fredag 22 november 2013

Jug Face

Every year we see what the big movie studios are doing. They will do anything to have another big blockbuster hit at the box office, no matter how many times we have seen the same concept. Horror is the typical genre for this subject, sequels and prequels are released constantly. But sometimes there comes a original story, that does not look like everything else. For example, take a look at this motion picture called Jug Face. Made with a very low budget, and directed by Chad Crawford Kinkle ( this is his first full length film ), Jug Face got a lot of positive feedback at Slamdance Film Festival 2013, and by many movie critics. Most actors are pretty unheard of, except for Larry Fessenden ( Stake Land ) and old school actress Sean Young ( No Way Out, Blade Runner ). Is Jug Face a fresh story for us who love new ideas, or is this another typical straight to dvd release ?

In a backwoods community, clay maker Dawai ( Sean Bridgers ) have made a Jug Face, that a voice told him to do. This voice is coming from The Pit, a pit in the ground who the whole community worship. Every jug face that is made from Dawai, is supposed to look like someone in the community. This means that person must be sacrificed. Ada ( Lauren Ashley Carter ) have sex with her own brother Jessaby ( Daniel Manche ) in the forest, Ada realise she have to keep this secret, as she steals one of Dawai´s clay heads, that looks like her. She bury the clay head underground, so no one in the community knows she is supposed to be sacrificed. Ada´s family have chosen her to marry Bodey ( Mathieu Whitman ). Her family still thinks she is a virgin, so no one can find out her secrets. But the community is being suspicious about Ada, what is she hiding ? And what is the secret behind The Pit ?

When i see something original coming out on dvd, or blu ray, i try to check it out as fast as i can. Here in Sweden, there were no talk about Jug Face, so i discovered the movie from different web sites, that praised this motion picture. Knowing that this is not a big Hollywood production i felt very curious about what this could be. I have to say, Jug Face delivers quality. Forget about the budget, this is more intelligent than most of the horror releases coming out this year. The story about this cult society is deeply disturbing, and shows how people in a small community can become evil, and do terrible deeds. Main actress Lauren Ashley Carter proves that she could be heading towards a very bright future, after this performance in Jug Face. She reminds me of a young Susan Sarandon, but still with her own style. Director Chad Crawford Kinkle may borrow some classic cult influences, but he mix them with his own visual style, and with a different twist. I am already looking forward to his next motion picture. Jug Face is not a classic horror movie, but this is still worth checking out. I even suggest you buy this one, to support directors who are trying to make different ideas, made into a cinema delight. Who wants a Jug Face ? I know i do want one.

Rating: DDD

tisdag 19 november 2013

Machete Kills

From a Grindhouse trailer, made into a motion picture, Machete took the world by storm. Let´s be honest, without Danny Trejo in the lead role as Machete, this would not have been as good as it did. This legendary actor knows how to make icon characters, and as Machete he nailed it big time. Director Robert Rodriguez have always loved B movies, remember From Dusk Til Dawn ? You could tell that this was a tribute to the 1970´s, with corny picture and sleazy dialogue, just the way we like it. Machete Kills is the latest story of Machete, and this time we have a handfull of movie stars included, how about Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen and Cuba Gooding. Jr ? Yes, in case you wonder, Lady Gaga is also here. So with Danny Trejo back as Machete, will the audience have a great time once again, or are the expectations too high ?

Machete Cortez ( Danny Trejo ) and Sartana Rivera ( Jessica Alba ) is on a mission to stop corrupted US military men, who have been supplying the Mexican drug cartels. The mission does not go as planned, and Sartana is killed, shot in the head. Corrupted Sheriff Doeakes ( William Sadler ), tries to hang Machete with no luck. Suddenly Doakes is informed to stop the torture, The President Of United States, Rathcock ( Charlie Sheen ), order his staff to bring Machete to the white house. President Rathcock suggest that if Machete help him, Rathcock will arrange so Machete becomes an american citizen. Machete agree on his mission, to eliminate Marcos Mendez ( Demián Bichir ). Machete meets his handler Blanca Vasquez ( Amber Heard ), who seduce Machete, before he heads off too Acapulco. In Acapulco he finds Cereza ( Vanessa Hudgens ), who can help him locate Marcos. Cereza takes Machete to Marcos, where he meets this legendary criminal. Chaos breaks out, and Machete kidnap Marcos. But the problems don´t stop here. Marcos have a missile launch device to his heart, and within 24 hours the device will blow up. Now a bounty hunter known as El Chameleón ( Cuba Gooding. Jr ) is out there to kill Machete, as well as his old enemy Osiris Amanpour ( Tom Savini ). Determined to finish mission, Machete will not let anyone stand in his way.

Before i saw the trailer of Machete Kills, i was really looking forward to a sequel. After having seen this sequel, i feel kind of split. Is this good ? Yes, in some ways. Is it worse than the original movie ? Yes, but this is not an awful action movie. The cheesy dialogue is here, cheap special effects, lots of hot girls, and big guns, all the right ingredients you need at a dinner while watching Halv 8 Hos Mig. One problem is that the magic with the first motion picture is not as clear here, as it used to be. I loved the grindy picture, here this is made more like an ordinary action motion picture. Ok, Machete Kills may not deliver as much as i hoped, but this is still a fun ride. With lots of action, lots of body parts flying, and you will laugh at some of the bad jokes. Machete Kills wont win any awards, but if you love B action movies, then you will guaranteed get a morning wood from this motion picture.

Rating: DDD

söndag 17 november 2013


Bullitt is one of the biggest classic motion pictures when it comes to car chases. Steve McQueen behind the wheels in San Fransisco in the 60´s, an icon movie that will live on. Some might say Getaway from 1972 is also one of the best car action movies of all time, also starring Steve McQueen. The Fast And The Furious franchise is todays biggest car action blockbusters, and for every movie it seems that people love this genre. I suppose if you mix cool cars, hot girls, and lots of action, it should be the perfect mix for viewers of Leila Bakar. You might think Getaway with Ethan Hawke and Selena Gomez is a remake from the 70´s motion picture, but this is not a remake. Instead it is said that Getaway is an original story. With such a great actor as Ethan Hawke behind the wheels, is Getaway a popcorn feast, or another example of a poor idea gone bad ?

Former race driver Brent Magna ( Ethan Hawke ) comes home to find his home destroyed. And his wife is missing, as it turns out she have been kidnapped. Brent recieve a phonecall from a man called The Voice ( Jon Voight ), who explain what he has to do, to make sure his wife will survive. A special designed car is located in a chosen area, and Brent need to drive and follow instructions, if he does not follow orders, his wife will die. While Brent is ordered to wait in a construction zone, a young woman called The Kid ( Selena Gomez ) tries to steal Brent´s car. She fails, as The Voice order Brent to take The Kid with him on his journey, since he might need her help. It turns out that The Voice have planned everything, that The Kid was supposed to try and steal the car. The Kid is a skilled computer hacker, so her knowledge is usefull while The Voice give them both new orders. Time is running out, and Brent know that too many mistakes might end it all.

Getaway have been panned by almost all movie crititcs, and i can understand why. Getaway is not a great movie, but at least it is not bad all the way. The biggest problem with Getaway is that the plot feels dull, and when Ethan Hawke does not deliver his acting quality as he usually does, there is not alot left to be happy about. Selena Gomez did a great performance in Spring Breakers, here she is just a teen girl who tries to be cool, and that´s pretty much it. There are a few car scenes that looks pretty good, but overall director Courtney Solomon have delivered an action movie without intensive scenes. Getaway is nothing you will remember, but would i rather watch this than Intresseklubben ? Yes, no doubt about that.

Rating: DD

lördag 16 november 2013


I remember when i went to see Pitch Black in a small cinema in my hometown Uddevalla. This was not a sci fi movie that was seen by a large audience, or got very much attention in Sweden. But i liked it, for several reasons. The visual effects looked great, the character Riddick ( played by Vin Diesel ) had a very strange look, with his creepy eyes. The director David Twohy showed us a very different sci fi idea, of a planet we have never seen before. 4 years later a sequel was released, The Chronicles Of Riddick. But it did not do very well at the box office, so i did not expect to see Riddick back again. So here we are, with the third movie with Vin Diesel back in action. David Twohy is also back directing again, is Riddick the best sequel so far, or is this a desperate try to get the audience to come back ?

5 years have passed, and Riddick is now Lord Marshall of the Necromonger fleet. He does not enjoy wearing this crown, and refuse to swear into the Necromonger. This cause big problems, so Riddick strikes a deal with Commander Vaako ( Karl Urban ). If Vaako gives him the location of Furya and a ship to take him there, he will let Vaako become the new leader of Necromonger. Vaako agree to take Riddick there, but as they travel to Furya, Riddick looks around and realise he have been tricked. This is not Furya, as he kills 3 of the soldiers. Vaako shoots around the cliff Riddick is standing on, as he falls down underneath the mountain, buried alive. Riddick did survive, but is badly damaged. As he tries to get strength, and find water, he meets a new enemy called Mud Demons, creatures that hide in water. He find out their weakness, kills the beast, and continue his journey. At an empty mercenary station, Riddick broadcast his identity and his presence on the planet. 2 ships with bounty hunters arrive to the mercenary station, to kill Riddick. Their leader Santana ( Jordi Mollá ) makes sure his team is armed and ready, to meet Riddick in the wasteland. But they are not alone, somthing else is out there.

Thankfully director David Twohy have tried to go back to the first movie, and make the storyline more intelligent, instead of just loads of action sequences. With that being said, this is not as good as the first movie, but a step in the right direction. Vin Diesel does pretty much the same acting performance he always does, and he actually fit the character Riddick. The plot is not very deep, and this is a problem with this motion picture. There are some interesting details we find out along the way, but those scenes are too short, while the action kicks in. Overall i have to say Riddick is at least a worthy sequel to Pitch Black, even if the first movie is still the best one so far. If you love sci fi action, i think Riddick will satisfy you, and let you have a good time. This is said to be the last movie based on the character Riddick, considering it did well at the box office, i don´t think this will be the last time we see Vin Diesel in space, or maybe i am wrong ?

Rating: DDD

tisdag 5 november 2013


Matthew McConaughey is an actor with a catalogue wider than Kim Kardashian´s tits. What do i mean by this ? He does so many different genre movies, that he never gets stuck in the same pattern. And this is a good thing. There was a time when he made some bad choices. Remember this one, Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past ? There are some others, but he suddenly changed into a completely different actor in The Lincoln Lawyer, where he really took me by surprise. Nowdays i actually look forward too what he does, since he seems to understand what quality means in acting standards. Mud became a favourite at The Sundance Film Festival where the audience praised both the acting, but also the story from director Jeff Nichols. He directed one of my personal favourite movies of 2011, named Take Shelter. Considering that i know he is a talented director, with a great lead actor, does Mud deliver as much as i hoped, or is this a big let down from my expectations ?

2 very young boys, Ellis ( Tye Sheridan ) and his best friend Neckbone ( Jacob Lofland ) go out on a boat trip on the Mississippi River. On an small island, Neckbone knows a place where a boat is stuck in the trees, after a flood. While looking around in the boat, Ellis finds fresh food lying in a plastic bag. Someone must be living here, so the boys get down from the boat and run towards the beach. Before they get back out on the river, they meet the man who lives on the boat. He call himself Mud ( Matthew McConaughey ), and he is supposed to meet someone on this island, and if he does, he will leave. Until then he will live in the boat. He ask the boys if they can help him get food. Neckbone does not like Mud, so he tries to leave, while Ellis feel sorry for Mud. The boys travel back into land, not to talk about Mud. Ellis packs some can of food down from his home, and head back towards the island with Neckbone. They give Mud the food cans, as he tells them he is waiting for his girlfriend Juniper ( Reese Witherspoon ) to see him again. But Ellis becomes worried, when a police stops him and his mom, where the police says they are looking for a fugitive. The picture is a photo of Mud. Ellis lies and says he have never seen this man. Now Ellis and Neckbone know Mud is lying, so who is he, and what is he hiding from ?

Matthew have done it again. His portait of Mud is simply outstanding, and he proves once again why he is such a great actor. But let´s not forget the young boys Tye Sheridan and Jacob Lofland. For such a young age, they are really good as best friends, caught in a dangerous situation. Director Jeff Nichols capture the Mississippi feeling with beautiful scenes, and make the storyline interesting for such a simply story. Reese Witherspoon is also good here, i am not her biggest fan, but i have to say she fits the character of Juniper. Mud is a very well made thriller drama, about making life choices, and what consequences it may give you. You can buy Mud from Usa and England so far, and will get a cinema premiere on 15th November in Sweden. I am really looking forward to Matthew McConaughey in his upcoming motion picture Dallas Buyers Club, based on the true story of HIV positive Ron Woodroof, a man who loves to party and use drugs, until he is given 30 days to live. Until this movie shows up in a cinema near you, i suggest you buy Mud, and you are guaranteed a good quality cinema experience in your blu ray player.

Rating: DDDD


What would you do if someone kidnapped your child ? How far would you go ? Would you hurt that person so much even if you have to go to jail ? Prisoners takes this subject seriously, and ever since the premiere, this is one of the favourite movies of this year by movie critics. We have seen many motion pictures in this genre before, but the rumour goes that Prisoners have a different perspective on child abduction. With a great cast including Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Terrence Howard and Melissa Leo, is Prisoners as good as the reviews are saying, or is my own opinion saying something else ?

Keller Dover ( Hugh Jackman ) is having Thanksgiving dinner with his neighbour friend Franklin Birch ( Terence Howard, gathering both families to enjoy good food, and spend time together. Keller´s daughter Anna Dover ( Erin Gerasimovich ) and Franklin´s daughter
Joy Birch ( Kyla Drew Simmons ) ask for permission, if they can go home and play in the Dover family house. Keller agree, but demand that they have to tell Anna´s big brother Ralph Dover ( Dylan Minnette ) to check on her. While the families are having a good time, Keller check if Anna is back. He goes over to their home, and find no one there. Joy is missing also, so police is contacted. Ralph remember seeing a big RV outside the neighbourhood, so police begins to look for the description of how the RV looks like. Detective Loki ( Jake Gyllenhaal ) takes on this case, as he manage to find the missing RV. Inside is a man named Alex Jones. Police begin to search the RV, but nothing is found, no clues to where the children are. Detective Loki begin to interrogation Alex, but get no answers. Keller finds out they have a suspect, so try to find out if he might be guilty. But since there is no evidence, they have to let Alex go. Keller takes justice in his own hands, and kidnap Alex. He locks him up in an old house, torture him to get answers. But while time is running out, and Detective Loki is becoming frustrated about evidence, maybe someone else is behind these crimes ?

Ok, Prisoners is very long. 2 hours and 30 minutes. But you won´t be bored by this, because while watching i can guarantee you will be stuck in your seat. Acting on this level, does not come around very often. Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal both deliver some unforgettable scenes, where they both give us an example, of how you can react when life feels like shit. If you thought the acting is the only good detail in Prisoners, i can tell you that there is so much more too appreciate. The story is very strongly told by director Denis Villeneuve. He have directed a couple of movies in the past, but Prisoners is his big breakthrough in Hollywood, and i have to say this is a very strong motion picture. The tension in the families feels real, the psychological perspective from a parent view feels real. There are so many details here Denis manage to lift up, that you sit there and feel deeply disturbed about the situation. I belive most parents would do anything to get their child back, so this image of the protective parent is very clearly portrayed here by Hugh Jackman. Prisoners is easily one of the best movies this year, I can still not forget some of the scenes, that made such a strong impact on me ( i won´t tell you here, you will have to see for yourself ). I don´t need to explain why, you have to go and see Prisoners in a cinema near you.

Rating: DDDD

söndag 3 november 2013

Killing Season

Over the years, i have been asked, what is one of your favourite action drama movies of all time ? I always seem to answer First Blood, from 1982. This was actually one of Sylvester Stallone´s best performances ever at that period of time, and is still a classic today. The image of a Vietnam veteran coming home and being treated like shit, just like he was treated in Vietnam, made an impact on many people in this motion picture. I have to be honest and say, i did not hear about Killing Season after the premiere, because this motion picture bombed at the box office. You would think that with 2 Hollywood stars like Robert de Niro and John Travolta, people might want to see them together on screen. Either way, i finally got a chance to see Killing Season, but the question is, is the audience and movie critics wrong, or is this motion picture a waste of your time ?

Belgrad, Serbia. Former Scorpions soldier Emil Kovač ( John Travolta ), meets his imformant to agree to a new mission. He is told to locate former NATO operative Colonel Benjamin Ford ( Robert De Niro ), and kill him. Benjamin is retired and lives in a cabin in the Appalachian Mountains. While Bejamin is driving through the woods one day, he meets Emil walking in the rain. As a friendly man, he offers him a lift, as he finds out Emil have no place to go too. Benjamin offer him to come along to his cabin. What starts out great, talking about war memories, is about to change into a deadly fight, where only one can survive.

I am very dissapointed. With 2 such great actors, who does not much at all infront of the screen, you begin to wonder why they said yes to be a part of these characters. You can tell the story have elements from First Blood, without copying the same story. But this is no classic, this is boring and uninspired film making. The biggest problem of all ? John Travolta as an serbian soldier. Listen how he tries to sound serbian, and you will understand what i mean. The only positive side is Robert De Niro, even if he is not very good here, at least he tries to do something about his character. Some of the action sequences are not very effective, but at least you can have a good laugh about seeing De Niro and Travolta fight in the forest. I am close to give this only one D, but De Niro saves this motion picture from being a disaster. Director Mark Steven Johnson directed both Daredevil and the first Ghost Rider movie, so you would at least think he could do something different this time, with a complete different genre. But no, he really needs to think about working harder on his vision, or i wont be interested in his future projects.

Rating: DD

lördag 2 november 2013

Don Jon

Growing up as a teenager, i was not very popular in school. I had friends, but did not really care about having girlfriends. As you watch some of the high school movies that comes out every year, you always see some guy you can relate too, even if we dont look the same or like the same things. So what if you live like a teenager in your adult life, and don´t want life to change ? This is one of the subjects in Don Jon, the first motion picture directed by actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Most people have seen Joseph in many different genre movies, Looper, The Dark Knight Rises, but this is the first time he tries to direct his own motion picture. With a cast of Scarlett Johansson, Julianne Moore, and legendary actor Tony Danza, is this low budget drama a motion picture worth attention, or are the expectations too high to be true ?

Jon Martello ( Joseph Gordon-Levitt ) lives a hard life. He party often, have sex with different girls every weekend, he loves his car, his family, his church, but most of all, he loves to watch porn movies. In fact, he spends a lot of time infront of his computer, looking for the perfect porno movie. He personally think this is better than real sex, because the girls look much better than in real life. One night he meets Barbara Sugarman ( Scarlett Johansson ) in a night club. As he tries to take her home, she does not agree to follow him home. Thanks to a bartender, he gets more information about her, and contact her on facebook. She agree to meet him at a restaurant. As they get to know each other, they become a couple. Jon´s dad Jon Martello Sr ( Tony Danza ) loves his girlfriend, especially her tits. Jon´s mother Monica Martello ( Brie Larson ) hope she now can have grandchildren, and hopes that her son is happy now. But once Barbara finds out his obsession with porn movies, she becomes furious. He is given a choice, no more porn or she leaves. For a while it seems to work, until Jon begins watching behind her back. Barbara decide to leave, as Jon is devastated. While Jon continue going to school, to get a better education, he meets Esther ( Julianne Moore ) in class. Esther lost her husband and son in a car accident, and have a hard time to go on with the sorrow. She finds out Barbara left him for his addiction to porn, and tries to help him. While they get to know each other, Jon realise he does not need everything to be perfect to feel happy, he begins to find a new way to a different life.

I know some of swedish movie critics have been pretty hard on Don Jon, in their reviews. I understand you have to say how you feel about what you think, so i will say i do not agree with many of them. Don Jon is a really good drama, about a man struggling to find himself, in a world where he thinks you have to be the best, and have it all to be important. Joseph Gordon-Levitt makes a very powerful performance as Don, a very unsecure man, with very few future dreams. And read this, Scarlett Johansson as Barbara is fantastic, as the pretty girl who thinks she has to be treated like a princess everyday. She should be nominated for an award, she really delivers an unforgettable character. But it does not stop here. Tony Danza explodes on his screen time, i have never seen him this good, and he have been an actor since the 70´s, and never done anything as good as his character. Julianne Moore proves once again why she is a beloved actor. The story of Don Jon is very simple, but it is the performances that lift the whole story to a higher level, that makes you want to see how Don will get out of his problematic life. I hear all those rumours about 50 Shades Of Grey becoming a motion picture, i don´t think we need to care about that, when we have Don Jon to give us a hard punch of reality. One of the better drama motion pictures this year, with a raw tone, but that´s why i love this motion picture. I will look forward to Joseph´s next movie, if he decide to direct again, because he could bring a new hope in low budget projects brought to the big screen.

Rating: DDDD

The World´s End

British comedy have some of the best comedian talents out there in this world, Monty Python have done so many classic movies and sketches, but the list of more comedy talents are so would take forever to mention some of my personal favourites. In the year 2004, one of the best zombie comedies ever came out, Shaun Of The Dead. If you have not seen this one, you have to go and buy it. Don´t ask why, you just have too have this in your movie collection. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost became superstars with their fantastic performances . I was not surprised they returned with Hot Fuzz, a cop action comedy so twisted, i simply loved the idea of a small british town gone mad. They returned again in a different genre, Paul, where they meet an alien close to Area 51, it was funny, but not as good as the previous movies. So, here we are. The ( final ? ) chapter of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost movies, in a sci fi comedy. Is The World´s End another classic, or is the magic lost along the way ?

Over 20 years ago, a group of friends decided to make an unforgettable night, visiting every pub in small town Newton Haven, and finish at the pub The World´s End. That night ended with everyone being too drunk to continue the journey. Now, 20 years later, Gary King ( Simon Pegg ), a middle-aged alcoholic, can´t stop thinking about that night. So, he decide to contact his old friends Peter Paige ( Eddie Marsan ), Oliver "O-Man" Chamberlain ( Martin Freeman ), Steven Prince ( Paddy Considine ) and Andy Knightley ( Nick Frost ). His friends don´t know if this is a good idea, since 20 years have gone, and they are no teenagers anymore. But Gary manage to talk them into doing the same pub journey in their hometown. Gary manage to Contact Oliver´s sister Sam Chamberlain ( Rosamund Pike ). She visits the guys at one of the pubs, but soon leaves after Gary´s behavior. While they continue their mission, to drink a pint in all the pubs, they notice that Newton Haven have changed. People look strange, and don´t talk very normal. In one of the pubs restrooms, Gary confronts one young man, to find out he is not human. Andy finds out Gary lied about his mother passed away, and want to confront him on this subject, as he finds out what is going on. All of Gary´s friends end up fighting these strange robots ( as they call them ). What started like an ordinary night, is soon changing into a nightmare. Who are these aliens and what do they want ?

I can honestly say, i laughed a hell of a lot while watching The World´s End. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have done it again, delivering a comedy with so many great scenes, you will have a great time guaranteed. There are plenty of highlight scenes, like when Andy orders in a glass of water, and Gary becomes furious, because you dont drink water, when you have a beer night. The fighting scenes with the aliens are hilarious, with some very effective scenes along the way. I have to say, not only Simon and Nick are great, but the rest of the cast does a really good job in their characters. This is british comedy at a quality level, for all ages. I don´t think i need to dig too deep in more details, The World´s End is a great time, especially if you loved sci fi classic motion picture Invasion Of The Body Snatchers. This is a mix of classic movies, put together in a very clever way. Make sure you buy a ticket, before it ends showing in cinemas.

Rating: DDDD