måndag 27 januari 2020

The Dead Center

Health care in Sweden is in a crisis. I think we have a good system of the health care, where you don´t need to pay much for surgery or hospital visits, but there are some other issues. We have hospitals with too many patients and too little health care workers to help each patient. I have worked in many different health care homes, intitutions, and many other forms of treatment centers. And after 20 years, i can tell you that it is not getting easier. But i can assure you that the health care workers are not to blame, they are doing all they can to help every patient. It is the politicians who are closing their eyes, and buy art for millions of dollars, and put money into other things when the hospitals should be getting the money instead. I am not worried about going to the hospital, but i am worried about the politicians crazy views on how to construct hospitals, and other health care intitutions. Let´s just say they are not seeing things from a reality, but more from a Scientology planet perspective instead. When it comes to horror films that takes brings up the subjects of health care and hospital visits, we have a lot of good films to choose between. One of the films i am especially thinking about, is the 2002 film known as The Eye, a Hong-Kong Singaporean horror film. Directed by The Pang Brothers, this film tells the story of Hong Kong classical violinist Wong Kar Mun ( played really well by actress Angelica Lee ) who undergoes an eye cornea transplant after receiving a pair of new eyes from a donor. Wong is happy to have her sense of sight back, but when she starts seeing mysterious figues through her new eyes. These mysterious figues seems to foretell gruesome deaths. The Eye is a horror film that slowly builds up fear through the view from a patient´s perspective. How would you handle this situation with a pair of new eyes, not knowing the background behind them ? Directors The Pang Brothers are really good at delivering solid horror material. If you are a fan of the company Arrow Video, then you know they release a lot of horror films. I picked up a Blu Ray copy of the film The Dead Center since i read some really positive reviews online. Is this one of the best horror films in recent years, or is The Dead Center as predictable as Donald Trump bible signing in Alabama ?

A mysterious " John Doe " wakes up in a morgue and wanders into a psychiatric ward. Here is taken care of the hospital´s psychiatrist Daniel Forrester ( Shane Carruth ) and his team. The mysterious patient is known as Michael Clark ( Jeremy Childs ), and Daniel is trying to find out what is wrong with this patient. As he digs deeper into the truth, he is about to find out that the truth may be more complicated than you would expect.

If you have been looking for an intelligent horror film, then look no further. The Dead Center has all the right ingredients that you need for a tasteful treat . This is one of those films where you have no idea what might happen, and i love films that does not feel predictable. The thing that makes The Dead Center such a great horror film, is that the story is very cleverly constructed, with all the medical terms. We have to talk about the characters. Lead actor Shane Carruth is fantastic as the character Daniel Forrester ( who can be seen in the really good sci fi drama film Upstream Color ). It really feels like he is a hospital psychiatrist, since he is so convincing in his acting performance. Jeremy Childs ( fans of the Nashville TV series will recognize him for sure ) also give a strong performance as the character Michael Clark, the mysterious patient. Jeremy manage to portrait a patient, that you can´t really understand. His behavior changes, and he is epesiclaly creepy when he just sit there, staring without any reflections. Actress Poorna Jagannathan as the character Sarah Grey, fits right with her passion to help patients at the hospital. If you think The Dead Center will look exactly like every horror film you have seen, i can guarantee that you are wrong. This is one of the few horror films i have seen that really manage to balance health care issues, and fear of the unknown. Director Billy Senense ( who directed the pretty predictable sci fi horror film Closer To God ) have made his best film so far with The Dead Center. He have found a way to tell a very clever story, with the help of simple details in a very effective way. If you are a horror fan and looking for something different to experience, then you need to pick up The Dead Center on DVD or Blu Ray from Arrow Video. This is one of the few horror films that dares to go in a different, and original direction than other films in this genre.

Rating: DDDD

fredag 24 januari 2020


I have travelled to 17 countries so far, i know it´s not much. But i have plenty more countries to explore, and i love to learn different cultures. Each country i have visited have a lot of history to share, and you can learn some very fascinating things about the past. But you can also see the differences about society, where cities are very divided with the rich neighborhood, and the poverty areas. I especially rememember when i was in Morocco, and was about to travel over to Gibraltar by boat. I remember seeing refugees trying to swim over from Marocco, and some of them only had a plastic bag with their belongings, such as clothes. I remember how sad i was seeing how badly treated these people were, when some kind of coast guard drove around to warn people from swimming. Refugees will always be looking for a better life, and this will go on forever all over the world. It is not easy to help everyone, but you can make a difference by giving these people clothes, food, and a home to live in. If they can be a part of society, and get a chance to learn how society works, then i am sure they can educate themselves, find a job and start a new life. When it comes to films that bring up the subject of refugees, there is especially one film that comes to my mind. The French crime drama film Dheepan, is directed Jacques Audiard and tells the story of Tamil Tiger soldier Sivadhasan, who is forced to move to a refugee camp. Here he decides to take a chance and move to France, but to be able to get there he is given a dead man´s passport, and pretend to have a wife and child. This is a very dramatic, and powerful film in many ways with really good acting. How many of you remember the really stong British drama film This Is England, about skinheads in England in 1983 ? Directed by Shane Meadows, this is a must see for everyone, to see how evil racism can be. I got a chance to see the British film Farming, a film that brings out the subject of " Farming ", where Nigerian children were fostered to British families so they have a chance for a better life. This film is also supposed to bring up the subject of skinheads as well. Is this a really good British drama film, or is Farming a film we have seen so many times before ? 

As a young child, Enitan is taken care by a British working-class family. after his Yorubá family ask the family to take care of him. The British family mother Ingrid Carpenter ( Kate Beckinsale ) take care of several Nigerian children in their poverty home. As Enitan ( Damson Idris ) grows up, his hate grows inside more and more for each day. He never felt home anywhere, until he becomes a part of a local skinhead gang with their leader Levi ( John Dagleish ) accept him as a member, even though he still see him as a black cunt. Enitan finally have found a purpose in life, or is all of this going to destroy his future completely ?

One of the things that makes Farming interesting, is that the story is actually based on the real story of director Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje. He was not a refugee ( he was born in London ), but his parents came to England from Africa. Farming gives us a very honest portrait of his life in London, and how hard it was growing up in a society of racism. But not only that, his new family, a working-class family who take care of  children, turns out to be a messy situation. One thing that makes Farming especially interesting, is that the main character Enitan is actually a black skinhead. This may sound impossible, but this film actually tells the story of how this happened. Lead actor Damson Idris does a really strong performance as the emotionally damaged young man Enitan. When you see all the things he had to go through from a very young age, you can understand why he choose a violent lifestyle. Actor John Dagleish as the Skinhead character Levi delivers one of the performances you won´t forget in this film. Actress Kate Beckinsale ( from the Underworld franchise ), does in my opinion one of her best performances in her career in this film as Ingrid Carpenter. You won´t recognize her, she´s that good in her acting performance. Actor Theo Barklem-Biggs as skinhead Scum is another performance that is really powerful, and disturbing as well. Actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw who plays teacher Ms. Dabo is a perfect match for this character. Farming goes deep into the world of Skinheads, and how they destroy lives. But not only that, this film also try to show you how the "Farming" process works from a very young age. This is one of those films you won´t forget, since there is so much hate, darkness and misery surrounding the environment that Enitan got stuck in. Director Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje gives us a film with many different perspectives on racism and hate, and this is a very important film to see for all ages. A film that should be shown in schools, so we can teach a younger generation that racism should not exist at all.

Rating: DDDD

lördag 18 januari 2020

100 Acres Of Hell

There is something peaceful about the countryside. No traffic, no overcrowded cities, just beautiful nature and the sound of the trees. And if you are lucky, you come across some banjo playing people, who tell you to squeal like a pig, just like in Deliverance. Now that´s the kind of nature friendly people you want to meet, who cares about new visitors. I have been quite a lot in the countryside in my youth, since my grandparents have a cabin, and my dad as well. And there has always been a tradition with my grandfather, strong alcohol is always welcome in this cabin. All those times we barbecued steaks, sausages and had alcohol drinks, good times indeed. Now when it comes to horror films that takes place in the forest, there are so many titles i could talk about. But i decided to pick out one specific film, that i consider to be one of the best British forest horror films in this genre, and that film is called Eden Lake. This film is directed by James Watkins ( who directed the well made old school horror film The Woman In Black ). The story surrounds a couple, nursery school teacher Jenny Greengrass ( played really well by actress Kelly Reilly ) and her boyfriend Steve Taylor ( another strong performance from Michael Fassbender ) who travel to a remote lake in the countryside. But their relaxing vacation, is about to turn really bad when they bump into a gang of disturbed teenagers. Eden Lake is a very well made horror film, that shows you how vulnerable you are in the countryside, where you have to find different ways to survive and also find a way out. The acting performances from almost all actors are really good, and this is a very brutal film as well. I suggest you pick this film up on DVD or Blu Ray, this is a film worth being in your collection. Since i have been in contact with several actors, director´s and film teams in the B movie industry over the last 2 years, i was asked if i could review a film called 100 Acres Of Hell. Of course i said yes, since one of the team members of 100 Acres Of Hell asked me if i could write a review. Is this a fun horror film that takes me back to the glory days of VHS violence, or is 100 Acres Of Hell a film that you should aviod at all cost ?

A group of friends gather for a camping weekend, including the famous wrestler Buck Severs ( Gene Snisky ), and his friends Trent Masters ( Jeff Swanton ), Bo McKeever ( Jim Roof ) and Morgan Childs ( Ernest O´ Donnell ). In this area that they are camping, there is a story about killer Jeb Tucker ( Sam Anoi ) who have murdered a lot of locals. No one believe he exists, but as their camping weekend continues, they are about to find out the truth.

Ever wondered what would happen if you crossed the films Wrong Turn, Hatchet and The Princess Diary featuring Anne Hathaway ? The result is what you get with 100 Acres Of Hell, a tasteful treat of this combination to classic films we all love ( yes, including The Princess Diary, and don´t deny it ). The plot is very simple, and nothing you need to focus on. What this film manage to do, is to bring back that classic slasher genre, without going over the top with buckets of blood. But that´s not all, i actually enjoy a couple of the characters as well. Let´s begin with the character Bo McKeever ( played by actor Jim Roof ). Bo reminded me a lot of the character Lou in Hot Tub Time Machine. They are both middle aged men, who wants to party, have sex with girls, take alcohol and don´t care about anything else. Actor Jim Roof manage to bring out that desperate middle aged man in Bo, and some scenes are actually a bit funny with him around. Actress Kate Walsh, who plays the character Kitty, brings a female character who is exactly what a film like this needs. She is down to Earth, and a small town girl that anyone would love to hang out with. Wrestler Gene Sisky plays the main character Buck Severs, and the interesting thing about him is that he seems to have a depression, so he stands out from the crowd for showing a very personal side of himself. The killer beast known as Jeb Tucker ( played by actor Sam Anoai, also known as wrestler Samu ) looks like a mixture of one of the Wrong Turn hillbillies and a Kardashian surgery gone wrong. There is actually a surprise twist towards the end, something you don´t see very often in this genre. 100 Acres Of Hell is a film that will be appreciated by fans of this genre, if you just want to see a slasher / horror film that does not take itself too serious. Director Hank Leigh Hump is clearly inspired by old school slashers, and he gives us his own take on this genre in a classic way. A film worth a watch, especially if you are a big fan of The Princess Diary, i know a lot of you people are, so this is a perfect match.

Rating: DDD

söndag 12 januari 2020

The Irishman

There are some director´s who have a special kind of magic in making films. They know exactly how they want to develope their films, what cast they need to make the film great, and how to develope an interesting story. One of the director´s i am especially thinking about is without a doubt Martin Scorsese. This man have made so many fantastic films, i could probably talk about almost all of them. But i decided to pick out two films i especially enjoy for different reasons. Let us begin with the 1983 film known as The King Of Comedy. This was actually a box office failure back in the day when this film was released in cinemas, but critics enjoyed this film. For me personally, i feel that this is one of the films that you need to see to appreciate the work of Martin Scorsese. The story of Rupert Pipkin ( brilliant played by legendary actor Robert De Niro ), who is a struggling stand up comedian, who worships Jerry Langford ( played really good by Jerry Williams ), a famous late night TV show host. It becomes clear that Rupert is addicted to becoming a friend of Jerry, and everything falls apart. The King Of Comedy shows you the dark side of showbusiness, and what happens when mentally ill people go too far. And i have to say director Martin Scorsese have found an effective way to show that not everything is glamorous in showbiz. The next film that comes to my mind is the 2010 film Shutter Island, a really well made psychological thriller with a fantastic cast including Leonardo Di Caprio, Mark Ruffalo, Ben Kingsley, Michelle Williams and many more. Shutter Island is a very powerful film, that is acually really clever with a surprise twist towards the end. Leonardo Di Caprio as the character Teddy Daniels, is a performance that you will be affected by. Leonardo goes into his role with full power, and he knows exactly how to portrait this character in a very detailed way. I have been hearing for years about Martin Scorseses upcoming film The Irishman, and it seemed like it would take some time before the film would be released. And finally it landed on Netflix in the end of November 2019. I finally got a chance to sit down and watch this film. Is this the best film from director Martin Scorsese in many years, or is it time for him to retire for good ?

Frank Sheeran ( Robert De Niro ), sits in his wheelchair in a retirement home. He remembers his days as an hitman for the mafia. He started in Philadelphia in the 1950´s, as a delivery truck driver. Frank starts selling some of the contents of the shipments to local gangster Felix " Skinny Razor " DiTullio ( Bobby Cannavale ). After his company accuses him of theft, union lawyer Bill Bufaliano ( Ray Romano ) gets him off, after Sheeran refuses to give the judge names of his customers. Bill introduce Frank to his cousin Russell Bufalino ( Joe Pesci ), the head of the Northern Pennsylvania crime family. Frank begins to work for Russell and members of the local South Philadelphia underworld. Soon, Russell introduce Frank to Jimmy Hoffa ( Al Pacino ), the head of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, who has financial ties with the Bufalino crime family and is struggling to deal with fellow rising Teamster Anthony " Tony Pro " Provenzano ( Stephen Graham ), as well as mountaing pressure from the federal government. Hoffa becomes a close friend with Frank and his family, and he is chosen to be Hoffa´s chief bodyguard on the road. Over the years to come, Frank is about to be involved in many criminal activities, and experience some very life changing moments, that may end his career for good.

I had a feeling that The Irishman would be a special experience, with such an amazing cast joining together in this film such as Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci, Harvey Keitel and many more. But most of all, the fact that this film brings back the same feeling of Martin Scorsese previous gangster films. This is a film made for Scorsese fans, and if you love his classic films then you are in for a big treat. The Irishman is really long, around 3 hours and 29 minutes, so if you don´t like really long films then you will probably not enjoy this film. But the good news is, even if this film is really long, this is a very well made film. The way director Martin Scorsese tells the story of Frank Sheeran ( brilliant played by Robert De Niro ) and everyone he got involved with over many years, is very fascinating and interesting. It becomes clear that Frank did what he was told to do, a very loyal hitman. Robert De Niro knows exactly how to portrait this character in his own uniqe way. But there are so many more actors i need to mention. Al Pacino who plays Jimmy Hoffa, makes one of his best performances in many years in this film. Pacino grabs you by the nuts with his powerful dialogue, and twist them around, and you still want him to continue. Joe Pesci who plays the character Russel Bufalino also makes one of his best performances in many years in this film. In fact, this may be one of the best performances i have seen Joe Pesci do since Goodfellas, so that is 30 years ago. Harvey Keitel is magical in his performance as Angelo Bruno, and i am really grateful to see him in such a powerful role. Considering that The Irishman tells the story for so many years, i think director Martin Scorsese have done a wonderful job with telling this story in a simple but effective way. There are several historical events brought up in here, and they all go together so well with the main story. The mob look of the film feels really well designed, with everything from the clothes, cars, and the cinematography from Rodrigo Prieto. Martin Scorsese also manage to give you his view on the mob families, with his own unique style. If this is the final film from Martin Scorsese with all of these legendary actors, then this is a worthy end to a very long legacy of wonderful films. The Irishman gives you a full taste of satisfaction, and bring back memories of the good old days of cinema magic. A must see on Netflix for everyone who appreciate quality films.

Rating: DDDD

fredag 10 januari 2020


Let´s go back 30 years in time, to the year of 1990. I was 12 years old, and i remember my Uncle told me about the film Batman he have seen in a cinema from director Tim Burton. And i remember how impressed he was by Jack Nicholson who played The Joker. I did see the film as the film was released on VHS that year. And i have to say, even if Michael Keaton was really good as Batman, it became clear that Jack Nicholson stole the show with his magical performance as The Joker. There was something very fascinating about this comic book character, something mysterious. I did come across The Joker in the comic book store, that used to be Downtown in my hometown. But i never really cared much about the Batman comic books, so the films became more interesting. I think the biggest reason why Jack Nicholson was such a perfect choice for this character, is because he knew how to act insane, especially from his cult classic film One Flew Over The Cuckoo´s Nest. There are so many scenes in this film, where Nicholson shines so Bright as The Joker, in so many ways. Just the way he express his feelings, facial expressions and that magical smile. If you have not seen the 1989 film Batman from director Tim Burton, you should see it to experience the performance from Jack Nicholson. It would take some time before we got to see The Joker again in a Batman film ( not the nominated films, there are plenty of ones ), until the year of 2008. This was the year when the big budget film The Dark Knight was released from director Christopher Nolan. An enormous success in the Batman franchise, when actor Christian Bale returned as Batman. But it was the performance of actor Heath Ledger who made this film unique, as The Joker. What an incredible performance Heath gave into this role, his best performance ever. When i heard that amazing actor Joaquin Phoenix ( who i especially enjoyed in the fantastic film You Were Never Really Here ) was going to play The Joker in a new film, i was really excited. Is this the best film portrait of the iconic comic book character so far, or is Joker not as good as i was hoping for ?

In Gotham City, struggling comedian Arhtur Fleck ( Joaquin Phoenix ) is disregarded and mistreated by society. He tries to get diffent jobs dressed up as a clown, but nothing is going the way he has planned. Life is tough, and he lives at home with his old mother Penny Fleck ( Frances Conroy ) who needs help with her condition. The only light Arthur has, is to try and become a stand up comedian and end up at the popular TV show with Murray Franklin ( Robert De Niro ). When Arthur suddenly one night murder three young men in the subway, he is beginning to change into a completely different personality. And no matter what it takes, he will be in the spotlight of The Murray Franklin Show.

I had a feeling that Joker would be a unique film. And the biggest reason to that is the performance of Joaquin Phoenix. This is without a doubt one of the best performances he has ever given to us so far, and he knocks you out with his powerful body language and face expressions. But that´s not all, because this film clearly want to show you how a mentally ill person can behave, and turn into a monster. The biggest difference with this film and other films with comic book characters, is that this film does not try and be an ordinary comic book movie. This is more about the person behind the make up, and why he became the man we all know as the Joker. When you think about his background, and how he lived as a child with his mother, it is not strange this would all affect him. Especially when he finds out the truth about his mother´s history. I have to mention the performance of actress Frances Conroy ( who some of you might remember from the 2010 film Stone ), as Arthur´s mother Penny. Frances manage to give us a portrait of a woman, who clearly is in need of her only son Arhtur. Legendary actor Robert De Niro gives a really strong performance as TV host Murray ( reminded me a bit of his classic film King Of Comedy ). Interesting fact, both Frances and Robert De Niro both worked together on the film Stone, so nice to see them both again in this film. Joker is not a film for you if you are expecting big comic book fights, a lot of special effects and different super heroes. This is a film that focuses on the dark side of a personality, and how you struggle with a mental illness. Director Todd Philips ( who previously have directed a lot of comedies such as The Hangover trilogy ) have made a film that will affect you on so many levels. He knows how to tell a story of a story of a man, who is falling apart. Joaquin Phoenix, thank you for giving us one of the strongest performances in a film for many years. Joker will go down as one of the few films that really gives you an honest portrait on how mental illness can look like. A must see for everyone out there.

Rating: DDDD

onsdag 8 januari 2020

The Year Of 2020, The Year When Dilynn Fawn Harvey Strikes

Cheers everyone!

I have had the honor to talk to different actors over the years, including directors. For me this is a true honor, since i only write reviews while these people work hard to make films and develope characters. And in 2019, something special happened that has never happened before. I got a chance to know the wonderful actress Dilynn Fawn Harvey ( from the wonderful film Clownado ), closer than any other actor before. And i have to say, this is one of the most caring, heart warming people i have ever talked to in the film industry. She can be bad ass on the big screen, in many different B movies. But on the inside she has a heart of gold, who cares about everyone. So this year i would like you all to keep your eyes open, for her upcoming films and projects. Dilynn is a very unique personality with a lot of passion for her hard work. I have a feeling that more people will notice her in the future, because this is an actress who is ready to take on more projects. I guarantee i will be publishing reviews on her upcoming films in here, and i look forward to see what projects she is working on right now. Take care everyone of yourselves, and remember, if you want the best movie review blog in Sweden, you will find it right here on Daniels Super Sexy Movie Reviews. 

Cheers from Daniel

måndag 6 januari 2020

I Just Watched A Film So Bad I Almost Laughed Out Of A Sofa

Cheers everyone!

I am back, your favourite Swedish movie review guy. Really ? Yes, i know its amazing. A new year of movie reviews are coming your way. Even if i see a lot of good films every year, i see some bad ones as well. And then you come across a film that is so bad, you dont know if you should cry or laugh. When i saw the film Vegas Skyline, i knew i have come across something special. 

So what is Vegas Skyline ? 

Imagine a mixture of the worst 90's CGI effects you have seen of a spaceship, aliens so badly designed on a computer and naked girls having sex, and you have the plot for Vegas Skyline. This film makes no sense at all, maybe thats why i wondered who could write a film like this. Vegas Skyline is the film that will go down in history, as one of the funniest films ever made. And not because it is any good, its actually the worst film you have ever seen. Is it worse than Kirk Camerons disaster Saving Christmas ? Almost, i think Saving Christmsas might still be number 1. But i have no doubt saying Vegas Skyline is number 2 on that same list. So if you wondered where to find a really awful film to watch for a good laugh, just go on Plex and watch this film for free. New movie reviews are on the way, so stay tuned and have a good week. 

Cheers from Daniel


Humans have always been interested in sience fiction, learning about technology, physics, space and what we might learn about the future. And there is a good reason to why we are so fascinated about all of this, the ability to do things easier in the future. Just imagine when we can travel with space ships, or travel from one destination to another, just like in Star Trek while being transported. All of this may sound impossible right now, but i would not be surprised if we will see a lot of new technology in the future that we have only seen in movies. What if you could travel through time, through a special developed program ? This is exactly what happened in the cult science fiction action film Timecop, released in 1994. Directed by Peter Hyams, this film tells the story of police officer Max Walker ( played by Jean-Claude Van Damme ) who is offered a position at The Time Enforcement Comission ( TEC ). He is not sure if he should take the offer, until one night when his wife Melissa Walker ( played by actress Mia Sara ), is attacked by unkown assailants as Max see the house explode. Max see a chance through the TEC program to go back in time to save his wife. Timecop is one of those sci fi action films that manage to be more clever than most action films, and deliver some great action scenes as well. I suggest you pick it up on DVD or Blu Ray, and enjoy it with your family. Since we are talking about science fiction films, i got a chance to sit down and watch a sci fi film known as Portals. I have seen the trailer of this film, but i was mostly hooked up by the cool looking poster. I also noticed that this is an anthology film, with directors from the really good anthology horror film V/H/S/2. It is not often we get an sci fi anthology film these days, so is Portals a pleasent surprise, or should this film have been left to dust in an addict ?

All over many locations, strange looking dark portals appear in front of people. No one knows why, or what this is supposed to mean. At first it seems that no one really have any answers, until an unexpected turn can reveal some of the answers.

If you have been looking for a ground breaking science fiction independent film, you are not going to find it with Portals. However, this is an interesting sci fi film for a number a reasons, and let me explain why. We get to hear different stories, where these black portals have a meaning for each story. How would you react if a black hole approached you, out of nowhere, and what does it mean ? Is this a sign that the world we once knew is about to change ? Is this a sign of the end of times ? Is there a special purpose for these portals ? To get your own idea on what the film is trying to say, you have to see the film and figure out yourself. We have here a number of different directors, who have tried to tell a story each, with the portals as the main subject. When it comes to the stories, i like some stories more than some of the others. And i especially enjoy one story, that is called Call Center Part II, from director Gregg Hale ( who also directed one of the stories of the film V/H/S/2 ). I have to say that actor Paul McCarthy-Boyington gives one of the best peformances in this film, as the character Stan. The thing about Stan is that he seems to have known about these portals, but no one takes him seriously. So this clearly makes him more interesting, when people see that Stan´s vision may have been correct. The other segment i enjoy is the story known as Sarah, directed by Eduardo Sanchez ( the director of the horror film Exists ). This story may start off slow at first, but manage to become more interesting as two sisters find themselves stuck inside a car parking building with a portal and strange people. The acting in most stories are very divided, where a few actors give a performance that fit their characters. Even if Portals could have been a stronger film, i find myself enjoying the concept of Portals. This film does not rely on CGI effects or typical science fiction stories, but takes a different turn into a more deeper meaning. If you are not planning on watching the latest Star Wars film, give Portals a chance. This is an independent film, made for a certain kind of audience who appreciate independent films.

Rating: DDD

Transit 17

2020 has arrived. Who would have thought we would get here, after American doomsday guy John Hagee predicted the world would end somewhere between April 2014 and September 2015, with the blood moon showing. Of course nothing happened, but John was pretty sure he was right anyway. So this year i hope he can give us the right date of the end of the world, with such a serious subject you should probably be sure about when it is supposed to happen. If he for some reason can´t be sure, he should swing by my place and have a whiskey, and we can just watch The Expendables trilogy instead. When ever i think about the apocalypse, or a zombie invasion, i usually think about a British horror classic released in 2002. I am of course thinking about 28 Days Later, directed by Danny Boyle ( who gave us the 90´s masterpiece Trainspotting ). 28 Days Later is a really well made post-apocalyptic horror film, that tells the story of Jim ( played by Irish actor Cillian Murphy ), who wakes up in a hospital and finds out that London is deserted. He encounter some survivors on his way, but also finds out what really happened, that a highly contagious, rage-inducing virus have spread across Great Britain turning everyone into zombies. Director Danny Boyle managed to bring back this genre to life with this film, since some of the late 90´s zombie films did not feel very interesting. If you love post-apocalyptic horror films, then you need to see 28 Days Later. The sequel 28 Weeks Later is actually pretty good, and also worth a watch. I read online in June 2019, that director Danny Boyle is ready to take on a third film, and i can´t wait to see what they would do this time. Post-apocalyptic films keeps on getting released, and i got a chance to sit down and watch a film called Transit 17. As you might have noticed, i am a big fan of zombie invasions. Is this a surprisingly good apocalypse film, or should Transit 17 be thrown into a trashcan ?

The year is 2026. Europe have been devastated by a virus that has turned a huge portion of the population into zombies. But there is hope, through a young girl who needs to be taken to a secret location. With the help of a special team of soldiers such as Tex ( Guy Bleyaert ), Eve ( Zara Phythian ), Brad ( Lee Charles ), Deena ( Kimberly Stahl ) and many more. But as their mission begins, they will soon realize how bad it is out there. 

If you are expecting anything groundbreaking with this film, then you might be dissapointed. Transit 17 reminds us of many other post-apocalyptic films. However, if you can accept that, and you like the traditional format of this genre, then maybe Transit 17 might please you after all. This is the kind of film you will enjoy, if you love bad acting and cheesy dialogue, in a familiar B movie concept such as Rise Of The Zombies. The difference here though is that this is more of a military film. Let´s talk a bit about the positive. Even if this film is made on a extremely low budget, i like the action scenes. They remind me of low budget films of the 90´s. No serious dialogue, just shoot and ask questions later. The guns look pretty fun as well, almost as if they were picked out to look bad ass, and you can´t take them serious either. When we are going into the characters for a bit, there is especially one guy who stands out from the rest. And that is actor Guy Bleyaert who plays the character Tex. Imagine a mixture of Rutger Hauer, with an American accent that is beyond perfect , and you have Tex in front of you. When i hear him talking serious, i laugh. This is without a doubt the best character in this film. I have to mention actress Zara Phytian as the character Eve, a bad ass female soldier who is not afraid to kick ass. This is exactly the kind of character a film like this needed. Now to some negative. Not all of the zombies look awful, but some of the zombie actors don´t do a very good job. If you are going to be a zombie, go crazy and attack like you are completely insane. This is where some of the zombies feels lame. I am glad though that at least some of the zombies did a better job, there are some zombie attacks that works better. The storyline is nothing you will care about, so even if there is a rescue mission in mind for this film, you will eventually only care about the action scenes. Transit 17 is a mixed bag, with something that you have seen in so many zombie films before. I got to say though that director Guy Bleyaert ( yes that same guy who plays Tex ) have given us a good laugh with this film. If you want to get into a good mood, and just laugh at a 90´s vibe zombie flick, then Transit 17 is the choice to go for. This is the film that Jehovah´s Witnesses were hoping for to hit DVD shelves worldwide, good for you congregations.

Rating: DDD