onsdag 18 maj 2022

A Special Surprise, Out Of Nowhere!

Cheers everyone!

You probably was not expecting to see any post in here anytime soon, and i was not either honestly. But just about a week ago, something unexpected happened. A very well known film producer in America, wrote to me personally and asked if i could review an upcoming film this summer.

As you may know, i decided to quit writing after New Years Eve of 2021 for personal reasons. But, i also said that i might not stop writing completely. So when this well known film producer wanted me to write a review of a new upcoming film, i could not say no. If someone in the movie industry really want to read my review of their film, it is a true honor for me personally that they ask me to write a review. So i decided that i will do this review this summer, wich means you will see a brand new review in here. If this would happen again, that a film producer, a director, or even an actor would ask me to review one of their new films, i would be happy to do it if they really want me to.

Does this mean i will write as many reviews as i did in the past? I have no plans to do so at this point, and just focus on requests from people in the movie industry. I understand that some people actually missed my reviews, and for that i thank you all. We will see what happens in the future, so i hope this is good news for you readers worldwide. I can not tell you the title of the film, or what genre it is, but i guarantee it will be a film that people are actually looking forward to see. So somewhere between June and July ( can´t say exactly at this point ), you will see this review published in here. Until then, have a fantastic summer, and i hope these news made your day a little bit more hopeful.

Cheers from Daniel!