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Photographs have helped generations of people keep history alive. We are reminded of how life used to be, and photographs helps us keep memories alive in present day as well. In these days most people take selfies with their cell phone, or with their computer. And i do it myself, at some occations. Social media can be amazing in many ways. But i have to say that photographs from the past will always feel special. To see the people who experienced different periods of history, is fascinating and interesting. When it comes to films that takes up the subject of photographs, i came to think about 2 titles. Let´s begin with the 2002 film known as One Hour Photo, with a brilliant Robin Williams in the lead role. One Hour Photo tells the story of photo technician Seymour Parrish, who works at the store SavMart. He becomes obsessed with the Yorkin family, that brings in newly taken photos often, his favourite customers. Sy lives a very lonely life, so he decides to focus on the life of the Yorkin family, copying their pictures and imagening he is a part of their family. One Hour Photo is a very well made psychological thriller, where ( in my opinion ) Robin Williams gives us his strongest acting performance in his career. The next film that came to my mind is the Thai horror film Shutter, released in 2004. This film tells the story of photographer Tun ( played by actor Ananda Everingham ) who begin to see a strange white shadow appearing in his photographs. Since he was involved in the death of a young woman ( accidently hitting her with his car ), Tun´s girlfriend Jane suspect it might be the girl who have returned to seek revenge. Shutter is an effective horror film, with a clever plot included. The way this film manage to build up tensions through photographs, is wonderful. I have seen the 2008 American remake, but i prefer the original Thai film. For a long time, i heard about a horror film called Polariod that was supposed to be released back in August 25, 2017. But thanks to the bankruptcy of The Weinstein Company the film was put on hold. Lantern Entertainment took over and helped Polaroid get released. I have been curious about this film for quite some time, since the plot seemed interesting. Is this an effective horror film, or should they have kept this film hidden for good ?

High school student Bird Fitcher ( Kathryn Prescott ) is a shy woman, who works in an antique store. She loves old historical objects. When she is given an old polaroid camerca by her co-worker Tyler ( Davi Santos ) she is beyond thrilled. Since she loves taking Pictures with old cameras, this is the best gift ever. But what she does not know, is that this polaroid camera is filled with a horrible past. Every picture she takes of people around her, will soon be visited by an evil entity.

I did not know what to expect from Polaroid, honestly. The trailer looked like fun, but of course you never know until you see the final product. I have to say, this is a horror film that is not as bad as i was worried it would be. And the biggest reason to why i enjoy this film is the lead character Bird Fitcher, played by actress Kathryn Prescott ( who i especially remember from the 2014 sci fi horror film The Hive ). Bird is an old school girl, who loves old stuff from the past, and that makes her character different, considering how young she is. To see her fascinated about historical objects, helps this film become more interesting. Kathryn gives a solid performance to this lovely character. But let´s get into some other characters as well. I also enjoy the performance from actress Samantha Logan ( who you probably have seen in Netflix series 13 Reasons Why ), as Bird´s best friend Kasey. One of the reasons why i like the character Kasey, is that she has a confidence, and try to help her friend not being afraid of living life. I have to mention legendary actress Grace Zabriske ( who has done a lot of films, but i especially rememberher from the 2004 film The Grudge) as the character Lena Sable. She is only in this film a short while, but her character feels interesting and mysterious. The old polaroid camera used in this film, is actually one of the details of why this film works as a horror film. Every time Bird takes a picture and see some kind of human shape in the background, you get a creepy feeling. Not as effective as in the Thai horror film Shutter, but still effective enough to make you interested in the story. The entity actually does look creepy as well, especially when you see it grab some of the victims. Some of the CGI effects does look a bit silly at times, but overall i can´t complain. Polariod is a good choice, if you enjoy horror films that combines classic horror elements, and reminds us of the Thai horror film Shutter. One thing is clear, i am not taking any pictures with an old camera after watching this film ( unless the camera is owned by legendary actress Barbara Crampton, then i would make an exception ).

Rating: DDD


Snow, the real hell on Earth. Everytime i see lots of snow, ice, 400 minus degrees, i know this is what real hell looks like. I can´t imagine people would actually enjoy all of this, unless someone paid them to say it is the most wonderful time of the year ( i guess i have revealed your secret Mariah Carey ). Every winter in Sweden we get snow tsunamis, avalanches, ice spiders attacking our cars ( they are bigger than a moose ) and it is all because of winter. Lovely time is it not ? This is why i travel to the palm trees. There you find no snow tsunamis, and no giant ice spiders either, just lovely beaches with drinks and bikinis all over the place. Of course it seems that some people want to live out in the winter landscape such as Alaska, just look at the TV documentary series Mountain Men. Old men walking along hunting for food where snow cover every inch of land ? Not to be disrespectful towards these men, but for their own health issues they should be enjoying a hot meal at a strip bar instead. When it comes to films that manage to capture the essence of winter into a story, then we have a lot of films to choose between. But one of my absolute favourite films where winter is a big part of the film, is The Coen Brother´s classic film Fargo. Released in 1996, this film tells the story of car salesman Jerry Lundergaard ( brilliant played by legendary actor William H. Macy ) who hires two small-time cons Gaer Grimsrud ( brillant played by Peter Stormare ) and Carl Showater ( fantastic performance by legendary actor Steve Buscemi ) to murder his wife. Of course everything goes wrong. Fargo is one of the best drama films of the 90´s and have some really powerful acting performances. I recently came across a new DVD release of the independent horror film known as Winterskin, a film that seemed interesting for taking on a rough winter location. Does this film work well for being a low budget film, or is Winterskin a film that you should not waste your precious time on ?

While Billy Cavanagh ( David Lenik ) is walking out in the wilderness with his father Russell Cavanagh ( Peter Cosgrove ), suddenly Billy is shot. Billy wakes up inside a cabin, where he is taken care of old lady Agnes ( Rowena Bentley ). Since he is wounded, he must rest as much as possible. But outside this cabin, is some sort of creature waiting. Agnes tries to convince that they must stop this beast. But what is really going on, and are these beasts what they seem ?

Imagine a combination of the British horror classic The Descent and the independent thriller Edge Of Winter, and you have Winterskin. This does not mean this film is copying the mentioned films in any way, but there are clearly some different influences here from films we have seen before. With that said, i can say that this is a film that will guaranteed please you, if you enjoy practical effects and the demonic creatures ( that are actually something else ) . There is a twist in this film, that is actually a pleasent surprise towards the end, and i appreciate when a film does not feel too predictable. Let´s get into the characters for a while. Lead character Billy Cavanagh, played by actor David Lenik ( who you might have seen in the film Escape From Cannibal Farm ) does not make a great impact at first, but as the film goes on he delivers a better performance, especially towards the end. But the best acting in this film comes from actress Rowena Bentley ( who is also seen in the horror film Escape From Cannibal Farm ). Her character Agnes reminds me of a Grandmother version of Kathy Bates character Annie, in the classic 1990 film Misery.  And i have to say, without the performance of Rowena, this film may not have been as interesting, since she gives her character an odd personality. Actor Peter Cosgrove as Billy´s father Russell is not good at all. The few scenes we see of him, does not leave any impact. The story may not be unique in any way, but works because of the mysterious location. Winterskin is a independent horror film that may not be a film for everyone., but enjoyable if you are in the right mood. Director Charlie Steeds ( who also directed Escape From Cannibal Farm ) have made a film, that especially fans of practical effects will enjoy. Winterskin is a perfect DVD gift for Mother´s Day since we all know that mothers love to see flesh wounds, and bullet holes of course. How do i know ? I thank Oprah Book Club for that, you would be surprised what you can learn there.

Rating: DDD

25 Years Anniversary Review Of Stargate This Fall

Cheers everyone!

Daniel here, the most handsome movie reviewer ever. Really ? Yes it´s true.

I was going through a list of films, released in the golden year of 1994. This year had a lot of really good titles in cinema, and there are plenty of titles i could choose between to celebrate 25 years since they came out. But one film caught my attention pretty quickly, the sci fi action adventure film Stargate, directed Roland Emmerich. I still remember when i first saw this film on a cruise ship cinema, with my little sister. We both fell in love with this film, and it is still to this day one of the best films from director Roland Emmerich. This 25 Years Anniversary Review of Stargate will show up this autumn, and i know there are a lot of Stargate fans out there who will appreciate my review. Right now i am preparing to post fresh movie reviews for July, and it is going to be a great month. Have a great week, and remember, Daniels Super Sexy Movie Reviews is a great way to find out what films are worth watching.

Cheers from Daniel

tisdag 25 juni 2019


I still remember going downtown as a kid to our local VHS rental stores. I was too young to rent some titles on my own, but with some family friends of my parents they helped us pick violent, sexy action films. I especially remember the VHS cover of the science fiction action film Cherry 2000, with a very hot Melanie Griffith on the front. Trust me, any guy got a boner just by looking at that cover. Of course there were some horror films as well on VHS, and i especially remember the horror comedy Killer Klowns From Outer Space. This is one of those 80´s classics that combined creepy clowns and comedy in a very effective way. Directed by Stephen Chiodo ( who designed the Critters monsters ), this film tells the story of a clan of evil aliens, who all look like circus clowns. They travel to Earth to invade a small American town. One of the reasons why Killer Klowns From Outer Space is a cult film, is that this film actually managed to combine clowns and some crazy circus ideas. If you have not seen this film, i suggest you pick up the great Blu Ray release from Arrow Video, with some really nice special features included. Clowns in horror films have of course been made several times, and Another film i think is worth mentioning is the 2014 horror film known as Clown. Directed by Jon Watts. this film tells the story of a husband, who finds an old clown costume in a house he is preparing to sell. But once he wear this costume, he is actually turning into a clown demon. This film is a great horror film, and manage to tell the story of where the clown is originally from. Do you remember Sharknado ? Of course you do. What if you mixed a tornado with clowns, what would you get ? A Clownado of course. I got a chance to see this film thanks to director Todd Sheets, who sent me a digital viewing copy ( i really appreciated this Todd ). Is it possible Clownado is a future classic, or is this film not going to make any impact at all among horror fans ?

After being a victim of a horrible circus show, Savanna ( Rachel Lagen ) seeks revenge against the clowns who were a part of the show, lead by Big Ronnie ( John O´Hara ). Savanna visits Autumn Moonspell ( Jeanne Silver ) who helps her escape the clown ghouls by using a spell. But the spell has an unintented side-effect of giving the clowns tornado based supernatural abilities. Soon a group of strangers, including Hunter ( Bobby Westrick ), Elvis impersinator Dion ( Antwoine Steele ), stripper Bambi ( Dilynn Fawn Harvey ) and teen runaway Rachel ( Sierra Stodden ) are forced to face the evil clowns of the Clownado.

Do you remember how heart warm you felt back in 1993 watching Sleepless In Seattle with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan ? I guarantee you will get the same feeling when you watch Clownado. This is a throwback, to the glory days when VHS films were magical. Clownado feel like a tribute to a lot of classic films, with a Sharknado inspired plot included. Now let´s be fair, this is not the same as Sharknado, since this film manage to stand on it´s own legs. Clowns coming out of tornado´s ? I know, this is perhaps one of the most brilliant ideas ever in modern film history. So how does this film work with such a crazy combination ? It does for some strange reason. Let´s talk about some of the characters in Clownado. Clown character Big Ronnie, played by actor John O´Hara is without one of the strongest characters in this film. He is completely insane, and i love that he has no limits of brutality. Actress Dylinn Fawn Harvey as the stripper bad ass female character Bambi Fawn Taylor, is a perfect choice for her character. She looks fantastic, and i love her personality in this character. Actress Cayt Feinics as the psycho clown Satchel The Clown is exactly what you want at your Grandparents 50th Wedding Anniversary, to make sure everyone is having a good time. So if you are reading this review Cayt, i might ask you to show up at a future party here in Sweden ( we need a clown like you here ). Bobby Westrick as the bar happy character Hunter Fidelis, is the kind of guy you want by your side when clowns attack. He is like a cool mixture of 80´s classic Road House actor Sam Elliot, and Family Guy character Bruce. There are more characters i could mention, but let's get into some other details about this film that i enjoyed. There are a lot of brutal practical effects, and i appreciate the effort to make this film filled with brutal kills. Of course the tornado makes an important detail about this film. I would have liked to see some more tornado scenes with the clowns arriving, but maybe we can get that in a sequel. Director Todd Sheets clearly have a passion for B movies, and he proves this very clear with this film. If you appreciate independent horror films with a good sense of humour, then Clownado is your cup of tea guaranteed. There is no doubt, Clownado will make your summer feel like an orgasm, once you experienced it you just want more.

Rating: DDDD

söndag 23 juni 2019

The Convent ( Heretiks )

Since i love travelling, you get to remember a lot of different things about every country you visit. And every country has different things to offer, no matter if it is food, culture, historical locations or of course alcohol. But certain details that happen while you travel, are the unexpected moments that you will especially remember. And i especially remember in Prague, Czech Republic, when i was in the old town of Prague, walking down a hill. And in a small red car, was a Nun driving fast as hell. In fact, i have never seen anyone drive as fast as she did. And i remember how i laughed, as i was watching her drive like she was in a race competition, it reminded me of the Cannonball Run films with Burt Reynolds. Speaking of Nuns, we have seen them in several films in different categories. Some of you might remember the 1990 British comedy classic Nuns On The Run, with actors Eric Idle and Robbie Coltrane. A funny film that still is charming. Of course we also have the Whoppi Goldberg classic Sister Act, released in 1992. The story of lounde singer Delores Van Cartier, who is a witness to murder, is forced to be kept hidden under witness protection. She is placed in a church of Nuns, where she will change their lives completely. Sister Act is a 90´s classic, and probably one of the most famous Nuns films. When it comes to horror films with a Nun, i think most people will about The Conjuring 2. This is where we were introduced to the Demon Nun, when paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren see in a vision that her husband Ed is impaled, while she encounter the Demon Nun. Of course we had a film released last year, based on the story of the Demon Nun, simply called The Nun. This is not a bad film, but compared to The Conjuring films then i feel that The Nun failed to deliver some really scary moments. I recently came across a film on VOD called The Convent, a horror film that tells the story of a Nuns in the year of 1659, in England. Is this a suprisingly effective horror film, or is The Convent a film that fails to tell a religious inspired story ?

In the seventeeth century, a young woman, Persephone ( Hannah Arterton ) is falsely accused, arrested and put on trial for her life. Her fate seems sealed but for the timely intervention of a stranger, the mysterious Reverend Mother ( Claire Higgins ), who offers Persephone not just sanctuary but hope. Reverend Mother is a self-appointed leader for a small religious retreat, where she and fellow Sisters can devote their lives to the Lord. But as Persephone arrives, she is about to find out that an evil entity are hiding inside these dark walls…..

One of the things i notice with The Convent, is how brutal this film is. There are a lot of brutal scenes, where we get a lot blood, flesh wounds, and even eyes ripped out. Those of you who have read my reviews for many years now, you probably noticed that i really appreciate practical special effects. There are practical effects here as well, but not as much as i was hoping for. Most brutal scenes include CGI effects, where some work and some does not feel as effective. The religious tone of this film, is something that works well with the environment of the year 1659. The dark Church, with the cold atmosphere, is exactly what a film like this needs. Let´s talk about the acting for a bit. For the most part the acting is ok ( except for a few exceptions ), but there are a few actors that stands out especially. Legendary English actress Claire Higgins ( who i remember especially from the first Hellraiser film, and on Rogue TV series ) gives her character Reverend Mother a strong personality. English actress Rosie Day ( who some of you might remember from the British horror film Howl ) does a pretty solid performance as Sister Emeline. I have to mention that legendary actor Michael Ironiside is here, but for a very short while unfortunately. I would have loved to see him in more scenes, but i am still happy he is a part of this film. The story may not feel very original, but the creepy atmosphere with the evil entity showing up at some occations, actually works with the environment. Director Paul Hyett ( who directed the great British werewolf film Howl ), have made a horror film that may not give anything new to the table. But as a historical horror film with a classic old school concept, i feel that he knows how to do this genre in a respectful way. Is this as good as his horror film Howl ? No, i think that film had stronger characters and a more interesting story. I still feel that The Convent is worth your time, if you are a horror fan and enjoyed the 2018 film The Nun. One thing is certain, i will not be visiting any Nuns for quite some time, not unless i have a shotgun near me.

Rating: DDD

Is It Really That Bad ? Grendel

Summertime, the perfect time to have barbecues, drink beer and pick flowers naked along the highway. You see, here in Sweden we love to pick flowers naked next to the highway. Why there ? Because you can find so many wonderful flowers, and you can also wave to all the cars. A perfect way to welcome everyone to the highway with a happy body language. Of course, summer is a great time to look at some films you have not seen, especially if we are talking about bad movies. I remember in the summer of 2001, when i watched Urban Legend: Final Cut for the first time. Since i enjoyed the original movie from 1998, of course i had to rent the sequel, and oh boy it was a mess. It may not be the worst sequel ever made, but Urban Legend: Final Cut either feels fun, or feels frightening. This is the only film that director John Ottman has ever directed, and i can understand why. I like his work as a Composer on films such as Hide And Seek, and of course on X-Men. But it would have been interesting to know why he decided to direct this sequel ? I am guessing he got paid enough to accept the offer. Let´s stay within the year of 2001, i believe this was also the year when i first watched the comedy Hanging Up, with Lisa Kudrow, Meg Ryan and Diane Keaton. I still remember my reaction to this film, what did i just watch ? I know this is a film made for women especially, but not even my younger sister would watch this film, and it is not hard to understand why. Hanging Up is a comedy that tries to be funny, but fails with too many clichés and too predictable characters. Since i pick a title for each time of my segment Is It Really That Bad ? i came across a film called Grendel, released in 2007. A film that tells the legendary story of Beowulf, with actor Chris Bruno in the lead role. Is it possible that this film is a masterpiece, or is this as bad as a lot of critics have said it is ?

King Higlack ( Harry Anichkin ) of the Gauths entrusts Prince Finn ( Charles Hittinger ), and legendary slayer Beowulf ( Chris Bruno ) to kill the beast Grendel with a unique fire weapon. They lead twelve men on a mission to help King Hrothgar of the Danes ( Ben Carson ), who is terrorized by the undefeated beast Grendel. But the mission will be more difficult than expected, when Beowulf and his men find out King Hrothgar have kept gruesome secrets. 

If you are looking for terrible acting, bad CGI and awful dialogue, you have come to the right  place. Grendel is a TV movie that is as bad as you might have expected, but actually becomes a fun film to watch on pizza and beer night. Because this film is so bad, you can´t take anything seriously. So to see Beowulf fight monsters and fight soldiers, is really silly but still entertaining from an unplugged brain view. Does this mean i enjoyed this film ? No, not to recommend to anyone. The only reason you would watch a film like this is if you want to laugh, at a very cheap version of the story of Beowulf. Wait a minute, maybe main actor Chris Bruno ( who is actually good in the TV series The Twilight Zone ) is amazing as Beowulf ? Honestly, no. He may fit into his outfit, but from an acting perspective he does not deliver a performance you will remember. If you are a Star Trek fan, then you might recognize the name Marina Sirtis. She is also in this film as Queen Wealhtheow, but she does not do much to help this film. I will say though her dialogue is so bad, it is funny to see her look serious. Legendary actor Ben Carson ( who you might remember from Excorcist: The Beginning ) is actually the best character in this film, as King Hrothgar. Not that he delivers a powerful performance, but he may be the only character who actually tries to act. One of the things you notice pretty quickly is how bad the monster Grendel look. Remember the 2013 horror movie Mama ? Imagine her, mixed up with a steroid pumped werewolf and you have the monster you always wanted to see. Director Nick Lyon have directed a lot of B movies in the past, includingthe 2011 film Zombie Apocalypse that i actually enjoyed. Grendel is not a film he will be remembered for. But if you want to see a bad film with friends, i suggest you get a DVD copy of Grendel, just for a good laugh. Maybe director Robert Zemeckis animated film version of Beowulf is not that bad after all.

Rating: DD

torsdag 20 juni 2019

Am I The Only One Looking Forward To See The Mummy Rebirth In August ?

Cheers everyone, Daniel here, possibly the most gorgeous movie review critic ever, must be my chest hair. 

Anyway, i saw the new trailer for the upcoming horror film The Mummy Rebirth, released in August by Uncork'd Entertainment on VOD and DVD. It looks amazing, with lots of action, monsters, mummies and great acting. The Mummy Rebirth is a film i will review, probably by the end of August. Are you also looking forward to see The Mummy Rebirth ? Check out the trailer on YouTube and i guarantee you will feel so much joy in your heart. 

Cheers from Daniel!


onsdag 19 juni 2019

The Cleaning Lady

When i was a young man, i remember my first appartment. If someone would come home to me, i probably have not cleaned the floors for 7 weeks, or 8 weeks, since i did not care that much about mopping the floor. I was too busy doing other things, especially planning my next visit to Gothenburgh ( spend a lot of time here with close friends, both for buying DVD´s and going out to pubs, strip clubs at some occations. Cleaning was never one of those things i considered to be that important, but as you get older you understand why it is nice to keep a place good looking. Even if i don´t clean as much as i probably should, i would still say i have improved within the last 10 years. What helped me become inspired ? Well let´s just say that watching How Clean Is Your House ? on TV, did wake me up a bit with expert cleaners Kim Woodburn and Aggie MacKenzie. I suppose i was shocked how some people have not cleaned their home for 20 years, and all the filth that could be found underneath all the garbage. When you think abou cleaning, you probably don´t think about many movies. But i actually thought about one classic from the year of 2001. The film is called Session 9, and is a horror film from director Brad Anderson. The film tells the story of an asbestos abatment crew who is cleaning up an old abandoned mental asylum. Session 9 is a creepy film, especially when Mike ( played by actor Stephen Gevedon ) finds a box of tapes, containing sessions with a patient named Mary Hobbes. Of course this film is not about cleaning, more about the secrets of what happened here at the abandoned mental asylum. But the cleaning the building part, removing asbestos, gives this film a different approach than most horror films. And i enjoy the cast with actors David Caruso, Josh Lucas, Paul Guilfoyle and many others. Speaking about cleaning, i got a chance to see a new independent film on Blu Ray called The Cleaning Lady. Is this a nice choice for the summer barbecue with family, or is this a film you might as well avoid ?

Alice ( Alex Kendra ) is a single woman, working as a beutician. She is having an affair with married man Michael ( Stelio Savante ) who is planning to take her on vacation to Italy. Alice have a problem with her bathroom, and call for help. Suddenly, a woman is seen in her appartment named Shelly ( Rachel Alig ), a woman with a damaged face. Alice is pleased with her job, fixing her pipe and ask if she can imagine being paid to clean her home. Shelly accept the offer, and she feels that Alice accept her facial look. But as time goes by, it becomes clear that Shelly may not be the woman that Alice thought she was. 

My first thought about this film, is that this is a clever mix up of up classic films such as Stephen King´s Carrie and The Hand That Rocks The Cradle. Not copying these films in any way, but you get a sense that there is something wrong with Shelly, just like you felt watching Rebecca De Mornay in The Hand That Rocks The Cradle. When you see Shelly´s childhood, you understand why she became the woman she is today, with her horrible Mother. This is also where you get a sense of that Carrie might have been an inspiration for director Jon Knautz. The Cleaning Lady actually feels different from most independent horror / thrillers, since this film have a classic approach about disturbing personalities that we have seen in the past. I came to think about the Michael Douglas classic Fatal Attraction. Let´s talk about the cast. Actress Alexis Kendra ( who you might remember from horror film Hatchet II) as the main character Alice. I have to say, Alexis does a wonderful performance as the heart warming woman Alice. The strongest performance in this film, is without a doubt from actress Rachel Alig ( who i especially remember from the independent film Officer Down ). Her performance as the disturbed woman Shelly gives this film the right touch of insanity that this film needs. There are a few performances that work as well, but these 2 main characters are the most interesting in The Cleaning Lady. The psychological perspective on Shelly shows you how a child can be destroyed, and have no remorse or understanding other people´s feelings. Unfortunately, we know that Shelly is just one of the few girls out there who have a horrible childhood, and this happens worldwide in reality. Director Jon Knautz ( who directed the B movie classic Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer ) have made a horror / thriller that will guaranteed please you if you enjoy psychological thrillers. This is one of the independent films you should check out on DVD or Blu Ray this summer, since it has been a while we have seen good horror / thriller. I have no doubt saying this, The Cleaning Lady will make you want to clean your house more often. And remember, if you don´t do it properly, Shelly will make sure you do it right.

Rating: DDD

måndag 17 juni 2019

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil And Vile

There are actors who you either enjoy, or you don´t like at all. Of course there are actors who have done both really bad films, and some films you have enjoyed as well. One actor i never really liked is the British actor Hugh Grant, and i will tell you why. From the 1994 hit romantic comedy Four Weddings And A Funeral, he kept on doing a lot of comedies that left no impact for me. And to be honest, i would not say he gave any powerful performances either, except for the drama comedy About A Boy. Perhaps one of the only films i can say i enjoyed with Hugh Grant, maybe because he played a selfish man, who focus more on a luxary lifestyle than seeing what is more important in life. Grant continued doing more comedies, and none of them really got me interested. Another great example of an actor who have not made me interested in his films, is the actor known as Zac Efrom. From his early years of the films High School Musical, he made some really clear choices in characters that would fit for a younger audience. And to be honest, i have seen at least few of them such as New Year´s Eve ( don´t ask me why i watched this one ), That Awkward Moment, Bad Grandpa, and Mike And David Need Wedding Dates. I will say that he was at least ok in the comedy Neighbors, where he managed to pull off some funny scenes. Other than that i can´t say i have liked a lot of his work so far. Earlier this year i was hearing a lot of talk about Zac Efron, in his new film Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil And Vile. In this film he is playing the serial killer Ted Bundy, who murdered a lot of young girls in the 70´s And it seemed that movie critics were surprisingly positive about the performance from Zac Efron, and this got me interested in this film. I always enjoy seeing an actor doing something totally different from what they have done before, so is this film the best work of Zac Efron´s career so far, or is this a serial killerbiographical film that does not leave a big impcat at all ?

In 1969 Seattle, law student Ted Bundy ( Zac Efron ) meets Liz Kendall ( Lily Collins ), a secretary and a single Mmther. They begin to date, and Ted help her raise her daughter Molly. By 1974, news reporters announce the murders of multiple young women, including two who disappeared in broad daylight at Lake Sammamish. Several women have seen a similar man as Ted Bundy drinving a Wolksvagen Bug, as a composite sketch is released of the suspect. After hundreds of calls on people who recognize the sketch, Ted is arrested in 1975. A young woman named Carol DaRonch ( Grace Victoria Cox ) picks out Ted in a police lineup, claiming he kidnapped her and threated to kill her before she managed to escape. Ted is released on bail, returning home to Liz. But as more victims are found, it will be harder for Ted to deny the truth, as he believes he will proof that he is not guilty of any murders.

Let´s be honest here right from the beginning. Without Zac Efron in the lead role, this film would not be on the same level of quality as it stands now. Efron really show you that he can act, if he only is given the right kind of character. For me personallly this is his best acting performance in his career so far. He manage to capture the image of Ted Bundy, on why he managed to charm so many ladies and control them with his disturbing personality. But wait a minute, what about the other performances ? To be honest, it is very hard for other characters to reach the same level of acting as Zac Efron gives in this film, but i will say we do get some other performances worth mentioning. Legendary actor John Malkovich as presiding judge Edward Cowart shows you why Malkovich knows what he is doing. He is the kind of actor who can lift up any character, and he does in this film as well giving us a solid performance. English actress Kaya Scodelario ( who you might have seen as Teresa in The Maze Runner trilogy ) gives a really good performance as Ted Bundy´s riend Carol Ann, who clearly worship Ted. It is nice to see lead singer of Metallica here, James Hetfield as the character Bob Hayward, a police officer in Utah. I would not say Hetfield gives a strong performance, but it is nice to see him in this environment for a change, doing something different outside his music career. Actress Lily Collins who plays Ted Bundy´s wife Liz Kendall, does not feel that strong as the character i was hoping for. Her performance is not bad, just not as strong as this character would have needed to be. It is worth to mention that this film does not focus on the brutal murders Ted commited, more about his trials and his relationship with Liz. Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil And Vile is a great choice for a Netflix night, if you want to see a biographical film about one of the most famous serial killers of the 70´s. This is a film that shows you how disturbing a monster can be, who have no remorse on his victims. Director Joe Berlinger ( who were one of the director´s on Metallica´s documentary film Some Kind Of Monster ) , have managed to make a film that shows you the mentality of a serial killer. Zac Efron really deserves all the positive reviews he have gotten so far, and this film is his most serious project so far. 

Rating: DDD

Demon Eye

Demons, the evil creatures that lurkes in the shadow of darkness, are not to play with. Unfortunately this is something that The Dansband Society does not seem to understand in Sweden. Every time we have a dansband ( Swedish styled music, beyond horrible ) played live, the demons make people go insane. Some people roll around as if they are demon possessed, some people fly up in to the roof while some people begin to talk ancient demonic words, and it is all because of dansband music. Demons love this music, that is why a portal to hell opens up every time one of these satanic bands play. So the only way to make everything normal again is to play Ursprung Buam, an Austrian folk music band who defeat demons with their wonderful Tyrol songs. When it comes to films that bring up demons, or some evil entity we have a lot of films titles to choose between. I could probably mention a couple of ones, but i think this time i would like to focus on one film, that probably none of you have seen. A film released in 2010 known as The Shrine. An independent horror film from director John Knautz. This film is about two female journalists, and a photographer who travel to Poland to investigate a missing person. This is a well made horror film, and the demonic fight towards in the end is really fun with lots of gore. I have to mention that i love that this film uses a very old village as location, with polish accents during their religious sacrifices. The dark locations also feel right for the atmosphere of this film. If you have not seen The Shrine, try and pick up the DVD. This is a film worth having in your collection, if you enjoy demonic horror films.I recently listened to a review of a British horror film known as Demon Eye, on the YouTube channel Geek Legion Of Doom. Since i enjoy demons ( especially if they love tea afternoons in the garden of course ), i had to take a look at this film. Is this a film you should check out, or is Demon Eye most likely a film no one will remember ?

Sadie ( Katie James ) return home to her father´s cabin after being away for a long time. Her father was found dead, suspected to hang himself. Sadie have no idea why he did this. At her father´s cabin, she meets local news paper worker John ( Darren Day ) who tell her they are looking for a photographer for their local news paper. Sadie agrees to begin work there, but since she discovered a mysterious amulet, she learns about the folklore of the Demon Girl. Somehow her father´s death seems connected to the Demon Girl. Some secrets are better kept hidden.

There is an interesting folklore story here in Demon Eye, that could have made this film more interesting. Unfortunately, this film have some problems that we need to talk about. First of all, there are a couple of scenes where we see the demon watch while walking from the lower floor ( and this demon is no dog, so i find this very strange ) The CGI scenes with the demon girl does not feel very effective. I understand that this is an independent film, but i have seen several low budget horror films that can make CGI scenes work on a lower budget. If the demon girl have been made more effective with CGI, i think the story could have been more effective as well. Let´s get into some positive things about Demon Girl. Actress Katie James, who plays the lead character Sadie gives this film a performance that works ( except for her jump scare scenes, she does not seem very frightened ). Actor Robert Hamilton may have one of the better acting performances in Demon Eye, as local news paper worker Dan. The location of this film is beautiful, with some really nice landscape locations. I also like the idea of the amulet, that the Demon Girl created before she was burned. You get a sense that this amulet is her passage way to our world, and who ever wears the amulet can use the Demon Girl for wishes. Even if i enjoyed certain details about Demon Girls, i can´t deny that this film fails to deliver as a horror film. You won´t be very scared, and the demonic girl does not feel as effective as she should have been. Director Ryan Simmons should have put more effort into the folklore story, and fixed the CGI effects. He does have a story here that sounds interesting on paper, but does not seem to work completely on camera. I suggest you see The Shrine on DVD instead, and see how a demon horror film should look like. Demon Eye have some potential ideas, but in the long run this is a film that will not be remembered for bringing anything interesting into this genre.

Rating: DD

fredag 7 juni 2019

Her Smell

Life can be a shit hole, unless you know how to turn things around and make something good out of it. No matter what problems you have, there is always a chance to try a different path. In my youth, i witnessed some close friends become very injured by drugs. Especially two brothers, who i grew up with from an early age. One of the brothers overdosed, and luckily survived but was brain damaged. He is basically a completely different person today, not the happy guy i grew up with. His other brother overdosed and died, found by his own mother in his appartment. The biggest tragedy of all is that the drugs destroyed this family completely. I still have images in my head, going down to the hospital seeing one of the brothers lying in bed from an overdose, and i will never forget what i saw. Drugs can fuck you up completely, so i never felt the need to do them ( never tried any big drugs, except for Marijuana ). Alcohol i can handle, so im no addict in any way. When it comes to films that brings up addiction, i am always reminded by the independent drama film Sherrybaby, with actress Maggie Gyllenhaal. Released in 2006 from director Laurie Collyer, this film tells the story of former heroin addict Sherry Swanson, who was recently released from prison. She is about to start a new life, hoping to find a job and get connected with her daughter. This film is both really tragic, and realistic, how hard it is to be addicted to drugs and alcohol, and Maggie Gyllenhaal gives a really powerful performance. Her character Sherry is never getting out of addiction, you can sense that from the beggining, unless she really finds a way out. A must see on DVD or Blu Ray, if you want to see a very tragic portrait about addiction. I recently heard some reviews on a new independent film known as Her Smell, a film that clearly tells a story of how addiction can affect your entire life.

Punk band Something She, with members Becky Something ( Elisabeth Moss ), Marielle Hell ( Agyness Deyn ) and Ali Van Der Wolf ( Gayle Rankin ), have made a big impact with their raw sound, and honest lyrics. But things are out of control with front singer Becky. She can´t take care of her baby daughter, she can´t record new songs in the studio for a new album, and her life is on the way to become even worse with her alcohol and drug addiction. Will Becky ever get out of this misery, or is her time running out for good ?

It has been a while i have seen a film that hit you right in the face, with a very realistic and brutal reality of addiction. And this is exactly what the film Her Smell does, and i am not afraid to say that this is one of the best films i have seen so far this year. The acting in this film is so damn good, it is hard to describe. You have to see for yourself to understand. Lead actress Elisabeth Moss as the drug addicted singer Becky is absolutely phenomenal. I have never seen her do such a fantastic performance as she does here, and she deserves to be nominated at every film festival for her astonishing performance. Becky is exactly the proof of how bad things can become in the music industry, if you have access to drugs and alcohol and still perform on stage with no control. Especially the tragic scene where she drops her baby daughter, being too drunk and high on drugs. But there are more performances we need to talk about from the cast. Legendary actor Eric Stoltz ( who i have seen in many films, especially remembering his magical performance in the 1985 film Mask ) does a really good performance as manager Howard. You can tell his character is frustrated, for each chance he gives Becky. Legendary actress Virginia Madsen ( still looking gorgeous as Always, from classics such as Sideways ) gives a powerful performance as Ania, mother of Becky, You can tell she feels hurt by her daughter´s addiction, and Virginia shows this clear with her facial expressions. Actress Agyness Deyn as basist Marielle is one of the characters i feel is very interesting. Her angry scenes, when she is so frustrated over Becky´s bad behavior, will make you affected. Her Smell is not only about addiction, but this film really shows you how bad a person can become being addicted to drugs and alcohol in an honest way. The storyline is effective, with some really good looking cinematography from Sean Price Williams. Director Alex Ross Perry, i salute you sir for giving us such an amazing film such as Her Smell. We need a very honest and realistic film about addiction, and Alex manage to give us exactly what we need to see. A powerful and honest film about real life, where the end of the rainbow is not always shining bright. Support this independent film, buy a DVD or Blu Ray. This is one of the best films of 2019, so far.

Rating: DDDD

Captain Marvel

I love to see actors who dare to try different types of characters, and in different genres. If you are willing to explore different types of characters as an actor, you have a bigger chance of becoming more interesting for people who love films in all categories. Just look at actress Brie Larson, and she is a perfect example of a woman who is not afraid to go in different directions. One of the earliest memories i have of her, is in the drama film Tanner Hall, released in 2009. This film tells the story of Fernanda ( played by actress Rooney Mara ) who enters her senior year at Tanner Hall, a boarding school in New England who is about to experience a big change in her friend circle. Tanner Hall is a well made film, and manage to tell a story about young women, from their perspective facing reality. She also did a great performance in the action comedy 21 Jump Street ( based on the classic 80´s TV series with the same name ), released in 2012. A great comedy and the chemistry between lead actors Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum works really well. But it was in 2015 when Brie Larson really got a chance to shine in the very emotional drama film Room, a film that would change her career forever. Room is one of the best drama films i have seen from the year of 2015, that tells the story of Young mother Joy, and her 5-year-old son Jack, who live inside a room and is not allowed to go out. They are captives of an old man they call " Old Nick ". This is a very emotional film, about how this mother and son are trapped by a very disturbed man and how they manage to live each day with only being inside a room. Director Danny Cohen have made a film that is very important, because this has happened several times, such as the Josef Fritzl case. If you have not seen Room, i suggest you pick up a DVD copy or on Blu Ray, it is a film you will not forget. When i heard last year that Brie was going to become Captain Marvel in a new film, based on the comic book character, i was pleased. She felt like the right choice for this character, and a lot of Marvel films in the past have turned out to be very good. Is this one of the best films of actress Brie Larson´s career so far, or is Captain Marvel not as strong as i hoped it would be ?

The year is 1995, and on the Kree Empire´s capital planet Hala, Starforce member Vers ( Brie Larson ) suffers from amnesia and recurring nightmares involving an older woman. Commander Yon-Rogg ( Jude Law ) is her mentor, and trains her to control her abilities. During a mission to rescue an undercover operative infiltrating a group of Skulls, aliens shapeshifters who are at war against Kree.,Vers is captured by Skulls commander Talos ( Ben Mendelsohn ). Vers manage to escape from Talos spaceship and crash lands on Earth. Vers tries to communicate with Yon-Rogg to inform them where she is located. But the soldiers of Commander Talos have followed her to Earth, as she seems to be getting flashbacks of her earlier life. It seems that she have been a pilot on Earth back in 1989. Her presence attracts S.H.I.E.L.D agent Nick Fury ( Samuel L. Jackson ) who helps her against the Soldiers of Commander Talos. But is there another threat than Talos and his men, and has she really been told the truth about her past ?

If you enjoy other films of Marvel characters, i guarantee you will have a good time with Captain Marvel. This is another high quality Marvel film, with some really good action scenes and actually some funny scenes as well. Even the serious moments works pretty good as well, and still manage to capture the right balance of a comic book adaptation. Actress Brie Larson does a really good performance as Captain Marvel, and i especially enjoy the scenes where she is kicking ass. Brie shows why she is such a great actress, who can take on all genres and manage to do so, almost on the same quality level as Wonder Woman had. But let´s be honest, Brie is not the only good actor here. Samuel L. Jackson is back as Nick Fury, and he have no problem making another really good performance. I have to say actor Jude Law is better than i expected as the character Commander Yon-Rogg and probably give one of his better performances in recent years here in Captain Marvel. There are some other good performances i have not mentioned here as well, but let´s get into the best parts of this film. The fighting scenes feels both intensive and looks great. You can tell they have tried to make each fight to be designed on a high quality level. Battle scenes with weapons is also something that manage to work as well, with some really cool characters joining the battle. The CGI scenes works well, especially the flying scenes. Almost feels like a mixture of Top Gun and Star Wars combined. The alien shapeshifters is another cool detail about this film, made me think of Critters 2 ( a classic horror comedy from 1988 ). Let´s not forget the 90´s soundtrack, especially when i hear Garbage classic song I´m Only Happy When It Rains, a perfect choice for this film. Captain Marvel have a lot to offer, especially for Marvel fans and i am already looking forward to a sequel. A really good action film for everyone to see on DVD and Blu Ray this summer, Captain Marvel is exactly what you need after a visit from the beach, and hopefully some lovely drinks are included.

Rating: DDDD

torsdag 6 juni 2019

The Least Of These

Every now and then, i try to move outside of my comfort zone. What do i mean by that ? Well, i usually avoid films that i don´t think look interesting. Especially films produced by Pure Flix, who have a history of bad films. Last year i did try and give one specific film a chance, even though i had several warning signs shining all around me. A drama film called The Trump Prophecy, a faith based drama film, that is based on a true story of a fireman who predicted that Trump would become president. If you never heard about this film, you should check it out just to see how a really awful film looks like. Last year i named The Trump Prophecy the worst film of 2018. This film had nothing positive to give the audience. The acting is really bad, the cinematography is awful, the horrible CGI scenes are probably among the worst i have ever seen, and the story makes no sense at all. Do you remeber the name of Stephen Baldwin ? I think if you grew up in the 90´s, you might remember him from the classic thriller The Usual Suspects, released in 1995. Since then, Stephen have left Hollywood a long time ago and is now more focused about his love for President Trump, and making Christian films. I have not seen his films in recent years, only Heard him on interviews from different news stations where he talked politics. But i have Heard about one of his latest films, known as The Least Of These. This film is based on a true story about the Australian Christian missionary Graham Staines, how he tried to help people in India with health problems. I have heard some reviews of this film from different movie critics, and this seemed to be a film that divided a lot of people. So i decided to give Stephen Baldwin and his film crew a chance, just in case this might actually be goo. Is this drama a film that will touch your heart, or is this a film you won´t remember at all ?

In the late 1990´s journalist Manav Banerjee ( Sharman Joshi ) moves with his pregnant wife to the State of Orissa, in hope for a better career and hoping for a good life for his family. When speculation mounts that Australian missionary Graham Staines ( Stephen Baldwin ) is illegally proselytizing leprosy patients, Manay agree to investigate undercover for the local newspaper. Manay finds a series of revelations that are impossible to explain, and he begin to question if maybe everyone is wrong about Graham, and all the things that he do for the Indian people are actually making a big difference.

I tried giving The Least Of These a chance, but this is not a good film. And there are several things that don´t work with this film. First of all the acting. The acting in this film feels very lame, as if the actors who are on board are here for the paycheck.  Actor Sharman Joshi ( who i only have seen in one film before known as London 1920 ) is not the strong character a film like this needs to be, as the journalist Manav. In some scenes he does not even act, almost like he only remember the dialogue and say it like he is supposed to. In a few scenes he finally get some acting done, but not strong enough to leave any emotions. Actor Stephen Baldwin ( who have done some classics such as Bio Dome ) is here playing Graham Staines, the Australian missionary worker. I would not say he is very good here either, but he may be one of the few who does some kind of acting, and should have tried harder to make his character feel interesting. Actress Shari Rigby who i have never seen in a film before, could have been interesting as Graham´s wife Gladys. Unfortunately, she does not give the performance that we could have had. The rest of the Indian cast does not make a strong impact either, and i know there are many great Indian actors out there, but they don´t seem to be a part of this film. The story of Graham Staines could have been executed in a much more powerful way. Since this is supposed to tell a story of how he helped people, they should have digged deeper with more emotions and a more clear image of what he managed to do. Director Aneesh Daniel have made a directorial debut film that does have something important to tell you, but fails to do it in a powerful way. This film feels more like an ordinary TV drama film, that we have seen so many times before. The Least Of These is a film that will most likely be forgotten, as many other faith based films have proved in the past. If you want to see a powerful film, choose something else such as Boy Erased, and i am sure you won´t regret it.

Rating: D

måndag 3 juni 2019


In the world of action films, there is a cliché about only men can kick ass. That is totally wrong. There are bad ass women out there, who will rip your nuts off in just three seconds. So men who don´t think women will knock you out, think again. I can give you some good examples, in a time when certain women proved that they can´t be stopped. If you grew up like me in the 80´s and 90´s, you probably remember B action martial arts actress Cynthia Rothrock. She has done a lot of B action movies for many years. One of my personal favourites is the 1992 film known as Lady Dragon, directed by David Worth. This film reminds me of the 1989 cult classic Kickboxer, with Jean-Claude Van Damme, and it is not hard to understand why. Both films are directed by David Worth, but i prefer Kickboxer if i had to choose. However, Lady Dragon is still a fun ride, where Cynthia Rothrock gets some great kick ass scenes. I also enjoy her training scenes, that shows you how good she is at martial arts. I suggest if you want to see a classic Cynthia Rothrock film, pick up Lady Dragon on DVD ( get the German release, they have a lot of her films for sale ). But let´s be honest, one of the most classic films with a female action heroes is of course Luc Besson´s Nikita. Released in 1990, this film became a cult hit for fans of action films. Lead actress Ann Parillaud as the assassin Nikita, turned out to be a really good character in a very well made action film. Nikita manage to balance a great story and the action scenes are impressive. Director Luc Besson clearly knew what he was doing, and this is a must see. I recently came across a new Philippine action movie called Maria, that i have read some reviews online. This seemed to be a throwback to the 90´s, and i love to see films like this being made in present day. Is the new action film Maria a great time for the whole family, or is Maria proof that the 90´s action films were better ?

Maria ( Cristine Reyes ) lives an ordinary family life, but she have a secret past as an assassin in the Black Rose cartel. She betrayed the Black Rose cartel and left without finishing the job. To disappear, she faked her own death to start a new Life. But the cartel finds her, through Kaleb ( Germaine De Leon ) and he wants her dead. He sends out his best assassins, and kill both her husband and daughter. Maria thought she could leave her past behind, now she must face reality and make things right again. 

If you are looking for Oscar performances, or a great plot, you won´t find it here in Maria. However, if you want to see a bad ass woman, kicking a hell of a lot of ass, this is a film for you. Maria is a throwback to the martial art films of the 90´s, where you recognize the plot. But the most positive is that actress Cristine Reyes is the lead character Maria. She has done a lot of films in the Philippines, but this is the first film i have seen her in. Cristine manage to become the Cynthia Rothrock of the Philippines, and she does a really good job with her fighting scenes. Her acting may not be really strong, but as an action actor she knows what she is doing. I also enjoy the performance of actress Jennifer Lee as the fighter Miru. This film is actually better with the female cast, since some of the male actors don´t feel as interesting. I will say though that evil Kaleb, played by actor Germaine De Leon is a good choice for a bad guy. Since Maria does not have a strong plot, this film rely on the action scenes. The budget is limited, but this film manage to get it done right anyway, thanks to great fighting choreography. The dialogue is not anything you will remember here, Since it is very basic. But that´s ok, if you just want to be entertained by an action film, you won´t care about the dialogue. The revenge theme is actually something that works for a film like this. Is there anything that this film fails with ? I would probably say that the acting is one of the main problems with this film, especially when most of the male cast does not deliver as much as the female characters. Other than that, i can´t complain much since i enjoy films such as Maria, that tries to bring martial art action movies of the 90´s back to present day. If you enjoy earlier films of Jean-Claude Van Damme and Cynthia Rothrock, then you will most likely have a good time with Maria. I hope to see actress Cristine Reyes in more films like Maria, we definitely need more films with women kicking ass.

Rating: DDD

Another Pick For My Segment, Is It Really That Bad ? Python ( with Caspier Van Dien )

Cheers everyone!

Daniel here, with lots of rain all over Sweden. No sun ? Have not seen it for over a year, i think it might have been when i was in Greece last year ( they had great Raki as well, almost like water, good for breakfast ). I have noticed that my segment Is It Really That Bad have been appreciated, especially Dracula 3000. I suppose there are people who enjoy this film, i don´t know why but i guess maybe Pat Robertson can answer that. So i was going through a list of films where critics have not been very positive ( except for a few who must love B movies ), and i came across the 2000 film known as Python. This is a B horror movie with Caspier Van Dien and Robert Englund, and a giant python snake ? Wow, this must be the masterpiece. I never saw this film back in 2000, even if i saw it on DVD shelves. But Since i seem to be good at picking up films we all want to see, i will be giving Python a chance on my segment Is It Really That Bad ? New movie reviews in June are on the way, so have a great week and remember, the perfect gift to your wife / girlfriend is a Blu Ray copy of Commando Ninja. See you soon!

Cheers from Daniel