måndag 31 december 2018

10 Years Anniversary Of Doomsday

The Apocalyopse!

This is of course known as the end of days, when everything goes straight to shit. Many people have different opinions on when the end of days is here, but if you ask Jim Bakker then he would say those days are here. He said it years ago, and he still says the end of days is here, and so far the only sign i have seen that this is happening is the release of another TV series from director Colin Nutley. For those of you who don´t know who this man is, be happy you don´t know anything. You see, you don´t need to know he made the horrible trilogy Änglagård, but now you know. Let us never mention this again, ok ? Many Movies that have portrayed the apocalypse One of my personal favourite movies that did this really well, is the 1981 movie known as Mad Max - The Road Warrior. Directed by legendary director George Miller, this sequel is actually much better than the first Mad Max film with Mel Gibson. One of the biggest reason why The Road Warrior is such a great action film is the highway scenes. They look really good, and the action scenes are really well made for the low budget. Since this was early in Mel Gibsons career, he was a really good choice as the character Mad Max, and in The Road Warrior he really found the best way to do this by using less dialogue and more violence. another classic film that shows the apocalypse is coming, is a very underrated horror action movie End Of Days with Arnold Schwarzenegger. This was a very different kind of film for Schwarzenegger, but he did a good job portraying an alcoholic cop. One of the things i enjoy about End Of Days is the feeling that you get to see an ordinary human become possessed by Satan himself, portrayed by legendary actor Gabriel Byrne. We have to mention that this film is also directed by Peter Hyams who have directed the classic Jean-Claude Van Damme movies Timecop and Sudden Death. Let´s be clear though, that the End of Days don´t show the apocalypse from the beginning but gives you the vision of how it could turn out unless Satan is stopped. If you have not seen none of these film, i think you should. Especially get The Road Warrior on Blu Ray, because this is a film that deserves to be seen with a great picture quality and really good sound. In the year of 2005, English film director Neil Marshal brought us the really well made horror film The Descent. The story of a group of women who are attacked deep down inside a cave system by savage creatures. A must see if you are a horror fan. 3 years later director Neil Marshal released his next film called Doomsday. A film that failed at the box office unfortunately, but have over the years become more respected and appreciated. I have not seen the film since the film came out, so decided it was time to have a look again, 10 years later to see if it still holds up in 2018. Is this still a good science fiction movie, or has the quality level changed over these 10 years ?

In 2008, a killer virus, known as the "Reaper Virus " has infected the country of Scotland. Unable to contain the outbreak or cure the infected. To solve this problem the British government build a massive 30-foot wall that isolated Scotland from the rest of Great Britain. The quarantine is seen as successful, but because of the extreme method employed government destroys diplomatic and economic relations between the UK and the rest of the world, causing the UK to collapse into a dystopia. 27 years later, after the quarantine, a group of armed police officers discover people infected in London by the Reaper Virus. The Prime Minister John Hatcher ( Alexander Siddig ) shares satellite footage with domestic security chief Captain Bill Nelson ( Bob Hoskins )  of survivors in Scotland. Prime Minister order Captain Nelson to send in a team inside of Scotland, because they believe a cure might be found there. Major Eden Sinclair ( Rhone Mitra ) is chosen to lead the team who will track the cure. But inside the streets of Glasgow, everything that used to be humanity have turned into a complete different world.

I usually don´t do 10 Years Anniversary of movies, but in the case of Doomsday i feel that this film did not get the respect it deserved when it was released in 2008. In my view, Doomsday is a well made sience fiction movie that stands out from most releases since it looks like a mixture of Mad Max and Escape From New York. And this is something i feel this film did well, give us a different look on the apocalypse and on a virus outbreak. One thing we have to mention about Doomsday is the strong female characters that this film have. Especially lead actress Rhona Mitra ( who most of you probably remember from the solid horror movie Highwaymen, released in 2004 ) as Major Eden Sinclair, exactly the right character to kick ass on screen. Another really strong female character is portrayed by actress Lee-Anne Liebenberg as the insane Viper. We have to mention the performance from actor Craig Conway as Sol, leader of the marauders. The scene where Sol dances to the classic 80´s song Good Thing by the band Fine Young Cannibals is both insane but also fun. That they actually choosed this song for that scene shows you that they knew that the audience would have a good time. The settings where the marauders rule is also really cool. I especially like the scene where you get to see them taken over the city of Glasgow, attacking Major Eden Sicklair´s team. This movie is clearly inspired by John Carpenter´s cult classic Escape From New York, and there are a number of scenes where you recognize the same concept as that film. I don´t see a problem with that, since it works well for Doomsday without ripping too much off John Carpenter. I also like the idea of the city of Glasgow being closed for the outside world through a wall ( reminds me what Donald Trump is trying to do with Mexico, something i don´t support ). Because it works with the story of the infected of the Reaper Virus, and you can understand why this wall was made for that reason. Is it very humane ? Not at all, but of course a reason for survival of the human race. The action scenes do deliver as well, and i can tell that director Neil Marshal ( who directed the cult classic werewolf film Dog Soldiers ) have tried to bring back some classic concepts from classic action movies of the past ). I would not say this is one of the best films from director Neil Marshal, but he clearly made this movie with a passion for apocalyptic story telling. If you love Mad Max or Escape From New York, you have to give Doomsday a chance on Blu Ray. This is a fun tribute to both science fiction and action movies of the 70´s and 80´s, especially if you had enough of romantic comedies with Jennifer Aniston.

Rating: DDD

torsdag 27 december 2018

A Personal Thank You

Cheers everyone!

Daniel here, getting ready for a new exciting movie year in 2019. But i have something i have to do, before i publish my final mvoie review of 2018. You see, this year meant a lot to me because something completely unexpected happened that have never happened before. A couple of official Facebook movie pages, including one actress, published my movie reviews online. And when i saw this, i was so happy that i did not know what to say. This made my year very special, and i would like to say thank you to the following movies for publishing my work online, including a personal thank you also to a wonderful actress.

To the following movies, thank you from the bottom of my heart for publishing my reviews this year.

Dead Shack

Death Kiss

Dead Squad: Temple Of The Undead

And at last i want to especially thank you actress Reine Swart from the movie The Lullaby, who was the first one to publish my review this year.

To every single one out there, both who made these films, actors and movie teams, i really appreciate your support. I look forward to see you all making new movies, and i would gladly review them if you want me to.

This weekend i am publishing my last review for the year, a 10 Years Anniversary Review Of Doomsday. So everyone have a great New Years Eve, enjoy your holidays with loved ones and family. And i will see you in 2019 with fresh movie reviews.

Cheers from Daniel

White Boy Rick

For us who grew up in the 80´s, we remember the year of 1984 for different reasons. For me personally i remember this year for a couple of reasons. This was the year when legendary director James Cameron released his cult classic The Terminator that made Arnold Schwarzenegger one of the biggest action stars of the 80´s. This was also the year when comedian Eddie Murphy made his first Beverly Hills Cop movie as Axel Foley, and the only really good movie of the 3 movies he made in this franchise. Of course we have to mention that this was the year when the first ( and best ) Ghostbusters was released from director Ivan Reitman. I actually watched Ghostbusters just a couple of days ago on TV during Christmas, it is still a damn good film. Maybe the cast made this film magical, but i also feel that director Ivan Reitman managed to combine comedy and the supernatural in a very solid combination. 1984 was also the year when British rock band Queen released their studio album The Works, a much better album than their odd release Hot Space ( perhaps their worst album if you ask me ). The Works proved that Queen have found their way back to what they knew best, making great rock songs for all ages. I also remember the U2 album The Unforgettable Fire that was released this year. A classic U2 album, where especially the single Pride ( In The Name Of Love ) can still be appreciated even today. The 80´s was a special time, and plenty of movies have portrayed this time period. And it seems that more directors are trying to go back to this time period in recent years, and i am pleased to see that people want to experience this time period. One movie that really affected me personally, that took place during the 80´s, is the drama movie known as Dallas Buyers Club from director Jean-Marc Valleé. A very sad and emotional movie, based on the true story of AIDS patient Ron Woodroof ( played brilliant by actor Matthew McConaughey ). There are not many movies that have made me felt tears coming down my eyes in a Cinema, but this film did. It is both really powerful, and tell a story that needs to be told. Speaking of actor Matthew McConaughey, he have really made some solid films over the years. The Lincoln Lawyer, Dallas Buyers Club, Mud, The Wolf Of Wall Street and Interstellar. Since he did some terrible ones in the past, it seems that he have moved on and chosen quality films instead. I got a chance to see his latest movie called White Boy Rick, based on the true story of Richard Wershe Jr, who became the youngest FBI informant ever. Is this a really solid crime drama, or is this a film that has nothing interesting to offer the audience ?

Detroit, 1984. A city where drug sales are growing and more people are becoming junkees. A young man known as Rick Werse Jr ( also known as White Boy Rick ) is making a name on the streets. He arrange gun sales, and is ready to make some more money. After some problems with the law, Rick agrees to be an undercover police informant inside the world of drug sales. His father Richard Werse Jr ( Matthew McConaughey ) is also a well known criminal, who is trying to stay out of problems. But he is worried his son will end up dead, while his daughter Dawn Wershe ( Bel Powley ) is stuck in a heavy drug addiction. Will Rick found a way out of this life, or is he forever stuck inside the world of criminals ?

When you make a criminal drama, you can go the easy way and just make everything look exactly the same as many similar films. The good news is that White Boy Rick actually does manage to tell an interesting story, while trying to balance the typical criminal characters. This film could have easily just told the story without any depth, but the good thing is that this film actually have interesting characters. I especially enjoy Matthew McConaughey as the father Richard Werse Sr, a man who have a passion about guns and money but don´t know how to raise his son and daughter in a positive way. But you can tell he wants to help them, for the years he spend doing criminal activities. The character known as White Boy Rick is played by young actor Richie Merritt. I think he does a good job portraying a young man, who clearly have no plans for the future. It is sad seeing such a young man throwing his life away selling drugs and guns, when he is about to become a father for the first time. But i have to say, one of the most strong performances in this film, comes from actress Bel Powley as Ricky´s sister Dawn. She is a drug addict who clearly is out of control, and Bel Powley give exactly the right kind of performance for her character, to make her feel realistic. I am so happy to see actor RJ Cycler here ( who did a great performance in the latest movie adaptation of Power Rangers ), as the character Rudell " Boo " Curry, a young criminal who hangs out with Ricky. He proves once again why he is such a talented young actor, and i hope to see him do a lead role in the future. Even if this film is based on the true story about Richard Werse Jr, i find this film more interesting when we get to see the father Richard trying to help his kids. This is where the film becomes emotional, especially one scene when you seen him carrying his daughter Dawn out of a house completely worn out of drugs. And the performance that Bel Powley gives here as a junkee, hits you right in the face.  The FBI investigation surrounding Richard is not the most interesting part of the film, it is the story surrounding this family who is clearly torn apart from criminality and drugs. Director Yann Demange is perhaps most known for his powerful drama thriller ´71, the story of an abandoned solider in the middle of riots in Belfast, in the early 70´s. A really good drama film, and very solid performances from the cast as well. I don´t think White Boy Rick holds up on the same film quality as ´71, but is still a great criminal drama. If you enjoy watching films based on true stories, give White Boy Ricky a chance. This is a film that actually might make you think about why family is important, and why a life in crime is a life full of misery.

Rating: DDD

onsdag 26 december 2018

Commando Ninja

Action movies of the 80´s had so much quality. You got big guns, big explosions, ninjas, big muscles, cheesy dialogue, best soundtracks ever and hot girls of course. Just look at the classic Invasion U.S.A from 1985 with legendary action actor Chuck Norris. The scene where he drives right into a shopping mall and massacre terrorists is so beautiful. This is exactly what we needed back then, just see Chuck Norris shoot down 240 people with 80 different guns, because that was the best way to solve problems. Let´s stay within the year of 1985 and talk about the cult classic action movie Commando. Arnold Schwarzenegger as the bad ass character John Matrix, is a perfect example of what i loved about the 80´s. John Matrix would kill anyone, in all possible ways to get to his kidnapped daughter, and Commando really showed you the real American way. Commando may not be one of the best films that Schwarzenegger did in his career, but this is an action film that still works well today for being so brutal. And this movie is also really macho, just the way you want a Schwarzenegger movie to be. While we are talking about the year of 1985, let us also mention the cult classic action movie American Ninja with legendary action actor Michael Dudikoff. The first movie where we were introduced to his iconic character Joe T. Armstrong, an American soldier who also is a ninja. I still remember watching American Ninja back when i was a child. It was a film that found a special place in my heart because i loved B action movies with ninjas included. And i have to say, actor Michael Dudikoff proved himself to be a solid action star. The sequels that followed did bring some nostalgic action scenes, especially in American Ninja 4 - The Annhiliation when both Michael Dudikoff and David Bradley teamed up to fight ninjas together. I am happy to say that there are film makers that want to make movies that throws you back into the 80´s. Just look at what director David Sandberg managed to do with his movie Kung Fury, throwing in martial arts with guns, fast cars, nazis, dinosaurs and vikings ? Kung Fury is an outstanding tribute to the 80´s and i love this movie. The campaign for Kung Fury on Kickstarter did really well, so fans clearly want to see more of 80´s styled action films. Very early in 2018, i started hearing about a new action film that was going to be filled with ninjas and lots of action called Commando Ninja. I watched the trailer and it looked fantastic. The movie was released on YouTube last week, so of course i was excited. Is the new movie Commando Ninja a masterpiece, or a movie that does not deserve any respect ?

John Hunter ( Eric Carlesi ) is a Vietnam Green Beret Veteran, Half commando and Half Ninja who is living a quiet life in the countryside. When his daughter Jenny Hunter ( Anaelle Rincent ) is kidnapped by a secret Ninja Organization, John is determined to destroy everything that stands in his way, to get his daughter back. When Commando Ninja strikes, you will feel the eternal pain.

Do you remember that first time you fell in love, and never wanted to let go ?

That feeling is exactly how you will feel when you watch Commando Ninja. Not only is this the masterpiece of 2018, this is also the most beautiful movie of the year as well. Everything you wished for is here. Fantastic characters, hot naked girls, ninjas, dinosaurs, big guns that fire of 600 bullets in 4 minutes and dialogue so fantastic that you will have an orgasm. Commando Ninja is not only a film that educates our younger generation, it also shows that you show all your problems with a grenade launcher, instead of talking. And i have to say, this is exactly what we needed to hear now during Christmas week in 2018. In some ways, this movie looks very similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger´s classic action movie Commando.  The main character known as John Hunter, feels like Schwarzenegger´s classic character John Matrix with only a few differences. When his daughter is kidnapped, you get a really crazy wild ride with a lot of B movie classics as influences. Actor Eric Carlesi in the lead role as John Hunter is absolutely brilliant. He capture the right feeling of a true American action hero who don´t listen to bullshit, he let his bullets do the talking instead. Do we have any other great characters in Commando Ninja ? Of course we do, we have Leeroy Hopkins, played by actor Phillippe Allier. Leeroy is a mixture of a true American patriot and a racist, who is actually damn fanny in this film. He brings most of the comedy scenes with his bad jokes, and the cheesiest dialogue that i simply love. Let´s not forget character Oscar Kowalsky, played by actor Stéphane Asensio. At first a tough Vietnam veteran, later turned into a deadly machine. You might think that Commando Ninja is just another B movie release. If this is what you thought, then you are wrong. Commando Ninja should be an education video for all the schools worldwide ( at the right age of course ), so a younger generation learns why video violence of the 80´s made us who gre up at this time period so intelligent. We did not need math books, we did not need to read books about boring subjects, we learned everything from watching Cyborg with Jean-Claude Van Damme and especially Red Scorpion with Dolph Lundgren kicking ass. Director Benjamin Combes have managed to bring back the beautiful 80´s back into 2018, in a very loving way. He knows exactly what will make people fall in love again, and there is nothing more powerful in the name of love with the help of Commando Ninja. People all over the world, there is no doubt that this is the best movie of 2018. You must experience Commando Ninja, and i guarantee that you will remember the feeling of true love more than you ever thought was possible.

Rating: DDDDD

måndag 17 december 2018

The House With A Clock In Its Wall

We all have memories of certain films that made an impact on us from our youth. For me personally one of my earliest memories of a movie that did make a strong impact on me, was the 1984 movie The NeverEnding Story from 1984. I must have been around 8 years old when i first watched the film. and i was really scared. Especially the scene with the wolf-like creature Gmork attacked Atreyu. The NeverEnding Story had everything you could wish for in a fairy tale way, and the special effects looked really good for being made in the early 80´s. Director Wolfgang Peterson ( also known for his cult classic Das Boot ) managed to make a movie for both a young audience and for adults as well, who love to dream away into a fantasy world where anything is possible. Let´s not even talk about the horrible sequels, since i only watched the second film. I decided not to see the third The NeverEnding Story movie after hearing it was beyond awful. Let´s move on to another film that enlightened my youth, the 1991 movie adaptation of The Addams Family from director Barry Sonnenfeld. This movie ( based on the classic 1964 TV series ) turned out to be one of the most insane black comedies of the 90´s with a really good cast including legendary actor Raul Julia, Anjelica Huston, Christopher Lloyd and Christina Ricci. I still think this movie adaptation is really funny today, especially because of the chemistry between Raul Julia and Anjelica Huston, who played the perfect combination of Gomez Addams and Morticia Addams. There was a sequel made called Addams Family Values, released in 1993. The sequel was a actually not bad, and managed to continue the story of the family, with a different but interesting plot. In 2004 we got ourselves a really good family movie adaptation of Lemony Snicket´s classic stories from A Series Of Unfortunate Events from author Daniel Handler. Jim Carrey as Lemony Snicket is absolutely brilliant, and made this film a really enjoyable comedy with some nice horror elements included. This is a must own on Blu Ray, and will most likely be a cult classic in the future. Director Eli Roth may be most known for his 2005 horror film Hostel. He have continued making horror mocvies since then in very different qualities. But when i heard he is releasing a family fantasy film called The House With A Clock in Its Wall with Jack Black and Cate Blanchet in the cast, i just had to check this out. With a great cast, and a director who have delivered some good films in the past, is this one of the biggest surprises of this year ? Or is this the family fantasy movie that never should have been made at all ?

10 Year old Lewis Barnavelt ( Owen Vaccaro ) lost both of his parents in a car crash. He moves in to his Uncle Jonathan Barnavelt ( Jack Black ). In this house Lewis also meet´s Unlce Jonathan´s best friend Florence Zimmerman ( Cate Blanchet ) who is also his neighbor. Lewis see that something strange is going on in Uncle Jonathan´s house. It turns out that the house is filled with magic, and that Jonathan is a warlock and Florence is a witch. The previous owner of the house was a sinister warlock named Isaac Izzard ( Kyle MacLachlan ). Lewis want to learn magic, even if Jonathan is not happy about this. So he begins to read books, how to learn how to control magic spells. In school Lewis is a bully victim, and he only have one friend named Tarby Corrigan ( Sunny Suljiic ). To become more popular, Lewis suggest that he will prove to Tarby that he can do magic. At the house of Jonathan, Tarby finds the key to open the forbidden room, with a book that will bring back the dead. Lewis knows that he will get into trouble, but agree to go to the cemetery to awaken the corpse of Isaac Izzard. They succeed, but this will come with very serious consequences, since Isaac is determined to use a hidden clock, that could turn back time so humanity never existed. Lewis has to stop this, with the help of Jonathan and Florenze.

The House With A Clock In Its Wall reminds me of a combination of Goosebumps and The Addams Family. You get both horror elements here, and a bit of comedy as well. And since it has been a while since i have seen a good family movie with horror elements, i have to say that this film manage to mix it all together on a nice level. In some ways, this film also brings me back to my childhood, when you appreciated family movies with magic and horror. I would not say that this film is like Harry Potter, even if magic is included. It feels more like The Addams Family with more creepy elements instead. One of the things this film does right, is make great characters. The young bullied boy Lewis, played by child actor Owen Vaccaro gives a great performance. You feel sorry for him, at the same time you can understand why he loves being in control while learning magic. Jack Black does another wonderful performance, this time as Lewis Uncle Jonathan, who teaches Jack how to control magic. One of the reasons why Jack Black fit perfect with this character, is that he knows how to portrait the odd relative. We have to talk about the performance of Cate Blanchet here, as Florence. She is without a doubt the strongest character of this film, and her attitude is both charming and funny. The horror elements is something i enjoy in this film as well. There is a creepy feeling here, that feels right for the location of this film, a very old house where magic have been around for a very long time. The evil pumpkins is one of those scenes where the tone of this film manage to deliver some nice Halloween elements, without becoming too predictable. We also have to mention legendary actor Kyle MacLachlan ( who have been in classics such as Twin Peaks, and the 1987 cult classic The Hidden ) as the dead Isac Izzard. To see Kyle deliver such a solid zombie performance is a delightful moment in this film. Is there anything negative to say about this film ? Not really, since i feel that this film manage to combine different classic elements in a positive way. And i have to say this is one of the best Eli Roth films in many years, since he kind of lost his path for a while. I will say that this film might be a bit too frightening for smaller children, that you should consider not showing the movie if they are too young. But if you want to see a good family movie with some fun horror moments, then The House With A Clock In Its Wall is a guaranteed good time. Finally a family horror movie that actually feels like a throwback to the 90´s, that does not happen very often.

Rating: DDD

söndag 16 december 2018

The Worst Movie Of 2018 Is........

Cheers everyone !

Daniel here, getting ready for writing the final reviews of 2018. It has been a year filled with great movies, but also a year where some films have turned out to be really bad. I have not reviewed some films that i watched, that turned out to be awful. But one film clearly proved that there is still movies being made that are not supposed to exist. Sometimes you come across something that you did not want to experience, but once you do you will never forget it, unfortunately. So......i have chosen the worst movie i watched in 2018, and the winner is........

The Trump Prophecy

Congratulations, i wish we never met at all. Could it really be that bad ? This movie is beyond bad, this is a pile of turds thrown together, that leaves a sour taste that will never go away. Where do i start ? The acting in this film is so horrible, it feels like they have no idea what kind of characters they want to portrait. They just seem to stand in front of the camera and talk. The story is so cheesy you want to cry in pain, that this is supposed to be a serious drama. The special effects in the fire scenes ( this film is basically based on a true story about a fireman ) looks really bad. It looks like CGI fire, on the lowest budget they could find to make it look cool ( and they can´t even get this right ). What about the music ? Well, remember the Hallmark Channel back in the 90´s when they made super cheesy pop songs, that made you even more depressed than you ever thought was possible ? This is exactly how you feel hearing the songs in this film, because they are so polished, and so soft that you just want to find the nearest exit. 

I am telling you every single person out there worldwide, do not suffer like i did and avoid this film at all cost. I almost did not survive watching this film, i might need therapy for several months to become normal again.

So there you go, let´s leave this behind us and look forward to the last reviews of 2018 that i am working on right now. I have a few left to post once they are finished, and i hope you will enjoy them. I will see you soon, and enjoy your week in the best possible way.

Cheers from Daniel

fredag 14 december 2018

Slay Belles

Christmas time!

The one time of the year when we gather family, have a nice Christmas dinner, talk to relatives we never meet ( except at weddings, funerals or birthday party´s ). In my family we have a tradition that every Christmas, you have the chance to taste The Masters Of All Masters, that is Ron De Jeremy Rum of course. So why is Ron Jeremy´s rum such a great part of Christmas in our family ? Because we know the happiness of Christmas, that is why we do it in such a positive way. For me personally, i love watching Christmas movies that are not the classics running on TV. so i prefer to watch the B horror movies that includes the holiday celebration. One good example of a great Christmas B horror movie is a film that is called Red Christmas from director Craig Anderson. What makes this such a nice treat, is that the film manage to capture the right Christmas feeling, perhaps more violent than the traditional holiday. And i do enjoy some of the characters in this film as well. Legendary actress Dee Wallace ( who have been in a lot of classic films such as The Hills Have Eyes, The Howling and Critters of course ) is one of the highlights of Red Christmas, it is so nice to see her still doing more movies in the horror genre. I suggest you pick up the DVD, or check it out on VOD with your family. Another good Christmas horror film that should be seen, is the 2015 movie known as A Christmas Horror Story. This film is like a horror anthology, telling different stories about Christmas. And i have to say, if you enjoy anthology movies then you should see this film. I also appreciate seeing legendary acor William Shatner as a radio DJ host, known as Dangerous Dan. Pick up A Christmas Horror Story on DVD, it would also be a great gift for the family. Every year there are many B horror movies released with a Christmas theme, and i think it is great that small budget movies are made, to show another side of the happy, colorful season of the year. Besides, some people prefer to have a good time with an Axe, or perhaps a nail gun, just to get that party started. So i have a tradition every year, i go to the YouTube channel known as Geek Legion Of Doom in the late autumn to check out the latest Christmas reviews. And this year i came across a review of the new movie Slay Belles. This looks like a fun Christmas movie, and the review did make me curious about the film as well. Since i love a wonderful, happy, heart warming Christmas with flesh wounds, pretty women and Krampus ready to party, i just had to see if Slay Belles would be surprisingly good. Do we finally have a Christmas movie that should be seen by the whole family, or is this movie that should have been dumped at the nearest garbage station ?

Three girls known as Alexi ( Kristina Klebe ), Dahlia ( Susan Slaughter ) and Sadie ( Hannah Wagner ) all go to the closed down Santa Land. They intend to film some social media videos for Adventure Girls. But while looking through Santa Land, they see the real Krampus walking around. The girls head inside a cabin, where Santa Claus ( Barry Bostwick ) is protecting himself from Krampus. Santa tells the girls that Krampus are looking for children, that he takes away. But the girls agree to help Santa stop Krampus, so he never can take any child ever again.

I have to say, while watching Slay Belles i am reminded of the good old days of the 80´s. Back then, movies were made with passion in a different way than today. You could say that Slay Belles is a look back at how we used to enjoy Christmas, and it was ok for women to dress sexy without being seen as sexual objects. They are just dressed up to give some Christmas joy. Because let´s be honest here, Slay Belles is supposed to be a fun horror movie, especially for those who enjoy B movies from the past. This is in no way a very original film in any way, but if you can accept that then you should have a good time with this film. There is a really crazy mix here of different Christmas elements thrown together, in a positive way. Let´s talk about the positive first. The costume design of Krampus looks really good. In fact, this is the best Krampus costume i have ever seen so far in a Christmas horror movie. The girls played by actresses Kristina Klebe, Susan Slaughter and Hannah Wagner all make a wonderful performance, as the happy Christmas girls helping Santa Claus to defeat Krampus. By the way, we have to mention legendary actor Barry Bostwick here who plays Santa ( known from classics such as Spy Hard and TV Comedy Series known as Spin City ). He also gives a solid performance, and clearly have good comedy timing in his scenes. The dialogue is funny as well ( for the most part ), and give this film a funnier tone than most Christmas horror movies. I have to mention i also appreciate that the film is not showing any snow at all, that Santa is hiding in a closed down park called Santa Land. It is nice to see a different perspective outside the traditional Christmas locations. Now to some negative. I feel that i would have liked this film to be at least 10 minutes longer, with more flesh wounds and violence. That does not mean i am complaining of the practical effects or the flesh wounds we get to see, but some more of this would have been nice. Other than that i can´t really complain about much. Director Dan Walker have made a Christmas movie that will please both horror fans, and people who loves to celebrate Christmas. i have to say that this is the best Christmas movie i have seen this year, and who knows, maybe we can have a sequel in the future ? Slay Bells is a fun tribute to the 80´s with something for everyone to enjoy. Of course you should see it, because remember what Santa says:- Polish the Christmas balls, or Santa will be naughty this year. I know he means serious business, so i guarantee i will be polishing really good this year.....

Rating: DDD

onsdag 12 december 2018

Mile 22

Every year movie critics around the world are not very excited about one specific month. We are of course talking about the month of January, the month when most movie studios release films that no one will care about. There are quite many films that have been released in the month of January that critics have panned for different reasons, such as The Bye Bye Man, The Green Hornet, Dirty Grandpa or Friend Request. Of course movie studios are mostly focused on the big seasons such as summer time, or holidays like Easter or Thanksgiving. It is not hard to understand why, because they might get a big cash hit if people run to the cinema to see some big names on screen. But in 2013, something happened in January that not many people would have expected. A film was released that month that was both enjoyed by critics and did well at the box office, the war drama movie Lone Survivor from director Peter Berg. Based on the true story of what happened with United State´s Navy Seal´s counter-insurgent mission Operation Red Wings, in Afghanistan. What made this film so good, was that the acting surprised me in a very positive way. And i have to say that the action scenes was also well made by director Peter Berg. If you have not seen Lone Survivor, you should check it out. Director Peter Perg and actor Mark Wahlberg continued working together in their next collaboration called Deepwater Horizon. A really well made drama action film, based on the true story of the explosion of oil rig Deepwater Horizon. A really strong cast, and a very strong story is included, that made this film so good. But the collaboration between Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg continued with Patriots Day, another strong film based on the tragedy of the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013. Director Peter Berg proved once again why he is so good with making powerful films, and Patriots Day managed to tell this story in a very emotional way. After Patriots Day came out on DVD and Blu Ray, i was hearing rumors about another collaboration with Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg. Of course this made me curious, since they have managed to deliver quality films since 2013. The film is called Mile 22 and is described as an espionage action thriller. I was supposed to see this film in a Cinema, but that never happened, so i watched the movie on Blu Ray instead. Since this is the fourth time that Berg and Wahlberg work together, do they strike another homerun with Mile 22, or is the magic gone this time with a much weaker production ?

CIA Agent and former U.S. Marine veteran James Silva ( Mark Wahlberg ), leads a Special Activities Division team code-named Overwatch to raid a Russian FSB safe house. Under the remote supervision of James Bishop ( John Malkovich ) and his team. The mission is to locate and destroy shipments of caesium, to prevent it from being used as a radioactive weapon. A firefight takes out most of the Russians and Overwatch operate Greg Vickers ( Cedric Gervais ) is killed. But the caesium is destroyed. James executes the last survivor, a teenager who warns him that they are making a mistake. 16 months later, in the South Asian country of Indocarr, police officer Li Noor ( Iko Uwais ) surrender himself to the U.S. Embassy to negotiate for passage out of the country in exchange for information. Li is carrying information about the caesium on a disc. He will unlock the information, if they let him out of the country. Unless they follow his rule, the information will be destroyed since it is programmed to self destruct. Silvia´s team is instructed to take Noor to an airplane at an airstrip 22 miles away. John Silva´s team is about to face their hardest mission yet.

Since director Peter Berg and actor Mark Wahlberg have delivered some solid films in recent years, Mile 22 does not reach the same quality level as before. This is a pretty ordinary straight in your face action film, that does not hold any big surprises. You could say that this is the movie that director Peter Berg, decided to follow the predictable action genre, like he did with Battleship. The difference here between Mile 22 and Battleship, is that Battleship is a stupid action film that does have some entertainment value. Mile 22 do have some action scenes that works, but at the end of the day there is not a lot more to be happy about here. The film starts off good, and you would have hoped that Mile 22 would have continued delivering some solid action scenes. But then this film slows down, and become a bit boring for a while. And that is not a good sign when you know this is supposed to be an action film. Mark Wahlberg, who plays the lead character James Silva, talks a hell of a lot. In fact, there are moments in this film where i want him to stop talking and just shoot people down instead. I have to say that this is one of the worst performances i have seen Mark Wahlberg do in a very long time, and he ususally never does a bad performance. But his character is not very interesting, just annoying at times. Actress Lauren Cohan as the character Alice Kerr is more interesting than James Silva, but for some reason i don´t feel that she deliver enough power. I would have wanted her to be more rough, and just rip some balls off. The best character in this film is martial arts action star Iko Uwais. When he starts to fight ( especially in one scene where he is handcuffed ) you finally get the right stuff. Fast, really furious fight scenes, just the way we like it. And to be honest, without Iko Uwais in this film, Mile 22 would have fallen very flat, because he is the reason you want to watch this film, not because of Mark Wahlberg. I am happy to see legendary actor John Malkovich here as the character Bishop. But what i love most about his character, is that he have the same hair as Kurt Russel in the Science fiction action movie Soldier from 1998. Could it be that John Malkovich love the 1998 B movie so much, he wanted to make his tribute to the film in Mile 22 ? If so, he did do a good job. But his performance is not very strong, and he is not in many scenes either. So is there anything else you should know ? Not really, but this is by far the worst movie with director Peter Berg and actor Mark Wahlberg. It is such a shame, because i have enjoyed their previous films. Let´s hope they work together again, and do something better than Mile 22. This is a film you will most likely forget about, i know i have already forgotten i watched this film. Wow, that does not happen very often.

Rating: DD

söndag 9 december 2018

What Movie Will Critics Call The Worst Movie Of 2018 ?

Cheers everyone!

Daniel here, the amazing movie review guy from Sweden, the country where everyone is obsessed in Anna Books ABC album, actually the only hit album she had with.....2 hits ? I am not sure, i might have to contact Carl Jan Granqvist for further information. So the final reviews of the year are on the way, and as i am counting now i might have 6 reviews all together, ready before the year ends, and i will also announce the worst movie i have seen this year. Now, i am curious to see what movie most critics will call the worst movie of 2018 ? Will it be Fifty Shades Freed, or could it be Forever My Girl ? 

I have not seen these films, and i have heard that there is some other titles out there that are terrible such as Show Dogs, Hurricane Heist, A Wrinkle In Time, Truth Or Dare or perhaps Gringo ?

No matter what the lists will look like, i love wathcing the lists of Worst Movies Of The Year, because you know that the movie reviewers will be so upset, and pissed by the time they get to number 1, you are guaranteed to have a good time. Something tells me that Fifty Shades Of Freed will be the winner as Worst Movie Of 2018, but i could be wrong. I am really looking forward to see the winner, and if Fifty Shades Freed wins, i will celebrate with champagne, and some more champagne, because that would be worth celebrating. The final movie reviews are coming soon, so i am hope you are excited. And....a special surprise on New Years Eve will also be done. Take care of yourself, have fun with the Christmas balls, and remember, if you are naughty, you get to sit on Santa´s lap. That would make my dreams come true.

Cheers from Daniel

fredag 7 december 2018

The Trump Prophecy


The greatest country in the world, if you ask Trump supporters. Let´s be honest here, i have heard some really stupid things from Trump supporters about my country Sweden, and i would like to share with you now what some of them have actually said.

* There are more murders in Sweden than in America
* The health care system in Sweden is really bad compared to America
* If we would have more people wearing guns in Sweden, we would solve crime much better

These are just a few things i have heard Trump supporters say, i could probably write down a whole list but that would just make you all fall asleep. So let´s just mention one more thing, that Trump supporters believe that chemicals in lakes are making frogs gay. Sounds fantastic right ? It has now been over 2 years since Donald Trump became The President Of The United States. I remember back in 2016, when i heard the news that Donald Trump won the election, i felt that this is not going to help America back on track. And boy was i right, i have never heard a President so crazy as this one. He have no compassion at all, and don´t seem to take anything seriously. I know that Barack Obama got a lot of criticism while he was President, but he actually did do some good things, if you compare to what Trump is doing at this moment. Now, what shocks me most of all is how ( some ) American Christians believe anything Trump says. Just look at evangelical TV host Jim Bakker, who loves Trump more than anything. Of course he has the right to do that, since we are all allowed to like anyone we want. But you can tell by Jim Bakker´s show that they clearly see Trump as the only answer for America´s future. With so much going on right now with Trump in power, i hope that the people of America will make sure to get a new president for 2020. Recently i came across a trailer of a film, that was released in October called The Trump Prophecy. I thought the title was a parody, like a satire comedy about Trump. But no, it turns out that this is a film made by Christians who loves Donald Trump. I watched the trailer and i got a bad feeling about this film. But i decided to watch thew film, just in case i might think that it´s not that bad. A movie that tributes the latest President of America, is this the masterpiece i always wanted to experience, or is The Trump Prophecy a movie that will make our lives miserable for all eternity ?

Fireman Mark Taylor ( Chris Nelson ) can no longer work any longer. Since a very sad tragedy happened inside a burning building, where a child died, Mark don´t have any power left to continue his job. He decides to quit, with the support of his wife Mary Jo Taylor ( Karen Boles ). Every night Mark has nightmares, as if a demon visits him. He has to struggle each night, not knowing why this demon is out after him. But suddenly one day, Mark have a vision, that Donald Trump will become the next President Of The United States. Most people think this can´t be true, but it turns out Mark is right. Is it possible that Donald Trump will lead the people of America into a brighter future ?

I already had a feeling that this propaganda film for Trump supporters would be awful. But this is actually a film that is so bad, i might have problems sleeping soon. Really ? Yes, i am serious. Everything feels wrong about this film. The acting is really awful, the cinematography is as cheap as a bargain sale at the dollar store, and the music is as cheesy as a Hallmark production left from the late 90´s. The story is supposed to be very dramatic, about a firefighter who can´t deal with his job anymore. And this could have been good, if they actually tried to make an interesting story. Most of all, if they actually tried to act, and they don´t really even try to do that either. Even the firefighter scenes looks incredible cheesy, and that is a really bad sign. Let´s talk about the characters for a while. Lead character known as Mark Taylor ( played by actor  Chris Nelson ) is supposed to be the hero of the movie, being a former firefighter and a Trump supporter. But to be honest, you don´t really care about him since he can´t act out any emotional scenes. The moments when he tries to act like you should feel sorry for him, you just don´t buy it. His wife Mary Jo Taylor ( played by actress Karen Boles from the good TV series Sleepy Hollow ) is perhaps one of the few characters that actually make something out of her character. That does not mean she is acting good, but give us a better acting performance than Chris Nelson. What about the other actors in this film ? Let´s just say that their performances are as predictable as a Ronan Keating album, you know exactly what it will look like. Is there anything positive about the story ? Honestly no, because this is clearly a film made to be a tribute to Donald Trump as the greatest man on this planet who will save America. I have no problem that this is a Christian film, but what i do have a problem with is that this film is so awful. The Trump Prophecy is without a doubt one of the worst movies of 2018. Director Stephan Schultze ( who worked as a cinematographer and producer on several films ) does not seem to know how to make a powerful drama film. Instead he makes a film that you want to flush down the toilet. I heard that the new Robin Hood film in cinema, have some really bad reviews out there. I can´t imagine it is that bad, if you compare it with The Trump Prophecy. If you want to be depressed and dig yourself under the ground, just watch this film and you will not want to see the sunlight ever again. Not as bad as Saving Christmas with Kirk Cameron ( i seriously doubt any film can be worse than that film ), but still bad enough to wish The Trump Prophecy never existed.

Rating: D

onsdag 5 december 2018

Dead Trigger: Unkilled

In most countries around the world, we celebrate Christmas to spend time with family, enjoy food and be nice to each other. In Sweden, we do it in a very different way. You see, here in Sweden, Christmas for us is about celebrating the greatest Icon of Swedish history ever, Dolph Lundgren of course. If you go on a Christmas market in Sweden, you will of course see Santa Clause, but in every heart of the Swedish population, they are all thinking about Dolph. So why is Dolph the true way of Christmas ? It all started in 1987, when Dolph Lundgren became the iconic Russian character Ivan Drago in Rocky 4. Ever since then, Swedish people are reminded of why Dolph means so much to us. If you visit Swedish people in their homes, i guarantee that they have classics on DVD such as Red Scorpion, Showdown In Little Tokyo, Universal Soldier or The Expendables. Speaking of The Expendables, that was the big return to the big screen for Dolph Lundgren as Gunner Jensen, and i love these films so much. To see all those big action stars together on screen have really made my life wonderful. And i am so excited about The Expendables 4, that is said to be released sometime during 2019. Dolph have continued working hard in the B movie industry and i try to watch all of his films. I still have a few left, and hopefully i will get a chance to see them next year. A few B movie highlights with Doph we have to mention is of course Skin Trade, released in 2014. An action film that turned out to be one of the best action films of that year, and director Ekachai Uekrongtham managed to mix classic martial arts with fast action scenes in an effective way. If you have not seen Skin Trade, you should buy it on DVD or Blu Ray ( and you also support B movies this way ). Another film i have to mention is of course Universal Soldier: Day Of Reckoning. A sequel that turned out to be much better than i expected, and gave us a lot of fantastic fighting scenes. Especially between legendary action actor Scott Adkins and Andrei Arlovski. I also love the fighting scenes where Scott Adkins fight against Dolph Lundgren and Jean-Claude Van Damme, this feels epic in so many ways. This is also a film you need to buy, because it is worth having in your collection. When ever i see Dolph releasing a new film, i always feel joy in my heart. So i got a chance to see one of his latest films called Dead Trigger: Unkilled, that looks like a zombie horror film. Not to be mixed up with Battle Of The Damned, another zombie film with Dolph released in 2013. Is the new zombie film Dead Trigger: Unkilled one of the highlights of this year, or should Dolph stay away from this genre completely and just do simple action films instead ?

The year is 2025, in Terminal City. Billions of humans have died from a mysterious virus, while a lot of people have turned into zombies taking over cities. Unable to stop the virus, the government develops a video game called "Dead Trigger " that shows what´s going on in the world. A special team of people are chosen to be a part of the Dead Trigger team, including Samantha ( Bleone Qereti ), Daniel Chen ( Justin Chon ), Chris Norton ( Chris Galya ) and many other members, led by Military leader Kyle Walker ( Dolph Lundgren ). Their mission is to take out zombies, and try and locate scientists trapped inside a medical facility, who may have answers to find a cure. But are they too late ? Is the virus spreading faster than they could have expected ?

Seeing another zombie action film might not be the thing we have all wished for. But the good news is that Dead Trigger: Unkilled is actually not a completely awful zombie film, and that is thanks to the characters of the special team, send out to kill the infected. There is a lot of shooting, decapitations, blood and some gore as well, so this turns out to be a B movie feast. Let´s talk about the characters. First of all, Dolph Lundgren is the biggest highlight in this film as Kyle Walker, one of the leaders of the Dead Trigger team. Dolph looks bad ass, he delivers the best dialogue, and he is the perfect choice for a zombie killer. But that´s not all, we have more great characters. Actor Keil Oakley Zepernick as the super developed zombie Project Alpha is really cool, a special designed zombie that don´t die from ordinary bullets. Actress Bleone Qereti as Martial Arts fighter Samantha is also a character this film needed, a strong female character ( unfortunately she does not get many scenes, and she should have had more honestly ). There are of course some awful characters as well, but let´s talk about something else thats positive. If you like a very simple zombie action horror film, where you don´t need to think, then Dead Trigger should be appreciated by you. Now to something negative. The make up on the zombies is not very effective. Especially one scene where a zombie scientist have an eye hanging down, looks pretty silly. The plot is of course not anything special, but that´s ok, since this is almost looks like a video game ( as we see people wearing special designed googles ). Does this film bring anything new ? Nothing at all, this is basically a very typical zombie movie that is designed for B movie lovers that love traditional zombie movies with no big surprises. If you are a fan of zombie movies i think you should give Dead Trigger: Unkilled a chance. Just to see Dolph Lundgren as a bad ass zombie killer is something you don´t want to miss. Directors Mike Cuff and Scott Windhauser clearly love this genre, and they manage to deliver some B movie fun for the audience. I am actually hoping for a sequel, just to see if we could see this team return for another mission. I would love to see B movie legends like Michael Madsen, Eric Roberts, Gary Busey in a sequel, so we really get to have some fun. If you don´t feel like watching traditional Christmas movies this year, why not put on Dead Trigger: Unkilled instead, and give Christmas a really jolly good zombie feeling instead ? I am sure Santa Claus will approve that, since i know he probably want to take down some zombies as well ( he probably have a shotgun in Santa´s sleigh, or a chainsaw, since he is filled with surprises ).

Rating: DDD


In Hollywood there are certain actors that have made cinematic history for some of their classic performances. It would be very easy just to pick out some of the most well known films, but i choose to talk about one actor that did make history with some really crazy films from the 80´s and the 90´s. One of the most crazy comedies of the 80´s, has to be Raising Arizona from director Joel Coen. The story of robber Herbert McDunnough ( Nicolas Cage ) who steals a baby, because he is sterile and can´t make his wife Edwina McDunnough ( Holly Hunter ) pregnant is such a delightful cult classic. If you love crazy comedies, you need to see Raising Arizona and see a real 80´s classic. What made this comedy so funny, is the insane atmosphere in the Arizona desert, and the odd characters. Legendary actor John Goodman as the bounty hunter Gale Snoats is one of those characters you won´t forget. He really nails it and knows how to put up a performance on a high level of quality. Nicolas Cage continued delivering really good films, and especially in 1990 when he went completely insane in David Lynch cult classic Wild At Heart. Now, to appreciate a film like Wild Heart you have to have a good taste in movies. This is one of the most fascinating movies of the early 90´s, that does not look like anything you have seen before. Nicolas Cage is simply brilliant as the wonderful character Sailor and his lover Lula ( brilliant portrayed by actress Laura Dern ). I must have seen Wild At Heart at least 10 times since the 90´s, and this is still one of my favourite movies from director David Lynch. This film is really violent, funny, dramatic, and filled with crazy scenes, and i love the combination. If you don´t have Wild At Heart in your DVD or Blu Ray collection, you should be ashamed of yourself. This is a film that should be seen by the whole family every Christmas Eve. Leaving Las Vegas is also a masterpiece with Nicolas Cage, directed by Mike Figgis. The alcoholic character Ben Sanderson ( Nicolas Cage ) is a really sad image of how shitty life can be, and when you reach to that point that you might as well kill yourself. Another fantastic performance by Nicolas Cage. But after a lot of good films, Cage started doing a lot of different movie projects. Some of them were ok, while some of them were not good. The 2003 film Matchstick Men is of course a big highlight, but after this things went downhill. How many of you remember the remake of The Wicker Man, or perhaps the 2012 film Stolen with Swedish actress Malin Åkerman ? But then in 2013, a small film called Joe by director David Gordon Green made a big change for Cage´s career ( finally getting great reviews again ). A really strong drama film, with Nicolas Cage doing his best performance for over 10 years. Early this year i started hearing a lot of positive words about Nicolas Cage in a new film called Mandy. And after early reviews on film festivals, i could tell that Many seemed to be something unique. Do we finally have a future Nicolas Cage classic in our hands, or is Mandy a disaster that should be buried with other terrible Cage films ?

The year is 1983 near the Shadow Mountains, Red Miller lives with his girlfriend Mandy Bloom ( Andrea Riseborough ) Red works as a logger, while Mandy has a day job as a cashier at a nearby gas station. One day when Mandy is on her way to work, she passes a van with the deviant hippie cult known as Children Of The New Dawn. Cult leader Jeremiah Sand ( Linus Roache ) is struck by the beauty of Mandy, and orders one of his disciples, Brother Swan ( Ned Dennehy ) to kindnap Mandy. At night, Brother Swan summon the Black Skulls who head out towads the cabin of Red and Mandy. The Black Skulls break into their home, and Red is gagged and tied with barbed wire, as he is forced to watch as Mandy is burned alive. Red Miller survives, but he is determined to revenge the death of Mandy, and destroy both Black Skulls and the cult of Jeremiah Sand.

I had a feeling that Mandy would be an odd experience, and i can tell you that this is film that deserves a lot of respect. Mandy is a movie that does not care about how things are supposed to look like. This is a film that shows many levels of insantiy, and shows a very disturbing world of evil, passion and religion. I would not call this a religious film completely, even if you get a sense that there is some kind of religious cult involved here. Imagine a world made from influences of legendary directors David Lynch and David Cronenberg, and you might understand that Mandy is not for fans of The Princess Diaries with actress Anne Hathaway. Let us be very clear here, that Nicolas Cage does his absolute best performance in Mandy, since the last 20 years. Is it possible ? Yes it is, he proved his professional acting performance in the 2013 film Joe, and he does it even more this time in Mandy. Cage´s character Red Miller is clearly a man with a lot of hate, who sets out to revenge the murder of his girlfriend Mandy Bloom, played by actress Andrea Riseborough. To see Red on a hunt for the hippie cult that took Mandy´s life, have a lot of brutality and darkness along the way. We also get to see some other powerful performances as well, especially from cult leader Jeremiah Sand, played by actor Linus Roache. It feels like Linus have really tried hard to capture the essence of a religious cult leader, and he does this really well on screen. We have to mention that actor Bill Duke ( most remembered for his character Mac Elliot in the 1987 cult classic Predator ) does a nice performance here. You don´t see him for very long, but i really enjoyed seeing him here, capturing the feeling of the 80´s. The cinematography by Benjamin Loeb looks absolutely gorgeous, and capture the right atmosphere of the story. You might think that a revenge story is nothing interesting, but in this case i have to say that Mandy manage to go in a completely different direction than most revenge horror films. Director Panos Cosmatos ( known for his directorial debut film Beyond The Black Rainbow ) have created one of the most powerful odd horror films in many years. Mandy is a pure trip into hell, with a completely different level of insanity that you don´t really get to see often. If you want to experience a film like nothing else this year, you simply have to experience Mandy on Blu Ray, and buy this film. Nicolas Cage is so damn good, i am jumping of joy right now that we finally get to see him deliver really solid acting. I have no problem saying this, Mandy is one of the best films of 2018. Go out and buy the film, and support this wonderful piece of cinematic pleasure.

Rating: DDDD

söndag 2 december 2018

In 2019 A New Segment Is Coming

Cheers everyone!

Daniel here, the fantastic movie review guy from Sweden ( the country who have the last surviving viking known as E-Type, who released the same album for over 20 years, amazing ). Sometimes you need to make a change for fun, just to spice things up. So, next year i have decided to do a new segment that is called......

Is It Really That Bad ? 

The idea is that i watch a few selected movies that i have not seen, that are hated by movie critics worldwide, to see if i dont enjoy the films either, or....maybe i do enjoy them ? There are no certain categories, so i will pick different titles from different years. Sounds like fun right ? I think that this will begin in February, hopefully. But im working right now on the final movie reviews of this year, and....a special surprise right before New Years Eve. So thank you everyone for reading my reviews, and i hope you are excited to see the final reviews of 2018. See you soon in here. 

Cheers from Daniel