lördag 31 augusti 2019


Social media is a big part of our lives. No matter if we are sitting on a train, bus, or just walking around town, you see people constantly watching vloggers. A lot of people love to looking at vloggers, and see what they do every day. I have tried to check some vloggers out, and i have to say this is probably not my thing. Well, except for one vlog video of vlogger Shay Carl did a video called I´m Sorry, where he did a video to make everyone feel sorry for him cheating on his wife. Now, the only enjoyable thing i had with this video was that it was the worst acting i have seen in a long time. Almost as bad as the acting in the film The Trump Prophecy ( a film you should see if you want to experience worst movie of last year ). Now, i know Shay Carl is very popular, and he probably will be for a very long time. But the I´m Sorry vlog video proves, he should not do any acting in a drama movie in the future. Found footage films can be found in many different shapes and in different genres. But most found footage films are usually made in the horror genre. I could easily talk about some good found footage horror films, but i decided to focus on one specific title. The 2013 found footage horror movie known as Afflicted, is actually one of my favourite found footage horror films. This is a very well made film, that tells the story of Derek and Clif, two friends who go out on a European trip to have fun and document their travelling by filming their journey. Of course something goes really bad, when Derek is suddenly becoming ill and his behavior is changing unexpected. Afflicted is not only technially really well made, but use the found footage genre in a very effective way. If you have not seen this film, you should pick it up on DVD or Blu Ray. I don´t see that many found footage horror films anymore, as i used to back in the past. You could say that this genre is not as popular as it used to be. But i came across a title known as #Followme, that seemed interesting on VOD. A found footage horror film about three women on vacation, what could possibly go wrong ? Do we finally have a good horror film in this genre, or should film makers stop doing found footage films and focus on quality films instead?

Three British female friends from London, Sophie ( Kara Kingsward-Hughes ), Jessica ( Scarlett Davies ) and Lisa ( Maria Loius ) are all travelling to America, where Sophie is filming everything for her vlogging channel. Their mission is to have fun, and experience American culture and meet new people. As their journey is filled with crazy moments, something is about to change their trip soon. It seems as if someone is following them, and no one knows why. As they go further along their trip, all hell is about to break loose.

My expectations for #Followme were not that high, since this seemed to be another found footage horror film that would not be different from most releases. And in some ways this is true, but there is also something positive to say about #Followme. You see, this film actually have some fun characters, compared to some found fottage horror films. In most films in this genre, you care more about the scary parts. In #Followme it becomes clear that they actually tried to make the 3 main characters, potraying young women who are enjoying their lives. And the vlogging parts of this film actually works with the plot ( not all the time, but for the most part ). So doing this found footage horror film from a vlogger perspective is actually not a bad idea, since vlogging is very popular. Let´s talk about the characters. Actress Kara Kingsward-Hughes plays the vlogging character Sophie. The thing i like about her character is that she seems to be ready for an adult life, while her two best friends are still living it out. Actors Scarlett Davies and Maria Louis as characters Jessica and Lisa are clearly wild girls, and their personalities match for this kind of found footage film. Everything starts off pretty basic, until we get to follow the girls on their journey to America. The film becomes more interesting when they are followed by someone mysterious, leaving notes along their way. And when you realize that there is a serial killer out there, this film manage to find a fascinating story. The ending is actually the best part of this film, really brutal ( and i wish there would have been more brutality earlier in the film ). My only problem with #Followme is that the horror elements are perhaps not that strong, with such a brutal ending. If they would have been more sadistic earlier in the film, i think it would have helped the film from a found footage perspective. Director Sam Hardy ( who also plays one of the characters in this film known as Jake ) have made a good directorial debut film, especially in the found footage genre. #Followme is not one of the better found footage horror films i have seen, but surprisingly good. If you enjoy this genre, i suggest you check this film out. I also heard there is a sequel coming, let´s hope it will be more brutal and deliver us some surprises.

Rating: DDD

måndag 19 augusti 2019

20 Years Anniversary Review Of The Boondock Saints

Cult films, they manage to survive no matter how many years goes by. Some of them might have been big box office flops, but did find a new audience on VHS and DVD. There are of course a number of reasons why this happens, but i think movie fans love films that stands out of the ordinary release. So even if they are considered box office failures, they can find a new audience in other ways. There are a lot of titles to choose between, that are considered to be cult classics. But i decided to pick out 2 titles that have become cult films, and appreciated by movie lovers worldwide. Let´s begin with the 1986 film Big Trouble In Little China, directed by John Carpenter. This is a very odd action comedy, mixing martial arts with chinese magic. But from an entertainment perspective, this is one of those 80´s classics that works still today, especially the main character Jack Burton, played by legendary actor Kurt Russel. Director John Carpenter found a way to make this film both fun, and give us a different perspective on the legacy of Chinatown. Big Trouble In Little China bombed at the box office, taking in only about 11 million U.S. dollars. But the film managed to do better on VHS, including on a 2 DVD disc special edition, with some nice features. There is a really good Blu Ray release from Arrow Video with even more special features, that´s worth buying. My next pick for a cult movie is Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, released in 1998. A very odd psychedelic satirical black comedy from legendary director Terry Gilliam, with a brilliant performance from Johnny Depp. This film is a completely different trip than most ordinary road movies, with odd characters travelling across the Nevada desert in 1971. I have to mention some great actors are included here as well, such as Benicio Del Toro, Tobey Maguire, Gary Busey, Mark Harmon, Flea ( from The Red Hot Chili Peppers ), Cameron Diaz and many more. Also worth checking out on DVD or Blu Ray. This year one cult film turned 20 years old, a film known as The Boondock Saints. I remember this film for a different of reasons, but have not seen this film for almost 20 years. So i decided to watch the film again on Blu Ray, to see if this film would still be good after so many years. Is it possible that The Boondock Saints is still a hell of a good time, or has this film aged too much after 20 years ?

In Boston, two Irish American twin brothers Connor MacManus ( Sean Patrick Flanery ) and Murpy MacManus ( Norman Reedus ) kill Russian mobsters, especially when the Russian Mobsters want to close down their favourite pub. The Russian Mob seek revenge on the brothers, but end up dead. FBI agent Paul Smecker ( Willem Dafoe ) is assigned to the case, as he finds out that the Police and local news reporters see The MacManus brothers as heroes. Connor and Murphy turn themselves in at a Police station, where Smecker interview them. After they retell their incident, Smecker declines to press charges and allows them to spend the night in a holding cell to avoid the attention from media. That night they receive a calling from " God " telling them to hunt down wicked men so that the innocent will flourish. The MacManus Brothers are about to clean up the city of Boston from sinners, and they will not stop until they have succeeded.

When you have not seen a film for almost 20 years, and you see this film again and still feel the magic, you know there is something special about this title. And this is exactly how i feel about The Boondock Saints, this is a very odd mixture of a vigilante story, with some crazy characters included. And one of the reasons why this film stands out from all the other vigilante stories we have so many times before, is the violent style and the Irish Catholic theme of this film. Let´s talk about the characters in this film. Main actors Sean Patrick Flanery ( who i especially remember from the 1997 film Suicide Kings ) and Norman Reedus ( who is excellent in the TV series The Walking Dead ) play the two Irish brothers Connor and Murphy. It becomes clear that they both have worked hard to make these characters fit in with the plot, and get the right tone of Boston vigilantes. I feel both of them have done a really good job portraying these characters. Now, i have to talk about my favourite character in this film. Actor David Della Rocco as the mentally insane criminal Rocco is absolutely brilliant. When he starts freaking out, he goes all in for his character in a very powerful way. Legendary actor Willem Dafoe ( with so many classics in his catalogue, especially David Lynch cult film Wild At Heart ) as Paul Scmecker, is another classic performance from Dafoe. No matter what character he takes on, he knows exactly how to make them his own. One of the things that make Paul so cool, is how sure he is about solving crimes and needs no advices. Legendary actor Ron Jeremy is also really cool as Vincenzo Lipazzi. I have to mention legendary actor ( comedian ) Billy Connolly as the gun crazy character Il Duce ( one of his best performances ). If you look at The Boondock Saints from an action perspective, this is a wet dream for fans of violence. There is a lot of brutality here, with a lot of shooting. But there is a good reason for that, since this is connected to the plot in a clever way. Director Troy Duffy have made a film that is not only really cool, but also give a different perspective on the city of Boston and the Catholic society. You could say that this is a love letter to the city of Boston. The Boondock Saints will live on as a cult film, and i would not be surprised if a young generation will connect with this film in present day. An action film with lots of power, and a strong message about justice and brotherhood. If you have not seen this one, make sure you do and i guarantee you will have a great time.

Rating: DDDD

Zombie Tidal Wave

There are some directors who can change your life, in a very unexcpected way. What do i mean by that ? Well, there are directors that this world needs, to make this world a more beautiful place. You might think i am thinking about legendary directors like Steven Speilberg or George Lucas. Of course they have delivered some great classics, but that´s not who i had in my mind right now. There is one man who had a vision, to change everything we thought would be impossible. You see, in 2013 my life changed completely, thanks to director Anthony C. Ferrante with Sharknado. This was the first time in my life where i understood why we all should love each other more. Sharknado brought out the male emotions i never thought existed, but Anthony C. Ferrante knew how to make that possible. Sharknado became a cult classic, and he directed all 6 films in this franchise. Every time a new Sharknado film came out, it was like falling in love all over again, i just wanted more. I don´t know how Anthony knew, but somehow he felt that actor Ian Ziering and actress Tara Reid would be a perfect match for the Sharknado franchise. 6 films, with a hell of a lot of fantastic cameos, and it was time to end the Sharknado series. On the final film i remember i cried, i would miss Finn and April more than anything, i needed their fantastic acting. After some time i started hoping that maybe...just maybe we would see them return in another kind of film. So when i found out that a new film was coming from director Anthony C. Ferrante, and have actor Ian Ziering in the lead role again ( as another character ) i was jumping of joy. The title turned out to be Zombie Tidal Wave, and the trailer looked amazing. With the same director and lead actor from Sharknado working together again, in a completely different film, will we have the same magic as before or is Zombie Tidal Wave their first failure ?

Hunter Shaw ( Ian Ziering ) spots something strange is going on in the ocean, as the woman Jada McCray ( Eliza D´Souza ) is attacked by a living dead from the ocean. Her husband Ray McCray ( Shelton Jovilette ) tries to save her but without any luck. But their biggest problem is about to come. A huge tsunami wave of zombies is heading towards land, and no one knows where this tsunami wave came from. Now, they must find a way to stop the living dead.

You remember that feeling you had the first time you felt watching the Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant film Notting Hill back in 1999 ? That feeling is exactly the same that you will get with Zombie Tidal Wave. You just want to cuddle up next to Hugh Grants chest, and dream away ( not talking about myself, a cousin of mine ). If you thought the zombie genre is completely run out of steam, think again. This is a love letter to all B movie lovers who loves zombies, and loves to see Ian Ziering kick zombie ass. When you see the zombie tsunami ( or zombie tidal wave, depending on who you ask ), you know this is going to be fun. The zombies comes in all shapes and sizes, and the same goes with the zombie make up ( some look ok while some look a bit cheesy ). Let´s get into the characters. Actor Ian Ziering plays the character Hunter Shaw, who reminds me of his character of Fin in Sharknado. There are a few differences of course, but you can´t help being reminded of his classic character. Australian actress Cheree Cassidy ( who some of you might have seen in TV series Home And Away ) plays Kenzie Wright. It is nice to see her in a zombie film, compared to her previous TV characters. Actor Shelton Jovilette as Ray McCRay brings the comedy highlights into Zombie Tidal Wave. The plot is very simple, but works thanks to the cast and the zombie performances. One of the highlights of this film is the zombie kills with a weapon that looks similar to a machete, but has electricity connected into the sword. This is where the fun kills gets going, when Ian Ziering strikes back with his electric sword. There are 2 details i would have liked to see more in this film, another big zombie tsunami, and some unexpected cameo from a famous actor. Other than that i am pleased with this film. Zombie Tidal Wave is a great start ( hopefully to a new franchise ) and this will guaranteed be enjoyed by zombie fans. Director Anthony C. Ferrante knows exactly how to deliver solid entertainment, and i think this should be his ticket to a Nobel Prize nominee. There is no doubt, Zombie Tidal Wave will make couples want to make babies more than ever before, i guess tsunamis and zombies combined is all you need to spice things up in the bed room.

Rating: DDD

söndag 18 augusti 2019

Critters Attack!

Growing up as a VHS nerd in the 80´s, i have a lot of good memories about going to our local VHS rental stores. In my hometown we especially had 2 big VHS rental stores, and i used to visit them both a lot. If a film was too violent to rent ( for my young age ), some friends of mine got their parents to rent the titles, so we would watch brutal action and horror films. Unfortunately a lot of titles were censored, because some films were considered to be too violent. But just to see the films, we rented a lot of titles anyway. There are so many films i remember, but let´s bring up 2 titles that made the 80´s a fun time. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 is the sequel to the cult classic film from 1974, that both had a lot of violence but also some comedy elements as well. This sequel is actually not bad, and i especially love actor Bill Moseley´s performance as " Chop-Top" Sawyer. Legendary actor Dennis Hopper as Lieutenant " Lefty " Enright is of course one of the highlights as well. This film is directed by legendary director Tobe Hooper and is considered to be one of the best sequel to the original film. I find this film to be very entertaining for many reasons. This film is very crazy, with a lot of odd characters and a lot of funny scenes including a cannibal family ( may not sound funny now, but once you see the film i guarantee you will laugh ). The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 is a must watch, especially on the fantastic Blu Ray release from Arrow Video. My next pick is also a horror comedy released in 1986 callled Critters. A film that tells the story of flesh eating furry aliens who lands on Earth, attacking ordinary American families. Critters combined sci fi influences with horror and comedy in an effective way. The critters creatures looked great as well, and became a cult phenomena in the horror society. This film is directed by Stephen Herek ( who also directed the 1993 version of The Three Musketeers ). Critters continued to live on through 3 more sequels, and the second one was actually not bad. But when Critters 3 was released in 1991 ( with a very young Leonardo Di Caprio ), you could tell that this franchise was not getting better. Critters 4 was not good, where Critters were fighting in space. As a new TV series was released in the spring of 2019 called Critters: A New Binge, it was clear that Critters were making it back after a long time away. So when i got the news of a new TV film called Critters Attack ! i was of course excited. I ordered a DVD copy, just to make sure i would see this film with a physical copy ( i prefer to see films this way ). Is this the sequel all Critters fans have been waiting for, or should this film have never been allowed to be released ?

Sushi restaurant worker Drea ( Tashiana Washington ) have dreamed about getting in to her favourite college. Her application is a denial letter, so she will have to wait until she can try and apply again. Her little brother Phillip ( Jaeden Noel ) is determined that he knows aliens are Among us, as Drea thinks her brother is crazy. Until one of the Sushi restaurant delivery boys are killed by the alien creatures known as Critters, who crash landed on Earth. The whole town will soon see that these visitors is looking for human flesh, unless they find a way to stop them from invading their beloved town.

Let´s be honest here. It is really hard making a sequel that is as good as the original film. The tricky part is to make a sequel that still works, and pay respect to the original film. In some ways i feel that Critters Attack does hit the right spots. The critters are not CGI effects and look pretty good. The attack scenes is quite fun, where the critters feed on flesh, jus like the good old days of the 80´s. Since both Critters 3 and 4 did not reach the same level of quality as the previous films, Critters Attack is clearly a step forward into something more positive in this franchise. Let´s get into the characters. Tashiana Washington ( who can be seen in the independent drama Skate Kitchen ) plays the character Drea. I think this is a great female character in a film like this, and Tashiana deliver a performance that works well with her character. The best performance in this film comes from legendary actress Dee Wallace ( who was in the original film as a different character ) as Alien hunter Dee. It feels nostalgic to see her return into the Critters franchise. I also enjoy the performance from teenage actress Ava Preston ( who did a really good performance in the horror film I´ll Take Your Dead, a film i recently reviewed ) as the character Trissy Lacy. There are some more characters i could mention, but there are some that i feel does not deliver quite as good as the ones i mentioned earlier. One of the things i feel this sequel does right, is not taking itself too serious. If you remember the first 2 films with Critters, there are some comedy elements in there. You will find it in this film as well, and in a few scenes it actually works. The female critter named Bianca, looks like a cute Gizmo version, another great detail of this film. Perhaps i would have liked some more blood and flesh wounds, we don´t get much of that. Director Bobby Miller ( who directed the sci fi drama The Cleanse, or known as The Master Clense ) have made a sequel that feels like a fun throwback to my childhood. He may not get all the pieces right, but this is a sequel that is clearly made for fans of the old films. Critters Attack is a sci fi comedy that may not win a new audience, but will perhaps please fans that grew up with Critters in the 80´s. Worth getting on DVD and Blu Ray, and maybe we can get a sequel by supporting this film.

Rating: DDD

lördag 17 augusti 2019

A Movie Review Request From Actress Dillyn Fawn Harvey

Cheers everyone!

Summer is coming to an end in Sweden, now its 200 days of snow, ice, avalanches, and no sun for a hell of a long time. So i need to get to my palm trees, to feel normal again. Until then, i have a lot of reviews coming this autumn. Now, when ever i get a movie review request, i always make sure i try and review the requested movie. This time i was asked from wonderful Clownado actress Dilynn Fawn Harvey if i could write a review of the film Sleepless Nights. Its not everyday you get a movie review request from a professional actress, so i feel really honored. 

Im hoping to see this film in September, and review the film the same month. So thank you Dilynn Fawn Harvey for your request, and i will have new movie reviews posted soon. Have a great weekend and have fun. 

Cheers from Daniel!

tisdag 13 augusti 2019


Denmark is a country filled with a lot of treats. Not only do they have some of the best meat dishes, they make a lot of great beer, have some of the best beaches in all of Scandinavia and their villages are really cozy. I have been here many times, and i keep coming back for holidays. I would have to say that i also enjoy the danish lifestyle, don´t make things too complicated and enjoy life. If you enjoy lap dances, they do have some good strip clubs in Copenhagen to visit ( don´t remember the club names though, maybe i was a bit drunk ). When it comes to Danish films, we have a lot of really good ones to choose between ( they make a lot better films than Swedish, trust me ). But let´s talk about two specific films that i feel you should see, if you have not yet. The 2009 film known as Fri Os Fra Det Onde ( Deliver Us From Evil ) is a Danish thriller from director Ole Bornedal. This is a very well made thriller, that tells the story of couple Johannes ( played by actor Lasse Rimmer ) and Pernille ( played by actress Lene Nyström ) who travel to Johanne´s howtown with their two children, to get away from the big city life. But a road accident will change everything. This is a really well made psychological thriller, that has some really good performances included. My next pick is perhaps one of the best Danish films ever made, known as The Hunt ( Jagten ), released in 2012. This is a very tragic story of an kindergarten teacher Lucas ( brilliant played by actor Mad Mikkelsen ) who is falsely accused of child molestation. Will he be able to come back into society after being accused of this horrible crime? The Hunt is a very emotional film, that will affect you. Directed by Thomas Vinterberg, this is a film everyone should see. While going through titles on VOD, i came across a new Danish film called Cutterhead. Since i never heard about this film, i felt it would be interesting to give this film a try. A claustrophobic thriller underneath the ground, is this the best Danish film in years, or should you avoid Cutterhead and see something more interesting than this title ?

PR specialist Rie ( Christine Sonderris ) is on a visit to a construction spot of the Copenhagen Metro. She is interviewing specialist who are working on a tunnel-boring machine, while with them underground. She asks questions to workers Ivo ( Kresimir Mikic ) and Bharan ( Samson Semere ) while she is given a chance to see what they do. When a fire suddenly spreads underneath ground, Rie is locked inside an airlock. Ivo and Bharan is also in a near by chamber, and Rie manage to get inside where Ivo and Bharan is located. 3 people running out of oxygen, and no one knows if the fire is still active. They have to find a way to get out, but there are many risks if they don´t do this correctly.

If you don´t like claustrophobic films, then you are not going to enjoy Cutterheard. But if you do, then i think you might find something interesting here. This is a really well made Danish film, that manage to make you feel the claustrophobic feeling, when you see three people trying to survive deep underneath the ground. The locations where this film was filmed looks really realistic, and it feels like you are there with them in this claustrophobic situation. Cutterhead is one of those films that don´t rely on special effects. This film takes itself serious instead, and try to show us what could happen if you are forced to try and survive with almost no oxygen. Let´s get into the characters. Actress Christine Sonderris ( known from Netflix series The Rain ) does the strongest performance in this film as the character Rie. The scenes where you see her panic, you can tell Christine tries to give us a realistic portrait of a person who is going through. Actor Kresimir Mikic as the character Ivo, is a character who clearly is trying to be logical, at the same time as he is struggling to think of what to do in this situation. Kresimir gives a performance that fits really well with the character. Actor Samson Semere as the character Bharan is the young man who clearly is most emotionally vulnerable. The best part of Cutterhead is to see how far we would go to survive. And this film does not need any blood or violence to show that, there are other ways that this film manage to show that. I also feel that the acting is strong, and this helps the situation feel more realistic. Cutterhead is a suprise to me, i did not know what to expect. Im happy to see a film that stands out from most thrillers these days, trying to tell a realistic story. Director Rasmus Kloster Bro have made a full feature directorial debut film with Cutterhead that leaves an impact, and i look forward to see his next film. This is a good choice for a VOD night.

Rating: DDD


Gays, what would life be without them ? We would not have leather pants, The Blue Oyster Bar, sparkling tops and dick pasta. Hold on a second, straight people don´t like dick pasta ? Apperently not, unless we are talking about Gordon Klingenschmitt ( who loves gays more than anyone, and still talk about their sins ). I have been to gay clubs, where one gay guy touched my ass and my sister said :- You let him touch your ass ? I answered:- Chill out sister, he was happy, and i do have a great ass. I never had a problem with gay people, since i don´t consider them to be a problem. The real problem of this world is actually the films of Colin Nutley, and that Änglagård actually still exists. When we think about films that tell us about very important gay people, we have a lot of great films that i could mention. But i choose to pick one specific title, that i can always go back and watch and sill feel that this is a damn good film. The HBO film Behind The Candlebra, released in 2013, tells the story of legendary music entertainer Liberace ( brilliant played by legendary actor Michael Douglas, perhaps one of his best performances ever ) and the life he lived with his lover Scott Thorson ( Matt Damon ). This is a really powerful portrait of the life of Liberace, and Everything he did ti build his empire. Of course there was Another side of Liberace that the outside World did not see, and this film managed to show us that as well. Directed by Steven Soderbergh, this is in my opinion his best films, and Steven really gave us a worthy potrait of this legendary megastar. Have you ever Heard about photograper Robert Mapplethorpe ? In the art world he became very famous for his honest portrait of his love for men, and the BDSM subculture. I got a chance to see the latest film, based on his life. Since i enjoy seeing biographical films, is Mapplethorpe a well made film, or should this film have been much better ?

Robert Mapplethorpe ( Matt Smith ) is a young man, who loves to create art. He lives with his girlfriend Patti Smith ( Marianne Rendón ), where they created art together. In the late 60´s Mapplethorpe started taking photographs, and found his way to create art through pictures. He is very fascinated about naked men, and especially their genitals. In 1972, he met the art curator Sam Wagstaff ( John Benjamin Hickey ) who love the work of Mapplethorpe, and they become lovers. A serious relationship between Mapplethorpe and Sam grows deeper, and Sam helps Mapplethorpe with his photographs, to make sure his pictures is seen on more locations. Mapplethorpe is becoming more famous, with his provocative pictures. He have sex with models, and use drugs while having photo sessions. Can he contiue this life the way he does without consequences ?

When you have a portrait of a person who made a big impact in the world of art, it can be very difficult to make a film that give you an honest portrait of the person. In the case of Mapplethorpe, this is a film that gives you an on photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, and all the work he did. You can tell he had an eye for capturing pictures, in a very honest way. They may have been very raw, and dark, but had so much to tell. There are even some gay sex scenes here, that may offend some people. Let´s talk about the acting. Lead actor Matt Smith ( who especially British fans of TV series Doctor Who will recognize ) does a wonderful performance as Robert Mapplethorpe. It feels like he really tries to bring out a portrait of who Mapplethorpe was, and how his mind worked while doing his photography. Actor John Benjamin Hickey as the character Sam Wagstaff, is another well made performance from John ( who i especially remember from the Clint Eastwood film Flags Of Our Father ). Sam is the love of Mapplethorpe, and you can tell they had a Deep connection. Actress Marianne Rendón who plays the character Patti Smith, bring a strong female character into the plot. The scenes where Mapplethorpe and Patti spend time together, living in their own art world looks beautiful. I did not know much about the work of Mapplethorpe before watching this film. But i get a feeling that he must have made a huge impact, both on photography and on the lives of homosexuals. It becomes very clear that he wanted to share his view on the world, where he wanted to show what he felt was important to show from his own art. Mapplethorpe is a great drama film, that dares to show the dirty mind of Mapplethorpe. The pictures may be raw, but a film like this needed that tone to work, including the sex scenes. I would have liked to see more of his dark personal issues, but can´t complain otherwise. Director Ondi Timoner have made a very interesting portrait of an icon, that should be remembered. If you love biogrophical films, you should see Mapplethorpe and learn about his impact on the world of art. Provoking and scandalous ? Indeed, but for a very important reason.

Rating: DDD

torsdag 8 augusti 2019


When most people think about Sweden, they think about mooses, big lakes, TV host Pontus Gårdinger and rotten fish called Surströmming. Since i am Swedish, i can tell you so many things that you would probably think is incredible about Sweden. Did you know that every year at every autumn we celebrate Swedish Virginity Day on September 28. What is the Swedish Virginity Day ? It is very easy, all adults are suddenly transformed into virgins for one day only. This means you can not have any form of sex, not until September 29. If we do break this rule, The Virginity Demon known as Thorleifz will take our souls for all eternity. Of course every Swedish citizen take this very seriously. But wait a second, this is not in any history books ? There is a good reason why, we are not allowed to talk about this in public. Of course, i am taking a very big risk now, but i want to make sure everyone is safe. Sweden may have beautiful locations, big artists like Nordman and we eat Christmas ham, but there is so much more. Every summer we celebrate Swedish Midsummer, a traditional day where we dance around midsommarstång ( a unique designed flowers filled pole, with two large flowers filled circles hangin on each side ). Why do we dance around this ? I know there is a historical meaning behind this, but my midsommar celebration is mostly about good food, and alcohol. All over Sweden this is a big celebration, where we eat sill ( fish sliced into pieces with spices ), fresh potatoes and brännvin ( strong alcohol, better than Viagra ). If some of you saw the excellent horror film Hereditary from director Ari Aster, you might remember how disturbing that horror film is. Ari is now back with his latest film Midsommar, a film that have been praised by film critics and audiences worldwide. I finally got a chance to see this film in cinema. Have director Ari Aster delievered another high quality film, or is Midsommar his first failure ?

Couple Dani ( Florence Pugh ) and Christian ( Jack Reynor ) travel with their friends to Sweden, to celebrate Swedish Midsummer. Their Swedish friend Pelle ( Willhelm Blomgren ) want to show them how his family celebrate this tradition in Hälsingland. At first everything seems alright, and everyone feels welcome to the village where the ceremony will take place. But what seemed to be an ordinary celebration, is about to show a much more deeper meaning to why this celebration means more than anything else.

Imagine a mixture of Lars Von Trier and legendary director Stanley Kubrick going to Sweden to celebrate a Swedish tradition, and this is what you get while watching the new film Midsommar. This is a very psychological trip into insanity, where you constantly feel that you have no idea what might happen. And this is one of the reasons why i feel that this film is unique. It is not predictable, and not even boring for almost being 2 hours and 30 minutes. This is the kind of film that finally get things right, how Swedish Midsummer should be celebrated. I´m not going into details about certain scenes, but there are some really positive twists in this story that i did not expect. Let´s talk about the acting for a while. Actress Florence Pugh who you might remember from the drama film Lady M. She plays the character known as Dani, and i would say that she gives the best performance in her career so far in Midsommar. There are a couple of scenes towards the end where you really see her go all in, to show us all her pain. Actor Jack Reynor ( i especially remember him for his performance in the Irish drama Glassland ) also gives a strong performance as the character Christian. You can tell that this character is struggling emotionally , especially later into this film when he is forced to be a part of a very odd ceremony. Actor Will Poulter ( who can forget him from the funny comedy We´re The Millers ? )is actually the funniest character in this film, known as Mark. Will feels so natural in his comedy timing, and i can imagine that he would be great as a stand up comedian. Swedish actress Gunnel Fred ( who have been in many Swedish films in the past, such as Strul, Drömkåken and Nina-Frisk ) plays the character Siv. This is one of the characters you are curious about, mysterious and very odd. There are more Swedish actors i could mention, but it is time to get into the highlights of Midsommar. The cult scenes have some extraodinary details, and give us a chilling look into another world. The midsommar celebration is really weird, and religious inspired. Once this film begins to grow a disturbing image of midsummer celebration, i am all hooked up. I love the raw, dark tone that hit you right in the face. Director Ari Ester have made another amazing film with Midsommar. We should not compare it with his previous film Hereditary, since this is a totally different film. Ari knows how to mix folklore influences, with horror elements in a very beautiful and disturbing way. If you are going to see one film in cinema this month, it must be Midsommar. I can already say that this is one of the best films of 2019, so far.

Rating: DDDD

tisdag 6 augusti 2019

I´ll Take Your Dead

We all die at some point, no matter if it is a disease or natural causes. Since i have worked 20 years in health care, i have seen people died. I remember the first time i saw an old person die, it felt strange to see in front of you. I was about 22 years old, and this old person could not be saved. When you know you have done everything you can possibly do, you don´t feel any guilt. We knew this person was going to die eventually, not just that specific day. But the family really appreciated everything we did for their loved one, and i am happy that they knew we did everything we could possibly do. Dead bodies in horror films is seen quite often, in many different ways. Since there are so many titles to choose between, i decided to talk about one specific film that keeps coming back to my mind as a personal favourite. The 2016 horror film known as The Autopsy Of Jane Doe, turned out to be one of the best horror films of this year. Directed by André Ovredal. this film tells the story of a father and a son, who are both coroners and help Police solve death casuses with bodies. They get a fresh female body, that turns out to be very unique. Her death is very different from other bodies, and as the coroners seach for the truth, they will find out that there is so much more to the truth than they thought. The Autopsy Of Jane Doe does not only look fantastic from a film maker´s perspective, the story is so well told that you will be hooked up from start to finish. I suggest you pick up this film on DVD or Blu Ray, and see a horror film that is filled with high quality substance. Recently i was going through a list of DVD and Blu Ray releases, that i have not checked out yet. I came across the title I´ll Take Your Dead, a film that seemed to have a different plot. Is this a horror film that is much better than i expected, or is I´ll Take Your Dead another horror film that will most likely be forgotten ?

Farmer William ( Aidan Devine ) makes a living disposing of bodies. He is well respected by criminals, and always trust he will make sure no bodies will be found. William lives alone with his young daughter Gloria ( Ava Preston ), since he lost his wife in cancer. When a new delivery of three bodies, William begin to dispose them, but it turns out one of them named Jackie ( Jess Salgueiro ) is still alive. William have never experienced this before, so he must make a choice. Will he let her live, or will he have to actually kill a human for the very first time?

If you have been looking for a great horror film to check out on DVD or Blu Ray, look no further. I´ll Take Your Dead is a tasetful treat for horror fans, especially if you appreciate independent films that both looks great and includes great acting. What makes this film different from horror films released recently, is that there is actually a clever plot here. What if you burn bodies for money, but one body is actually alive. What do you do, kill the person, or just lock that person inside your home ? This is something the character William is forced to deal with. Let´s get into the acting for a bit. British actor Aidan Devine ( who you might remember from the films A History Of Violence and of course Outlander ) as the butcher William, may be very brutal. But you can tell that he does have a good heart, and does not enjoy cutting bodies apart. Aidan Devine manage to make his character very interesting, and give him a deep personality filled with pain. The strongest performance in this film comes from child actress Ava Preston ( who you might recognize from Shazam! ) as the character Gloria. Ava really goes all in for her character, and i must say i am impressed how powerful her performance is. Actor Ari Miller ( who did a great performance in the TV series Orphan Black ) plays the heartless criminal Reggie. It becomes very clear that this is a character who has no remorse, and will do anything to finish his job. Ari give us a character that you guaranteed will dislike, for his selfish attitude. There are some odd scenes, where it seems dead people are walking around the old house. When you think about it, this actually makes sense. These people were perhaps killed before coming to this house, but this is their final location being burned. These spirits are probably filled with anger, being dumped like they were. The practical effects looks great, especially when the bodies are sawed into pieces. I´ll Take Your Dead is a positive surprise for me. Director Chad Archibald ( who directed the well made independent film The Heretics ) have made his best film so far with I´ll Take Your Dead. He clearly wanted to tell a story that could affect you, and make you think about what you would do in a situation like this ? This is a film that has so much more to tell, than most horror stories released recently. And this is why you should pick up a DVD or Blu Ray copy of I´ll Take Your Dead, so you know you get a great horror film. 

Rating: DDD

torsdag 1 augusti 2019

Nightmare Cinema

Let´s travel back in time to the year of 1982. A year some of you might remember for the release, of Australian rock band INXS album Shabooh Shobaah. Not one of their best albums ( i still consider their 1992 album Welcome To Wherever You Are to be their best ), but have some classic songs. 1982 was also the year when singer Rod Stewart was mugged on 50.000 dollars for a stolen Porsche. The car was recovered 6 days later, but im sure Rod does not want to remember this day. This was also the year when director George A Romero released his horror anthology film Creepshow. This film tells different horror stories, almost told from a comic book perspective, and managed to do this really well. I personally feel that each story works, and the great cast of Leslie Nielsen, Ted Danson, Ed Harris, Viveca Lindfors, Stephen King ( who is actually playing a main character in the story known as The Lonesome Death Of Jordy Verril, and Jon Lormer. As a horror anthology, Creepshow managed to balance the different stories in a positive way. In 1987, a sequel was released known as Creepshow 2. A sequel that may not be as good as the original film, but i still enjoy this film. Director Michael Gornick did a good job with the different stories, and you still felt the comic book influences in this film as well. In 1993 we got Another great anthology horror film known as Body Bags, directed by legendary directors John Carpenter and Tobe Hooper. What made Body Bags unique, was that each story is presented by John Carpenter himself as The Coroner, and the great cast of Mark Hamill, Stacy Keach, Robert Carradine, David Warner and many more. Earlier this year i saw a trailer of a new horror anthology film called Nightmare Cinema. This film looked like fun, so i had to see it on VOD. Do we have another great anthology horror release with this film, or should this film have been left on a shelf for good ?

In a cinema, known as Nightmare Cinema, a man known as The Projectionist ( Mickey Rourke ) play 5 stories on screen for 5 selected people. Each story will tell each person´s future, and what destiny they have waiting for them. When each story begins to play at Nightmare Cinema, nothing will ever be the same again.

It has been a while since i have seen a good horror anthology film, and i am happy to say that Nightmare Cinema is a positive surprise. The stories we get to experience in this film, are all very different from each other. You could probably say that this is the point with Nightmare cinema, each story is chosen for a certain reason. Let´s talk about the cast for a while. Legendary actor Mickey Rourke ( from classics such as Year Of The Dragon and of course The Wrestler ) as The Projectionist, is a really good choice for this character. Rourke may be getting older, but he knows how to make characters in his own unique way. Legendary actor Richard Chamberlain ( most known for his classic TV mini-series Shogun ) is one of the highlights in this film, as the surgeon Dr. Mirari. It has been a long time since i have seen him do any films, and to see him do his performance surprisingly good, is of course a positive surprise. Actor Adam Godley ( who you probably remember from TV series Breaking Bad ) as the character Dr. Salvadore. This is the kind of character that you would like to see in a full feature Movie, since he is very interesting. And actor Adam Godley knows exactly how to make his character powerful. There are of course other performances i could mention, but let´s talk about the stories. My favoruite story of Nightmare Cinema, is without a doubt the story called Mirari, directed by legendary director Joe Dante. This story shows you the disturbing world of plastic surgery, and how obsessed some people can be of fixing bodies. I also really enjoy the story called Mashit, directed by Ryuhei Kitamura. A story where the religious tone shines bright, and the battle between good and evil is very brutal. The final story Dead might be the weakest of the stories, but is not bad in any way. Each director have managed to tell their stories, in their own unique way. If you enjoy classics such as Creepshow, then Nightmare Cinema will guaranteed please your horror taste. It´s been a while, but it looks like horror anthology films could be coming back, and i think we should thank Nightmare Cinema for that.

Rating: DDD

Long Lost

Directorial debut films are always interesting to me, for many different reasons. First of all i love to see a new film maker, tell us a story from their perspective. I also love to see a new film maker give us their own unique style, no matter what the genre is. We could probably mention a lot of first films from many directors, but i have chosen two films that i especially remember for different reasons. Let´s begin with the independent film Safety Not Guaranteed, a drama comedy from director Colin Trevorrow. This is a really charming film, that tells the story of three magazine employees, who head out to meet a very odd man known as Kenneth ( really well played by actor Mark Duplass ), who wrote an an add in a paper, that he needs help with his time travel mission. Wonderful actress Aubrey Plaza as the character Darius, gives us one of her best performances in this film. Safety Not Guaranteed is an independent film, that shows us that no matter how strange people can be, we might have more in common than we think. If you have not seen this film, it is a must see from director Colin Trevorrow. I suggest you buy the DVD or Blu Ray, since this is a film that you will want to watch again. Let´s mention actor Mark Duplass again, in my next pick for the film known as Creep. Directed by Patrick Brice, this is a found footage horror film, that you will not forget. Character Josef ( really creepy played by actor Mark Dupass ) is exactly the kind of person you don´t want to have at your home on Sunday dinner. Creep was made on an extreme low budget, but manage to feel very effective as a horror film. Director Patrick Brice manage to bring out a very honest portrait on human behavior, and not to trust anyone completely. If you enjoy found footage horror films, then Creep is a must see. Recently i was going through a list of films on VOD that looked interesting, and i came across a film called Long Lost. An independent film that seems to have an interesting plot. Since i am a big fan of independent films, i decided to give this film a chance. Is is possible that Long Lost is the independent film a wider audience should see, or will people forget about this film as fast as they have seen it ?

Seth ( Adam Weppler recieve a letter, inviting him to go to his brother Richard ( Nicolas Tucci ) at his enormous mansion. Seth does not really know his brother, so this is a chance for them to get to know each other. At the mansion lives Richard´s partner Abby ( Catherine Corcoran ), a woman who is not only beautiful but also seductive. But after a short time in the mansion, Seth is beginning to feel that there is something wrong. His brother is acting strange, and so is Abby as well. What is really going on behind these walls ? Is Richard really telling the truth about their lives, or is there a hidden secret waiting to be revealed ?
One of the things that become clear to me after watching Long Lost, is that this film really dare to change direction, with an ending that is clever. When you think you know what is going on, the ending will surely change your mind in a positive way, since there is much more behind the curtains than you might think. I have to say, Long Lost is a film that does not try to be predictable, and i really appreciate that. We could have easily had a plot that you would know the plot, but that changes with a dramatic surprise. Let´s get into the characters for a bit. Lead character Seth ( played by actor Adam Weppler ), is a character who clearly is trying to fit in, but have a hard time doing that in this big mansion. Adam gives a solid performance, and i really appreciate that he made his character such a kind guy ( this actually makes sense when you see him struggling being in this house ). Actress Catherine Corcoran ( who most of you probably have seen in the independent horror film Terrifier ) plays the lovely character Abby. Not only does she look fantastic, you also want to be close to her, since she seems to be such a wonderful person. Now, she does surprise us towards the end ( not giving away any spoilers ). Catherine also gives a performance that is solid. The third actor we have to mention is Nicholas Tucci ( who i especially remember from the horror film You´re Next ) plays the psychopath brother Richard, and gives the strongest performance of this film. Nicholas really goes deep into his character, to make us see how disturbing his mind is. Long Lost is a different kind of relationship film, where you don´t really know what is going to happen. Director Erik Bloomquist ( sounds Swedish, maybe he has Swedish roots in his family ? ) has made a full feature directorial debut film that looks good, and manage to give us an interesting look in human behavior, when we are suddenly forced into something unexpected. It is such a shame this film is hard to find on DVD or Blu Ray, but you can check it out on VOD. If you appreciate independent films with a deeper meaning than most Hollywood drama films, you should give this film a chance.

Rating: DDD

Is It Really That Bad ? Wolvesbayne

Werewolves in horror films have entertained audiences worldwide for many years. No matter if we are talking about classics such as The Howling from 1981, or one of my personal favourite werewolves film known as An American Werewolf In London, there are some films that still remain a high level of quality. Unfortunately not all film makers can make great werewolves films, and i would like to mention 2 of them you might as well avoid. Let us start with The Howling: New Moon Rising released in 1995. The original film The Howling is a classic werewold film, and i still enjoy that film even today. But since we are talking about The Howling: New Moon Rising we should be honest. Not only is this the worst sequel in The Howling franchise, this is a really horrible werewolf film as well. First of all the characters, not a single one you care about honestly. And the werewolves looks really silly, as if that was the best they could do. Considering this film was released in 1995, i know they could have done a much better job with the werewolves. If you want to see how you should not make a sequel, then watch The Howling: New Moon Rising ( there is a risk you will feel sick, just so you know ). The second film that comes to my mind is also released in 1995, simply called Werewolf ( also known as Werewolf: Rest In Beast. I only saw this pile of shit on VHS back in the 90´s and i still remember how bad it is. The werewolf scenes are so stupid, you laugh out of misery. The acting is just as bad as Jim Bakker´s evangelical predictions So i think you should not see the 1995 film Werewolf at all. Thankfully it is not easy to find these days. Since i choose some films in my segment Is It Really That Bad ? that are supposed to be bad according to critics, i came across a film called Wolvesbane. Vampires and werewolves fighting ? Well, how can i say no to that ? I got myself a DVD copy, to see if this would be the film that made my summer perfect. Is Wolvesbayne a future cult classic, or a film that no one will remember at all ?

In 1887, the powerful vampire Lillith ( Yancy Butler ) is vanquished by a vampire counsil and four amulets avoid her return to the world of living. In present day, the greedy realtor Russel Bayne ( Jeremy London ) is pressing Alex Layton ( Christy Carlson Romano ) to sell her store of esoteric products. Alex refuse to sell the store, since this store was opened by her mother. While Russel is driving home, he is attacked on the highway of some kind of beast. It turns out to be a werewolf, and he is bitten by the beast. Meanwhile, a vampire clan led by evil Von Griem ( Mark Dacascos ) is planning to bring back Lillith to life, with the help of the amulets. If Lillith returns, nothing will ever be the same again.

If you are expecting a masterpiece with vampires and werewolves, you won´t find it here in Wolvesbayne. However, there are a few details i do enoy with the idea of the plot. We have seen something similar before in the Underworld franchise, so this is nothing new. To see vampires mixed together with werewolves in the same film, is of course fun, even if you can tell the budget is limited here. I have to say i especially enjoy a werewolf transformation scene, about 20 minutes into this film. It may not look great, but gives you a feeling of old school werewolf transformation. Let´s get into the characters for a while. The best character in this film is without a doubt Alex Layton, played by actress Christy Carlson Romano. She is tough, and at the same time has a good heart. She is without a doubt one of the strongest characters in this film. Legendary action actor Mark Dacascos is the character Von Griem, and even if i always enjoy seeing Dacascos it feels like he should have had more scenes than what he has here. Actress Yancy Butler ( who i especially remember from the Kick Ass films, and the Van Damme classic Hard Target ) is fun to see as the character Lillith. You could say she brings something tasteful to the plot, when some of the other actors fails to deliver. Overall, this is a very typical B horror movie that smells TV from 700 miles away. And if you are ok with that, then you might have some fun with this film. My biggest problem with Wolvesbayne is that the mixture of vampires and werewolves does not work that well. I do enjoy the vampire clan concept, but when they mix it all together with werewolves it becomes clear they have problems making sense with the plot. Wolvesbayne have some fun moments, but not enough to make this film stay in your memory. If you love the Underworld, franchise check thouse films out instead of Wolvesbayne, and i guarantee you will have more fun.

Rating: DD