torsdag 30 juli 2020

20 Years Anniversary Review Of Hollow Man

Through science we can discover ways to cure people, learn new technology and improve the future. And as long as we have a lot of brilliant minds out there who keep developing new ideas, who knows what they will come up with next. I have a feeling there are a lot of things that will happen in the future, that we never thought would be possible. So what if you could make yourself invisible ? What would you do ? Would you sneak into places that you are not allowed to go ? Or perhaps you would empty a bar, and get drunk and don´t even have to pay, since no one can see you anyway ? For me personally i know exactly what i would do, i would try to get inside Area 51 and see what secrets they have hidden there. I have a feeling that the only secret that is inside that area, is that they actually have all the VHS concerts of Modern Talking Tour in the 80´s. Speaking of invisible, if you are a fan of old Hollywood films, i am pretty sure you have heard of the 1933 film known as The Invisible Man. I have seen this film a long time ago, and i believe it was on DVD, maybe back in the early 2000´s. The story of this film takes place in the English village of Iping in Sussex. This is where they discover Dr. Jack Griffin ( played by actor Claude Rains ), a chemist who have made himself invisible. One interesting detail is that this film is directed by James Whale, who also directed the 1931 horror film Frankenstein. Considering that this film was made in 1933, a lot has happened since then in the world of cinema. But i do feel that there is something charming about this film. The Invisible Man started a wave of films, and TV series, that brought up the subject of being invisible. Even legendary director John Carpenter made an attempt to make his own film about a man who becomes invisible, in the 1992 film known as Memoirs Of An Invisible Man. Not one of John Carpenter´s better films in his career, but i have to admit that legendary comedian Chevy Chase is a good choice for the character. Since i mentioned the early 2000´s, earlier in this review, i have to bring up a film that not many people talk about these days. And that is the sci fi horror film Hollow Man, released in the year of 2000. Directed by lenedary director Paul Verhoeven ( director of Robocop and Total Recall ), this film was a fun ride back in those early days of the year of 2000. Since this film have turned 20 years old this year, is Hollow Man better than i remember, or has this film aged just as bad as Carrot Top´s Las Vegas shows?

Scientist Sebastian Caine ( Kevin Bacon ) have developed a serum for the military that can make a subject invisible. His team includes ex-girlfriend Linda McKay ( Elisabeth Shue ), Matt Kensington ( Josh Brolin ), Dr. Sarah Kennedy ( Kim Dickens ) and other ones as well. The team succeeds in reversing the procedure, returning an invisible gorilla to visibility. Instead of reporting his success to the military, Sebastian lies to an oversight commitee wich includes his mentor Howard Kramer ( William Devane ), and convinces his team to go right into human testing. The procedure is performed on Sebastian himself. The test is successfull and Sebastian is now invisible. Sebastian is enjoying being invisible, when he sees all the things he can do that would not be possible in ordinary life. But his team is concerned that Sebastian is using this ability to cross a line that is not acceptable.

If you enjoy a combination of science fiction and horror influences, then Hollow Man does still have something to offer. This is a film that shows what could happen if you let science go into the wrong hands, when someone is taking advantage of science. In some ways you could say that this film is an updated version of the 1933 film The Invisible Man, but this film has also a lot more special effects. And this is something we need to talk about, because even if this film has turned 20 years old, i still feel that the special effects are actually not bad. I especially enjoy the scenes when Kevin Bacon´s character Sebastian, goes on a rampage journey through the city, being frustrated over becoming a laboratory rat. Speaking of Kevin Bacon, he fits really well into this movie. I would not say that this is one of his better acting performances, but he did manage to create Sebastian into a ignorant bastard, who loves to take advantage of women as he is invisible. But there are other actors in here as well, and one of the better acting performances comes from actress Elisabeth Shue ( who i will always remember in the 2004 film Mysterious Skin ). Her character Linda McKay is exactly who you would want in a working team, she is a good listener, she cares about everyone and she have such a natural shining personality. Legendary actor Josh Brolin is here as well, and even if you don´t get to see a lot of him, he does bring some fun moments to the table. The best part of Hollow Man ( if you ask me ) are the action scenes, when they are fighting against the invisible man. These scenes actually look pretty effective, and i especially enjoy the scenes when you see the invisible body in water. Is everything good about Hollow Man ? No, there are some flaws, but i can accept that and just enjoy this film for what this is, a sci fi action film made for fans of this genre, and who appreciate fun special effects. I know that director Paul Verhoeven does not like this film, and he directed this film. And i know he even said in an interview that he can defend Showgirls, but not Hollow Man. Of course he have the right to feel this way, and all i can say is that i think this is worth watching. For me, Hollow Man is one of those films that you watch for pure entertainment. Hollow Man is a perfect example that everything released in the year 2000 was not bad, and that has to be seen as something positive.

Rating: DDD

söndag 26 juli 2020

A Summer With Lou Diamond Phillips: The Night Stalker

Every year, we celebrate different holidays, or historical moments that means a lot to each country. And of course we should continue to do so, since this is important for many different reasons. And no matter what day you choose to celebrate, make sure you enjoy it. Lately i have been thinking that there is something missing in our lives. Could it be another Corey Feldman album ? Of coure we can hope he will release a future CD, just as unique as his previous album Angelic 2 The Core was. But this is actually not what i was thinking about. I have been thinking about a day that we should all celebrate together, worldwide. A day where we can all feel welcome, and will not be judged for our clothes, hair style or the color of our shoes. So what would make this day so special ? Easy to answer, because my idea is that we should have an official Lou Diomand Phillips Day. Imagine having one day, every year, where fans of Lou Diomand Phillips gather, to celebrate him and his films, with fans all over the world. A day where we can all dress up as many of his characters, talk about his films and discuss what it is that makes Lou Diomand Phillips so unique. I think this would be a fantastic idea to make reality, if one of the biggest fans would feel ready to start developing this wonderful day. Me and my friend Tony could probably help you out, in any way we can ( considering that we have made such a fantastic impact as The Golden Boys Of Sundsvall ). Since i started the segment A Summer With Lou Diomand Phillips last month, it was time to pick a second film that i have not seen so far with him. And i decided to go with the TV film known as The Night Stalker, where Lou plays serial killer Ramirez, also known as The Night Stalker. Is this the best film from this legendary actor in recent years, or should he have skipped this production and went for something better instead ?

In Texas, a drifter faces the death penalty in just a few days. His only hope is that his lawyers can persuade the serial killer Richard Ramirez ( Lou Diamond Phillips ) confess to the crime instead. His legal team includes Kit ( Bellamy Young ), who is tasked to travel to California, and visiting Ramirez at San Quentin State Prison in an attempt to persuade him to confess. But Ramirez is not going to tell Kit anything, unless they play a game, where the truth must be told. Kit is about to learn more of the mind of a sadistic serial killer.

If you have been looking for an acting performance from Lou Diamond Phillips, that is more powerful than his ordinary releases, then i have some good news for you. He gives his best acting performance in many years in this film. I am actually quite surprised how well Lou Diamond Phillips pulls off this role, considering this is a really hard character to play. For those of you who have heard about the story of serial killer Richard Ramirez you know that he killed a lot of innocent people between 1984 - 1985. This film does not really go into his murders, but focuses more on his last days in prison, and his meetings with Kit ( played well by wonderful actress Bellamy Young ) who try and dig out the truth out of him. There are some really interesting scenes, where Richard tell his story, and you can tell that Lou Diamond Phillips have tried really hard to portrait the serial killer in a beliveable way. It is especially in the scenes where he begin to show his disturbing mind towards women, where Lou get a chance to show that he is still able to surprise us. The plot is not very complicated, and that´s ok. Because we don´t need a complicated story here, since it works well with the main characters. My negative opinion about The Night Stalker, is that they should have told the past of Richard Ramirez in a more interesting way. We know that he have a very dark past, and you only get a glimpse of this in a few scenes. I think if these scenes would have been constructed more effective, the portait of Ramirez would have worked better. With that said, i have to say that this is one of the few TV films that actually work better than i expected. Director Meghan Griffiths ( who directed the powerful drama film Eden ) is clearly fascinated about the final days of Richard Ramirez, and with the help of the powerful performance of Lou Diamond Phillips, she manage to lift this film up to a higher level of quality than most Lifetime movies. I suggest you check this film out, because this film proves that Lou Diamond Phillips still have a lot to offer, when he gets the right material to work with.

Rating: DDD

You can find the film here on Amazon Prime Video:

torsdag 23 juli 2020

It's Official, A Film Based On The Life Of Vanilla Ice Is Coming

Cheers everyone! :) 

If you grew up with hip hop like myself in the 80's,  you probably remember Run DMC, Public Enemy, De La Soul and many other hip hop bands / artists. But all was about to change in 1990 when one guy, calling himself Vanilla Ice was about to release his single Ice Ice Baby, that became a huge hit world wide. Everyone, and i mean everyone, knew how to do the Vanilla Ice dance moves with the special pants. I especially remember one guy from school, his name wss Martin, he even made his own Vanilla Ice pants ( i hope he still have them, that would be fantastic ), and he used to try doing the Vanilla Ice dance in those pants. :) The album To The Extreme, released on September 3rd, in 1990, became a big hit on the album charts worldwide. :) Vanilla Ice have kept on doing music since then, including films as well. :)

But the fantastic news that came out this week is that American actor Dave Franco will be playing Vanilla Ice in a film titled To The Extreme, a biographical film about his career. I am actually excited about this film,  since i was 13 years old when Vanilla Ice became huge, and i grew up with his music . :) I think this could be fun, especially from a 90s nostalgic view, with this classic album that changed the world. :) 

2 more reviews will be published this month, so stay tuned and why not do the Vanilla Ice dance while waiting for them to be published? :) I will see you soon, take care. 

Cheers from Daniel :) 

onsdag 22 juli 2020


Those who know me personally, they know i love flying to different countries. So far i have only been in 17 countries, and i hope i can continue to travel when this pandemic is slowing down. There is something special about sitting on a plane, knowing you will visit another country. You can relax from work, zip on a nice whiskey and watch a film that´s showing on board. And if you are hearing screaming kids, my advice is take another whiskey, or four more, and you will sleep until you land ( i should have my own travel show on Discovery soon, hoping they will call eventually ). But what if a flight that seems to be going alright, suddenly becomes hijacked by terrorists ? This is something that has happened many times in history, and will most likely happen again. Hollywood have used this subject of plane hijacks in a number of films. And even if i remember some of the films that have brought up this subject, there is one film in particular that i enjoy. And that is the 1996 action-thriller Executive Decision, directed by Stuart Baird ( director of the great horror film The Omen ). This film tells the story of Oceanic Airlines Flight 343, that leaves Athens, Greece and is heading towards Washington D.C. This flight is hijacked by Naji Hassan ( played really well by legendary actor David Suchet ), Co-chief of an extremist organization. And this is where the fun begins, when the Americans are trying to get on board the plane with a really good cast included. How about actors such as Kurt Russel, John Leguizamo and Steven Seagal ( in one of his better acting performances ). Director Stuart Baird manage to make this film engaging from start to finish. A film worth checking out if you enjoy 90´s action films. Have you heard of Amazon Studios, who make both TV series and films? I have seen a couple of their films over the years, but it is actually this year i started looking into their selection a bit more. And this is where i discovered the hijacking action-thriller known as 7500. Is this an unexpected highlight from Amazon Studios, or should they stick to making TV series instead ?

The flight from Berlin Airport is about to take off, as Captain Michael Lutzmann ( Carlo Kitzlinger ) and co-pilot, Tobias Ellis ( Joseph Gordon-Levitt ) prepare for the flight. 2 passengers have been delayed, so they have to wait a few minutes, just in case they have to change with the luggage. Everything turns out alright, and Tobias can talk to his wonderful girlfriend Göcke ( Aylin Tezel ) for a short while, Before she go out to work as one of the flight attendants. As the plane take off, and Everything seems to be in order, the cockpit is attacked by terrorists. Captain Michael is stabbed, as well as Tobias. But Tobias survive with smaller injuries, as he manage to knock out one of the terrorists and lock the door. The other terrorists threaten to kill passengers, unless Tobias let them back in, and he can not land the plane. Tobias is ordered to land the plane in another city, where police will be waiting for them on the flight path. He have no other choice, follow the rules, even if passengers might be killed.

Making a claustophobic film from the cockpit of an airplane is a really good idea, and this actually works in this film. Once you see the main character struggle, to find a way to survive and make sure the passengers are not harmed, you realise that he is in a very difficult situation. But it becomes clear, that he can´t really do much, since he is not allowed to leave the cockpit. So what do you do, when terrorists are theatning to kill the passengers, including his girlfriend ? 7500 may not use a lot of special effects, or is made on an extremely high budget, but this film has a lot to offer if you enjoy claustrophobic thrillers. Lead actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt ( who is such a great actor in a lot of films, especially in the drama comedy Don John, that he also directed ), give us the strongest acting performance in this film. He really goes into his character Tobias with full power, and especially in the scenes when you see him emotionally broken, when his girlfriend is threatened to be killed. Another actor that really goes into his role, is Paul Wollin as one of the terrorists known as Daniel. He is clearly a brain washed religious nut case, who believe dying for Allah is the only way out. I really appreciate the power that Daniel deliver with his performance, and you actually feel that this is a realistic portrait of an terrorist. Another performance that we need to mention, is from actor Omid Memar, who plays the terrorist Vedat. You can clearly tell that Vedat is struggling, that he really does not want anyone to be killed, and he clearly does not agree with Daniel that they should all die. This gives you an interesting portrait of a man who may be thinking that he should not be here, that he made a mistake. Director Patrick Vollrath have made a first directorial debut film that both deliver strong acting performances, but also deliver a realistic thriller film that could happen anywhere in this world. 7500 shows you from different angles, how a hijacked plane can destroy the future for many people, and not only the terrorists. Worth checking out on Amazon Prime, if you enjoyed Executive Decision, and similar films in this category.

Rating: DDD

In The Trap

Evil comes in many shapes and forms, and you never know when you will encounter it. I can tell you the first time i encountered pure evil. It was when i was a young man, and accidently watched the Swedish band known as Thorleifs on a cruise ship to Denmark. It was there i realised where demons comes from, as they would appear behind their saxophones, ready to pull us all under the burning pits of hell. If you don´t know who Thorleifs are, do not google them. You see, if you do they might capture you into their demonic possessions. And there is no way out, unless the Danish duo known as Olsen Brothers save us all under their Wings Of Love. Just so you know, you can buy CD´s of Olsen Brothers, best band ever from Denmark ( i guarantee that every danish person agree on this,  and every danish has at least one of their albums in their home ). Demonic possession films can be found in a lot of film titles, and it is not hard to find titles that are worth watching. But i decided to pick out one film, and that is the found footage horror film The Possession Of Michael King. Released in 2014 and directed by David Jung, this is a really good looking found footage horror film, that tells the story of Michael King, who lost his wife in an accident. Michael becomes curious to offer himself as an test subject for supernatural rituals, and make a documentary about this to prove that demons are not real. But as he goes further into this world, he is about to see that he might have been wrong. The Possession Of Michael King clearly shows that you can make an effective found footage horror film, on a limited budget. Director David Jung brings out a very effective horror film, that is still one of the better films in the category of found footage releases. I recently got a chance to pick up a horror film on a DVD called In The Trap, that seemed to have an interesting story. Is this a demonic possession film that is better than i expected, or should this film have been cancelled just as Iron Fist on Netflix ?

As a young boy, Phillipe saw his sister beeing attacked by something evil. This evil shadow figure killed his sister. Many years later, Phillipe ( Jamie Paul ) is still struggling with the memories of his sister being killed. He is trying to live a happy Life, with the help of the support of Father Andrew ( David Bailie ) and the love of his life known as Catherine ( Sonya Cullingford ). But when this evil entity seems to be coming back into Phillipe´s life and attack the ones he loves, he have no idea how to make this stop. 

Let us begin with the sound effects. There are some really creepy sound effect moments in this film, as we are intorduced to what we believe is demonic possession. I also enjoy the different shapes that the evil entity use, especially through the body of an older woman. The characters in this film bring us some interesting personalites, and especially one character in particular. And that is the male character Father Andrew ( played wonderful by actor David Bailie, who i guarantee you will recognize from The Pirates Of The Carribean franchise ), i really feel that he is a great choice for this character, since he clearly knows how to construct this character as a priest with a big heart. I also enjoy the female character Catherine ( played by wonderful actress Sonya Cullingford ). Catherine seems to be such a wonderful person, that when you actually see her in pain, you can´t help feeling sorry for her. Actor Jamie Paul ( this is the first time i have seen him in a film ) gives a performance that is better than i expected. His character Philip is one of those guys who care more about others than himself, and you can tell how much he cares about the ones who he feel safe with. One thing i have to mention about In The Trap, is that i actually enjoy the plot jumping around a bit. This gives us more time to think of what is going on, if there is an evil entity, or if there is another explanation. The only negative i can say, is that i would have liked to see the background story of Father Andrew, to get a bigger image of who he really is, and all his personal struggle. Director Allesio Liguori pick different horror ingredients, mix them together and give us a horror film that you might recognize, but still have enough to offer fans of this genre. With great sound effects, and an interesting story included, In The Trap is without a doubt a horror film that will be appreciated if you are a fan of films such as The Haunting In Connecticut. 

Rating: DDD

In The Trap will be out on DVD in the UK in September, so make sure you pick your copy of this film on this link.                                

måndag 13 juli 2020

Don´t Let Them In

Most people lock their doors nowdays, no matter if they are going to the store, to work, or just for a visit somewhere. Because in these days, you can´t really trust everyone. Someone might try and get into your appartment, or your house, to steal things, or try to find something out of value. I can tell you that here in Sweden, we have had problems with house burglary in certain cities. Usually it turned out to be a criminal league behind these crimes. There was even a criminal league who stole boat motors at my grandfather´s cabin, at the harbour where his boat is. Luckily they captured this criminal league, and everything turned out alright for my grandfather. But what do you do, when your home is suddenly exposed of a home invasion, by someone unkown ? We have seen a number of films that brings up this subject, in many different ways. One of my personal favourite home invasion films, is without a doubt the 2011 film You´re Next, directed by Adam Wingard ( who also directed the American thriller The Guest, worth checking out  ). You´re Next may start as an ordinary family reunion, until the family is visited by masked people, who start killing any family member that they can. You´re Next is a really well made slasher film, that especially stands out because of the very strong female character Erin ( played really well by actress Sharni Winson ). You´re Next is a very brutal, and well made horror film that knows exactly what kind of audience this film is made for. And that is for fans of home invasion films, and this is without a doubt one of the best films in this genre. If you pick up the Blu Ray, there are some nice special features that you should take a look at. Since i enjoy home invasion films, i came across a film known as Don´t Let Them In, that have been getting positive reviews from different film critics. Since i enjoy the genre of home invasion films, is this one of the better releases in this genre in recent years, or is Don´t Let Them In as predictable as romantic comedy with Hugh Grant ?

Jenna ( Michelle Luther ) and Karl ( Aidan O´Neill ) are social workers. Their last case of the week involves checking on David ( Scott Suter ) a mentally challenged man recently released after 15 years after killing a young girl. Jenna and Karl notice that David believe there is someone out there, who wants to get in. They will soon find out that he is telling the truth, but there is a lot more to be revealed, that may give a bigger picture of what really happened in this village.

The idea to have social workers as the main characters in this film is a really good idea. I don´t think i have ever seen these types of characters in any kind of home invasion films so far, so this helps Don´t Let Them In stand out from the ordinary releases in this genre. But there are also more details to be pleased about, when it comes to this film. This is not a typical home invasion film, since these social workers are attacked in a home that is not their own. Usually in the case of this genre, it is mostly set in the home of the main characters, but not this film. This is also something i appreciate, that this film takes a different turn than other films in this genre. This film also use some brutal practical effects, and since i am a big fan of practical effects, i appreciate their efforts to use this instead of CGI effects. Let´s get into the characters, and i have to start with the male character Karl ( played wonderful by Irish actor Aidan O´Neill ). He deliver a really funny performance as social worker Karl, who has great comedy timing, and knows exactly how to give his character the right tools to work so well on screen. I really hope we will see more of Aidan O´Neill in the future, because this is an actor you should know about. Actress Michelle Luther as the social worker Jenna, gives a natural and great performance that fits well with her character. The chemistry between these main characters are actually one of the reasons why i enjoy Don´t Let Them In. I think it is a really good idea to let the story take place in the countryside, in a pub that´s been closed for many years. This gives the location some sort of historical connections, that remain secret. The masked characters ( that turn out to be non human ) may not be as effective as in You´re Next, but they still manage to blend in with the plot of the film. Director Mike Dunkin have made a full feature directorial debut film that clearly shows that he knows how to make a solid horror film, mixed with a good sense of humour. If you want to watch a good independent horror film this summer, i suggest you pick up Don´t Let Them In on DVD, that will be released on 20th July ( if you want a Region 2 DVD ). I had no high expectations, but i have to say this film surprised me. Cheers everyone, i might lock myself up this weekend, just in case we get a home invasion visit from crazy masked Norwegians. Good thing i have my rocket launcher next to my bed.

Rating: DDD

A Night In Horror: Nightmare Radio

Usually when i drive my car, i turn on the radio. Sometimes it is just nice to relax with some good music, or listen to different interesting programs such as interviews, radio documentaries and more. But there are also radio channels that are funny to hear as well, such as Pass The Salt with radio host Coach Dave Daubenmire. So why is this guy funny ? Well, he says a lot of crazy things sometimes. Such as :- Masturbation is homosexuality. What does he mean by this ? He explains in his own unique way that if a man masturbate, you think about men, and not women. Keep in mind that this man claims that he is a christian radio host. I do go in and listen to his show sometimes, just to see what he will say in his next broadcast. When it comes to films that bring up the subject of radio shows, i instantly remembered one film. And that is the 1994 superhero action film The Shadow, based on the radio show on the same name that aired in 1930, on the Detective Story Hour. The 1994 film is basically told from a comic book adaptation, but keep the influences of the old radio show. Directed by Russel Mulcahy ( who is probably most known for his film Highlander ), this film is a fun action film, that is not supposed to be taken seriously. Alec Baldwin who plays The Shadow, and he is actually not that bad in the lead role. You do get the feeling that this film is inspired by the radio show, with the cinematography that manage to capture this time period. The Shadow is of course not one of the best films from director Russel Mulcahy, but worth checking out if you enjoy a different kind of superhero. There is actually a great Blu ray release of The Shadow in the UK, or if you get the American release from Shout! Factory with some great features. As i were going through VOD releases in horror films, i came across an anthology horror film called A Night In Horror: Nightmare Radio, that have a radio host telling horror stories. The concept actually sounds interesting, but the question is, does this anthology horror film have more to offer than i expected, or is it just as bad as Tila Tequila´s recent Jesus videos ?

Radio host Rod Wilson ( James Wright, have a radio show called Nightmare Radio, where you can call in and hear a story, that will guaranteed make you scared. But for each story, Rod seems to be loosing his mind, hearing things and seeing things. Is there something going on at this radio station, or is Rod stuck in a moment where he can´t get out of ?

If you were hoping to see an anthology horror film that have very divided stories, then this might be actually what you are looking for. A Night In Horror: Nightmare Radio have quite many stories to offer, with very different plots and ideas. Some are actually pretty good, while some are not as effective. Let´s get into the stories that i do enjoy. The first segment of these stories starts off great with Post Mortem Mary. This story surrounds a young dead girl being prepared to be photographed, when everything goes completely wrong. Director Joshua Long manage to tell this story very effective, using some classic horror details, that match really well with the story. The next story that i do enjoy, is the segment called Into The Mud. What seems to be a sadistic male hunter, who is hunting a naked woman, turns into an unexpected blood feast. This segment may start off pretty ordinary, but becomes surprisingly fun. My major problem with this film is that some of the stories are not strong enough to make this a really good anthology horror film. And that is too bad, because i do love the idea behind this radio show and the character Rod Wilson ( played by actor James Wright ). It is actually fun to hear him take phone calls, from listeners who wants to hear a new story. The personality of Rod is also another detail that actually fit with this radio show, you can tell he loves being the radio host. If some of the segments would have been stronger, this could have been one of the better anthology horror films in recent years. With that said, i don´t think this is a bad film. Because the segments that do deliver some solid stories, match really well into the radio show. So many talented director´s, and they actually manage to pull out an enjoyable horror anthology film. Worth checking out on VOD, if you appreciate this genre.

Rating: DDD

tisdag 7 juli 2020

Dangerous Lies

If there is one thing that can make families argue, it is over wills ( testaments ). Some family members will do anything to try and affect the older person in matter, so that they can own the items they are hoping for. In my personal opinion, you should leave this alone, to let the person in question, decide completely for themselves. I could never ask anyone to give me anything, since those items are their belongings, and should do whatever they want to do with them, without being affected by anyone in family. So far, i have never had to discuss any wills in my family, and i know that at some point i will probably have to. When it comes to films that brings up the subjects of wills, we have a couple of films to choose between. But one specific film came to my mind, and that is the 2011 comedy-drama The Descendants. Directed by Alexander Payne ( who have directed a number of great films such as About Schmidt and Sideways ), this film tells the story of Matthew " Matt " King ( played really well by actor George Clooney ), who is a Honolulu-based attourney and the sole trustee of a family trust of 25,000 Acres, of pristine land on Kauai. The land has great monetary value, but is also a family legacy. While Matt have no problem with his own finances, most of his cousins have spend their inheritances. With the trust expiring in seven years, the King clan is pressuring Matt to sell the land for hundreds of million dollars. But Matt have bigger personal issues to deal with, especially after an boating accident, when his wife Elizabeth is in a coma. He is now forced to try and live a life as good as possible, helping his two daughters. The Descendants really shows you how hard life can be, when something unexpected happens. And when family issues are included over money, it´s not making things any better. If you enjoy realistic films, that portrays family issues and family arguments, then this is a good choice. I recently read that a film on Netflix, brings up the subject of what happens, when a young girl is given a house from a testament, that will affect her future. This sounded interesting to me, so i decided to check out Dangerous Lies. Is this a great Netflix choice, or is Dangerous Lies a sleeping pill all the way until the end ?

Katie ( Camila Mendes ) and Adam ( Jessie T. Usher ) are a young married couple who are struggling to pay their bills. Katie is working night shifts at a diner while Adam is studying. One night, they are making out in their car during Katie´s break. They go back into the diner and find an armed robber threatening the staff. Adam sneaks up on the robber and knock him out. For taking such a big risk, Adam is hailed as a hero. 4 months later, Katie is working as a caregiver to Leonard Wellesley ( Elliott Gould ), an elderly man who grows close to her. One day, Katie tells Leonard about her financial struggles. Leonard insists on helping her out with money, but Katie asks him to give Adam a job instead. Leonard writes Katie a check with 7000 dollars. Katie does not want to accept the check, but Adam convinces her to use the money to pay the bills that are due and pay the rest back to Leonard. The next day Katie arrive to Leonard´s home, she finds him dead, leaving Katie devastated. At Leonard´s funeral they meet his attourney, Julia ( Jamie Chung ), who tell them about Leonard´s will. Katie have been left everything, so the couple decide to move into his big house. But there are some hidden secrets about this house, that will eventually reveal themselves.

One of the most suprising things about this film, is that it is actually not bad for a pretty simple plot. And that is thanks to great characters, and some good acting as well. We have to begin with the main character, known as Katie Franklin ( played by actress Camila Mendes, who can also be seen in TV series Riverdale ). Kate come across as young woman, with a very big heart, and clearly wants to do right for herself. Camila deliver a character that feels realistic, and give us a woman portait that i am sure a lot of women can connect with. Jessie T. Usher ( who was the main character of TV series Survivor´s Remorse ), plays Katie´s husband Adam. I have to say, since this is my first time seeing Jessie acting, he does a pretty good job. Considering that Adam is struggling with the knowledge of his wife is now rich, he is clearly thinknig about how to spend the money where he thinks it should go. And this is where Adam become interesting as a character, that you see his vulnerable side. Legendary actor Elliott Gold ( who i especially remember from the 1991 film Bugsy ) gives a solid performance as Leonard. While watching a character like Leonard, you get a sense that this is the kind of grandfather we all would want. Dangerous Lies remind me of thriller films of the 90´s, who did not need a big budget to be effective. And i am happy to see that we can still get films made in this genre, that knows what kind of audience who will enjoy a film such as this one. Maybe i would have liked a completely different twist towards the end of the film, something that would surprise me. Other than that, i can´t say anything bad really about Dangerous Lies. Director Michael M. Scott ( who directed the fantasy thriller Deadly Vision, worth checking out ) have brought back the 90´s with this thriller, with a great look and a great casting choice as well. Dangerous Lies may not bring anything new to the table, but that´s ok. If you just want a simple but good thriller, then look no further.

Rating: DDD

lördag 4 juli 2020


When i was about 17 years old, i remember being invited to a rave party. And the guy who invited me was named Daniel, and he was in my class. Daniel ( not me, but the other Daniel ) was a true raver fan, but not only that, he was a huge fan of the artist Prince as well. Before he invited me he was going to rave partys quite often, because this music was big in the 90´s. I remember seeing Daniel putting on rave music by our school locker, and started doing his crazy rave dance moves. It was like seeing someone who had overdosed on caffeine, and a lot of colorful pills, doing dance moves that no one have ever seen before, as if he learned them from another planet. So in 1995 i got to experience what a rave party was like. I remember how people danced like maniacs, and you could tell a lot of them were on some kind of drug, probably LSD or something similar. I actually only stayed for a few hours, because this just was not for me. I have always been a metal fan, so raving was clearly not my cup of tea. I do appreciate beeing invited of course, because you got to see a different world than i was used to see. Rave music have managed to survive, and is still filling night clubs worldwide. When i think of films that include rave music, i instantly think about the British- Irish independent film Human Traffic. Released in 1999, this film tells the story of friends around the age of 20, who experience a hard party club life in Wales, Cardiff, during a weekend. Human Traffic manage to capture the rave culture scene in a effective way, but also manage to tell the story of young people who dream away to a better life and the issues they struggle with. Director Justin Kerrigan clearly wanted to tell a story from the rave party scene, that a lot of people who live for the rave community will recognize themselves in. This is a film Worth checking out, if you want to see how the rave culture was back in the 90´s. I read that there is a sequel to Human Traffic coming, so that will be interesting to check out. I recently came across a film on VOD called Ravers, a film that seemed to combined rave party with zombie influences. The idea sounds like fun, the question is, have Ravers more to offer than i expected, or is this a total disaster from start to finish ?

Becky ( Georgia Hirst ) is a germaphobic reporter, Her boss ( Natasha Henstridge ) tell her that she needs to write something much better, to become a good reporter. When Becky´s ex-girlfriend complains how boring she is, it´s the final straw and she decides to go with her cousin Ozzy to an illegal rave at an abandoned energy-drink factory. The rave party may start of a bit crazy, but once the people mix the drugs, and the energy drinks, they are about to turn this party to a complete different level.

If you thought this film would only include drugs and rave dance, then i must inform you that there is actually more to be found here. How about some kind of drug overdosed mutant zombies as well, after having the energy drinks that were made with wrong ingredients. Yes indeed, Ravers is the kind of film that reminded me of my west coast summers at my grandparents house. We had stawberry cake, went fishing and relaxing in the sun. And that relaxing feeling comes back after watching Ravers. Everyone is on drugs, the music is insane, and people are even having sex in the industrial rooms. You could probably say that this is the rave film that would be a perfect remake of the 2008 film Step Up 2: The Streets, with a lot more practical effects included of course. But there is especially one scene in this film, that is really funny. And that is when the zombie mutated ravers want music, when the DJ table is destroyed, and they manage to connect in a radio, and it plays Toto and their classic song Africa. It becomes very clear that rave mutated zombies are not fans of the band Toto, and they get really pissed off. This scene is one of the highlights of this film. When it comes to characters, i feel that this film is very divided. The best characters are actually the female cast, and especially the actors Georgia Hirst ( that i guarantee you will recognize from the TV series Vikings ) and Manpreet Bambra ( who some of you might recognize from the Netflix series Free Rein ). The scenes that they have together show that they have a chemistry together on screen, and it becomes even more clear when they kiss on the dance floor. It is like time stands still, and you can feel their attraction to each other. The practical effects are fun in this film, and you do get some gory scenes towards the end. The only negative i can say is that i would have liked to see actress Natasha Henstridge more in this film. Director Bernard Pucher have made a film that will be appreciated both by the rave community, but also by The Biscuit Appreciation Society. You can tell he knows how a rave horror film should look like. One thing is clear, if more rave party´s looks like this one, i might consder going back. 

Rating: DDD

A Horror Summer With Daniel: Offspring (2009 )

Ah yes, a summer with horror films. What more could you ask for ? Well, i suppose it depends what you enjoy. If you happen to enjoy playing with the chainsaw, then i know you are in for a good time. If you prefer shooting arrows, then remember that a head shot is always appreciated, just ask the Noble Prize committee and they can confirm this. Every summer i have a tradition, and that is to watch horror films. Does not have to be new ones only, it´s nice to return to some classics now and then and remind myself why i love seeing body parts flying and 785 bullets drilling through a body. At these moments you realise how wonderful life really is. There are so many wonderful choices for summer horror films, and i wanted to mention 2 films that i feel is a really good choice for gathering the family in front of the TV. Let us begin with a remake ( how often does that happen ? ), and my first pick is the 2006 horror film The Hills Have Eyes. A remake of the classic horror film from director Wes Craven, this remake is directed by Alexandre Aja ( who directed the great French horror film Haute Tension, also known as High Tension ). The 2006 version of The Hills Have Eyes is one of the best horror remakes in many years, and have a lot to offer for fans of gore horror. The story is very similar to the original film, but that´s ok. There are some really great characters here, and great acting as well. One of the highlights of this remake is the cannibal family, more brutal here than in the original film. I love the location of this film as well, the adandoned desert community is a perfect location for a disturbed cannibal family. The second film that comes to my mind, is the Brittish horror thriller known as Eden Lake. The story of a couple who plans to relax a romantic weekend together, that goes horribly wrong when they are attacked by a group of young people. A really effective horror thriller, with really good acting, especially from actress Kelly O´Reilly. This is in my opinion the best film that director James Watkins have done so far. Since it is summer, i thought it would be fun to pick out a horror film i have never seen, in a segment called A Horror Summer With Daniel. I looked through a big list of choices, and decided to start with the 2009 horror film Offspring. Is this a great choice for this summer, or is Offspring as boring as Swedish music artist Anna Books underwear sales ?

David Halbard ( Andrew Elvis Miller ) and Amy Halbard ( Amy Hargreaves ) are recently parents to a new born baby. They get a visit from Amy´s friend Claire Carey ( Ahna Tessler ) and her son Luke ( Tommy Nelson ). What they don´t know, is that a cannibal family are looking for new victims all over the coastline, and David and Amy´s home is their next stop.

I am happy that this film was included in my Blu Ray purchase of Arrow Video´s release of The Woman, because this film is not a film i would have discovered if it was not for Arrow Video´s catalogue of releases. Now, let me make this clear, Offspring is not as good as The Woman is, but this is an interesting film for other reasons. First of all, this is a cannibal horror film. For those who know me personally, they know i am a fan of cannibal films in many different forms and shapes. And to see a cannibal family gatherting for new victims, is something that i do appreciate in the horror genre. We have seen this concept been done before, but it is not often you see these kinds of films being released, so it is nice that Arrow Video included this film in a special edition for this Blu Ray set. The best part of Offspring is the practical effects. We get some really bloody scenes, with body parts and flesh wounds. When it comes to the acting, this film has very divided performances. But my favourite acting performance comes from legendary actor Art Hindle ( who you most likely remember from the 1981 classic comedy Porky´s and in the Chuck Norris Classic The Octagon ) as the character George Chandler. He give his character a personality that fits well with the police investigation surrounding all the mysterious murders. The plot is nothing original, but as a cannibal film, i will have to say that Offspring is more brutal than i expected. And i can´t say i have seen a cannibal film as brutal as this one in quite some time. Director Andrew Van Den Houten ( who have worked as a producer on quite many films, such as The Woman and Jug Face ) have brought back the cannibal film genre back on it´s feet in a surprising way. This is not a future classic in any way, but a pleasant surprise indeed. If you are thinking about getting The Woman on Blu Ray from Arrow Video, you should check out Offspring that is included in this Blu Ray set. A film in our taste, who enjoy some real meat.

Rating: DDD

If you want to get the Arrow Video release of Offspring and The Woman on Blu Ray, you can find it on these links: