover up all the bad publicity. It was very important that The Boston Globe revealed the truth, even if they knew there would be many people within the Catholic Church would protest the publicity. There are plenty of other big stories that many journalists have worked hard on, to try and show the world how cruel this world can be. Perhaps some of you remember the hijacking of MV Maersk Alabama, where Somalian pirates took over the container ship in 2008 ? I remember following live reports on CNN and on Sky News, as Captain Philips and his crew had to try and survive. Somalian pirates were now known worldwide, after the hijacking MV Maersk Alabama. A film was made, based on the story of this container ship. The film is called Captain Philips, with a really good performance from actor Tom Hanks and actor Barkhad Abdi. The film really tried to give us a very interesting view on what happened on board the MV Maersk Alabama container ship, and how the Somalian pirates operated to get their demands. A film you should see, if you enjoy seeing films based on true stories. I recently read about another film, based on a true story of Somalian pirates, when Canadian journalist Jay Bahadur decided to risk everything and go down to Somalia and write a book on Somalian pirates. This did of course sound interesting, knowing this actually happened back in 2009. With an interesting cast, and a director i have never heard of, i decided to give this film a chance. Is this true story a very fascinating look inside the Somalian people´s lives, or is this just a cash in story with nothing interesting to say ?

Jay Bahadur ( Evan Peters ) is a young man, working hard to become a serious journalist. So far, no one seems to take his work serious. So he have to make a decision, to do something no one would expect him to do. He decides to go to Somalia, to write on a book about Somalian pirates. So he gather the money he needs, and head down to Somalia through connections on a Somalian radio station he have contacted. In Somalia, he is given his own personal guide and translator named Abdi ( Barkhad Abdi ). Jay wants to meet with the most dangerous leaders, to make sure he gets an interview with them. Abdi warns Jay, that he should not expect to get all the interviews, unless he is willing to pay them with drugs. Jay have no other option, he will give them what they need, as long as he gets his interviews. The journey across Somalia, is filled with a lot of risks and threats. 

Since i have never read the story behind journalist Jay Bahadur, i watched this film not knowing much of his background. You do find out how he got so interested in going to Somalia to write a story about Somalian pirates. And i have to say, it must have been a very difficult decision, to know that he would risk his own life going into a country with so many problems. The film does try and tell the story from Jay´s perspective, how he experience the life in Somalia, and how pirates operate in this area. I don´t know how much of the film happened in reality, but i feel that the story is interesting. The film does trip out sometimes into some odd dream sequences, and also include some animation. These parts don´t feel like they really needed to be in the film. Perhaps there is a reason to why these scenes were chosen to be included into the film. Like they would make a different impact within the story of Jay Bahadur. For me personally, i don´t feel that these scenes were needed to be included. I will say though that the lead role of actor Evan Peters ( probably known for his performances in X-Men: Days Of Future Past and X-Men : Apocalypse ) actually works pretty good. It is not a performance that would win any awards, but i still feel he does a pretty good job portraying journalist Jay Bahadur. My favourite performance in this film is from actor Barkhad Abdi as the personal guide for Jay, named Abdi. He gives this film a realistic view on how life is in a different culture, in a far away country. Nice to see legendary actors Al Pacino and Melanie Griffith in this film as well, in smaller roles. They don´t get that much screen time unfortunately. Director Bryan Buckley have directed a couple of feature films in the past, and i have not seen any of his film so far. I would say that he have made a film, that feels very divided. The drama surrounding Jay Bahadur works for the most part, while some details are not told as deep as we could have hoped for. The Pirates Of Somalia is a film that does bring up some important issues, of how Somalian pirates operate and how they function. Even if this film does have some problems, i still feel that this is a film that might give you an interesting view on Somalian pirates. Worth a watch, if you enjoyed Captain Philips. One thing is clear, i am not going fishing in Somalia.

Rating: DDD

onsdag 7 februari 2018


Education is the key for many opportunities. No matter what job you want to do, education will help you find your way in life. Even if you have problems reading, there are ways that you can get the same education with help. I was the student who had really big problems with math. If i wanted to learn the difficult parts of math, i had to learn through a class especially made for students who needs help. I remember that i was grateful, because if i did not go through that math class, i would not have passed any math tests at all. I would not say i had really good grades in my final years in school, since i did not get a single A. I did get B at most, but i was fine with that. My plan was to focus on working in butcher shops, factories at the end of the 90´s, and i did. So what if something unexpected happens at your school, that might change your future forever ? This is exactly what happened in the really powerful film Notes On A Scandal from director Richard Eyre. The story is surrounded by chaos, when teacher Sheba Hart ( played fantastic by actor Cate Blanchett ) is having an affair with the very young student Steve Connolly ( played really well by actor Andrew Simpson ). When Sheba´s teacher colleague Barbara Covett ( with an outstanding performance from actor Judi Dench ) reveal their secrets, everything falls apart. This film is a perfect example how important it is, not to bend the rules, and stay professional. The line between students and teachers can be very difficult. As a teacher, do you feel secure enough to draw a line, when you feel that one student is not taking you serious ? How do you handle that situation, in a professional way, without disrespecting the student ? This is some of the issues we are about to experience in a film called Dismissed. This is one of the films i came across on VOD, that i knew nothing about. Usually when i don´t know anything about a film, ( except reading what the film is about ), i like to watch a film with a open mind without any expectations. With an unknown cast, and a director i have never heard of before, is Dismissed an unexpected highlight, or a total waste of your precious time ?

Mr. Butler ( Kent Osborne ) is a dedicated teacher, who want to teach students as much as possible. One day his class have a new student. His name is Lucas Ward ( Dylan Sprouse ), and seems to be very intelligent for his age. At first Mr. Butler is curious to see if Lucas is a student who is ready for new knowledge. But it becomes clear that Lucas have problems with the way Mr. Butler writes grades, when he gets a B instead of an A. This is the beginning of a long and painful road, where Lucas makes it very clear, give him an A or something serious could happen. Mr. Butler does not appreciate this threat, so starts to dig into Lucas past. What he is about to find out, will give the image of Lucas a completely different look.

Have you ever seen any actors from Disney TV series be any good ? Usually, most of them are not very good, and you pretty much forget about them. I found out that actor Dylan Sprouse have been in a number of Disney TV series in the past, and he have now moved on to make more serious films. What shocks me most of all, is the fact that actor Dylan Sprouse, is actually the most disturbing character, and most interesting character of this film. I did not expect him to be this good, so well done Dylan. If we look at the plot surrounding Dismissed, we have seen several films that have used the same concept. However, what Dismissed does is to try to be a little bit more intelligent than using the same formula. There are a few twists in the background, as we find out more about the disturbing student Lucas. Another thing i enjoy about Dismissed, is that there are more than one character that is interesting. The teacher Mr. Butler of course, played well by actor Kent Osborne. He feels natural, and seems to go into his character as the nice teacher, who is losing control. I also enjoy the character of shy student Becca, played by actor Rae Gray, who actually have feelings for Mr. Butler.  It is a good thing that the film tries to dig into different things, than just the complicated situation for Mr. Butler. That gives the film Dismissed a more solid ground. Director Benjamin Arfmann have directed short films, and TV series in the past. Dismissed is his first feature full film, and i have to say he have done a good job, With such a simple story, he could have easily done everything very predictable. It is clear that he want to give us a deeper psychological look into the mind of a young man with a disturbing personality. Dismissed is nothing original, or does not break new grounds. But as a thriller, i feel that this film have the right elements to make it interesting. I am looking forward to see actor Dylan Sprouse after his performance in Dismissed, i feel that he could be an actor that will surprise us even more in the future. Lesson learned teachers worldwide, do not underestimate the intelligence of your students. 

Rating: DDD

lördag 3 februari 2018

In March, Let's Go Back 20 Years For Roland Emmerich Godzilla

1998, a year i remember for different reasons. I got my first real job at Dafgårds Factory, i listened constantly to Fun Lovin Criminals album 100% Colombian ( their best studio album ), and i remember all the headlines about the George Michael scandal.

But there was one thing about 1998, that was making a lot of buzz around the world. Independence Day director Roland Emmerich was going to release his version of Godzilla. The film was panned by most critics, even fans of the older Godzilla movies was not happy. Since this film was released, people have very different opinions about the 1998 version of Godzilla.

So, since it is 20 years since the film came out this year, i have decided to watch the film again to see how i look at this film, in present day. A review of the 1998 version of Godzilla will be posted in March. New movie reviews are on the way, so see you soon folks, and thank you for readers of my movie review blog worldwide.

Cheers from Daniel