onsdag 28 december 2016

Thank you for this year !!!!!!

Hello everyone worldwide! 

2016 is coming to an end,  and i have had a great time writing all these reviews over the year of 2016.  So many titles, and it takes time to write about 7 reviews everyone month, so i hope you all enjoyed reading them this year.  Now im going to rest writing new movie reviews, and i will be back in january 2017.  

Thank you so much every single one of my readers for this year.  Remember to buy Ron De Jeremy Rum as much as possible,  stay away from 50 Shades Darker and always make sure that everyone in your family have a physical copy of Corey Feldmans album Angelic 2 The Core. 

See you in 2017, happy new year!!!!!!!

Cheers from Daniel - The Last Virgin Of Sweden 


I am not the biggest fan of reading books. I read some of them, depending on if i find something in my taste, but don´t read all the big best sellers. So i try and look around, before i find a book that could be interesting. I have decided to read a book i bought a couple of years ago, called Stolen Innocence by author Elissa Wall. She tells the story of her life inside a polygamous sect, and from what i read about this book, it is supposed to tell us some really horrible memories of her life within those walls. There are many really good authors out there, and it can be hard what to pick, or if you want to try something different. I remember how popular one author became, after he released his book The Da Vinci Code, back in 2003. This book have sold an amazing number of over 80 million copies, and climbed to the top on best sellers lists worldwide The Da Vinci Code is basically the story of Symbologist Robert Langdon and cryptologist Sophie Neveu Abraham, investigating a murder at the Louvre Museum in Paris. But they become involved between the Priory Of Sion and Opus Dei. The naked body seems to be connected to the famous Leonardo Da Vinci´s drawing Vitruian Man. A film was of course made in 2006, by legendary director Ron Howard. I remember back in 2006, i was excited to see if this movie adaptation could be good, since Tom Hanks was cast in the lead role. The film turned out to be ok, but nothing else. In fact it was a bit boring in some moments, and that was not what you would expect. 3 years later, director Ron Howard returned with another film, based on Dan Brown´s book Angels & Demons. This time he actually managed to make a better sequel, than the first film. Of course the film had flaws, but still better than The Da Vinci Code. Director Ron Howard and Tom Hanks went to do other film projects after this, where a sequel did not see to be coming our way. And it would take 7 years until we finally saw a sequel coming our way, again with director Ron Howard and Tom Hanks on board. Since we all know sequels are always hard to make them great, i did not know what to expect a third time. As the film finally got released in theatres, i started hearing some reviews, and they were not very positive. Since i always try and give my own personal opinion on every film i see, i decided to see if Inferno would be worth a watch. With a great director and a great actor back on track, does this sequel win over the previous films, or is this a disaster that you should avoid ?

Harvard Professor Robert Langdon ( Tom Hanks ) wakes up in a hospital room in Florence, Italy. He have no memories of what happened, or why he is in Florence. Dr. Sienna Brooks ( Felicity Jones ) reveals that he is suffering from Amnesia. Suddenly a dressed female police shows up, kills one of the hospital staff, and seems to be out to kill Robert. Sienna helps Robert escape to her appartment, and he have no idea why someone would want him dead. The fake police officer turns out to be an assassin called Vayentha ( Ana Ularu ). In Sienna´s appartment, they find a " Faraday Pointer " among Roberts personal belongings. A miniature image projector with a modified version of Sandro Botticelli´s Map Of Hell. Robert find strange letters on different locations this map, as he tries to figure out what these letters means. Robert and Sienna realise that this is the first clue, left by billionaire Bertrand Zobrist ( Ben Foster ), who committed suicide after being chased by government agents. It turns out that Zobrist have created a virus he have dubbed " Inferno ", a virus that could wipe out human civilization. With this information, Robert and Sienna knows they are in danger, and they have to make sure that no one will release this virus, out in public.

It took a long time for director Ron Howard to return with a third film, based on the book of Dan Brown. If you have seen the previous films The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons, you pretty much know what Inferno might look like. It is basically the same concept of the other films, and of course we get to see Tom Hanks back as Robert Langdon. Now, the first film was ok, but nothing i could highly recommend. When Angels & Demons came out in 2009, we finally got a better film, with better action scenes, more speed, and a more focused story on secrets within the Vatican. When i heard a third film was coming, bringing director Ron Howard and Tom Hanks back together, i can´t say i was really excited. Perhaps because it has been a while since Angels & Demons came out, so i had no high expectations. I was of course hoping i would be surprised, and that they might have tried to make this the best film in the series, but no. Inferno is not what you would call a sequel that will be remembered for breaking new grounds. This is pretty much a chase between buildings, and some action scenes, all baked together like a pretzel, But without the good taste, and just made to look like a decoration. Tom Hanks looks tired, and he is not really very effective this time around, it is almost like he goes on to auto pilot as Robert Langdon. Considering he did a solid performance in Sully this autumn, you would expect him to deliver at least something. Felicity Jones is also here, teamed up with Tom Hanks. I loved her performance in The Theory Of Everything, and i also enjoyed her performance in True Story. In Inferno, she does not seem to be enjoying herself. Her acting level from The Theory Of Everything is not even close in Inferno, almost as she only took this role just to be a part of the trilogy. And this is such a shame, because she could have been the strongest character in this film. Ron Howard is of course a legendary director, and he have given us some really wonderful films in the past. I can understand that he is interested in making the Dan Brown books into films, because of the mysterious content, full of secrets. He did manage to do it right in Angels & Demons, but this third time around he simply don´t get the right pieces together. Inferno could have been interesting, since there is a story here of Dante´s Inferno, a place you don´t want to celebrate New Years Eve at. We are left with a pretty boring adaptation of the book, and i can understand why this film failed at the box office in America. If you want people who love the books of Dan Brown to see these films, make sure you have the right material. I have no idea if Ron Howard is planning to make another film, but i would suggest to him to find a more interesting project. How about the next Green Lantern film with Corey Feldman in the lead role ? Now that sounds perfect indeed.

Rating: DD

The Autopsy Of Jane Doe

I have worked almost 20 years in health care, and in those years i have experienced patients dying. Not many, but still it is always a tragedy to see someone pass away, no matter what the age is. We all die at some point in life, so in the end we will all have to face the truth, you can´t live forever. But that´s ok, because as long as we are alive, i think we should all enjoy life as much as possible. So what about the people who find out the cause of dead bodies, by professional coroners ? Can they live a normal life, and still don´t let their work affect them personally too much ? I belive they can, because they have to find a way to deal with many situations, and see that their job is very important, especially in crime related death causes. Of course they have to leave work at the morgue, and not bring it home. This is very important, because you have to separate personal life and work, as much as possible. I have never seen myself how a coroner works in a morgue. And i don´t think i would want to see, even if i respect their profession a lot. Simply because i am not the type of person who wants to see a human being opened. There is a very big difference to see this on film, than in reality. When it comes to films, that are connected to autopsys, we have some to choose between. I am especially thinking of one film from 2008, simply called Autopsy. A low budget horror film, with legendary actor Robert Patrick included in the cast, including Michael Bowen. This was a pretty good horror film, nothing unique or original, but still good enough to rent. Now i should tell you that this film did not include coroners, but simply one insane man doing autopsys anyway. This got me thinking of the 90´s classic film Body Bags, where John Carpenter and Tobe Hooper were deranged morgue attendees. Usually when i see new trailers, i either come across them on my favourite horror web page Bloodydisgusting, or on Youtube. But there was actually one film that i came across through Facebook, and that film is called The Autopsy Of Jane Doe. Before i saw the trailer, i knew nothing about this film, i did not even know it existed. I noticed that The Autopsy Of Jane Doe is released through IFC Films, a company i have seen many really good horror films in the past, so of course i had to check this one out. Do we finally have a wonderful family holiday film in our hands, or is this another dull horror release, easy to forget ?

An unidentified female body is dicovered in a basement, where other bodies have been found near the entrance of the house. But the difference between the bodies, is that this woman does not seemed to be murdered through any weapon, or any tools. Police send the young womans corps down to small town coroner Tommy Tilden ( Brian Cox ) and his son Austin. Austin is about to go out with his girlfriend Emma ( Opelia Lovibond ), but he decide to go back to his father and help him finish the autopsy. What starts off an ordinary autopsy, is about to change direction, when Tommy and Austin is about to find out secrets about this unknown woman.

I have seen plenty of films, released by IFC Midnight over the years, but i don´t think i have never seen any film as good as this one from the distribution company IFC Midnight. The Autopsy Of Jane Doe is a horror film, very elegantly made, with very good acting, and really professional executed direction by Norwegian film director André Ovredal. You might recognize the name, he directed the very well made norwegian found footage mockumentary Trollhunter. He have worked on other films as well, but The Autopsy Of Jane Doe is his first american film, and i have to say that he really hit a jackpot with this one. The details surrounding this autopsy film, is just simply outstanding. It almost feels like we are seeing professional coroner, the way they tell details about human parts, their observations during the autopsy of the young woman. The most pleasant surprise with this film, is that you have no idea what will happen, at any point. You can´t predict the film, because it focuses on staying secret. You may think that it sounds boring, a film about an autopsy, but once you get into the film, i can guarantee that you will not be bored. Director André Ovredal knows exactly how to deal with the content. His way of telling a story, of a dead woman´s unknown identity, keeps you focused all the way through the film. Lead actors Emile Hirsch and Brian Cox, both deliver very solid performances, as we follow their search for the truth. One thing that this film manage to do, is not to follow the popular jump scare trend. Instead, you get a more old school horror style included, where the story is more focused than most horror films released lately. This is how horror films should be, because in the end the typical jump scares becomes dull and predictable. I also like the twist towards the end, when we do get more answers. Nice to see a horror film at the end of the year 2016, that actually managed to surprise me. The Autopsy Of Jane Do is a really good horror film, and will be appreciated by all of you who love old school horror. I have to say that director André Ovredal have proved, you don´t need a massive budget, or CGI, to deliver quality. I might have said that The Conjuring 2 was one of the best horror films of 2016. I have no problem saying this, The Autopsy Of Jane Doe is without a doubt almost as good as The Conjuring 2, who would have thought that would be possible ?

Rating: DDDD

måndag 26 december 2016

The Best Movie Of 2016 Is......

Its finally time to tell the world, what my favourite movie was of the year 2016.

This year had some really good films, and some surprises as well. But there was only one film that got the highest rating from me this year, and that film is.......

Captain Fantastic 

Wow, this is a fantastic film indeed.  You have acting on a top quality level, you have a story that may be simple but really emotional and funny.  Viggo Mortensen is absolutely fantastic as the hippie father of 6 kids. What i really love about Captain Fantastic,  is that the film gets you thinking.  Do we have to live in a certain way, or is it ok to live the way you want to,  outside ordinary society? The film is also very emotional in many scenes, and the children actors are absolutely splendid. 

Captain Fantastic is a film you wont forget, it stays in your mind for a very good reason. And this is without a doubt the best film of this year. 

If you have not seen it yet, you have to make sure you see this film.  There are no excuses. Buy, or rent Captain Fantastic,  you just have to experience this wonderful film 

söndag 25 december 2016

The worst 3 movies of 2016 is..........

Every year there are always really bad films released, and i could probably do a countdown list of many titles, but this year i thought i should do something different. Instead of doing a top 10 list ( that i never have done before ), why not do a list of 3 films that really made me angry.

And boy do we have 3 stinkers to talk about. There were several films that i was disappointed with during 2016, but there were especially three films that should have been flushed down the toilet, or even buried underground forever. So here we go......

1. Max Steel

Do you love cartoon shows made into films ? Then you are going to hate this new film adaption of cartoon show Max Steel. Holy shit, let´s be honest here. Everything is awful, in fact i want to burn every dvd and blu ray of this film, because no one should see this pile of shit. There is absolutely nothing good here. The acting is so bad, i can´t understand why these actors were paid to be in this film. The special effects are beyond awful, the story is a waste of time. You should see how angry i am right now writing this, my head is about to explode thinking of Max Steel. You heard it folks, Max Steel is the worst film i saw in 2016. I dare you to find one film worse than this one this year, and i know you can´t.

2. Mother´s Day

I have to start asking, what the hell were you thinking director Gary Marshal ? Making a tribute to mothers with this corny, horrible, tasteless comedy with Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts and Kate Hudson ? Mother´s Day is a film that makes you throw up, because you can´t be happy seeing a film with all of these actors wasting their time. Everything is so cute, and everyone is so perfect, and i wasted my time seeing this ? Therapy next week.

3. Meet The Blacks

How about a comedy with Mike Epps being thrown into a Purge night ? Wow, that sounds fantastic. No, honestly this is a horrible film. No fun, no comedy values, just a stupid comedy that leaves a sour taste. Mike Epps have been funny in the past, but now he proves that he should quit the movie industry, if he keeps coming back with films such as this one. Meet The Blacks tries to make fun of black families, this is just silly and stupid. 

Here you go folks, 3 films none of you should see at all. I will reveal the best film of 2016 before New Years Eve, and also post one final review of this year. 

Cheers from Daniel 

Max Steel

Growing up as a kid, i watched cartoons every weekend on Super Channel and The Children´s Channel. I watched everything from Heathcliff, Scooby Doo, The Adams Family, G.I. Joe, He-Man, The Incredible Hulk, Jayce And The Wheeled Warriors, BraveStarr, and a lot more. The children cartoons of the 80´s was a fun time, and i even collected some of the cartoon characters by having their official toys. I remember having Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures, from the first film back in 1990, and i also got the Nintendo game, based on the film adaptation. Looking back today, the films of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles may be cheesy, but they are still nostalgic. Other cartoon characters have of course been made into full feature films, anyone remember Mr Magoo with Leslie Nielsen, or perhaps Aeon Flux with Charlize Theron ? I think i have to see Aeon Flux again soon, just to remind myself that Charlize Theron actually did make this film. In most cases, we all know that it is very difficult for film makers to make a movie adaptation, based on a cartoon character. But there is actually one film that managed to capture the spirit of a cartoon show, and i am thinking about Casper - The Friendly Ghost. The film adaptation Casper, based on the comic book and cartoon character, actually managed to get the right touch. The 1994 film with Christina Ricci and Bill Pullman, proved to work well. Eric Idle, the Monthy Python actor, was also funny as the evil Paul Plutzker. Remember the movie adaptation of The Flintstones the same year with John Goodman and Rick Moranis ? Films based on cartoon characters have proved to be either fun, or awful, depending on how directors decide to make their adaptations. They either follow the ground material, or choose to do a different version. In these days i don´t really know all the cartoons anymore, and i would not be surprised if there will be more film adaptations in the future, based on popular cartoon characters. During summer of 2016 i read about a film being made, based on the cartoon character, known as Max Steel. I had no idea what the show is about, or knew anything about the story. Now during christmas i got a chance to see the film, not knowing what to expect. Do we have a surprisingly good cartoon film adaptation in our hands, or is Max Steel doomed to fail, next to 50 Shades Of Another Grey Sequel ?

Maxwell McGrath ( Ben Winchell ) is a ordinary student, living with his mother Molly McGrath ( Maria Bello ). But this ordinary life is about to change, since Maxwell notice that something is happning with him. His hands changes form, and suddenly he gets a visit from an alien called Steel ( voice of Josh Brener ). Steel try to explain, that Max and him are connected, into becoming Max Steel, and together they have a destiny to fight the mysterious forces threatening the world. Is Maxwell really ready for this, or is this pressure too much for him to handle ?

If you love the comic book characters from Marvel Films, and you never heard of Max Steel before, don´t worry. You don´t need to know about him, or this latest film adaptation. I am going to be honest and say that this is one of the worst cartoon character films i have seen in a very long time.....and i really mean that.

Max Steel is the perfect example on why you should not make a cartoon character into film. This film is dull, lazy, with bad special effects, really awful acting, and it does not make any sense. As i finished watching Max Steel, i think i know why we have had so many car burnings in Sweden, for a very long time. Thats because people were mad about Max Steel getting a release date. If you look at the plot, this is supposed to be the story, how it all started. And you don´t really care about anything, you just want the film to stop. Lead actor Ben Winchell is someone you might have seen on Disney Channel, or on MTV. He is that kind of actor who will make girls go nuts, but don´t know how to act professionally. He might think he does a great job, but it is painful to see him as Max Steel, he really have no idea what he is doing. The dialogue is also really bad, it is cheesy and lazy as hell, and you wonder if anyone really cared about this project. I know that making a film based on cartoon characters can be difficult, but if you have a passion for this genre, you can make it right. Just look at The Avengers or Captain America, based on comic books. Max Steel is instead the perfect example of how you don´t make a cartoon character into a film adaptation. Director Stewart Hendler directed the horror films Whisper and Sorority Row, and i especially enjoyed his film Whisper. So we know he can make a good film. Max Steel is the proof that he must have lost all hope. It is like he just wanted to be paid, and hope people will see the film anyway. Whisper had a good plot, and some good acting as well. That was back in 2007. A lot seems to have happened since then, and i feel that director Stewart Hendler have made his worst movie with Max Steel. A film so terrible, it is hard to describe. The biggest question of all is, what is legendary actor Andy Garcia doing in here ? He have been in some really good films in the past, and he choose to be a part of this ? I hope they paid him well.

I thought Mother´s Day would be the worst film of 2016, i think i might change my mind after seeing Max Steel. 

Rating: D

måndag 19 december 2016


It is amazing how much you can find on streaming services as Netflix. Films in all genres, for all ages, and they make a lot of tv series, documentaries and films on their own. In fact, i have seen some really good tv series on Netflix, such as Daredevil and Better Call Saul. I did also see the documentary Amanda Knox, where we got more information on the brutal murder case in Italy. Interesting documentary, with a different perspective surrounding the world famous case. Of course there is much more to check out, and i could mention much more. But i think this would be the perfect time to mention a Netflix produced film called Beasts Of No Nation. A very disturbing look into how young children become soldiers in Africa, with absolutely brilliant acting. Especially from Idris Elba as the brutal Commandant. This film really proved that Netflix could make their own films, on a very high quality level of film making. Since the big film studios are having problems with certain films, with bad box office numbers, it looks like streaming services might be a good way to reach out to film lovers. Of course we need to keep the cinemas going worldwide, because they are needed. But it is always good to give films a chance to be seen, in easier ways. I recently read that Netflix is working on more new films, so i suppose we should be happy. I wonder if they will make a remake of Critters one day ? That could be interesting. New titles are always interesting, especially with talented actors included. I recently logged in on Netflix to look what have been released lately, just to keep updated. And i discovered that i have not seen some new tv series and films. So i decided to check out Stranger Things, What a lovely tribute to the science fiction of the 80´s, great casting, great looking special effects and love the intro tune. Really pleased to see Winona Ryder do a really strong performance. As i finished the 8 episodes, i came across a Netflix film called Spectral. I have never heard anything about this film, so i had to check it out. One of the first things i noticed in the cast, was Emily Mortimer and Bruce Greenwood. Two actors who have been in several great films in the past. Since i have always enjoyed the combination of science fiction and action, could Spectral be a film that delivers high quality, or is this just a plain and simple story that will be forgotten ?

In Virginia, DARPA researcher Dr. Mark Clyne ( James Badge Dale ) is sent down to Moldava. As he arrives on the US Military Air Base,  in the outskirts of Chisinau, Dr. Mark meets General Orland ( Bruce Greenwood ) and CIA Officer Fran Madison ( Emily Mortimer ). Mark is shown why he have been brought to this base. A team of troops in the field, have been mysteriously killed in battle. At first Mark belive that this could be members of insurgency ( former soldiers loyal to the previous totalitarian regime ), who could be wearing advanced camouflage suits. Washington D.C. gives order to send in a Delta Force team, led by Major Sessions ( Max Martini ). The Delta Force team is supposed to find out what happened to the Utah team, who went missing the day before. The Delta Force team finds out that the Utah team was not killed by ordinary soldiers, but what seems to be some kind of mysterious translucent appariation in a humanoid form. Who are they, and why are they killing people ? This mission will be more complicated than the team ever could have expected.

Since it is christmas time, and you might have been watching classic christmas films, or classic tv shows, you might want to turn into something different.

You want explosions, big guns, and see soldiers kick ass ?

Well, then you will most likely enjoy Spectral, because this is sort of a throwback to classic army movies. I would like to say that Spectral reminded me of two films, Battle Los Angeles and The Darkest Hour. But the difference is that this film is much better than both of them. Both from an acting perspective, but also because it delivers a lot more entertainment in the sci fi action genre. You might think that this is all about killing each other, and being macho. Actually, no. There is much more here. We have soldiers in battle, but they are ordinary humans, with emotions. And in hard times, especially for those who are in war, they need to support each other, no matter what happens. Spectral is sort of a classic story, but combined with a futuristic view on the world, where nothing seems peacefull. Emily Mortimer and Bruce Greenwood show once again that they are actors who know what they are doing. The lead role of James Badge Dale shows that he knows this genre. He was good in the tv series The Pacific, and he also gave a descent performance in 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi. In Spectral he may do his best performance yet in a motion picture. Not in a Oscar nomination way, but still solid enough to make you surprised. Director Nic Mathieu have made a really impressive directorial debut with Spectral. This film is really good looking, have plenty of cool action scenes, and we also get pretty strong characters included. If he can continue making films as solid as Spectral, he will guaranteed have a future as a film maker. I don´t know if he have been influenced by James Cameron´s film Aliens, but somehow you get the feeling that he might have been, while filming Spectral. The CGI actually looks really good, and that does not happen very often in sci fi action films these days, i also love the locations of the military team. Everything is dirty, and hope feels lost, just the way a film like this needs to look like.

I am surprised to say this, but Spectral is actually one of the better action films of 2016. It is rough, dirty and just the way we want a solid action film to be. I suggest you log in on Netflix and gather the family next to the christmas tree, this is without a doubt a film for a white christmas. Anyone happen to have a big gun in their woodshed ? Would be fun to fight some humanoids, now when i have seen all the episodes of Gilmore Girls. What else am i supposed to do until a new season comes ?

Rating: DDDD

Three Amigos ( 30 Years Anniversary )

Can you imagine, it is 30 years ago i was 9 years old in 1986. This year was special in many ways, especially in the movie industry. It was the year we all got to experience Highlander, a cult film that looks good still today. It was also the year when Aliens was released, one of the greatest sequels ever made to a classic film. If you ever hear someone says, they have not seen James Cameron´s film Aliens,  you are allowed to throw them in the nearest lake. You can not avoid seeing a classic film like that, it is on the list in Heaven, where it says:- You shall watch Aliens, or you will be cast to hell. When even God says this, you know he means serious business. 1986 was also the year we got to experience The Hitchhiker, one of the best thrillers of the 80´s. Rutger Hauer is simply brilliant as the insane hitchhiker, and this is a film you must own in your dvd, or blu ray collection. I also remember the classic cult film Big Trouble In Little China, with Kurt Russell, by legendary director John Carpenter. As you can see, the year 1986 had some really good titles to offer. I could mention a lot more, but let´s focus on one film in particular. In december of 1986, legendary director John Landis gave us a western comedy, that looked different from many other western films. It was a combination of 3 really good comedians that made this film unique. We are of course talking about Three Amigos, and in december this year it was 30 years ago it came out in theatres. At the time when the film came out, i did not see it until later on, but on VHS. But since i enjoyed the film back in those days, i felt that we should celebrate, by going back and watch the film again, 30 years later. I have followed the careers of Chevy Chase, Steve Martin and Martin Short since the late 70´s, and i have to say that they all have given us unforgettable performances in several classics. Three Amigos was the only film that all of them worked together, so of course this made the film special. As the film have lived on with dvd, and now on a blu ray release worldwide, people can still discover a comedy, that may not be talked about often, but is still remembered by movie fans all over the world. Is the Three Amigos a classic from the 80´s, or have this film become worse through so many years since the release ?

In the year 1916, the cruel bandit leader El Guapo ( Alfonso Arua ) and his gang, are collecting protection money from the small village of Santo Poco. The village have had enough of the violence of El Guapo, so a woman named Carmen ( Patrice Martinez ) stumble across a film with the Hollywood stars The Three Amigos. She see them take out bad people in the film, and belive they can help the village of Santo Poco. She contact their film studio in hope for an answer. Meanwhile in Hollywood, Lycky Day ( Steve Martin ), Dusty Bottoms ( Chevy Chase ) and Ned Nederlander ( Martin Short ). Since they don´t agree with the film studio, to work with an increased salary,  studio boss Harry Flugleman ( Joe Mantegna ) fire them. With no job left, they receive a message from Mexico about help needed in Santo Poco, to take down the evil El Guapo. At first the Three Amigos think this is all a show act, and all they have to do is perform and get paid. But they find out that this is for real, and that the village think that the Three Amigos are real gun fighters. Nothing goes well, and El Guapo kidnaps Carmen. The village of Santo Poco feel betrayed, and don´t want anything to do with the Three Amigos. But can they fix this somehow and regain respect ?

Watching a western comedy as Three Amigos, once again, since 30 years have passed since the release makes me feel nostalgic. The 80´s was a great time for comedies, and comedians back in those days knew how to make fun of all genres. No matter what they tried, or combined, they almost succeeded in many films. Three Amigos have a combination of classic western ingredients, with musical numbers, and i have to say i enjoy the concept. Especially with the great comedians Steve Martin, Chevy Chase and Martin Short as the Three Amigos, i don´t think they could have done a better choice. Their screen presence, and their comedian timing on screen fits just as we would have hoped. Even if Three Amigos is not a cult classic, such as Mel Brooks Blazing Saddles or Cactus Jack with Kirk Douglas, this is still a fun tribute to the western genre. And one of the reasons why this film is fun, is because of the crazy mix of three different characters, based on fictional western heroes. Of course they are not heroes in real life, but somehow they learn to become respected. One of my favourite characters in Three Amigos is Dusty, played by Chevy Chase. He is really clumpsy, not so bright, but somehow charming. As an example, when they read the secret password for a singing bush, Dusty accidently shoots the Invisible Swordsman, because he did not know he was standing there. This is classic 80´s comedy quality. Steve Martin is as always funny, and Martin Short knows how to put on a show. One of the characters in this film, that works really well, is the mexican gang leader El Guapo, played by Alfonso Arua. He really managed to make a evil mexican terrorist hillarious, and i think he raise the comedy level through his insane performance. By the way, did you know that Alfonso Arua directed the 1995 drama film A Walk In The Clouds with Keanu Reeves ? Not a good film really, but when you think about it, it is kind of strange that he choosed to make a film like that. Three Amigos is directed by John Landis, and for those of you who know this name, knows he have made some good films in the past. National Lampoon´s Animal House, An American Werewolf In London, The Blues Brothers and Trading Places, are just a few examples. Even if Three Amigos is not his best film, i still feel that he did a western comedy that is both funny, and silly, in a positive way. With crazy characters, in a western adventure, Three Amigos is still an 80´s classic, and have been released on blu ray for the 30 years anniversary. I suggest you get yourself a copy and have a good time. If there ever is a remake made, i suggest the following actors, Danny McBride, James Franco and Seth Rogen as the Three Amigos, that would be fantastic.

Rating: DDD

söndag 11 december 2016

Hell Or High Water

America is now ready to change the country, now when Donald Trump is the new president. I watched some of the debates, and listened to both Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump. Now, since i live in Sweden, i don´t really have much to say about the candidates. But i did understand that the middle class, was tired of all the promises that have been made. They wanted a change, and they must have seen that change in Donald Trump. I especially think of the small towns, where folks depend on their jobs, and to survive. When it comes to films, that take on subjects of small towns, i think we have a masterpiece, that we have to mention. How many of you remember the fantastic film Lone Star by directed by John Sayles. An epic drama film, about a murder investigation, with fantastic performances by Chris Cooper, Kris Kristofferson, Matthew McConaughey and Elizabeth Péna. I will probably say that this is one of the best drama films of the 90´s, up there with The Coen Brothers masterpiece Fargo. Lone Star had everything we could wish for, strong characters, really good dialogue and fantastic performances. This may have been the film where Matthew McConaughey proved himself for the first time. Lone Star showed the life in a smaller society, and there are other really good examples of films that followed a similar path. How about the fantastic film No Country For Old Men. Directed by The Cohen Brothers, this film had everything you could wish for. Very strong characters, a solid story, acting performances on top class. I especially loved the character Anton Chigurgh, a very brutal hitman, brilliant acted by Javier Bardem. There is something special about stories, that take place in deserted locations, where people live a simple life. It is like time never changes there, the desert remains, and the endless highways. During early spring of 2016, i was reading about upcoming films, and came across a film called Hell Or High Water. As the film reviews started coming out, it was clear that this might be something to look forward to. Ecpesially when Jeff Bridges is included in the cast. and even Chris Pine ( who would have expected that ? ) Is this one of the highlights of this year, or have director David Mackenzie failed to make a personal film ?

In West Texas, brothers Toby Howard ( Chris Pine ) and ex-con Tanner Howard ( Ben Foster ) need money. After their dear mother passed away, she left a debt on her ranch, and they will loose the ranch, unless they can get the money in time. Toby and Tanner go on a rampage ride, robbing Texas Middles Bank. They manage to do so, and locate other banks to get more cash. Texas Rangers Marcus Hamilton ( Jeff Bridges ) and Alberto Parker ( Gil Birmingham ) are on the case. The Howard Brothers continue their crime waves, and make a decision to get their stolen money laundred in an Oklahoma Indian Casino. Texas Rangers Marcus and Alberto are on the trail after the brothers. Is there any way Toby and Tanner can get out of this mess, or have they digged their own graves ?

I have heard so much positive feedback, ever since Hell On High Water hit theatres across America and Europe. And there is a good reason why. This is one of those films you don´t want to stop watching, because it is so well made, so well acted, and have a very strong plot included. Even if the story may look simple, there is much more depth inside the story between 2 criminal brothers. The locations, around Oklahoma, fits perfect with the cinematography. Chris Pine and Ben Foster as the two criminal brothers, are really good in their roles. They show a perfect combination of family issues, that they have different goals in life, but don´t know how to get things right. Their anger, especially over their dead mother, is clearly tearing them apart. To save her ranch, they need more money. And this is where the film becomes very honest. How far are you willing to go to save a family home, no matter what it will take ? Most of all, i have to say that legendary actor Jeff Bridges delivers a fantastic performance as Texas Ranger Marcus. I don´t think he have been this good, since his amazing performance in Crazy Heart. And i am very happy to see him back on this level of acting. He is a Texas Ranger, who believe in making the right choices, and stay within the limits of law. Director David Mackenzie have directed several films over the years, and one of the films i remember mostly is the 2003 film Young Adam, with a really good performance from Ewan McGregor. I have not seen all of his films, but i will say this. From the films i have seen from director David Mackenzie, i feel that Hell Or High Water is his strongest film so far. His way of telling this story, is very deep, and emotional. You could say that there is a deep psychological message hidden within the film, but you have to see this for yourself. We have some really good performances also in here from Katy Mixon, as the waitress who dreams of a different life. We should also mention Dale Dickey, some of you might remember her very strong performance in Winter´s Bone. She prove herself once more, and give a very solid performance here in Hell Or High Water. If you loved No Country For Old Men, and the masterpiece Fargo, you are going to love this film guaranteed. I would say that this is up there on the best films of 2016 list. Run to your cinema and watch Hell Or High Water. You will regret it if you don´t take the chance to see such a powerful experience.

Rating: DDDD

lördag 10 december 2016

Oujia: Origin Of Evil

My father have been in contact with dead people for many years. He have told me stories, that might shock a lot of people. Do i believe in communicating with the dead ? I don´t know, i guess i am not the right person to dig into this. Every time i heard stories, about people who have passed on, and showed up at my fathers home, i will say that i am not surprised anymore. I used to be, but i understand that some people have the gift to communicate with the dead. So what would i ask someone i love, who have passed away, if i got the chance ? Tough question, but i am sure i would think of some things to mention. Death is a natural process for us all. Even if our loved ones will leave us, memories will always stay in our minds. Do we really need to communicate with the dead ? I suppose some people would say that we should, for different reasons. Have you ever seen a Ouija board ? A board that is supposed to be a gateway between our world and the world of the dead. I have watched family members play this game, back in 1998, but i did not play it myself. One of my family members said that the marker moved itself, while they tried to communicate, but i doubt that really happened. I am sure though that some of them will say it is true. Ouija boards have been a part of the horror genre for many years in films, and one of the classics i remember is the 1986 film Witchboard. This is a simple horror film, and nothing original, but it worked because of the concept around contacting the dead. It is actually 30 years since this film came out, and i still think it is good even today. Perhaps a bit cheesy in some scenes, but still functional. Other films where ouiji boards have been included, have been in several films. But not many of them might have been much to remember.  2 years ago a film called Ouiji was released, where teenagers open the gates to hell through a ouiji board. It was dull, way too predictable, and with terrible acting performances. Still, teenagers rushed to the cinemas, just to get more jump scares. Around 2015 i read that a prequel is coming, and i was not really excited about this. Since the Ouija film was awful, why would we want a prequel to a film like that ? Of course i still had to give this prequel a chance. Is this a much better film than last time, or is it just as bad as i expected it to be ?

The year is 1967, a widow named Alice Zander ( Elisabeth Reaser ) is a spiritual medium, working in her own home, together with her young daughters Paulina Zanders ( Annalise Basso ) and Doris Zander ( Lulu Wilson ). People rely on Alice to help them contact their loved ones, but in reality she uses her daughter to fake spiritual sessions. Alice knows that this is wrong, but she really needs the money. Paulina suggest that they should use a Ouija board in their sessions, Alice agree to try it. Alice husband Roger, passed away and left her and the girls on their own. As Alice tries to use the Ouiji board, she contacts someone named Markus. But this person, who calles himself Markus, turns out to possess her daughter Doris. At first, Doris thinks she might be talking to her father Roger on the other side, but everytime she uses the Ouiji board, things become seriously bad. This family is about to experience what the true sides of evil means.

If some of you remember the horror film Ouija from 2014, you might remember how bad it really was. It was just a simple dull horror teenage pile of dog shit. I am very happy to say that Ouija: Origin Of Evil, is a much better film, in every possible way. This film is a prequel to Ouija, and considering that the film from 2014 had nothing interesting to give us, i am really surprised over the positive changes. First of all, the acting is actually good from several actors. Especially the creepy young girl Doris Zander, really well acted by Lulu Wilson. She is most likely the strongest character in this film, and for such a young age, she acts much better than many teenagers do nowdays in Hollywood. Elisabeth Reaser and Annalise Basso also make great characters, through their performances. The story fits really well into the time period during the late 1960´s in Los Angeles. Director Mike Flanagan have directed several horror films before, like Oculus, and Before I Awake ( a film i have reviewed earlier in my movie review blog ). I will say this, from a horror perspective, Ouija: Origin Of Evil is his best film so far. If you compare this film to Before I Awake, he have improved himself as a director. The most positive surprise about this Ouija prequel, is that you actually feel the creepy atmosphere, especially with the young possessed girl Doris. The 2014 film Ouija tried to just rely on jump scares, and this prequel tries to go with more old school horror influences. And that is a smart move. Is there anything original to be found ? No, but that´s ok, because as long as you have a good time with a horror film, you don´t have to keep things original. And maybe it is good that director Mike Flanagan stayed within the old school concept, because ouija boards have a very old history behind them. Could we have something improved ? The demons might look a bit too simple, but other than that i can´t really complain. Ouija: Origin Of Evil is much better than i expected it to be. Not a horror classic in any way, but a solid horror film for fans of old school possession stories. I almost forgot to mention, Michael Bay is actually one of the producers. You never would have guessed that, but maybe he is finally doing some good decisions. Maybe i should get a Ouija board to my family this christmas ? It might be fun hunting some demons after christmas dinner, besides, otherwise we will just sit around watching christmas shows. I can think of more fun things to do, with shotguns included of course.....

Rating: DDD

tisdag 6 december 2016

Officer Downe

There is no doubt that the 80´s have made a huge impact on action films. It would be too easy to say that Die Hard was the only memorable action film, because there are some more we easily could mention. How about The Terminator, Predator and Robocop ? Even if i think the 70´s had some fantastic action films, the 80´s managed to develope some fresh ideas, and make them feel original. One of the action films that you have to own on blu ray, is of course Robocop. The original film from 1987 is still today on the list of best action films ever. Director Paul Verhoeven combined a standard cop action idea, with a robot instead and with science fiction elements. This turned out to be a really good combination, and a new icon was born. Robocop became a hit worldwide in cinemas, and the toy industry were ready to deliver kids what they wanted. of course Nintendo had to release a video game, based on the film. I did play it, but can´t remember much of the game. Let´s just say it was not that great. Since the first film was a big hit, of course we had to have a sequel. In 1990, Robocop 2 landed in theatres. Peter Weller, who was Robocop from the first film was also back. But the film failed to please the audience, and critics did not like the film. Director Irvin Kershner tried to make a sequel, but it was obvious that he did not have the same vision as Paul Verhoeven had with the character. I will say this, Robocop 2 does have some fun scenes, but is nowhere near as good as the original film. Just 3 years later we got another sequel, this time called Robocop 3. If there is one film you should avoid to watch, it is this film. Robocop 3 is one of the worst action sequels i have seen from the 90´s, it is that bad. I can understand why Peter Weller turned this film down, and did not want to be a part of it. Interesting fact, Robert John Burke, who plays Robocop ( why did he even agree to do this ? ) in the third film, have actually managed to become a much better actor in recent years. He have proved himself in films like Safe, 2 Guns and True Story. Let´s bring back the 80´s again, do some of you remember the classic action film Maniac Cop with Bruce Campbell and Joseph Zito? A classic, that also managed to deliver a good sequel as well. Imagine a combination of Robocop and Maniac Cop ? Do you recognize the name Shawn Crahan ? Known as Clown in the metal band Slipknot, he have made a new action film, based on the comic book character Officer Downe. I love Slipknot, and i love classic action ingredients. Could his new film Officer Downe be a future classic, or is this a disaster ?

Officer Downe ( Kim Coates ) used to be human once, but was killed in duty. Through an experiment, scientists found a way to bring him back to life, and make him stronger, and even more effective as the ultimate police officer. The rough Police Chief Barringer ( Laura Lunar Vélez ) bring in Officer Gable ( Tyler Ross ), to see if he can handle the pressure. But the situation is far from positive, and Gable try to adjust as much as he can. Everytime Officer Downe is brought back to life, more criminals are hoping to kill him for good. Is it any idea to bring him back constantly, or does he deserve to rest in peace ?

Imagine a mix of Robocop and Maniac Cop, combined with the brutality of Hobo With A Shotgun, and you have Officer Downe explained, in a easy way. And for those of you who know me, i love B movies that try and bring back the 80´s. This is a action feast made for fans of VHS violence, and i am one of them. Kim Coates as Officer Downe is the perfect example, why we need a film like this in cinemas screens worldwide. His portrait of the comic book character gives us all that wonderful violence, insane shootouts and dialogue just as sharp as Martin Stenmarcks album covers. One of the reasons why Kim Coates fits so great in the lead role, is because he have managed to make Officer Downe feel like Judge Dredd, the 2012 version ( not the Stallone adaptation ). And this is a really good choice, because we want to see a cop who don´t give a shit about rules, he just want to clean up the streets. The style of the film, feels like a insane LSD trip, with bright colors and a society where freedom have no meaning no more. Director Shawn Crahan is obviously a fan of the comic book character Officer Downe, and i think he have made a film that kind of looks like the comic book. He does use a very brutal tone, and this is a big advantage, because this is what a film like this needs. Now let´s get to something less good. The masks on some of the evil characters, such as Lion Man and Miss Tiger, just feels too easy. When they talk, you feel like they just placed masks over their heads, but forgot to adjust them correctly. We want to see them talk, with their mouths moving. Instead, it looks like they are talking out of their masks, and their mouths barely moves. I understand that this film have a limited budget, but i feel that these masks could have looked better. Apart from this, i would say i had a good time watching Officer Downe. It is nice to see directors who tries to go back to the good old days of video violence. Lead actor Kim Coates deserve respect for his performance, and i really hope we get to see him do a sequel to Officer Downe. I have a feeling that we might get even more fun next time. Until then, pop up some cold beers, grab your nuts, and enjoy Officer Downes brutality. Just the way we want a sunday afternoon, after tea and biscuits of course. I think i might dress up like a cop right now, it looks like fun fighting ninjas and maniacs on the streets.

Rating: DDD

onsdag 30 november 2016

The Wailing

I read a lot of newspapers. And i have been holding a tradition, since early 2001, to be a subscriber to The Gothenburgh Post, a morning news paper that my grandfather Ingvar always have had. When i was very young, i used to sit on his house porch, and read the latest news. I remember especially one story, from October in the year 2002. It was about the D.C. sniper, who killed 10 people, and injured 3, in a three-week period. John Allen Muhammad turned out to be the sniper, who got help from 17 year old Lee Boyd Malvo. This was clearly a serial killer, who destroyed many peoples lives. I remembering reading about this case in the Gothenburgh Post, and following the latest updates. John Allen was finally executed in 2009. Serial killers have been a part of the film industry for a long time, and we could mention a lot of films that have left an impact. One of the films i mostly remember, is a small low budget film from 1986 called Henry - Portrait Of A Serial Killer. Michael Rooker was simply fantastic as the serial killer Henry, and the film really digged deep into your mind, with the brutality and raw tone of a serial killers disturbing mind. I think one of the most classic serial killer films, has to be Seven, a masterpiece by director David Fincher. The story of 2 detectives, played brilliantly by Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman, who chase a serial killer, absolutely fantastic acting by John Malkovich. Seven is one of the few serial killer films that managed to show the world, how a serial killer function, and why he choose his victims. It would take a long time before i would see anything really good, in the serial killer genre. But in 2010, a South Korean film called I Saw The Devil, proved to be simply outstanding. Directed by Jee-woon Kim, a serial killer thriller that was so insane, that i will never forget this film. Such a disturbing story, but so well made and leaves a strong impact. I highly recommend you buy this film on blu ray. South Korea have made several really good films over the years, and I Saw The Devil is just one example. When i read that director Hong-jin Na ( director of the really good South Korean film The Chaser ), have made a new horror film, i just could not wait to see it. After some really positive reviews, i finally got a chance to see it on blu ray. Is this another high quality film from South Korea, or is this not what i expected at all ?

Strange things are happening in a small village, ever since The Stranger ( Jun Kuminura ) shows up. Ordinary people go comletely insane, and kill their loved ones, in very brutal ways. Sergeant Jong-gu ( Do Won Kwak ) is investigating these brutal murders, to see if there is any connection, to why more people are becoming killers. As he digs deeper into the truth, he realise that this might be more complicated than he expected. Especially when his own daughter Hyo.jin ( Hwan-hee Kim ) becomes a killer herself. What is going on in this village, is someone making people kill their loved ones, or is there another explanation to all of this ?

The Wailing is a film hard to describe, because this is a mix of horror, and a thriller, but with other elements thrown in, to make this film unique. When i say unique, i mean this in a very positive way. At first you get the feeling that this might be about people becoming serial killers, driven by a cult leader that orders them to kill. But then you get a different perspective, as the film continues to open other doors. One thing is clear though, this is without a doubt the best film i have seen in years from South Korea. Maybe not as good as I Saw The Devil, but still a film that reaches a high level of quality. The mysterious brutal murders feels almost like sacrifices, and you can´t help wondering what is really going on. One of the most positive things about The Wailing, is how good the acting is. There are some really strong performances here, especially from Do Wan Kwak, Jun Kuminura and Hwan-hee Kim. They really dig deep into their characters, and i have to say, Hwan-hee Kim is absolutely fantastic as a child actor. If she can keep this acting level as she grows up, i think we might have something special to look forward to. Director Hong-jin Na have made a film, that combines mysterious elements, in a well executed package of brutality. He makes sure to grab your attention, by using simple details, and make it all look so well made. As an example, the scenes where Sergeant Jong-gu is loosing his mind, and really flips out, not knowing what have happened to his daughter. He could have easily made the typical clichés, but instead director Hong-jin digs deep into a psychological perspective, and this is where it gets interesting. The mystery keeps itself secret throughout the film, and i love that. You don´t really know where the film is going to go, and this is a sign that The Wailing tries to expand different possibilities. The special effects looks really good, and the cinematography by Hong-kyong Pyo works very effective into the plot. When you see a film at some point, that can´t be compared with one specific film, but manage to build tension between the insanity, you know you have a winner. And this is exactly what The Wailing is, a very disturbing look into darkness. I suggest you get yourself a blu ray copy, because South Korea still proves how good they are at making pure quality horror films. American film makers, i think its time you learn why South Korea are the masters of horror.

Rating: DDDD

måndag 21 november 2016

Yoga Hosers

There are some directors in Hollywood, who don´t like to follow the same pattern. They just want to make films, without being forced to do projects from the film studios. Sometimes though, they will agree to make one film, just to get money. One example of this, is director Kevin Smith. The film i was thinking about, that the studio wanted him to do was Cop Out with Bruce Willis, that turned out to be a bad choice. Most of you might remember his films Clerks, Mallrats, or perhaps Dogma ? From the 90´s and into the millenium, director Kevin Smith have continued making films in all genres, and he also have worked on other funny projects. His early films from the 90´s became cult films, especially Clerks. Even if the budget was limited, he proved himself to be a film maker with a passion to deliver characters, that especially young people would love. Especially the characters Jay & Silent Bob. They even got their own film Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back, a film that is still today really funny, with crazy cameos and insane ideas. I personally think that one of Kevin Smith´s best films is Clerks II, a sequel much better than i expected. This is a really funny film, with a really good cast included. One of his most serious films, known as Red State, turned out to be one of his better films. I really love the acting from Michael Parks, as the insane sect leader Albin Cooper. Red State is a film i highly recommend everyone to see. Since Kevin Smith always have been busy, making all kinds of projects, i remember how excited i was to hear about a film called Tusk. This seemed to be something completely different from his previous work. The film turned out to be one of his best films in many years, simply because of the acting from Justin Long and Albin Cooper. Their scenes together is just a proof of how you do characters right, and make dialogue feel interesting. Tusk may not have made much money at the box office, but at least the film did get some positive reviews, even from myself. After Tusk came out, it seemed as if Kevin Smith was planning a trilogy, making three films from the Tusk idea. This sounded really fun, and when he finally announced that his next film would be called Yoga Hosers, i knew we might have something special to look forward to. It turned out that Yoga Hosers did not get a theatre release worldwide, so instead i had to see the dvd release instead. Since Tusk turned out to be such a great time, is this next chapter of the Kevin Smith new trilogy a step in the right direction, or should he have skipped making a sequel ?

Colleen Collette ( Lily-Rose Depp ) and Colleen McKenzie ( Harley Quinn Smith ) are two young girls, working in their ususal mini market store. They spend most of their time training Yoga, with their guru, Yogi Bayer ( Justin Long ). At school the girls learn about the Nazi Party, that once had an influence in Winnipeg. Led by the self-proclaimed " Canadian Fuhrer " Adrien Arcand ( Haley Joel Osment ), and his right-hand man Andronicus Arcane ( Ralph Garman ), the Canadian Nazis brought terror and destruction to society. Adrien was later arrested, but Andronicus was never found. But what the Colleen girls don´t know, is that Canadian Nazi Andronicus have been frozen down for many years, as he has awakened with an army of Bratzis, Bratwurst Sausage Nazis, that will help him finish his plans. But the Colleens use their Yoga powers to strike back, and with some help of Detective Guy LaPointe ( Johnnny Depp ), they will strike back against the Canadian Nazis.

Since i really enjoyed the film Tusk, and read that Yoga Hosers would be kind of a follow up to Tusk, i was hoping to see Kevin Smith deliver once again. Unfortunately, Yoga Hosers is no where as good as Tusk is, or his other classic films. What started off pretty fun, becomes a very odd mix of a comedy, joking about canadians and nazis. I love vulgar comedies that manage to combine comedy in a raw way. But only if it is made correctly. Yoga Hosers have so many strange scenes, and odd characters, it is hard to know what Kevin Smith wanted to show to the world with this film. I can understand he wanted to do something different from Tusk, and use some of the characters from that film again. But he should have done it in a different way, and still made fun of canadians. The so called funny scenes falls pretty flat, and i don´t really enjoy myself as much as i did in his previous film. I think Kevin Smith might have tried to throw in to many diffrerent elements in here, and the result is a film that fails. Main characters Colleen Collette and Colleen McKenzie, played by Lily-Rose Depp and Harley Quinn Smith, do their canadian characters once again from Tusk. They have a few funny scenes together, but the best character in this film is actually Jonny Depp as Guy LaPointe. His french detective character is so awful, that you have to enjoy his performance. Justin Long as the Yoga teacher Yogi Bayer is also pretty funny. Then we get nazi sausages running around, even a canadian satanist who wants a virgin. Director Kevin Smith is a good director, and he have proved himself over the years. Yoga Hosers is a film that seems to be made for a young generation. Nothing wrong with that, because his first films was specifically made for a younger audience. But times have changed, and i dont know if a film like this will find the right audience. I will say this though, i like that director Kevin Smith does not follow the same pattern in his films, he have many ideas and he only takes on projects that he enjoy. Since i was hoping this would be a film as good as Tusk, i can honestly say i am disappointed. Yoga Hosers is a film that most likely will be forgotten, and that is not a good sign. Just think of Clerks II, one of the best sequels i have seen in many years, there you could tell Kevin Smith knew exactly what he was doing. I suggest you put in Tusk again in your blu ray player, until the third film in the series is released. that is supposed to be called Moose Jaws. I actually love that title, let´s hope he get things right by then.

Rating: DD

söndag 20 november 2016


One of the most iconic actors, and directors that have always deliver solid quality films ( for the most part ), is the legend known as Clint Eastwood. From his early days in Hollywood, you could tell there was something special about him. His western films will always be some of the best film of this genre, especially his collaboration with legendary director Sergio Leone. As the 70´s kicked in, we got ourselves a new iconic character, known as Dirty Harry. The first film from 1971, is still today one of the best action films of the 70´s. Clint Eastwood´s rough language and bad temper, was just what the character of Dirty Harry needed. Dirty Harry continued his rampage in a number of films, and most of them were really good. But Clint Eastwood wanted to do so much more, than just action films. And i think he have managed to prove himself, especially in the films he have directed. One of my personal favourite films, that Clint Eastwood have directed, is without a doubt Million Dollar Baby. This film is one of those i can watch over and over again, and still enjoy it just as much as the first time i saw it. The story of a boxing trainer, who refuse to train a waitress called Maggie ( brilliantly played by Hillary Swift ), is a very powerful film. I am so pleased that Million Dollar Baby won 4 Academy Awards, especially for Best Picture in 2005. Clint continued to make many more great films, i should mention his very powerful film Mystic River. We could probably count in a lot of more titles, that so many people love. But i feel that we should talk about Gran Torino. Released in 2008, this was supposed to be the final film where Clint Eastwood made as an actor, but that did not turn out to be true. Still a really good film, with a lot of important issues between imagrants and american citizens. Do any of you rememeber the story of  Captain Chesley Sullenberger, who saved all people on a plane on January 15, 2009 ? This became national news, and i did hear it on tv news casts on many channels. Captain Cesley became a hero, and many civilians were so happy that he managed to get the passengers into safety. Of course, some people were curious to see if Chesley was the reason the plane crashed. Clint Eastwood decided to make a film, based on this historical event, and in the lead role we see Tom Hanks as Chesley Sullenberger. With a team of legends like this, in a very fascinating story, do we have another classic from director Clint Eastwood, or should someone else have taken this project instead ?

On January 15, 2009, Captain Chesley " Sully " Sullenberger ( Tom Hanks ), had to land on The Hudson River in New York, after the Airbus A320 strikes a flock of Canada geese, disabling both engines. All the passanegers manage to survive, but an investigation begins by the NTSB ( National Transportation Safety Board ) to see if Sully is responsible of the crash, or if he made the wrong choice. Sullys co pilot Jeffrey " Jeff " Skiles witnessed everything that Sully did, and he knows that Sully did not cause the crash. This is the start of a long journey, where Sully have to prove his innocence. Did he act correctly, or should he have handled this situation differently ?

Knowing that this film is based on a true story, you know it is hard not to be interested. This difficult landing could have gone terribly wrong, unless Chesley Sullenberger did what he had to do. Just imagine if he did not go into the Hudson River, everyone could have been dead. You get a sense that Chesley is a nice man, and he wants to do things right. Knowing the way he was treated by certain people, even though he saved all those people´s lives, is just awful. I can understand that you have to do a very big investigation, about what happened with the plane, and if the airpilots did the right choice. But it is clear that Chesley was not treated respectfully. Tom Hanks in the lead role, manage to make his portrait of Chesley Sullenberger feel realistic. His natural way to portrait people, and that shows in this film. We follow the story from what happened that day, when Captain Chesley Sullenberger and Jeff Skilles were flying the plane, before landing on the Hudson River. The biggest strength of the film Sully, is that it is easy to dig into this film, because it is both well made, and the acting holds good performances, both from Laura Linney and Aaron Eckhart ( remember his performance in I, Frankenstein ? ) Clint Eastwood have always been a good story teller, and there is of course no change here in Sully. We get a glimpse of how Sully fights, to make sure that he is not hold responsible for this accident, and we also get to see images of the crash. The films jumps between different time periods, but it does not become a problem. My only problem with the film Sully, is that it does not feel as powerful as many of Clint Eastwoods films from the past. He have made so many wonderful films, that you will never forget. Sully feels a bit too light, and not one of the films you will think of while talking about Clint Eastwood. With that said, this is still a well made film, and you feel curious about the case. The scenes where Sully is being questioned, about his health condition while he flied that day, gives you a glimpse of how hard it must be in his situation. Sully does not lift to the high level as Mystic River, or Million Dollar Baby, as i would have wanted this film to do. I still feel that you should see Sully for another reason, get your own opinion on this case, and understand the situation surrounding the case. Tom Hanks knows what he is doing, and i think he manage to make this film what it is, a solid drama with a very important story to tell. I feel like going on a flight now, and my coffee thermoses are coming along, just in case we land somewhere unexpected.

Rating: DDD

söndag 6 november 2016

Miss Peregrine´s Home For Peculiar Children

There are some directors who will always be known for their unique style, making films in their own way. And one of those directors i am thinking about, is of course legendary director Tim Burton. He have made so many classics over the years. Who have not seen Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, the two Batman films he directed ? We have to mention a classic, that not many might think of. Pee Wee´s Big Adventure from 1985. A fun ride with classic character Pee Wee Herman, looking for his stolen bicycle. I also enjoyed his film Ed Wood, based on the cult director that made some awful films back in the 50´s. Brilliant acted by Johnny Depp, a film i know some people have not seen, but should see it. Tim Burton have been involved in many films over many years, and the ones he have directed himself, is mostly really good. His style is hard to explain, because he have so many ideas, and manage to capture the audience with his vision. One of the films i have always loved from Tim Burton, is the 1999 horror film Sleepy Hollow. It is a bizarre horror film, but very well made, and the cinematography by Emmanuel Lubezki is absolutely brilliant. The story of the headless horseman, who revenge everyone for his brutal death, is a classic story. Tim Burton proved himself to be the right man to direct this film. Even though i enjoy a lot of his films, i never really enjoyed his version of Planet Of The Apes. Somehow, i did not really connect with his vision of a remake, and the acting was not that good. Not even from legendary actor Tim Roth, who usually always deliver great performances. With that said, i always look forward to see what Tim Burton will get his hands on for a new project. So back in 2015, i read in a newspaper, that he would be directing a first film, based on the popular book called Miss Peregrine´s Home For Peculiar Children by author Ranson Riggs. This book spent 70 weeks on The New Yorks Times Best Sellers list for childrens books, so there is no surprise we would have a film adaptation. Knowing that Tim Burton would do this film, i was of course curious to see what he would do with the material. When i noticed the cast, i also felt pleased. How about Judi Dench, Terence Stamp, Samuel L. Jackson and Eva Green ? I had to see if this would be a great cinematic experience. Is this one of the best films of Tim Burton in a long time, or is this back to the level of Planet Of The Apes, and we should all avoid this one ?

For many years, Abe Portman ( Terence Stamp ) have been telling his 16 year old grandson Jake ( Asa Butterfield ) stoires about his childhood. How he battled monsters and survived World War II while living at Miss Peregrine´s Home For Peculiar Children. This home is located by the coast of Wales. One night, as Jake goes home to see his grandfather, he notice that something is not right. He finds Abe outside, and his eyes are completely black. Abe warns Jake that he should get away, and find his way to Wales. Jake is forced to go through therapy sessions, because his parents Maryann Portman ( Kim Dickens ), and Franklin Portman ( Chris O´Dowd ) belive that he have issues with the difference between reality and fantasy. His therapist suggest that Jake and his father Franklin, should go to Wales, just so Jake will know that Abe´s stories were just fictional, and not true. Franklin agrees, and they begin their journey. As they finally arrive into the small town, where this childrens home is supposed to be located, Jake gets help from the locals to find the orphanage. It turns out it is in ruins, after World War II. But as he enters the house, he notice that he is being watched and falls, hitting his head. As he wakes up, he is introduced to Miss Peregrine ( Eva Green ) and her particual children. The year is 1943, and he finds out that they are stuck in a time loop. Every night they repeat the same day over and over again, when the orphanage is being bombed. Jake begins to become a part of this orphanage, and he especially is drawn to a sweet girl called Emma Bloom ( Ella Purnell ). Every child in this orphanage, have special powers, and they all help each other out. Miss Peregrine is worried about the childrens safety, because the evil Mr. Barron ( Samuel L. Jackson ) and his companions are out to get them. Is Jake the key to get the children to safety, or is there another explanation to why he was called to the orphanage ?

Since i have not read one of the books, that this film is based on, i can´t compare them and say if Tim Burton manage to capture the tone of the novel. But if you look at this film from a pure entertainment perspective, i have to say that Tim Burton knows exactly how to do fantasy, adventure films. You have strong characters here, especially Miss Peregrine, really good acted by Eva Green. Her screen presence shines throughout the whole film. I also enjoy the performance of legendary actor Terence Stamp. His scenes fill this movie with a taste of sweetness, because he knows exactly how to make his character. Lead actor Asa Butterfield ( remember him from the funny Rambo tribute Son Of Rambow? ) also deliver a solid performance, as the shy and bullied young man Jake. Let´s not forget to mention that Samuel L. Jackson also manage to make a good performance, as the evil Mr. Barron. You can tell that director Tim Burton have tried to use his skills, to make you feel that you are in the world of Miss Peregrine and her particular children. Every child have special skills, so you will see them do different things, in situations, when they are needed. All the children do a great job, and one in particular should be mentioned. English actor Ella Purnell is wonderful as the aerokinetic Emma Bloom. Her character is a great female role model for young women, and for a film like this it is great to see that Tim Burton understood that. The film itself looks good for the most part, and you do have fun while you follow the story of Jake, trying to understand the secrets around the children´s home. I will say this, even though i enjoy this film, it is not as enjoyable as some of Tim Burton´s biggest classics. But that´s ok, because i think he have still managed to do this film in a worthy adaptation. His way to build characters, and put details in locations, have always been his strength, and he prove that here as well. I love the creepy twins Joseph and Thomas Odwell, they reminded me of the creepy child from the spanish horror film The Orphanage ( a really good horror film ). When they show up with their weird look, and odd behavior, you can´t resist them. Miss Peregrine´s Home For Particular Children is a great film adaptation done by Tim Burton, and i have a feeling that people of all ages will enjoy this adventure. There is something for everyone in here, but you should know that this might be scary for younger kids. I am looking forward to see a sequel, and hopefully we will get to see Miss Peregrine even more next time. I absolutely love the performance of Eva Green, can someone please nominate her for a Golden Globe Award ? 

Rating: DDD

lördag 5 november 2016

King Cobra

The porn industry have always been controversial. Ever since the early days of Linda Lovelace, as she shocked the world with Deep Throat, people have protested and hated porn. Ron Jeremy is of course one of the biggest legends in the porn industry, and he have had his share of negative reactions. But the truth is that the porn business was very big, people would make lots of money on VHS sales, on magazines. and in adult cinemas. As the millenium came along, porn on internet grew very fast, and dvd´s were the next big thing. I used to go to strip clubs, sex clubs, even visiting whore houses in Germany in my youth. At that time, you were excited to see a different world, far away from the ordinary day life. I remember when me and my friend Robert sat down in early 2000, in a adult cinema in Gothenburgh, watching a porn film. It felt very strange sitting in a cinema, full of people jerking off, firing their shots all over the cinema seats. You could probably say that there was enough sperm in this place, to fill up a sperm bank in no time. At the strip clubs, me and Robert ordered in drinks, and just watched the shows, these women went wild, you can pretty much imagine what this means. I also remember the VHS and dvd store, next to the strip club, people were buying porn films of all kinds, latex, bondage, threesomes, lesbians, anything you wanted to see was here. There was always one category that was controversial, for many reasons. And that was the gay sex films, with men having sex. Me personally dont get turned on by watching this, perhaps because i always been attracted to women. But i don´t thing there is anything wrong with liking that, we all have our sexual attractions. Porn will always be around us, no matter how much especially feminists complain, and call it satans work. So i think the best way to handle this, is not to let it bother you. If people want to watch films, let them do so. There are bigger problems in this world. Around april this year, i was reading about a new film that was coming out called King Cobra. Reading that this film is based on the biographical story of gay porn actor Brent Corrigan. What made me curious about this film, was the cast. James Franco, Christian Slater, Molly Ringwald and Alicia Silverstone ? Almost like a big reunion of the 80´s and 90´s stars, with James Franco included. And the story itself seemed to be controversial. As the film King Cobra was finally released in selected theatres, and on VOD, i took some time to see if it was worth the positive reviews. Do we have another really good independent film in our hands, or did the premise look too good to be true ?

Sean Paul Lockhart ( Garret Clayton ), also known as Brent Corrigan, is working hard to release more gay porn films, with his boss Stephen ( Christian Slater ). Stephen takes care of all the publicity, titles, and welcome in new talents, as long as Brent is doing his part. Brent is beginning to wonder if he should drop out, especially when he finds out how little he is paid for every film he have made over the years. Stephen finds out and is furious. Brent is no longer a part of the gay film company Cobra Video, so he decides to look for another similar job.  He contact Joe ( James Franco ) who is willing to help him out, if he agree to do a film as Brent Corrigan ( his stage name ). Since Brent is locked on a contract with Stephen, he cant use his stage name. He needs the money, and is willing to take risks. But Stephen is not giving away his star that easily. He created the character Brent Coorigan, and he will make sure that no one will destroy his plans for the next film.

I have not seen any of Brent Corrigan´s films, when he made a career in the adult film industry. But it is not hard to guess, how his films might have been. You get a sense of that here in King Cobra. The gay porn actors could not act at all, so it was all basically about sex. I really don´t care about the sex scenes in King Cobra, i am more interested in the character called Stephen. This character is loosely based on the murdered gay porn producer Bryan Kocis. Christian Slater, who plays Stephen, really surprised me. When was the last time you have seen Christian Slater make a really good performance ? I personally think that this could be his best acting performance in many years. James Franco as the gay film maker Joe, is both really funny and wild. Some scenes where he asks his favourite gay actor, to take him harder, made me laugh quite a bit. The lead actor Garret Clayton also deliver a pretty solid performance. The biggest reason why King Cobra is an interesting view in the porn industry, is to see how far people are willing to go, just to make more money. To make a profit for every film, is everything that matters. Of course, you get a sense that there is a tragedy behind these young mens lives. Is this really what they want to do, or is there a better life out there ?  Director Justin Kelly have directed several films in the past, and there is one film we should mention from 2015 film called I Am Michael. In this film he worked with James Franco, as James played Michael Glatze. He was a gay activist who became a Christian pastor. In King Cobra, it seems that director Justin Kelly have tried to dig deeper into the gay world. He does not show too much from the adult film making, instead he focuses on the characters more. And this is a great idea, because with solid characters you can tell a story more focused. Another detail i thing director Justin Kelly manage to do, is to capture the feeling of a pervert, when we see Christian Slater being turned on by younger men. I suppose this was necessary to get that feeling, of how some people are in the industry. As the serious tone become more clear, towards the end of the film, you realise that this is a serious business. King Cobra did not shock me as much as i thought it would, but i will say i enjoy this film for trying to dig into this business. Could it have been more raw ? Yes, but still we have a solid film with a lot to say. I really hope Christian Slater will have a nomination at some festival for his performance here. He deserves a nomination this year, and i suggest you give this film a chance.

Rating: DDD

tisdag 1 november 2016


Internet have changed our lives completely. We don´t have to do everything as we used to do, we can shop online, check our bank account, order food, be social with the whole world through Facebook or Twitter. Back in the 90´s, when internet came, i remember that we only had very few options. We could read news on web pages, check out upcoming films, design, restaurants recommendations, and some other stuff. As the millennium entered, we were seeing how internet kept growing, and developing our life styles in a complete different way. These days you can pretty much do everything online. And it is fascinating how much internet control us, no matter where we are in this world, we can go online and tell anything we want. But is everything good about the social networks ? Of course there will be always be problems. Especially when people fake their identities, or steal other peoples money. Since i spoke about the 90´s earlier, there was actually a film that was ahead of its time called The Net. A great thriller, where Sandra Bullock get her identity stolen through internet. This film came out in 1995, at a time when internet was on the verge of becoming very popular, so the film makers knew exactly how to use the topic into this film. Even if the film may be over 20 years old, it still shows that this could still happen today. Sandra Bullock did a great performance, and i suggest you rent this film, especially for nostalgic reasons. Legendary director Michael Mann, tried to do an action thriller, about computers and internet, in a film called Blackhat. Chris Hemsworth was not very good, and the film felt too simple to care about. Around early spring time, as i was sitting in a cinema, trailers started to roll. And one of the film trailers that was shown, was a film called Nerve. I have never heard about this film before, not even online. Usually this is a bad sign, as if the film company does not feel confident in a film to promote it. My first reaction to the trailer was, this could be something to check out. Especially because of the lead role, Emma Roberts. A actor most of you probably remember from Scream 4 and We´re The Millers. Since i never went to see Nerve in a cinema, i too the chance to see it on blu ray instead. Is Nerve a high qualilty thriller, or is the concept too mainstream to care about ?

High school senior Venus " Vee " Delmoncio receives an email from California Institute of the arts, reminding her to accept or reject admission. This is something Vee have not told her mother Nancy ( Juliette Lewis ) about, while Nancy hopes her daughter have chosen a college close to home. Ever since Vee´s little brother died, the relationship between Vee and Nancy is very sensitive. Vee finds comfort with one of her closest friends, Tommy ( Miles Heizer ). Vee notice that her friend Sydney ( Emelie Meade ) is very popular in the game called Verve. The idea is to let the game control your choices. If you follow the rules, and complete a mission, you will be paid in cash. Since Vee is curious about the game, she accepts to join in. She also get to know another Nerve player called Sam ( Dave Franco ), as they tag along to win as many challenges as possible, But is there a prize to pay, for all the choices they make ?

We have seen films before, where they use ideas from the internet. So in that sense i can´t say that Nerve is very original. However, since this is supposed to be a game, of a very different kind, things become a bit more fun. Once the challenges are being accepted, we are going to different locations across the city. Some challenges are fun, while some feel less interesting. But where Nerve manage to pick up, is the idea of your life being controlled through a game. If you don´t follow the rules, it all ends. You could say that Nerve is a modern teen thriller, made for especially a young generation. But i think you can watch this film, no matter what age you have, just to get a glimpse of how we can be fooled by technology. Just think how obsessed we could become, knowing that you can make a lot of money, if you are prepared to do whatever this game tells you to do ? Directors Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost, have worked together on directing Paranormal Activity 3 and 4, and Nerve is another collaboration. I will say this, if you compare their previous film Paranormal Activity 4, this is definitely an improvement. They have focused more, on trying to do something outside of the horror genre, and that is a good idea. Even if Nerve hold some good ideas, there is something we could have skipped in here. The romantic moments feels too predictable, and boring. If Nerve could have stayed with some more intensive moments, we might actually had something more to be happy about. Lead actor Emma Roberts, ( who did a great performance in the funny comedy The Winning Season ), is the strength of the film Nerve. I would not say this is one of her stronger performances, but she fits her character well. Plus she is an experienced actor, so you can tell she knows how to develope a character. Miles Heizer also does a great performance, as the soft guy Tommy, who tries to make Vee understand her choices.  Once the film switch from a playful view, to become more serious, this is where Nerve works best. The dramatic parts simply don´t function as they should have. Overall, a surprise for me personally. Nerve is not as bad as you might expect it to be. I was going to play Xbox One live tonight, i think i might stick to reading the Jehovas Witnesses latest paper instead. No cyber demons can reach me there, or could they ?

Rating: DDD

måndag 31 oktober 2016

The Neon Demon

Film makers who dare to tell different stories, and try different genres, have always made me interested to see their work. There are plenty of directors out there who have proved themselves to dare cross borders, using odd styles, and a different way to tell a story. One film that comes to my mind straight away, is the australian film Memento. A unique psychological thriller, directed by Christoper Nolan. When this film was released, back in the year 2000, it was one of the most beloved films that year. The way director Christoper Nolan made this film, starting to tell the story backwards, instead of the usual way of telling a story, felt  and interesting. Another great example is a film called Oldboy, a brilliant thriller drama from South Korea, by director Chan-wook Park. What might seem to be an ordinary kidnapping film, soon turn into something completely different. What made Oldboy so amazing, a part from a strong cast and a solid story, was the uniqe style that the film managed to bring to the cinema screen. The lead actor Min-sik Choi did one of his best performances in his career, as the revenge filled Dae-su Oh. If you have not seen Oldboy yet ( not the american remake ), you have to buy it on dvd or blu ray. This is one of those films that needs to be in every homes film collections. Odd films, that dare to tell original stories, is something i feel very passionate about. That´s why i always try and check out titles that seems to be different, compared to the usual Hollywood productions. Most directors that have made classics, started out doing smaller films, before they could get their chance to work in bigger projects. Just take a look at danish director Nicolas Winding Refn. His directorial debut film Pusher, released in 1996, was a knockout like nothing we have seen before. A danish hard hitting drama about criminals, with a very raw view of the danish crime gang situation. I remember that people all over Scandinavia loved this film, because it may not have been original, but very emotional. He directed all 3 films of The Pusher trilogy, and for each film you felt that he was ready to move on with other projects. After making his name heard, at film festivals and from critics, he moved on to make bigger films in Hollywood. This turned out to be a smart move, because he proved himself. When i read earlier this year, that Nicolas was going to release a film, like nothing he have ever done before, i got really excited. Would we finally have a original film, that please us who enjoy solid acting and a solid story ? With a well respected director, and a cast filled with professional actors, is The Neon Demon a film that should be seen, or should you skip it as much as possible ?

16 year old aspiring model Jesse ( Elle Fanning ) have moved from a small town in Georgia, to Los Angeles, to become a professional model. Her first photo shoot is done by Dean ( Karl Glusman ). Jesse meet make up artist Ruby ( Jena Alone ), who introduce her to fellow older models Sarah ( Abbey Lee ) and Gigi ( Bella Heathcote ). She can tell that these models have a problem with a young face, but she tries to stay strong. One day, Jesse finally get signed by a major model agency, runned by Roberta Hoffman ( Christina Hendricks ). She tells Jesse to pretend that she is 19, just to guarantee that they don´t run into legal issues. Everything seems to be going well, but Jesse is about to enter a world, where fashion is just a glimpse of the real truth.

If you don´t like odd films, that uses different combinations of styles and genres, then i suggest you stop reading right here. The Neon Demon is a mix of styles, made with brightful colors and a different image than most films. I can´t say i have seen something similar to The Neon Demon, because this is a very special film. Imagine if Vincent Gallo decided to make a film about models, and mixed in David Lynch influenses, with odd characters, and a bizarre plot ? Well, this is pretty much what The Neon Demon is, a film that can´t really be explained that much, you just have to see it yourself to see what i mean. There are many films that brings up the subject around the fashion world, but i don´t think we have ever seen it be done this way before. I could be wrong, i just can´t think of anything similar. So is this any good at all ? I will say that i like the cinematography by Natasha Braier. The colors and the settings match great together, with the model . I also like some of the disturbing ideas brought in here, unexpected turns. Director Nicolas Winding Refn started his movie career in Denmark, with the Pusher films. Then he was really praised by his film Drive, with Ryan Gosling in 2011. And there is a good reason for that, Drive was one of the better films of 2011. Nicolas tried making a very different film with Only God Forgives, working together with Ryan Gosling again. The film was not what we expected. The Neon Demon shows that Nicolas tries to make another film, that tries to go a completely different path than his previous films. I like the fact that he dares to move out of a comfort zone, and do what he feels like. This is not a guarantee though that he have managed to make a solid film all the way. The biggest problems for me with The Neon Demon, is mainly that the acting is not very good. Just a few characters feel interesting, while others just show up, but without any purpose really. So it all lands on the main character, Jesse, played by Elle Fanning. She is one of the reasons why i am interested in this film. Her character is mysterious, innocent, and for some reason you feel sorry for her, because she seems lost in the fashion world. She may not do one of her better performances in her career, but she is the reason why you watch this film. Keanu Reeves is not very good, unfortunately. The Neon Demon is a film that wont be appreciated by people who hate art films, but perhaps if you are a fan by David Lynch. With a fascinating idea, sewed together into a landscape of insanity, The Neon Demon is a film you should see just to dare try something different. I think i might paint right now, something in neon lights, or with demons included, we will have to see if Ulf Brunnberg approve this.

Rating: DDD

Free State Of Jones

There are some actors who are stuck in bad films, and keep on doing them for a long period. We could mention many actors that have been in this situation, but let´s focus on one particular actor. Matthew McConaughey, the man most of you know from The Lincoln Lawyer, Dallas Buyers Club or Interstellar. But after he did a really good performance in Frailty, back in 2001, his road became unfocused. With films such as How To Lose A Guy In 10 Dates, Failure To Launch and Fool´s Gold, his film choices seemed to be only about making money. He did do ok at least in Two For The Money with Al Pacino, but between this film it did look dark. Everything really turned around when he proved himself again, taking on the lead role of The Lincoln Lawyer. A different film from Matthew´s usual choices, and it turned out to be a great choice. He continued taking on much more stronger material, where i think Dallas Buyers Club might be one of his strongest performances in his career. Based on the true story about Ron Woodroof, who was diagnosed with HIV in he 80´s, was on of the best films that came out in 2013. Jared Leto also did a fantastic performance as the drug addicted trans woman Rayon, also HIV-positive. A film you all should own on dvd or blu ray, a modern classic if you ask me. Matthew continued working on more really great films, and it seemed as he really wanted to focus on much more serious projects. We almost forgot to mention the very good drama called Mud, a very powerful film with really good acting. Also one of the best performances i have ever seen Reese Witherspoon do. After Matthew McConaughey worked with Christopher Nolan on the film Interstellar, he decided to do a completely different film called The Sea Of Trees. This film is directed by legendary director Gus Van Sant, and you might think that this combination would be fantastic. The truth is that most critics hated the film, and it was also an enormous box office bomb. I have not seen this film yet, but i probably will. In early 2016, i was hearing that Matthew was releasing a new film called Free States Of Jones. Since i enjoy watching films, based on true historical events, i kept my eye for a release date. I was supposed to see this film in cinemas, but it did not show many weeks in Sweden, so got the chance to watch the blu ray instead. Is McConaughey back on his oustanding acting level, or was this a bad choice ?

Newton Knight ( Matthew McConaughey ), is a poor farmer from Jones County, who managed to survive the Battle Of Corinth, in 1862. Serving as a battlefield medic in the Confederate Army. He finally get to go back home to his farm, and his wife Serena Knight ( Keri Russel ), after deserting from the Confederate Army. Newton become a friend to a slave woman, named Rachel ( Gugu Mbatha-Raw ). He makes sure she is safe, even though she is being treated bad by certain white men. But the situation between Newton and Confederacy grows more serious, after he finds out that they have seized crops and livestocks. Newton decide to strike back, through helping a family protecting their farm. But he is badly injured, from a dogs bite. He gets medical help, thanks to Moses Washington ( Mahershala Ali ). Newton gather some slaves, and other men into the swamp, after the Siege Of Vicksburg increase problems. This gathering of deserters and runaways, is now made into a armed rebellion against the Confederacy. This group of men are named " Free State Of Jones ", after they successfully manage to capture a large slice of south-east Mississippi. Newton want the people to take back their freedom, no matter what the prize is.

There are some things you want to see, when you watch a film based on true historical events. You want to see strong characters, a well made story that capture the historical time period, and the costumes. If we take a look at Free States Of Jones, we find some of of the points i mentioned earlier. We have some great characters, and the time period if caught pretty good. You can tell that the film tries to tell different sides, from the poor slave people, the Confederate Army, and the life of Newton Knight. I like the fact that the film tries to include a lot of people, known for being in the Civil War. Even if we don´t get to know a lot about Newton Knight, you can tell that he seemed to be a man who wanted to make things right. That you always do what is right, and protect the poor. Matthew McConaughey make a great performance as Newton Knight, and he was just the right choice to make this historical legend. I also feel that Gugu Mbatha-Raw, as Rachel, also gives this film a strong portrait. Another actor i have to mention is of course Thomas Francis Murphy, as Elias Hood. He really fits in character, and the whiskey scene is a perfect example of his acting abilities. The story around Newton Knight is moved within different events of his life, and we do get to know some about his personal issues. The only problem i have with this film, is the length. Almost 2 hours and 30 minutes. The biggest issue is that the film moves very slow in some scenes, and in a film this long, you need to keep it interesting basically all along. Director Gary Ross is pehaps mostly known for directing the first The Hunger Games film. He also directed Seabiscuit with a young Tobey Maguire in the lead role. I think he have managed to make a interesting historical film with Free States Of Jones, and mainly because of the great cast. What director Gary Ross should have done, is made more scenes feel much more deep. It feels a bit simple just to let the dialogue do most of the work. But once Matthew McConaughey becomes more angry, and emotional, we get some of the more dark tones, that the Civil Was was filled with. Free State Of Jones is a well made film, no doubt about that, and i really enjoy some of the performances. Too bad we did not get more out of such a long film, but i still think you should see this film. Because historical films, based on true events are important to see. One thing is clear though, that whiskey back in those days would be interesting to taste. 

Rating: DDD