fredag 31 augusti 2018


When i was a teenager, i used to watch boxing matches with my Grandfather. Back in the early 90´s, there was a lot of great fighters such as Evander Holyfield, Lennox Lewis, Oscar De La Hoya and George Scott. Let´s talk about George Scott for a moment. He was one of the most famous boxing personalities in Sweden, and we watched many of his fights on TV 1000 ( a Swedish TV Channel back in the 90´s ). I remember when George Scott won the WBU title in 1995, and became the World Champion. This was one of those moments in Swedish sport history that i am really proud of. You have to remember, we don´t have many boxing champions in Swedish boxing history, so George Scott made a really huge impact, both as a boxer and his personality. Hollywood have made some really good films about boxing legends, and i know a lot of you are probably thinking about the 1976 movie Rocky with Sylvester Stallone. I agree that this film is a cult classic, and should be seen. But there is another movie that is perhaps the best boxing film made, from director Martin Scorsese. His movie Raging Bull, with legendary actor Robert De Niro, is the best boxing film of all time. Robert De Niro´s performance as boxer Jake LaMotta is absolutely fantastic. I would even call Raging Bull one of the best film from director Martin Scorsese, and he have made so many fantastic films in the past. Raging Bull tell the story of Jake LaMotta in a very effective way, showing us how a famous boxer can destroy his own life, with his rage behavior taking over his life. This is a must own on Blu Ray, and you get some really nice special features included. And if you have time, listen to the commentary track and find out some really interesting facts about the film. I have to mention, 2 years ago came a really good boxing drama called Bleed For This, based on the true story of World Champion boxer Vinny Pazienza, how he managed to work his way back into the ring after a very serious car accident. The lead actor Milles Teller did one of his best performances of his career so far, a film you should see if you want to see a really good drama film. Since i enjoy stories about boxing, i came across a Blu Ray copy of the British drama Journeyman. I have enjoyed a lot of performances from actor Paddy Considine, and i especially remember Shane Meadows movie Dead Man´s Shoes from 2004. A film that many people might not remember, but is worth a watch. When i saw that Paddy both directed the film Journeyman, and have the lead role, i was hooked up right away. Is this a British drama film that delivers solid quality, or should this film have been much better ?

Boxer Matty Burton ( Paddy Considine ) is going up against boxer Andre Bryte ( Anthony Welsh ) to defend the World Championship title. Matty wins the match, and is still the World Champion. But after the match, something is terribly wrong with Matty. His wife Emma Burton ( Jodie Whittaker ) finds him passed out. It is confirmed later that Matty is suffering a very serious brain damage, and no one knows if he will remember anything. Matty can´t even remember his own daughter, as he starts his new life, trying to find himself. 

Even if Journeyman have some traditional boxing ingredients included, this film goes in a much more emotional level than most ordinary boxing drama films. We get to see how a World Champion in boxing loose his memory, and have to fight his way back, to live a normal life as possible. Imagine not even remembering your own child, that you were married, and not even remember your past ? Journeyman is a very emotional journey through a man´s life, to find himself again. Since he does not remember almost anything, and his brain damage have changed his personality, he have a new struggle on his hand. One of the most sad parts of this film, is to see main character Matty completely lost. Lead actor Paddy Considine ( who also directed this film ) does a really powerful performance as a brain damaged former boxer. The way he manage to capture the face expressions, the behavior of a brain damaged person, he nails it all. Paddy have clearly worked hard on making his character realistic. Actor Jodie Whittaker as Matty´s wife Emma, also does a really strong performance. How do you handle your husband, after living a normal life, and suddenly have to live with a man that is no longer the same man ? I also enjoy the performance of actor Anthony Welsh, who plays the professional boxer Andre Byte. You can tell he feels a lot of regret, causing Matty his brain damages. Journeyman is a very hard film to watch, because you feel so sad for the life of Matty. But at the same time, this is a very important story, to show the world how much a brain damage can affect a family, and the loved ones around you. Director Paddy Considine have managed to make a film that really shows you how we can change, when tragedy strikes. I have personally worked with brain damaged people, and i feel that director Paddy Considine have done a lot of research, to make sure that the main character give a realistic view on brain damaged people. I also feel that director Paddy also manage to capture the struggle a brain damaged person have, trying to find their way in society. Journeyman is a film that should be shown in all medical schools, and for students who want to work in health care. They might get a bigger perspective on how brain damage can affect a human, in many different ways. But this is a film that anyone can see honestly, and i guarantee you will be emotional. Journeyman is a film that will guaranteed be on the list of best movies of 2018. This is a very well made drama that digs deep into your soul. There is no doubt, Journeyman is a must see for all ages.

Rating: DDDD

torsdag 23 augusti 2018


My childhood was filled with a lot of action movie classics. Growing up in the 80´s was a golden time for action films. There are of course so many titles i could easily mention, but one of my all time favourites is without a doubt the 1987 movie Predator. Holy shit, this is a kick ass action film on every level. This is also one of my personal favourite Arnold Schwarzenegger films, since he made his character Dutch perfect for this kind of film. You might think it sounds very cheesy, having a plot about soldiers being in a jungle, fighting an unknown alien. But the film works really well, both as an action film, but also blending in science fiction elements. Director John McTiernan made a timeless classic with Predator, and he really knew how to deliver stone hard action scenes, just the way we like it. I have to say there are some really classic dialogue scenes as well, and the cast of this film feels like a perfect fit. if you have not seen Predator for some reason, you should know it is a sin not to see it. It´s right in there in the Ten Commandments where it says :- You shall see Predator to experience eternal happiness. Speaking of director John McTiernan, just one year later after Predator, he released another timeless action classic known as Die Hard. This is perhaps the best film that Bruce Willis have ever made. Die Hard is one of those action films, i always want to see during Christmas Eve, because what would be Christmas without having Bruce Willis killing German terrorists in a tall office building ? I know, this is the perfect Christmas holiday celebration we all should experience every year. Die Hard did not only look good, from an action film perspective, but this film also have some strong characters included. Especially the main villain known as Hans Gruber, played wonderful by legendary actor Alan Rickman. Of course the main character known as NYPD Officer John McClaine is one of those iconic characters that Bruce Willis managed to make so good, you never get tired of watching him in the first movie. The sequels were alright, at least up until Die Hard 4.0. The latest one did not even feel like a Die Hard movie, it was just Bruce Willis kicking ass. Since Bruce is getting older, he is no longer in the same shape he used to be, so now days other action stars have taken his place. One of them is of course former wrestling legend Dayne " The Rock " Johnson who have had a lot of successful films in Hollywood. Just look at how well Jumanji did last year, taking in over 960 Million dollars at the box office numbers. Dwayne will most likely continue his career in Hollywood, especially in action films. I got a chance to see his new film Skyscraper in cinema, to see if he could still deliver as an action star. Is Skyscraper a must see for Dwayne fans, or a waste of your precious time ?

Marine war veteran and retired FBI Hostage Rescue Team leader Will Sawyer ( Dwayne Johnson ) works with security in the " The Pearl ", the tallest skyscraper in Hong Kong. This modern skyscraper have the latest technology, thanks to the creator known as Chinese financier and entrepreneur Zhao Long Ji ( Chin Han ). Zhao trusts that everything will work as planned with security expert Will, as they go through the most important details. Will´s wife Sarah Sawyer ( Neve Campbell ) have just enjoyed a day out in Hong Kong with their children Georgia Sawyer ( McKenna Roberts ) and Henry Sawyer ( Noah Cottrell ). They bump into a man called Kores Botha ( Roland Möller ), who pretends to be a technician. But the truth is that he is planning to take over the building with his team of terrorists. As the terrorist group begin their mission, Sarah and the kids are trapped in the skyscraper. Will have no other option, but to get into the building and get his family out, even if it could cost him his life.

If you are expecting to see Dwayne Johnson doing a completely different movie with Skyscraper, where he is breaking new grounds, don´t get your hopes too high. This is a pure action film, made to look like another Dwayne Johnson feast. You get explosions, guns, and everything else you would expect from a film that feels like it could have been made in the 90´s. Now, if you hate combinations like this, i can tell you right now that you won´t have any fun with Skyscraper. This is the kind of film that most likely will be appreciated by people who grew up during the 80´s and 90´s, and enjoyed pure action films that don´t rely on intelligence. This is that kind of action film where it wont matter what degree you have from school, this is a film made to just deliver big action scenes and don´t care about the plot. The plot of this film is very simple, so you won´t have any problem knowing what the story is about. So how does Skyscraper function compared to similar films in the past ? If you just want to see Dwayne Johnson kick ass, jump, climb, and use dialogue that were designed for a film like this, them you might actually enjoy Skyscraper for what this is. Dwayne is actually the biggest reason why you watch Skyscraper. His screen presence matches a film like this, where it is all about delivering an action film that is made for a popcorn evening in the cinema. So what about the other characters ? Actor Hannah Quinlivan as the tough bad girl Xia is exactly what this film need, a strong female character who may not have a lot of dialogue, but knows how to kill. Danish actor Rolland Möller who plays the evil character Kores Botha, may not deliver as much as i would have liked, still he gives a performance that works for the moment. So do i have any issues with this film ? Actor Neve Campbell is also here, even if i would have liked to see her more tough. I can´t say i really care about the story, because there is no plot really. So basically all that matters is what happens during the action scenes, and thankfully that is the part that makes this film fun. Director Rawson Marshall Thurber have directed some good comedies in the past, especially We´re The Millers released in 2013. Skyscraper is definitely a complete different genre for him, but i feel he handle the action genre with good care. He clearly have a passion for the classic Die Hard, that is not hard to figure out since you can feel there are similar ideas to that film in Skyscraper. But that´s ok, if you just want an action film, Skyscraper will probably make you pleased for the moment. If you want to see a pure action film in cinema, give Skyscraper a chance. This is the kind of film you want to see on a big screen, with all the ingredients from classic action films and bad dialogue included. Dwayne in a skyscraper kicking ass is a fun time, you should even try this one Fifty Shades Of Grey fans, you might be surprised. 

Rating: DDD

Where Is Kyra ?

No matter how many years goes by, there are some actors who will always return to the big screen and bring a smile on your face. Of course i could mention a lot of names here, but let us focus on one specific legendary actor, known as Michelle Pfeiffer. There is no doubt that she have made a lot of great movies for a long time, and Michelle have managed to keep on working in the movie industry to deliver more great characters. One of my personal favourite films with Michelle Pfeiffer, has to be the 1991 movie Frankie And Johnny with legendary actor Al Pacino. They did the remake of Scarface together back in 1983, so it was great to see them reunite one more time in Frankie And Johnny. What made this film so good, was that you could not deny how well made the characters are in the film. The chemistry between Al Pacino and Michelle Pfeiffer come across very clear in Frankie And Johnny. I would not say Frankie And Johnny is as good as the 1983 film Scarface, but as a drama film, i feel that this is a film you should see, if you both enjoy Al Pacino and Michelle Pfeiffer as actors. This film is actually directed by Gary Marshall, and i think this is his best film ( much better than the films he released later on ). Michelle Pfeiffer have made some other really good films that we could mention as well, so i suggest we talk about one of the highlights, known as What Lies Beneath. A film that not many people talk about anymore, but i feel this is a well made horror drama from legendary director Robert Zemeckis. One of the reasons why What Lies Beneath works as a horror drama, is the acting from both legendary actor Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer. They were a good match to the characters, and i actually felt that the story worked as well. Last year i really enjoyed Michelle Pfeiffer in the TV movie The Wizard of Lies, with legendary actor Robert De Niro. This film is probably the best movie i have seen De Niro do in many years, and i also praised the performance of Michelle Pfeiffer, a must see if you have not seen it yet. Recently i started reading online about a film that is called Where Is Kyra ? What caught my attention to this film, was that both Michelle Pfeiffer and actor Kiether Sutherland are the main characters, and this seemed very interesting to me. I also noticed that Where is Kyra ? is directed by Andrew Dosunmu, who directed the critically acclaimed movie Mother Of George, released in 2013. A great director and a good cast included, is Where Is Kyra ? a film that should be seen by a larger audience, or should it be forgotten and shoved under the carpet ?

Kyra ( Michelle Pfeiffer ) lives in New York, Brooklyn. She takes care of her old sick mother Ruth ( Suzanne Shepherd ), since she needs help in her ordinary day life. When Ruth passes away, Kyra is becoming very desperate. She can´t find any job, and decide to dress up as Ruth, to take out her monthly pension check, pretending to be Ruth. Kyra meets Doug ( Kiefer Sutherland ) in a bar, as they become lovers. Doug understand that Kyra is in financial trouble, but finds out Kyra is stealing her dead mother´s pension. He is not happy, but decide to play along. Can Kyra go on with this life, or is her time running out ?

I did not have any high expectations on Where Is Kyra ? simply because i did not know what to expect to be honest. But i have to say, this is a drama film that looks like nothing else i have seen this year. Is that a good sign ? Yes, because when a film is different from most films, you have something that stands out from the ordinary release. I would not call this an original film in any way, but what makes Where Is Kyra ? different from most drama films this year, is how dark this film is made. There is so much sadness going on here, and the main character Kyra ( played by Michelle Pfeiffer ) have so many personal issues to deal with. Her struggles with economy, not being able to live the life she would like to, and the loss of her mother who she have taken care of for a long time. On top of that, she pretends to be her dead mother, to get her pension checks paid out. All of this is of course not a good combination, especially that she is stealing money from a dead person. The acting from Michelle Pfeiffer is really good, and she takes her character very serious, i also think that actor Kiefer Sutherland does a great performance as Kyra´s lover and friend Doug. You can tell he is trying to help her, in her chaotic life, being desperate to get money to survive. This is not the kind of film for everyone, since this is a very serious story, and portrait how hard life can be. On the other hand, this is an important film for people to see. We could all end up in the situation is stuck inside, desperate to get money. I have to say that i like that this film does not include any sunshine moments, this is a very depressing film, and we need a film like this to be made sometimes. Life is not always good, so why not express it in a realistic way as this film does ? Director Andrew Dosunmu have made a film that does not try and portrait a happy American life style, instead he digs into a real truth of how everything can go completely wrong. He also manage to find a balance of telling a story on a deeper psychological level than most drama film. This is a slow film, so you have to have patience watching Where Is Kyra ?, and if you can handle that i guarantee you will see that this is a film that holds quality. The only negative i can think of is that this film takes time to get into, there is not a lot of things happening. With that said, the film progress later on and become an interesting portrait of a desperate woman. If you want to see a drama film that is much darker than most films this year, i suggest you watch Where Is Kyra ?. The acting performances are strong, the cinematography looks good, and there is a very important message to be told with this story. Where Is Kyra ? is not a film for everyone, but is worth your time if you want a quality film.

Rating: DDD

måndag 20 augusti 2018

In September, Get Ready For My Review Of Sharknado 6

Cheers everyone!

This is Daniel, the amazing movie critic that loves all of my readers worldwide. Yesterday was the premiere of Sharknado 6 on SyFy. And this is the final movie of the Sharknado franchise, that have made me the man i am today. Sharknado made me realize what life is all about, and i learned that tornados with sharks is the real answer to the Sweden Election 2018, that takes place on September 9. What does the Swedish election have to do with Sharknado ? Sweden needs Sharknado more than ever, so this is why my movie review of Sharknado 6 will be very important for the upcoming Swedish election. 

I am planning to see Sharknado 6 soon, and write a review of the film sometime during September. Because i know this will be a sad goodbye, to a franchise that made me feel more loved than ever. New movie reviews are on the way this week, so have patience and you will be able to enjoy my latest reviews by the end of this week. 

Thank you to all my readers worldwide for being so positive and friendly about my reviews. 

Cheers from Daniel

söndag 19 augusti 2018

Congratulations To The Lullaby

Cheers everyone !

Thank you for reading my movie reviews, and i have more reviews coming soon. Now i am writing this because of a very good reason. The horror film The Lullaby have been nominated in 8 awards in the African Movie Academy Awards 2018, and these are the nominations....

Achievement In Make Up
Achievement In Soundtrack
Achievement In Visual Effects
Achievement In Cinematography
Achievemnt In Editing
Best Actress In A Leading Role
Best Director
Best Film

So to everyone at The Lullaby team, congratulations for all the nominations, and i have no doubts that actor Reine Swart will win her nomination for best actress. If you have not seen The Lullaby i suggest you see the film, and witness the powerful performance of Reine Swart. If you have not read my review of The Lullaby you can find it from earlier this year, posted in spring time. 

So let's all hope The Lullaby take home every nomination, and all the best luck to everyone who worked on this film. 

Cheers from Daniel

Backstabbing For Beginners

I remember about 5 years ago, i was in Gothenburgh on a Travel Convention to check out all kinds of travelling ideas. There were a lot of good advices, about what countries you should experience for different reasons. And after having dinner, i noticed one Travel agency that was talking about why you should travel on vacation to Iraq. My first reaction was:- Iraq vacation ? So i talked to a guy standing there, who showed me pictures from Iraq, as he tried to explain that Iraq have so much to offer, for a perfect holiday. He gave me some information to take home, just in case i would be interested in trying to have a holiday there. Now, i would personally not go there. One of the reasons is that i have never felt the need to go on vacation in Iraq, so i would rather go back to Thailand instead. Speaking of Iraq, i think a lot of people would think about former dictator Saddam Hussein, who controlled Iraq for many years. He was executed on 30th December of 2006. Saddam caused a lot of damage for the people of Iraq, and he was clearly insane. Movies have of course told different stories about Iraq, and how evil Saddam Hussein was. There are a couple of titles that comes to my mind, but one of the films i have to mention is the 2011 film called The Devil´s Double. A Belgian-Dutch movie, where we get a story about how Iraq soldier Latif Yahia ( played by actor Dominic Cooper ), became a body double for Udday Hussein ( played also by actor Dominic Cooper ) . We also get a portrait of Saddam Hussein in this film, played by actor Philip Quast. I would not call this film unique in any way, but i still think The Devil´s Double is an interesting look behind the curtain of Saddam Hussein and his family. I hope that we do get to see a movie in the future, where we get to see a more personal film on the life of Saddam Hussein, to understand how he managed to run Iraq, and all the misery he caused. Speaking of Saddam, how many of you remember the UN Oil-for-Food Programme Scandal, revealed that 270 people have received oil vouchers in exchange for helping Saddam Hussein. Of course there are much more details on what happened during this time, but when many things were revealed, some of the men who were behind this ( including some politicians ), resigned from their position. I don´t remember this to be honest, but back in 2003 i was honestly not following all news events, instead i was more interested in the Nu Metal era. A film have been made surrounding the UN Oil-for-Food Programme Scandal, and i got a chance to see Backstabbing For Beginners earlier this week. Is this film a powerful story that should be seen, or should you avoid this film as soon as possible ?

Michael Sullivan ( Theo James ) is a young UN worker who is passionate to help people in need. The UN have taken out a specific programme, that is meant to help people in need, known as the UN Oil-for-Food Programme. But when Michael finds out, that people within the UN have been getting paid large amount of money, to help Saddam Hussein, he realize that this could cause very big issues within UN and all over the world. Michael´s boss Pasha ( Ben Kingsley ), a seasoned diplomat, knew about this and kept his mouth shut. Michael have no other choice, he needs to tell the truth, no matter what the prize is.

One of the reasons why i wanted to see this film, is knowing that this is actually based on a true story. When you know that this actually happened, you become curious to see how a film maker will portrait these events on screen. In the case of Backstabbing For Beginners, i get a sense that this is a film that tries to give a realistic view of the real story. I can not say if everything is true, but it does not matter. This is an interesting film, for different reasons. One of the biggest reasons why i find this film interesting, is because what actually happened. Knowing that the UN Oil-for-Food Programme was meant to help people in need, especially in poverty countries, you can´t help feeling that this should have been done differently. When you have such a great idea, and you take advantage of this for money and corruption, there is no excuse. And the film capture the feeling of corruption, as we get to see behind the scenes. Another great thing about this film is the characters, and i especially enjoy the performance of legendary actor Ben Kingsley, who plays Pasha. I would say that Pasha is one of the strongest characters of this film,  where you clearly see that he is fully aware of the problems, and if they get caught their career will be destroyed. I also enjoy the performance from legendary actor Jacqueline Bisset, as the character Christina Dupre. Her screen presence comes across very clear, and you can tell she knows how to handle her character correctly. Lead actor Theo James, as the main character Michael is also an interesting character. I would say that this might be one of the better performances i have seen actor Theo James do. I can mention that i will be writing a review of his Netflix film How It Ends, probably coming in early September. So what does not work with Backstabbing For Beginners ? There are a lot of dialogue scenes, and while some of the scenes are there for a good reason, there are other scenes that feels more like they fill out for some of the plot holes. If the film would have digged a bit deeper into the scandal, and did not focus on the dialogue scenes, i believe we could have had an even more interesting film. With that said, i still feel that this is a very important story to be told. Danish Director Per Fly ( who have directed a number of really good Scandinavian films, such as Monica Z ), have managed to make a film that will make you ask questions, and feel furious. How can people in the UN have allowed this to happen ? I would not call this one of the stronger films from director Per Fly, but i can understand why he made this film. There is a story here that needs to be told, especially for people who help poor countries. Backstabbing For Beginners shows that money controls the world, and corruption is very easy to enter the wrong places. A film worth your time, if you enjoy films based on a true story.

Rating: DDD

lördag 18 augusti 2018


Human trafficking is a very serious problem worldwide. Everyday, women are sold for men and is sexually abused without any protection. Many of these young women are drugged, so they have no chance to escape, to make sure they take as many clients as possible. Since i have travelled to 16 countries, i have seen some places where trafficking is active, such as in Thailand. I remember on a street in Bangkok, where very young girls were could be seen in clubs with very old men. These girls could not be older than 16, or 17, of course it is hard to tell. One man came up to me and asked me: - You want to have some fun ? I told him:- I don´t pay for sex, and these girls are too young to be here. He was not happy hearing this, and walked away swearing in Thai language. I was happy i stood up against what they were doing, but of course i know that more men should do the same. We may not be able to save everyone, but we can try and make a change. Human trafficking will never go away, as long as men ( and women ) pay to have sex with people who are forced to have sex. I have seen a lot of documentaries, and some documentary films about this subject, and you can tell this is a big problem worldwide. In Hollywood there are a number of films that have taken on the subject of human trafficking. One of the films that comes to my mind is actually a film from Sweden, by director Lukas Moodysson. His drama film Lilya 4-ever, is the tragic story of teenager Lilya, who is sold into prostitution in Estonia. This is my favourite film by director Lukas Moodysson, and i have to say this is a very emotional dark film, that sticks inside your mind. The acting is superb, the cinematography is really well made, and the plot is very effective in a very realistic way. Another film i would like to mention is the movie The Chosen Ones by director David Pablos. A very powerful, and emotional film where young teenager Sofia is forced into prostitution. This is a film that you might have to find on DVD in foreign countries, but i guarantee this is a film worth watching, with a very strong message to be told. About a few months ago i came across a trailer of a film called Traffik. A film that seemed to bring up the subject of human trafficking and also combine the home invasion genre. The trailer actually looked good, so i got a chance to watch Traffik on VOD. Do we have a really good popcorn delight with Traffik, or is this just another DVD release you don´t need to remember at all ?

Brea ( Paula Patton ) and John ( Omar Epps ) are a couple, who are heading to the countryside, for a vacation. As they stop at a gas station, John is confronted by some loud bikers, who is clearly looking for trouble. Brea get a bad vibe, after seeing a woman with bruises in the ladies room, but try to leave it behind. Brea and John continue their journey to their vacation spot, a very modern and stylish house. They are soon joined by two close friends, who will keep them company. But everything is about to change, when Brea finds a cell phone in her purse, that does not belong to her. The phone is full of pictures, that seems to be taken of human trafficking victims. Suddenly the door bell rings, and the girl Brea met in the ladies room at the gas station, is standing outside the house. Her pimp Red ( Luke Goss ) need the phone back, or someone will be hurt. Brea realize that she needs to try and send the pictures as evidence of human trafficking. to the Police. Red´s patience is running out, and he won´t let anyone get away until he have the phone.

I was actually looking forward to see Traffik, since the film looked like a throwback to thrillers of the 90´s. After watching the film, i have mixed feelings. Since this film is supposed to be about trafficking, the message does not really come across very clear. You could say this is a thriller that tries to be an action film as well, while taking on the serious subject of human trafficking. And my personal opinion is, this would have worked better as a pure action film instead, if they did some changes in the plot. Since you are supposed to take the film serious, it feels like it is difficult since you can´t really feel that the film takes itself very serious. So what do we have left that have anything positive ? The main characters Brea ( played by actor Paula Patton ) and John ( played by actor Omar Epps ) are not that bad actually, they do have some chemistry together on screen. From an acting perspective, they could have delivered more of course. Action actor Luke Goss as the evil Red may not be one of the strong characters of this film, but his performance is at least not completely terrible. A few of the action scenes are ok, though i would have liked some more violence, instead of making everything too serious. The scenes towards the end gives some interesting details on what is going on behind the human trafficking business, though i would have liked to know some information behind the business. The plot is nothing we need to remember, because it is very simple. Now, you can make a good film with a simple plot, if you construct it well. This is something that this film is missing. The scene where we get to find out that there is human trafficking involved, should have helped the plot to be more interesting. Unfortunately, that is not the case here. Director Deon Taylor directed a much better thriller called Supremacy, released in 2014. That is a film where you get to see a effective thriller, with great characters included. It is such a shame that director Deon Taylor did not use other tools in Traffik, instead of delivering a very blend movie that don´t really give us anything special. I can tell that there is a story here to be told, if it was done correctly from the beginning. But it feels like Traffik never really pick up the right speed, or power that this film would have needed. This is not an awful film, but with such a good cast, and a talented director, i feel that Traffik can´t put the missing pieces together, and just become a blend action thriller film. If you want to see a good film from director Deon Taylor, i suggest you pick up his thriller Supremacy instead, a film that actually manage to tell an effective story, and includes some good performances.

Rating: DD

söndag 5 augusti 2018


Clowns can make you laugh, make you sing, or even brush your teeth. There is something magical about clowns, and how they can make anyone feel happy. Clowns have for a very long time been a big part of Circus shows, or at Birthday Parties for kids. You also have clowns in cartoons. or at McDonald´s of course. No matter where you see clowns, i know most of you want to run up and hug them, and jump of joy in the summer fields of Wales.

Really ? Yes, i know more than you would expect.

When it comes to clowns that have made a very different impact, i think most of you remember the TV Miniseries based on Stephen King´s novel called IT. I never read the book, but the TV miniseries released in 1990, would change our lives forever. I was 13 years old at that time, and the first time i watched Pennywise The Dancing Clown, played brilliant by actor Tim Curry. The character of Pennywise was the most scary clown i have ever seen, and i remember that everytime i watched the TV miniseries on VHS, i loved to see actor Tim Curry deliver an unforgettable performance. When the film was later released on DVD, a new generation of horror fans got to experience the magic of IT, and why the character of Pennywise became such an iconic character. We got ourselves a remake of Stephen King´s It, released in September of 2017. I was really surprised of how good this remake was, but it was clear that director Andy Muschietti wanted to show his respect to the 1990 TV miniseries, and still make some changes. This time Pennywise The Dancing Clown was played by actor Bill Skarsgård. I think he did a really good job, portraying Pennywise in his own unique way, and still being respectful to Tim Curry´s classic performance. The next chapter of It, will be released on September 6th in 2019, so we have something to look forward too, i guarantee that. Since i love clown horror films, there are just a few that have managed to make a good clown horror film. One good example is of course the horror film Clown, released in 2014. An effective horror story, of how one man becomes a demonic clown, by putting on a clown suit that transforms him. A well made B horror movie by director Jon Watts, worth to check out. As i watched a horror film called All Hallows Eve last week, and wrote a review on this film, i could not help enjoying the clown character known as Art The Clown. I found out he has his own film out called Terrifier, and the trailer looked really promising. I bought myself a DVD copy of Terrifier from the UK, just to make sure i would watch it soon. Do we finally have a really good clown horror film, or is Terrifier nothing you should remember at all ?

Monica Brown ( Katie Maguire ) is doing a TV interview with the only survivor from the " Miles County Massacre ". Monica asks the woman, who was behind her brutal attack, and she gives her the name of Art The Clown ( David Howard Thornton ). After the interview, Monica makes fun of the victim, and is brutally murdered backstage by her guest. After a night out downtown, best friends Tara ( Jenna Kanell ) and Dawn ( Catherine Corcoran ) argue who will be driving, since Dawn is very drunk. Tara notice a clown near by, and Dawn makes some jokes about him. They both decide to get something to eat at a pizza restaurant. While waiting for the food, the same clown they saw earlier comes in to the restaurant. Tara have a bad feeling about this clown, while Dawn tries to cheer her up and make fun of the whole situation. What they don´t know, is that Art The Clown is not here for any Circus show, he is looking for some fresh victims to slaughter.

Since i really enjoyed the character of Art The Clown in All Hallows Eve, i was really happy to get a chance to see a movie where he is one of the strongest characters. In the new film Terrifier, Art looks more creepier than ever, and i have to say, the performance from actor David Howard Thornton is beyond expectations. His performance as Art The Clown, is the best clown performance i have seen in many years, when it comes to clown horror films. He nails it really, with the right body language, the facial expressions, the make up and the costume, this is my favourite serial killer clown. The way he play games with his victims, have no mercy, and always look for new victims. This is exactly what a film like this needs, a really powerful character like Art The Clown. But that´s not all, i also enjoy the characters known as Tara ( played by actor Jenna Kanell ) and Dawn ( played by actor Catherine Corcoran ). They are a great match for these characters, and they feel realistic as two best friends. One of the things that Terrifier manage to do so well, is to capture the tone of classic slasher films of the 80´s. The settings are really good, and the gore is really well made. In fact, i can´t remember the last time i saw a horror film that managed to do such brutal murder scenes, using practical effects as effective as we get to see in this film. So what else do we have to be happy about the film Terrifier ? Let´s not forget that we get to see actor Katie Maguire back again from All Hallows Eve, but this time as a different character known as Monica Brown. I would also like to mention that this film works much more effective as a horror film, compared to All Hallows Eve. Director Damien Leone directed All Hallows Eve, and he is also the director of Terrifier. To see him do such an amazing improvement with this film, is so wonderful. It is like he really wanted to make sure that Art The Clown would become even more recognized, using all the right details to make him a character you won´t forget. I will also say that director Damien Leone made the right choice, focusing on one story this time, instead of 3 as in All Hallows Eve. There might be some small details that could have been improved with this film, but as the film stands now, i have to say, Terrifier is the best clown horror film since.....the remake of Stephen King´s IT. I know that Terrifier can´t be compared to that film, because Terrifier is made on a much smaller budget. But what i have to say, is that this is exactly the right kind of clown horror film that should be seen by horror fans worldwide. Buy Terrifier on DVD, or Blu Ray, and support quality horror, i guarantee you will enjoy this film.

Rating: DDDD

All Hallows Eve

It is still summer here in Sweden, and i love the heat wave. I realize that we have a lot of forest fires, we have people complaining about the heat. I can understand especially older people, but young people ? For those of you young Swedes who complain about the heat, remember the following warnings.

* There is a Dansband show all over Sweden, all summer, giving us torture and misery signed Lasse Stefanz among others, is this not more bad than the summer heat ?

* When autumn comes, we get the Swedish Rain Tsunamis Including Ice Balls, that will destroy cars, apartment buildings and start the Volcanoes around Stockholm, is this better than the summer heat ?

So you see young Swedes, you should not complain about the summer heat. Do what is right, and make sure you tell everyone to say #NoMoreDansband in the Swedish Election on September 9th. If there is one thing that matches Swedish summer, it is watching horror films that takes place on Halloween. Why ? It is very simple. Swedish people love to pretend it is Halloween on Swedish Midsummer, they dress up as the most scary Swedish people we know of, like Gudryn Schyman, or perhaps Gustav Fridolin. So why are they scary ? They are politicians, does that not explain everything ? You might have heard about the new Halloween movie coming out this autumn, and it will be fun to see legendary actor Jamie Lee Curtis back again, playing her legendary character Laurie Strode. The original film from 1976 will of course always be the best, but i still want to see this new chapter in cinemas. Speaking of good Halloween movies, how many of you remember the 2007 film called Trick r´Treat ? A horror film that takes place on Halloween night, telling different stories. The best thing about this film is that it actually works divided into different stories, almost like Creepshow did back in 1982. The director of Trick r´Treat known as Michael Dougherty found a way to make a classic Halloween concept, work better than expected. Perhaps it was because of strong characters, and an effective horror theme during the holidays. If you have not seen Trick r´Treat on DVD or Blu Ray, i suggest you check it out. I mentioned Creepshow earlier, based on stories by legendary author Stephen King. Also a film worth watching, if you love classic horror movies. Since i enjoy horror films that tells different stories, i found a movie on DVD called All Hallows Eve, that tells 3 different stories in one film. Reminds me of Creepshow, but the difference is that All Hallows Eve takes place during Halloween night. Do we have a fun Halloween horror release with All Hallows Eve, or is this another example why it is so difficult to make horror films with different stories ?

Sarah ( Katie Maguire ) is babysitting Tia ( Sydney Freihofer ) and Timmy ( Cole Mathewson ), when Halloween is fully going with kids going trick or treating. As Timmy go through his candy gifts, he finds an unknown VHS tape. Tia and Timmy want to see what is on the tape. At first Sarah is concerned that this might be a tape that have none child friendly material. But she agrees to put it on. Sarah can see that this is no ordinary tape, after a very brutal story. She ordered the kids to go to bed, so she can continue watching the rest. Sarah´s ordinary babysitter night, is to become a true nightmare. 

There are parts of this film that i can appreciate. I appreciate the effort on trying to make this film a throwback to old school horror, and i do like especially one of the stories. However, when you make a horror film with 3 different stories, you have to make sure that they all deliver horror quality. And this is where we found ourselves with a big problem. I am especially thinking about the story with an Alien inside a house. First of all i don´t think the costume works, and not the mask either. It only feels like someone walks around in a costume, and does not even look frightening. So what is the point of this story ? To be honest, i have no clue. I understand that this is supposed to be scary, but the story does not work with such a bad Alien costume. If the Alien design would have been made different, it could have changed the atmosphere of the story in a more positive way. Let´s move on to another story, that is about a woman who is taken prisoner, to be a victim of Demonic creatures. This story works better than the Alien intruder, but have some problems, like the mask of some of the Demonic creatures. Especially the Demonic leader, even if the red lights are supposed to make it feel like we are in hell. His mask looks too simple to make him feel scary. I suggest we get to the best part of All Hallows Eve, when we get to see Art The Clown ( played really good by actor Mike Gianelli  ). This is where Art The Clown hunt down a young woman, a serial killer clown that actually makes this film work for a moment. Actor Mike Gianelli don´t speak at all as Art The Clown, so everything he does is use body language, and facial expressions, and this makes his character unique. The VHS tape that babysitter Sarah ( played by actor Katie Maguire ) watches, throughout the stories, is also something that works in this film. And when the video tape make Art The Clown show up at the house Sarah is in, makes another great attempt of bringing back old school horror. Overall, i like some parts of All Hallows Eve, but i can´t help to feel that 2 of the stories should have been made better, and we could have had something special here. Director Damien Leone do have some good ideas with All Hallows Eve, too bad he could not make the whole film work, since there is potential here. There is no doubt though, Art The Clown is a clown character you will not forget. But don´t expect to be scared from the rest of the film, you might be disappointed.

Rating: DD