måndag 30 juli 2018

Future World

Is the Apocalypse coming soon ?

If you ask American Pastor John Hagee, he would say that the Earth was supposed to end around 3 years ago, and all of mankind would die. He was wrong about this, and i am sure he will be wrong many more times, this is why i love his predictions. If i remember correctly, we were supposed to experience the end of the world during the Blood Moons showing according to John Hagee. That did not happen either, so i have to say Pastor John Hagee seems to be in good shape. No one really knows how the future will be, except we will all all worship Metal icon Fadades of course, the only man who knows how to predict the future.
In Hollywood we have seen so many films that take on the look of the future. Some movies like Blade Runner, or Total Recall, actually made a very impressive futuristic look. I would also like to mention Steven Spielberg´s film Minority Report, a really good science fiction action film, where legendary actor Tom Cruise made a great performance as PreCrime Captain John Anderson. One of the reasons why i think Minority Report still works so well even today, is because that the film is far more intelligent than many science fiction films. Steven Spielberg clearly knew exactly how to construct this film correctly, and i suggest you watch the film on Blu Ray. Speaking about the Apocalypse, whenever i think about movies made with Apocalyptic influences, i always think about The Road Warrior, released in 1981. This is the sequel to the 1979 film Mad Mad. One of the reasons why i always loved The Road Warrior, is because the film had some of the best highway action scenes ever made, compared to many action films made in America back in the 80´s. Australian director George Miller proved to the world, that Australian action films had a completely different style to offer, than most action films. And even if this film is 37 years old now, it still looks really good. Mel Gibson as the silent Mad Max is of course one of the most epic action characters of cinema history, but there is so much more fun characters here to enjoy. Actor Vernon Wells performance as insane psychopath Wez is absolutely brilliant. The action scenes with him is a feast to watch. Let´s not forget to mention Swedish actor Kjell Nilsson who played the epic character The Humungus. His personality and costume design is such a great combination. If you for some reason have not seen The Road Warrior, you need to go and buy a Blu Ray copy. This is the kind of film everyone should own, because this is an action film that will always be loved by fans of all ages. Since i love watching B movies that bring their take on the Apocalypse, i heard about a film called Future World through the YouTube review channel Geek Legion Of Doom. The review may not have been very positive, but i was curious to see this film because of the cast of James Franco, Milla Jovovich, Snoop Dogg, Method Man, Lucy Liu and many others. An Apocalypse sci fi movie with a great cast, could Future World be a future classic in B movies, or is this a film that does not deserve to be mentioned ?

Prince ( Jeffrey Wahlber ) is searching for a cure for his dying mother Queen ( Lucy Liu ). He sets out to find the cure, but the biggest problem is that the evil Warlord ( James Franco ) is trying to make all innocent people suffer, with his criminal gang. He have an android called Ash ( Suki Waterhouse ) that he controls. While Prince is at the whore house of pimp Love Lord ( Snoop Dogg ), he meets Ash for the first time. They have a connection together, and Prince is determined to find the cure, as well as taking care of Ash. But time is running out, and the cure for his mother Queen needs to be in safe hands. 

There is a reason why The Road Warrior ( also known as Mad Max 2 ) is one of the best Australian action films ever made. The action scenes are amazing, for being made on a small budget back in the early 80´s. If the idea was to make something like a Mad Max concept for Future World, it fails. This film does not try to copy Mad Max completely, but you can´t help to feel that they were inspired by the classic films with Mel Gibson, and using some other futuristic elements as well. My biggest problem with Future World, is that this is a sci fi action film that does not know what it wants to be. In some ways this film tries to be an action film, while this film also try to use a classic android theme to make it look cool. And i can´t really see the point with this, unless you know how to make a film like this look good, and make it a fun tribute to classic B movies. Another problem is that the main character Prince, played by actor Jeffrey Wahlberg ( Nephew of actors Mark Wahlberg and Donnie Wahlberg ). Since he is the character you see very often, he is very bleak for so many scenes, and you don´t really care about him. I also don´t feel that the android character Ash ( played by actor Suki Waterhouse ), don´t give this film a stylish look. I know that androids can´t show any human emotions, but i would have liked to see Suki try and work harder on her android character. You can´t really feel pleased with her performance, and this is such a shame. Because i feel that if this android had a stronger personality, it could have helped Future World become more interesting. Now let´s talk about 2 characters i actually enjoyed. First up is legendary hip hop artists Snoop Dogg, who plays the pimp Love Lord. He knows how to look like a pimp, and knows how to act like a pimp, so he is actually right for his character. And of course, his character name is great, who can say no to Love Lord ? And then we have action star Milla Jovovich as Drug Lord, a rough, bad ass woman who knows what she wants. She is actually the highlight of this film, and to see her kick ass again, like in the Resident Evil films, is of course always a pleasure. I will say that actor James Franco ( who was really good in The Disaster Artist ) as the evil Warlord is a fun character, but not the highlight of this film. While some action scenes works for the moment, there are many dialogue scenes that don´t need to be here. I would have liked to see more straight action scenes instead, because this is not the kind of film where dialogue is very important. Directors James Franco and Bruce Thierry Chang have made a B movie that could have been fun, but they made this film way too simple to care about. In the end, Future World is a film you won´t remember, i suggest you watch The Road Warrior on Blu Ray instead, and see how you make an Apocalypse story, that actually works.

Rating: DD

måndag 23 juli 2018

I Am So Excited About The Movie Bohemian Rhapsody

Cheers all my wonderful movie readers.

I recently watched the 2nd trailer for the new movie Bohemian Rhapsody, and i have to say, lead actor Rami Malek looks superb in the role as Queen´s legendary singer Freddie Mercury. If the movie is as good as the trailer, i think we could have a film that especially Queen fans will love. One of the reasons why this movie means so much to me, is because i grew up with Queen´s music, and collected all their albums, VHS concerts, posters on my walls, i was a huge Queen fan. So the film Bohemian Rhapsody lands in theatres worldwide this autumn, and i guarantee that i will write a review on this film.

Freddie Mercury will always be one of the greatest singers of all time, and i really hope this film will give us a powerful image of his personality, his personal life, and why he was loved by millions of fans worldwide.

Are you also excited about Bohemian Rhapsody as i am ? Then be sure to read my review of the film, coming after the premiere this autumn.

I have more movie reviews on the way, and i would like to thank all my readers for reading my reviews, you are the best.

Cheers from Daniel

Beauty Mark

Child abuse in any for should be completely forbidden. No child should be a victim of child abuse, it should not exist. Unfortunately, we know that there are a lot of child abuse victims out there in this world. No matter if they have been sexually molested, verbally or physical abused, no child should go through any kind of abuse. I have a female friend that told me many years ago, that she was molested by a family member when she was just a child. I remember how angry i was, and i could not hold back my tears. I wish i could have known this, so i could stop this evil man. I won´t go in to any details of what happened to him, but she lives with the memories every day. Nothing can take all the pain away, but i will always be there for her, whenever she needs to talk. For me, she is a very brave person who speak about this, but i know she does this so she can support victims that have walked in her shoes. All over the news we hear almost every week about molested children, all over the world. And this never seems to stop. One of the biggest molestation scandals has to be the sexual abuse scandal in Boston archdiocese. When the newspaper The Boston Globe published an investigation about priests in Catholic Church around the city of Boston, the whole world was shocked. Around 90 priests were found having sexually abused children, and this was just in the city of Boston. Of course not all of these priests were convicted, but they should have been. Catholic church is known for protecting pedophiles, even if they know that this is wrong. A film was made based on this scandal in Boston, known as Spotlight, released in 2015. A really strong and emotional film, that tells the story of how The Boston Globe team known as Spotlight, struggled to get the truth out, what the Catholic Church have been hiding for many years. The movie known as Spotlight, is directed by Tom McCarthy, and this is his best film so far as a director. He tells this story so well, with really powerful performances from the cast such as Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, Rachel Adams, Stanley Tucci, Liev Schreiber and many more. Spotlight is a must see for all ages, a very powerful film. I recently started reading about independent films, and came across a movie called Beauty Mark. The reviews seemed to be really good, and i also found out that this film have won several awards, such as Audience Award: Narrative Feature at the Austin Film Festival, and Best Film Award at the San Luis Obispo International Film Award. This film have won other awards as well, so i just had to see Beauty Mark to see if this could be one of the highlights of this year. Is it possible that Beauty Mark is one of the strongest films of this year, or is this film not as good as we were hoping it would be ?

Angie Simms ( Auden Thornton ) is a young single mother, raising her child Trey ( Jameson Fowler ), and takes care of her selfish alcoholic mother Ruth Ann ( Catherine Curtine ). They live in a house, with serious electric problems. The electrician can´t fix it, it is too damaged and too dangerous to live in this house. Their house is later condemned, and Angie has to find money to buy a new place, or she will be homeless with her son and her alcoholic mother. Angie is suffering all her life, with the memories of her being sexually molested by Bruce ( Jeff Kober ). She confronts Pastor Hodges ( Deirdre Lovejoy ) about what happened to her, when she was a child in this church, but gets rejected. Eventually, Pastor Hodges realize that she is telling the truth, and help her seek out another victim, to hear her story. Angie does not have the money to get a new place, so as desperate as she is, she turns to her sexual abuser Bruce for money. Will Angie ever get a better life, or is she stuck forever in a world of misery ?

One of the things i noticed right away with the film Beauty Mark, is how much misery this film is filled with. You have a young woman, who is struggling with her life, trying to survive for her son, and taking care of her alcoholic mother, while remembering being sexually abused as a child. Just imagine how much sadness there is to all of this ? How do you handle all of this without breaking down completely ? After watching Beauty Mark, i have to say that this is one of the movies that have a very deep impact on me. The acting performances in this film are outstanding, and the characters feel so real. Let´s talk about the actors performances for a while . The lead character known as Angie, played fantastic by actor Auden Thornton. She really digs deep into her character and all the shit she is going through in her life, and she manage to capture all of this with body language, face expressions and powerful dialogue. I really hope Auden Thornton will be nominated in several awards in film festivals, she deserves to be. Angie´s alcoholic mother Ruth Ann, played by actor Catherine Curtin, is a performance you will not forget. Catherine´s take on this alcoholic mother is very emotional, to see a mother loose every hope of happiness, and don´t care about anything. Angie´s sexually abuser Bruce, played by actor Jeff Kober, manage to find a balance of how a predator works, and what makes him try and take control of his victims. He also does a great performance, even if you are disgusted by his character. I also love the performance of Angie´s friend Lorraine, played by actor Laura Bell Boundy. Her character is probably the only person who really cares about Angie, and this is also one of the reasons why this makes this film so sad. Some of the scenes when Angie is struggling to let people know, she was molested by a church worker, is heartbreaking. There is a scene when she tries to get help from the church she went to, and she is asked to be quiet. And this is where she breaks out her anger, to let the church know she was molested, and she is not going to be quiet no more. I was emotionally touched by that scene, since the performance of actor Auden Thornton is incredible. Another really emotional and disturbing scene, is when she goes back to her child molester Bruce, to ask for money, so she and her can get a new home before their house is condemned. Imagine being that desperate ? Director Harris Doran have made one of the strongest independent films i have seen for a long time. He clearly wanted to show a realistic story on a victim of sexual abuse, and he does it with a very clear view from the victim´s perspective. It is a very tragic portrait of a woman who can´t get out of her endless misery, and seems to be trapped without any hope. Support the film makers on Beauty Mark and buy the DVD, films like these needs to be seen, to raise awareness that we can´t let child abuse continue.  I have no problem saying this, Beauty Mark is one of the strongest films i have seen this year.

Rating: DDDD

söndag 22 juli 2018


Election is coming closer to Sweden. On September 9th we will see if our Prime Minister Stefan Löfven will stay on his position, or if we will have a new Prime Minister in Sweden. And all over the news, you hear about the political leaders, discussing what we need to improve in Sweden. One of the things that are being discussed are to make sure that Swedish police have more new educated police officers. And i agree, we need more police officers in society, to make sure people feel safe and to stand up against criminals. In Hollywood we have seen so many police movies, you can mention a never ending list of titles. But let´s just talk about about two i feel is worthy to mention. First of, we have Training Day, released in 2001 by director Antoine Fuqua. What made Training Day into such a powerful film about police officers, is the way the film tells the story, about two police officers who live very different lives. You have the corrupt police officer known as Detective Alonzo ( played fantastic by legendary actor Denzel Washington ), who makes up his own rules, and don´t follow any laws. Then you have the police officer Jake Hoyt ( with a really strong performance from Ethan Hawke ), who wants to do right and follow the law. Even if this film is now 17 years old, it is still very effective today to remind us that anyone can be corrupted. I suggest you watch it on Netflix, or perhaps even on Blu Ray and listen to some special features. The next police film i feel we should mention here is the 2002 film known as Narc, directed by Joe Carnahan. Maybe not as powerful as Training Day, but the performances from actors Jason Patric and Ray Liotta are the reasons why i really enjoy this film. Especially the performance of Ray Liotta as Detective Henry Oak. Narc is a great choice, if you want to see a well made police movie, with good acting included. There used to be a time in Hollywood, when legendary actor Nicolas Cage delivered some really good classics. Of course we could talk about Wild At Heart, Leaving Las Vegas or Kiss Of Death. But one of the films i have always loved with Nicolas Cage, is of course one of the best action films known as The Rock, directed by Michael Bay. I can´t remember how many times i have seen this film, but this is still one of the best action films made in the 90´s. Not only is this a really good action film, i love so many characters in this film as well. Especially legendary actor Sean Connery in the role as Captain John Patrick, the perfect choice for a film like this. I have to say that legendary actor Michael Biehn as Commander Anderson is one of the highlights of this film. Let´s not forget that Nicolas Cage actually did a really good performance in this film. In recent years it has been a very hard time for Nicolas Cage, releasing almost only straight to DVD films. I came across one of his latest films called 211, and thought i should give it a try. A police film with Nicolas Cage, could this be one of the highlights of this year, or is this another proof that Cage made another bad career choice ?

Police officer Steve MacAvoy ( Dwayne Cameron ) just found out that he will be a father from his wife Lisa MacAvoy ( Sophie Skelton ). The couple is very excited, but Lisa wish her father Police officer Mike Chandler ( Nicolas Cage ) would be closer to her, now that he is about to become a grandfather. Steve works together with Mike, so he brings up the news. Mike seems to be happy about their baby, even though you can tell he have personal issues to deal with. When a young student named Kenny ( Michael Rainey Jr. ) gets in trouble at school, for hitting a bully in the face, he is ordered to go on a ride along with Police officers Steve and Mike. The idea is for him to see how real life is out on the streets. Mike accidently spots that a bank is being robbed, and can´t leave the location, even if the student is in their Police car. A gang of criminals are not giving up their mission to get all the money, no matter how many lives will be lost.

211 is the perfect example of how Police action movies were made in the early 90´s. A lot of shooting, and some really bad dialogue, mixed with actors that don´t really take their characters seriously. If you happen to love all of this, i think this might be the masterpiece you always dreamed of. Since this is a Nicolas Cage film, you know this is no guarantee that everything is great. He have only done a few good films over the last 10 years, and this is not one of them. Nicolas Cage as Police officer Mike Chandler, is actually not as terrible as you might expect. He is one of the reasons why this film deliver some entertainment. Of course he acts out, like he usually does. And maybe this is why we always return to watch his latest films, because we like him as an actor. The rest of the cast is very divided from an acting perspective. The few characters that i enjoyed in this film is Bank director Randal, played by actor Velizar Binev. The scenes where he is in, is exactly what this film needs. A character that feels interesting, something that this film should have included more of. The bully school victim Kenny, played by actor Michael Rainey Jr. is one of the characters that you would have liked to see more of. He does get some stand alone scenes towards the end, but not that many dialogue chances. So what else is positive about 211 ? The bank robbery scenes looks ok, they seem to have tried to make it look like a realistic robbery. The robbery characters also do a descent job in their performances. The action scenes are not all terrible, but what strikes me with this film, is that there is no real power in the action scenes. If you are going to have a lot of people shooting, you need to make it effective. And this is one of those things that could have been fixed, before the film started shooting. As this film stands now, it is just an action film that you really won´t remember. Director York Alec Shackelton might have had a vision to make an action film that would be appreciated by fans, who gladly pick up direct to DVD action films. But since this film falls pretty flat in this category, there is not a lot to be happy about. If we would not have Nicolas Cage in this film, i think we might have had a even worse film. He saves this film from falling apart, in every possible way. If only actor Velizar Biney could have had a bigger role in this film, we could have something to be happy about. 211 is not a film i can imagine will be seen by many people, and there is a good reason for that. A film that leaves no impact in any way. If you like action films, watch the 1996 classic The Rock instead, that is how you want a real action film to look like, that includes Nicolas Cage.

Rating: DD

It Came From The Desert

B horror films with insects is something i have always have a passion for. I just love the idea of massive insects attacking humans, to show that they run the show. There are so many titles out there, that have been made from the early 50´s. Luckily, a lot of B movie directors have managed to keep this specific genre alive in modern day, and films have been made specifically for the DVD audience. Every year i usually find some new B horror movies, that includes animals, fishes, reptiles or insects. But i also try to check out some of the old films, that i have not seen, or have not seen for many years. One of the classics in this genre, is of course Empire Of The Ants, released in 1977. The biggest reason why this is a classic, is because legendary actor Joan Collins is in this film. And who can say no to ants attacking humans ? It is a concept that you know will bring entertainment. If we move later into the 90´s, there was a film released 1993 on VHS called Ticks. It has been a long time since i watched Ticks, but i remember it was a fun throwback to monster films of the good old days. The one thing that made Ticks special, was the fact that enormous ticks are attacking humans. The special effects may look cheesy today, but i still feel that this is a film worth a watch, especially for nostalgic reasons. So what else do we have to mention ? Let´s not forget Eight Legged Freaks, released in 2002. A horror comedy where giant spiders attack, and this is one of those films where you can have a good laugh, and enjoy a great cast that don´t take themselves too seriously. If i mention Finland, you might think of Koskenkorva, sausages, beer and Lordi. But i can tell you Finland have so much more to offer. Not only are girls in Finland known for being hot, they also have legendary director Renny Harlin who have directed a number of classics such as Die Hard 2, Cliffhanger, Cutthroat Island and The Long Kiss Goodnight. Renny have actually made more great films over his career, and one of the films you don´t really hear about often is the 2004 film known as Mindhunters. A different take on the serial killer genre, with a concept that actually worked well. I would not say this is his best film, but one of the films that deserves recognition. There are plenty of other good directors in Finland, and there are new interesting movies coming out. I got the chance to see a new horror comedy called It Came From The Desert, made by Finnish director Marko Mäkilaakso. I noticed that this was a movie based on the 1989 Amiga game, also a tribute to the 1950´s classic with the same name. Of course i had to see if this would be any good, since i am a big fan of monster B movies. Do we finally have a classic B movie for everyone to enjoy, or is It Came From The Desert a film that won´t leave any impact at all ?

Brian ( Harry Lukas Smith ), Lukas ( Alex Millis ) and Lisa ( Vanessa Grasse ) head out to a desert to have a great time at a party. Brian have a crush on Lisa, something he does not know how to express, and he is afraid to tell her. As the party goes on, Brian and Lukas accidently find a secret research facility, where they enter out of curiosity. Inside the doors of this facility, is mutated ants. The enormous ants manage to get out, and are know on the way to the party. Brian and Lukas have no idea how to stop these enormous ants, but unless they find a way to do so, mankind could be lost forever.

If you love cheesy fun B horror movies from the 70´s and 80´s, just like me, i have a feeling you will appreciate this film. It Came From The Desert is the kind of film you would want to see in a cinema, with the whole family. You have giant flesh eating ants attacking, some fun action scenes, cheesy dialogue, and fun characters. What else do you need for a family movie ? The story may not deliver anything different from many other B horror movies, but this film actually works because it takes place in a deserted desert area, where secret experiments have been taking place in a secret compound. One of the most positive things about It Comes From The Desert, is that this film never really gets boring. This is great, because there are B horror movies with insects that usually go pretty slow. This film however knows how to pick up the right speed, and deliver some funny scenes. The characters is also one of the thing that works in this film. I especially enjoy the character Lisa, played by actor Vanessa Grasse. She is tough, and knows how to bring a performance that fits with the character. Actor Mark Arnold ( known from the classic Teenwolf, and also seen in Kingsman: The Golden Circle ) plays the character Dr. Renard. When you hear Dr. Renard explain what happened out there in the desert, you get a sense how important his character is to the story. I also think actor Mark Arnold gives a pretty solid performance. The main character Brian, played by actor Harry Lister Smith is one of those characters you automatically enjoy. Director Marko Mäkilaaso is known for his short films and being the director of his horror film War Of The Dead. I have to say, Marko proves that Finland directors knows how to make a tribute to old school movies. It Came From The Desert is a fun B horror movie, that knows what it wants to be. This film does not need a fantastic plot, or  an original concept. This is a movie that is purely made for B movie lovers like myself. Are there any flaws ? Of course, but who cares ? I just want to see giant ants attack humans, hot girls and see big guns fire a lot of bullets. And we do get it all here, so i can´t complain. I also have to mention that i like the CGI effects of the big ants. If you are not sure what to watch in the summer heat, why not pick up It Came From The Desert on DVD, as i did ? This film is actually coming to cinemas in Finland in September, so i suggest people of Finland to buy tickets. I guarantee you are in for a good time. Anyone have a flame thrower lying around ? Good, i thought i might hit the desert to kill some mutated ants, just like the good old days of Swedish Midsummer.

Rating: DDD

fredag 13 juli 2018

The Heretics

Religious cults are one of the things i am very interested to learn about. Why ? Because so many of them are clearly insane, and they never seem to go away. In every country, you will guaranteed find a religious cult, or several, and what they actually believe in. I have been thinking about starting my own, simply called Space Virgins From Helsinki, simply because this is actually a very good cult name. So what would we believe in ? That we wish to visit the moon known as Nipple 34, where our master The Tree With Fuzzy Legs await for our arrival. Of course we travel naked to our destination, since this would make more sense. I have not made a web page yet, but don´t worry, i will try and see if Scientology could help us out making it, them seem to have some cash over. When it comes to cults that actually exists, i have seen plenty of interesting documentaries. And one of them that i watched last year, can be found on Netflix. A documentary film called Holy Hell, that tells the story of Buddhafield, a cult group who became very big in America, led by cult leader Michel Rostand. At first it may seem like this religious group want to build a community of peace. But when you realize what is going on in real life, you get a wake up call. This is a well made documentary film by director Will Allen, who was a member of Buddhafield. He tells a story that is both disturbing, and fascinating from a psychological perspective. It is hard to believe that so many followed the disturbed mind of Michel Rostand, and that they actually believed him. But this is a pretty ordinary thing for most cult members to do, they will believe anything their leader says. I highly recommend that you check out Holy Hell on Netflix, and learn about the dangers of religious cults. Another really good documentary film that you should see on Netflix, is the documentary film called Going Clear: Scientology And The Prison Of Belief, directed by Alex Gibney. A very fascinating look inside of how the religion of Scientology works, and how disturbing the people are who run this church. There are plenty of very interesting interviews in this film, and you also get to know some really disturbing details on how Scientology work to make their members completely useless. Horror films that use religious cults have been used in many films. One film that i have always appreciated from the 80´s, is a film you don´t really hear about anymore. It is a horror film called The Believers, released in 1987. This film is directed by legendary director John Schlesinger ( who directed classics such as Midnight Cowboy and The Marathon Man ). Martin Sheen is in the lead role in The Believers, a film that tells the story of a Hispanic cult, who murders children. A great horror film, even though i know not all movie critics appreciated the brutal tone of the film. And Martin Sheen in the lead role turned out to be a good choice. I recently stumbled upon a new B horror film called The Heretics, that seemed to have a religious cult theme. Of course i had to check this film out, considering the religious theme. Do we have a good B horror movie in our hands, or is The Heretics a film you don´t need to waste your precious time on ?

Gloria ( Nina Kira ) is in love with her beautiful girlfriend Joan ( Jorja Cadence ). And the happiness they share together, is unmissable. One day, as Gloria is out on the streets, she is kidnapped by Thomas ( Ry Ba Barrett ). He tells Gloria that he saved her from a very dangerous religious cult, who are planning to use her body, to summon their demonic God. Joan is out looking for Gloria, but who is this man Thomas, and is he telling the whole truth ? Is this religious cult really planning to use Gloria´s body ?

Making a horror film that tells the story of a disturbing religious cult, can be difficult. You have to be able to make the film look interesting, and make sure that the image of the cult works for this movie genre. In this case, i have to say that The Heretics manage to work, thanks to a great main character, and the look of the religious cult. Let´s begin to talk about the look of this religious cult. The wooden face masks are pretty effective, and give you a disturbing image of how cults use their beliefs in a completely insane way. I also think that the Satanic look of this cult is effective in this film, and remind me of old school 70´s horror films. Let´s talk about the characters for a while. The main actor Nina Kira ( known for her character Alma in the critically acclaimed TV Series The Handmaid´s Tale ), who plays the kidnapped victim Gloria, makes a really good effort to make her character feel like a victim, and does one of the strongest acting performances in this film. I also enjoy the performance of actor Jorja Cadence as Gloria´s girlfriend Joan. In the scenes where she gets screen time, she knows how to deliver a performance that works with this genre. We have to mention the kidnapper known as Thomas, played by actor Ry Barrett. You can tell that his character have been damaged mentally by the religious cult, but he wants to do whats right.  The plot of this film may not deliver anything fresh, but what this film does is paying respect to old school horror films. And this is something i appreciate, growing up watching classic Satanic cult films from the 60´s and the 70´s. When we get to find out more about this religious cult, the film become a bit more interesting. I would not say we get to know a lot of details, but enough to get a sense of how sick this cult is. The rituals that this cult use, is clearly a passageway to the gateways of hell. The gore scenes actually works pretty well, and there are some brutal scenes that manage to give The Heretics a different look than most religious horror films. Director Chad Archibald have directed and produced a number of films, where one of the films most people will recognize is the 2015 horror film Bite. I have wanted to see this film for some time, but have not yet. The Heretics proves that he clearly have a passion for old school horror films, and the visual look of this film looks great.I also think the make up effects looks good as well. If you ( just like me ) enjoyed the religious cult horror film The Believers that i mentioned earlier in this review, i think you will enjoy The Heretics for trying to bring back the style, and feeling of classic religious cult films. If you love horror films, and want to watch a good one this summer, The Heretics will deliver guaranteed. A film that may not be noticed everywhere, but makes a solid impact for this genre.

Rating: DDD

torsdag 12 juli 2018

I Feel Pretty

How amazing our human bodies are. We all have different shapes, and that is supposed to be that way. Wait, are we not supposed to have the perfect magazine cover bodies ? Actually, no. What you are supposed to do is feel good about yourself, and remember that everyone looks different. Of course we could sometimes wish we would loose weight, and you can do that in a good way, by exercise and eating healthy. This is of course good for everyone, but remember that you don´t have to have a perfect body. I am not thin myself, but i don´t mind being chubby. In fact, i look gorgeous in anything with latex, trust me on that. I can imagine especially women in all ages are worried about their bodies, and i only have one thing to say about that.  Be proud of your body girl, no matter what anyone says. And another good advice is, if you love Dolph Lundgren like myself, you look good anywhere you go, because Dolph makes us all shine like sunflowers. When it comes to Hollywood, a lot of movies show of the fantastic female bodies so many women wish they have. So of course it is not difficult to understand why a lot of films have women with great bodies. This is why we need a break from the stereotypical image of women, and also in relationships. And one of the films that managed to do both things really well is the comedy Trainwreck, released in 2015. A comedy where comedian actor Amy Shuman, plays the party crazy girl Amy Townsend, who sleep around with different men and don´t care about relationships. But something happends when she meets the opposite of herself named Dr Aaron Connors, played by actor Bill Hader. Trainwreck was the funniest film of the year 2015, and i just loved the performance of comedian Amy Schumer. She managed to capture so many embarrassing moments, that i laughed surprisingly more than i expected. If you have not seen Trainwreck, you have to watch this film. Wrestler and actor John Cena also does one funniest performances i have ever seen him do. After the movie Trainwreck was a huge success, Amy ended up in some really controversial headlines, after her comedy stand up show back in 2015, when she joked about race. Of course the media went viral on this, at the same time, we all know many comedians have joked about this before. So i personally feel that this was probably not meant to hurt anyone. As i heard about her new upcoming film I Feel Pretty this early spring, i became curious. The film seemed to be a good idea, made into a comedy. And the trailer looked funny, so i just had to see if Amy Schumer would deliver again. Is this movie the comedy of the year, or is this a comedy that probably no one will laugh at, or remember at all ?

Renee Bennett ( Amy Schumer ) works for a fashion company, in a small office in Chinatown. She is miserable about her life, her self esteem, and all she wants is to feel beautiful. Her best friends Vivian ( Aidy Bryant ) and Jane ( Busy Phillips ) try to cheer her up, as they pose on social media to show the world that they are beautiful women. But every day, Renee feels her low self esteem grow, and she wish for a new look. So one night, as she watches the classic Tom Hanks classic Big on TV, she have an idea. She can also change herself, just like in the movie, by making a wish. In pouring rain, Renee throws a coin into a fountain, wishing she was beautiful. Nothing happens, so the next day at the gym, as she is getting ready for a work out shift on a SoulCykle bike, she hits her head bad as she falls off the bike. As she wakes up, she sees a completely different woman in the mirror, her wish has come true. She is the pretty girl she always wanted to be. But the thing is nothing has changed on her, she just believe this herself. So a new Renee is ready to show the world, that she is the hottest woman on this planet, and no matter where she goes, she is so beautiful that she shines. Her goal, to become a receptionist at the fashion company LeClaire, is one step closer to become reality, or is it really true ?

Since i did not enjoy Amy Schumer as much as i would have hoped in her film Snatched, with Goldie Hawn last year, my expectations for I Feel Pretty was not very high. But i have to say, this is exactly what we needed from Amy Schumer, a comedy about self esteem and being proud of yourself. The subject is of course everywhere in media, so why not joke about it ? The best part of this film is the character that Amy Schumer plays, known as Renee. You feel sorry for her, but as she begins to see herself as the most beautiful girl in the world, you can´t help to feel positive about her self esteem. Amy knows how to be funny, and in comedy she have both the right timing, and some really funny dialogue scenes that gives you some good laughs. But the good news is that Amy is not the only actor who manage to do a funny performance. I have to mention Renee´s best friends Vivian ( played by actor Aidy Bryant ) and Jane ( played by actor Busy Phillips ). Both actors deliver some funny moments in the scenes together with Amy Shumer, and i have to say that these 3 characters do feel like they are friends. I also enjoy the performance of actor Michelle Williams ( who have a lot of great performances in Blue Valentine,  A Week With Marilyn and Manchester By The Sea ) who portrays the blonde cosmetic company boss Avery LeClaire. She does her character so good, that you just have to love her performance. So what else does I Feel Pretty manage to do right ? The topics on self esteem works pretty good, especially after Renee hits her head, and suddenly become the most beautiful girl in the world. The self esteem that comes out of her mouth becomes pretty funny in several scenes, and this is exactly what this film needed to make it work as a comedy. I also enjoy the bad timing Renee has in many things she does, and she clearly have no idea how things are supposed to be done correctly. Anything negative ? Well, i suppose that some of the other characters don´t really feel as funny, especially the male characters. They don´t seem to be on the same comedy level as the girls in this film, so i have to say that the women win every single round in this film. Is this film as funny as Trainwreck ? No, but that´s ok, this is actually the best comedy Amy Schumer has done since then, and we have to be positive about that. To all the ladies out there, you should see I Feel Pretty and i guarantee you can recognize yourself in Renee. I had a good time with this film, and i hope you will too. I actually feel really pretty right now, i better put on my latex outfits again, just in case someone is ready to party.

Rating: DDD


Growing up as a kid, i loved playing video games. My dad bought me my very first Nintendo station, back in the early 80´s and i played so many classics, constantly. Let´s be honest, how many of you did not love the cult game The Legend Of Zelda ? I actually tried this game earlier this spring again, and even if the game is old, it is still a great game. Most of all, i played most games on Amiga 500 during the early 90´s. This was where i really started collecting games, of all kinds. Amiga 500 had so many great games to offer, and i remember that i especially loved the Turrican games. Shoot out games, that were perfect for Saturday mornings with sandwiches and hot chocolate. They did release Super Turrican on Super Nintendo as well, and i was lucky to try it at a school friends house. As i got a bit older, i moved on to PlayStation, and for some reason did not care anymore about playing Amiga 500 games, so i basically gave it all away. Of course, since the game industry was changing and PlayStation was extremely popular, i focused on new games instead. Even until today i am playing pretty new games on Xbox One, and i love the way video games have developed, especially becoming so great in story telling and strong characters. Let´s not forget the amazing graphics some games have, there is a bright future for the video game industry. But i have to admit, it is nice to play old games sometimes, for nostalgic reasons. Recently i played the Sega game Altered Beast, where you fight monsters and transform into a monster yourself. I just downloaded the game to my cell phone, that works perfectly fine. Speaking of monsters, how many of you remember the Arcade game Rampage, released in 1986 ? The game is pretty simple, destroy buildings and destroy cars in a city as a monster, and if you manage to destroy all the buildings, you go to the next level. But there is military ready to kill you, so you might as well attack them as well. i have learned that Rampage have had several of sequels released, and i have not played any of them. Only the original game, and i still think this is a fun classic. Since Hollywood is doing anything they can to find new movie projects, i heard about their idea of making a movie, loosely based on the video game. There are good movies based on video games out there, just look at the 2006 film Silent Hill, and you can tell that they can do it, with the right director and a great cast. After reading about Rampage coming to cinemas this spring, i watched the trailer and it seemed like fun. Since i enjoy most of Dwayne Johnson´s films, of course i had to see this one as well. Could this film called Rampage be the best video game adaptation released for a long time, or does this film prove why its not a good idea to make a movie based on a video game ?

Athena-1, a research space station owned by gene manipulation company Energyne, is destroyed after a mutated laboratory rat attacks. Dr. Kerry Atkins ( Marley Shelton ) is the only survivor on Athena-1, and she is ordered by Energyne´s CEO Claire Wyden ( Malin Åkerman ) to retrieve research canisters containing a pathogen. Dr. Kerry manage to flee in the escape pod, after the mutated rat tried to stop her. But a crack in the window, make the escape pod disintegrate. The canisters head towards Earth, where they land on different locations, where a crocodile in Everglades become mutated, and a wolf in the forest of Wyoming. Primatologist Davis Oyke ( Dwayne Johnson ) , a former US Army Special Forces soldier, works at the San Diego Wildlife Sanctuary, a wildlife preserve. Here he especially work with an Albino gorilla named George, where Davis use sign language to communicate with George. One night, one of the canisters lands in George´s habitat, and George is exposed to the pathogen. Davis can tell George is changing, and growing far more than any gorilla would. He is also becoming more aggressive. David is contacted by Dr. Kate Caldwell ( Naomie Harris ), a genetic engineer who explain what George have been exposed to. She explain that she had hope using the CRISP research to potentially cure diseases, but the company Energyne are in fact planning to use it as a biological weapon. As they find out about other mutated animals attacking, Davis and Dr. Kate have no other choice, they must find an antidote and finish this chaos.

When i first heard that a movie was going to be made, based on the classic video game Rampage, i was skeptical. Not because Dwayne " The Rock " Johnson would be in the lead role, but if this would be a good movie adaptation to a video game. And i am glad to say, this is not an awful video game movie. In fact, this film does manage to throw in some classic elements from the game, and make some scenes look pretty majestic. Now, if you are expecting amazing performances, and a great plot, this is probably not the right film to watch. However, if you love monster action films, i have a feeling that Rampage will match your taste. This is the kind of film that is made for a popcorn evening, when you just want to see pure action entertainment, mixed with video game influences. I am not surprised why Dwayne Johnson is in this film, he is a great main character as Davis Okoye, and he proves once again why he really works well in action films. So of course this is a good choice, especially in a film where he fights against monsters. In the rest of the cast we find some highlights as well, especially from the character Claire Wyden, played by Malin Åkerman. She is a strong female character, and i have to say that Malin manage to give this character the right kind of rough look. Another great character is David´s science back up Dr. Kate Caldwell, played by actor Naomie Harris. She fits well with the story, and you get a sense that she takes her job seriously, and knows how to handle the situation. Let´s not forget to mention legendary actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan as government agent Harvey Russel. He may not have a lot of screen time, but it feels good to see Jeffrey Dean do another character that fits him. Imagine a mixture of Godzilla, and the monsters from Pacific Rim, and you kind of know what this turns out to be. Rampage is however not as good as the first Pacific Rim movie, or as good as the 2014 version of Godzilla. If you can accept this, i still think you will find yourself enjoying this movie adaptation. And for being a video game adaptation of a classic Arcade game, i don´t think this is a bad version. I can imagine that some fans of the classic games might see some problems with this film, how the adaptation looks like. I  still feel that his film does get the feeling from the game, at least in the end when you see the monsters crawling on buildings, destroying cars and eating people. And if you have played the game, i think you will recognize the monsters especially, perhaps a bit improved since the 80´s look. Rampage is probably not going to be appreciated by everyone, but that´s ok. I happen to like monster films, especially if we get great looking CGI fights and Dwayne Johnson kicking ass. I suggest you give Rampage a chance, and you might actually enjoy it.

Rating: DDD

tisdag 3 juli 2018

How A Remake Of Road House Would Work

Greetings all my readers !

I have been suggesting to Warner Bros for a long time, how a remake of the classic Patrick Swayze movie Road House would work. My suggestion was that the cast would include Vin Diesel and legendary action star Michael Dudikoff in some of the roles. Now i have another suggestion to Warner Bros. My suggestion is to have wonderful actor Reine Swart in one of the roles. She did an amazing performance in the horror movie The Lullaby, a film you should experience. I know that legendary action star Michael Dudikoff is interested in being a part of a Road House remake. I hope this could become reality, and that everyone appreciate my vision. Hopefully we will see a worthy remake with a wonderful cast. Have a great summer everyone and new reviews are coming next week. 

Cheers from Daniel