söndag 29 augusti 2021

Superman ( In Memory Of Richard Donner )

When most of us think about superheroes, we think of humans, or mutants with super powers, who can remove big objects with their bare hands, or break mountains into pieces. They might be able to control electricity, weather, or even take control over your mind. But in real life, real superheroes are the ones who sacrifce themselves to save someone from a fire, helps someone from drowning, or will risk their lives to help someone from falling down a mountain. People who will do everything to help someone, these are the real superheroes. Without these people, we would not be able to save human lives. So i personally really admire people who are not afraid to risk their own lives, to make sure that someone else will survive. We have seen a lot of superhero characters in comic books, Hollywood films, and TV series of course, in many different versions. One of the most iconic comic book heroes of all time, has to be the comic book character known as Superman. Created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster, Superman debuted as a comic book character in 1938, in the comic book Action Comics #1. Since the late 1930´s, Superman became a very popular superhero comic book character, that turned into radio serials, novels, movies, televison shows, and even theatre plays. I did read Superman comic books back in the early 80´s, when i used to visit the local comic book store in our howtown. But when i really got into Superman was acually when i first saw the 1978 film Superman, from legendary director Richard Donner ( who have directed so many good films such as Lethal Weapon, Leathal Weapon 2, The Goonies, The Omen, Maverick, Ladyhawke, Scrooged and many more ). Unfortunately, we lost legendary director Richard Donner earlier this year, and to pay my respect i decided to review his film Superman from 1978. I have actually not seen this film in quite some time, so it was actually fun to revisit this film for this review. Question is, do i enjoy this film even more after all these years?

On the planet Krypton, Jor-El ( Marlon Brando ) of the Kryptonian high council discovers that the planet will be destroyed when it drifts out of its orbit toward its red supergiant sun. The other council members dismiss his claims. To save his son Kal-El, his infant son, Jor-El sends him in a spaceship to Earth, where his dense molecular structure will give him superhuman strength and other powers. The ship lands near Smallville, Kansas. Kal-El, now three Earth years old, is found by Jonathan Kent ( Glenn Ford ) and Martha Kent ( Phyllis Thaxter ). It becomes very clear that this little boy have incredible strength. As Kal-El grows up, he becomes more aware of his strength, but there are a lot of questions unanswered. Where is he originally from? What is his purpose on Earth? He must travel far to find out, all the answers that he is looking for.

When a film based on a classic comic book superhero, released 43 years ago, still feels like a better superhero movie than a lot of other comic book film adapations, you realise the powerful impact that the film Superman still have, after all these years. Not only is this film really well made, but one of the most important details of this film is that there are so many great characters in this film. But what makes this film really unique, is the portrait of a superhero, where you can sense that he may not be able to help everyone. Especially when a young Karl El, played by actor Jeff East, when his adopted father Perry White, dies of a heart attack. Not even Superman can save ordinary humans to die of natural causes. And i think this sends a very important message in a film like this, that no matter what superpowers you have, you can´t save everyone, we will all die at some point. Legendary actor Christopher Reeve as Clark Kent / Superman, is without a doubt the best Superman actor in history so far. There was something very charming about his portrait of these 2 characters, that no other actor have been able to do in more modern Superman films. I also think Christopher Reeve understood the comic book character Superman very well, and you can tell that through his acting performance. Since we are talking about acting performances, one of the highlights of this film is definetely legendary actor Gene Hackman as Lex Luthor. This is how you give a performance that you will never forget, and Gene knows exactly how to portrait this classic comic book character, without any flaws. Legendary actress Margot Kidder as reporter Lois Lane, is also one of the performances that you will be affected by. Margot feels so natural in this role, and you can feel her presence. You also have legendary actor Marlon Brando here as Karl El´s father Jor-El, wich feels like a perfect match. As a superhero movie, Superman manage to combine a serious superhero tone, and manage to balance this with some charming moments through the strong characters of this film. All of the action scenes may not be as effective today, as they probably were in the late 70´s, but some scenes are still really powerful, especially when Superman tries to save Lois Lane from an earthquake. Christopher Reeve as Superman will always be one of the most iconic acting performances in a film based on a comic book hero, and director Richard Donner managed to find the right balance to make this film work, on many different levels. This is a film that still can bring hope to the whole world, and that is exactly what we all need these days. Superman is a must see for all ages, especially if you are a comic book fan. This film will go down in history as one of the better comic book films, thanks to the brilliant story telling of director Richard Donner. I suggest you all pick up a copy of Superman on DVD or Blu ray today, and let´s celebrate 43 years of cinema magic.

Rating: DDDD

fredag 27 augusti 2021

Medusa: Queen Of The Serpents

Greek mythology have a lot of well known historical stories, that´s been told by the ancient Greeks. I have visited different locations in Greece while i was there on vacation, and i have seen places such as Mount Ida ( or Psiloritis ). According to mythology, it was here where Cronos, one of the original titans, tried to destroy all of his offspring by eating them in order to prevent fulfilment of the prophecy that predicted his downfall at the hands of one of his children. Mount Ida is also said to be place where Rhea, Zeus mother, decided to hide him in a cave to protect him. I remember as we went there with our tourist guide, and it was actually quite fascinating hearing the stories of Mount Ida. It is one thing reading about Greek mythology, but visiting real locations really gives you a complete different view into the history. As the tour took a break, we ended up having raki on a local restaurant, and it was a perfect way to enjoy the day, with some nice greek food. I have seen some other historical places as well in Greece, but there are plenty of places that i have not seen. Maybe one day i will get a chance to see more, at least that´s what i am hoping for. Greek mythology in films can be found in several Hollywood productions. One of the films i actually enjoy that have Greek mythology characters, is the sequel to the Clash Of The Titans remake, known as Wrath Of The Titans. I think it is a better film than the 2010 remake, and includes better special effects and better acting performances as well. Sam Worthington is still not a powerful lead actor, but he did a better job with this sequel. Legendary actors Liam Neeson as Zeus and Ralp Fiennes as Hades, also gave better performances than in the previous film. You might remember that in the 2010 remake of Clash Of The Titans, we did get to see a CGI version of Medusa, one of the Gorgons in Greek mythology. Known as the winged human female with snakes in her hair, who could turn anyone to stone, who looked into her eyes. I have always been fascinated about the stories of Medusa in Greek Mythology, and when i heard earlier this year that a film was on the way called Medusa: Queen Of The Serpents was coming out, i knew i had to check this film out. I finally got a chance to rent this film on VOD, so is this film much better than i expected, or is this a film you should avoid at all cost?

Carly Beacon ( Megan Purvis ) return to the trailerpark, where she once used to work as a prositute. Stills truggling with a drug addiction, she does not have any other place to go. As she see a new client one night, she gets bitten by a snake. At first she can only see that she have been bitten, but her body is suddenly going through some changes. She is not the same woman that she used to be, and she is not prepared for what´s to come.

This is definetely a bit of an odd independent horror film, that takes place in a trailer park with prostitutes, out in the countryside. There might be prostitues in trailer parks in the countryside, in real life, but this is actually one of the few films that shows this side of the countryside. Of course there is prostitution everywhere, no matter if we are talking about a city or outside in a forest area. But i do think that the idea of this countryside trailerpark actually is a good idea, especially when you have a prostitute who changes through a snake bite. It takes a little while for this film to make the plot interesting. This is a bit of a slow burner, and that´s ok. The best part is when you actually get to see the main character Carly suddenly starting to change, with her snake eyes, skin falling off, as she is getting new skin, just like a snake. Since we are talking about the main character, actress Megan Purvis, who plays the prostitute Carly, you can tell she have lived a difficult life. Megan manage to capture that through her facial expressions, and i think she is a good choice to this character. I also enjoy the performance of actress Sarah T. Cohen as the character Simone. I especially think that the background story of what happens to Carly, as she becomes Medusa, is quite interesting. The ending is actually where we do get some answers, to why this was meant to happen, and i have a feeling that a sequel could be a perfect way to explain more, and especially show how the main character Carly can continue her life, as the snake queen. Medusa: Queen Of The Serpents definetely have a plot that stands out, from most independent horror films. Are there any problems with this film? I would probably say that there are some dialogue scenes that may feel a bit drawn out. But this film does look good, and i do enjoy the plot, for the most part. Director Matthew B.C. have definetely made a film that tries to give a different portrait of the classic greek mythology character Medusa, with a complete different twist than the old stories of her. I appreciate that he tried to tell a story of Medusa, that we have not seen before. Even if there are issues with this film that could have been improved, i do feel that Medusa: Queen Of The Serpents have something to offer, especially to fans of independent horror films. One thing is for sure, we need to see actress Megan Purvis back as Medusa in a sequel, i have a feeling there is much more to tell with her character, and this film gives a good introduction.

Rating: DDD

torsdag 26 augusti 2021

Masters Of The Universe: Revelation

I still remember one summer weekend back in 1985, i was at the home of our neighbors known as The Ostwalds. Their youngest son Claes took me to his room to show me his Grayskull Castle, where he also had figures from He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe such as He-Man, Orko, Skeletor, Battle Cat and a few more. It was the coolest toy castle i have ever seen at that time, and i was a big fan of the cartoon series of He-Man. Claes actually owned several VHS tapes of He-Man, so we watched them over and over again, as we both thought it was the greatest cartoon series. We used to play with the toy characters, pretending to be in the world of Eternia. This was a glorious time for cartoons, since we had several really good cartoon series coming out. But He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe was the best, no doubt about that. The story of the series takes place on Eternia, a place of magic, myth and fantasy. The lead character is Prince Adam, the young son of Eternia´s rulers, King Randor and Queen Marlena. Whenever Prince Adam holds the Swords Of Power aloft and proclaims "By The Power Of Grayskull, I Have The Power", he transformed into He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe. I can easily say that He-Man was one of the best Saturday cartoons to watch on TV, and when it was not airing, i would borrow some of Claes VHS tapes of He-Man. And in 1987, The Cannon Group released the film adaptation, based on the character of He-Man in the film Masters Of The Universe. The film was a box office bomb, but i enjoyed the film the first time i watched it, back in 1988. Dolph Lundgren as He-Man was a perfect choice, Frank Langella as Skeletor was also a really good choice, and of coure Meg Foster as Evil-Lyn. Even if there were some problems with the film adaptation, i think director Gary Goddard did a pretty good job, capturing the different characters from the cartoon series. I bought the Blu Ray a couple of years ago, so i still watch this film now and then, just to have a good nostalgic 80´s moment. For a while i was hearing rumors that director, and actor Kevin Smith would be involved in a new cartoon series of Masters Of The Universe, and it is finally released on Netflix. Since i was a big fan of the original cartoon series, does this new series turn out to be even better than i expected, or is Masters Of The Universe: Revelation even worse than any of us could have imagined?

He-Man, Teela, Orko, Cringer and Man-At-Arms, are all guardians of Castle Grayskull in the battle against Skeletor, Evil-Lyn, Beast-Man and the legions of Snake Mountain. But after a final battle forever fractures Eternia, it´s up to Teela to solve the mystery of the missing Sword Of Power in a race against time to prevent the end of the Universe. Her journey will uncover the secrets of Grayskull at last.

I have seen a lot of different opinions online about Masters Of The Universe: Revelation, and i will only express my personal opinions about these 5 episodes. To see all of these classic characters from the 80´s return, is actually a fun nostalgic moment for fans of this genre. And when it comes to capturing the feeling of the 80´s, i do think that there are moments in these 5 episodes where we get a sense of the classic cartoon series. There are some big changes made of course, and we can´t expect to have this new cartoon series to look exactly like the 80´s did, and i don´t have a problem with that. So how does He-Man work in this updated version? I would have to say that he still have that magical touch that we are familiar with, that includes the muscular strength and the powerful personality. But this series is not focused on him, but the universe of these characters. So if you expect to see a lot of He-Man, you might be disappointed. But i have no problem with this, since there are so many characters in Eternia, and since the old cartoon series focused mostly on He-Man and Skeletor, Masters Of The Universe: Revelation tries to go in a different direction. I actually think it is a good idea to let the character of Teela get a lot more space in Revelation. If you watched the original cartoon series of the 80´s, you might remember that she was one of the female characters that were tough. In Revelation, you can clearly see that she have become even more stronger, and is not afraid to take on any challenge. Two interesting details, is that Rollins Band singer Henry Rollins does the voice of the character Tri-Klops, and i have to say he does a really good job. The character of Tri-Klops is of course pretty cool as well. Legendary actor Tony Todd also does a great voice work on the character Scare Glow. Masters Of The Universe: Revelation may not please all the old school fans of the old cartoon series, but if you go into this series with an open mind ( that is exactly what i did ), you might find yourself enjoying these episodes for going in a different direction, than in the old cartoon series. Times changes, and sometimes it is good to develope a franchise, without being disrespectful to the old series. I had a good time with Masters Of The Universe: Revelation, even if i prefer the old cartoon series ( probably because of nostalgic reasons ). Directors Adam Conarroe and Patrick Stannard have brought back the classic characters from Eternia for a new generation to discover these legendary heroes, and villains as well. Well worth checking out, no matter if you are a fan or not of the classic cartoon series from the 80´s, the legacy of Eternia lives on.

Rating: DDD

The Forever Purge

This world have gone insane, and a perfect example of that is on January 6 this year, Trump supporters stormed into the U.S. Capital, believeing that the election was not done correctly. As most of us know by now, all these conspiracy theories that have been layed out, turned out to be no real evidence. There were no hacking into the voting system that radio host Steve Bannon believe in, Mike Lindell CEO of My Pillow was not attacked by a ninja at his hotel during the Cyber Symposium week, and Majorie Taylor Greene compared wearing masks to the holocaust in Germany. All of this is completely insane, and it just shows what kind of people we are talking about. If anyone would actually take these people seriously, and believe everything they say, we have a big problem. Most of us want a society that works, where your family can feel safe, and children can learn to develope themselves into a brighter future. But what if government decided that it is time to clean up the streets, and let anyone kill innocent people, just to show that in America, you have the freedom to do what you want, especially on one specific day called The Purge. And that is exactly what we got to experience, in the 2013 dystopian action horror film called The Purge. Directed by James DeMonaco ( who have directed 3 of the Purge franchise films ), this film tells the story of The Sandin Family, where dad James Sandin ( Ethan Hawke ) returns to his home where his wife Mary Sandin ( Lena Headey ), their children Charlie Sandin ( Max Burkholder ) and Zoey Sandin ( Adelaide Kane ) are waiting for the Purge to end outside, as they believe they should be safe until time runs out. Unfortunately, not even their neighborhood is safe. The Purge turned out to bring out a very interesting idea, that if you could do whatever you want one day, and kill anyone you want within a certain amount of time, would you do it? This franchise continued making more films, and the sequels have actually been pretty good ( the second one is my favourite ), so here we are with the 5th film called The Forever Purge. I did like the trailer for The Forever Purge, and i was actually excited to check this film out, since i enjoy the films in the franchise so far. Is this the best of the sequels so far, or is The Forever Purge unfortunately the worst film in this franchise?

in 2048, eight years after Charlene Roan´s presidential election, the New Founding Fathers of America ( NFFA ), have regained control of the U.S. government and have re-instituted the annual Purge with its original rules. Racial supremacy and nativism have surged nationwide following the re-election, and many are concerned that the upcoming Purge will inflict more damage to the country than the NFFA realizes. Married migrant couple Juan ( Tenoch Huerta ) and Adela ( Ana de la Reguera ) illegaly cross the border into Texas to escape from a Mexican drug cartel, and build a new life. Juan manage to get a job as a farmhand on Tucker family ranch, while Adela manage to get a job near Austin. 10 months later, the annual Purge is about to begin. But Adele notice that something have changed with the Purge, as a nationalist Purger group, who calls themselves Pure Purification Group ( PPF ), intend to kill those who are not originally from America. But there is also a rule that have been added, without informing civilians, that the Purge itself does not stop when time runs out. 

Considering that the previous Purge films have tried to bring up different political subjects, during the Purge day, this one does as well, but also manage to bring in a very important subject, immigration. Specifically on the border between America and Mexico, and this is actually a really good idea for a film like this. Since there are a lot of problems surrounding immigration worldwide, and if we are able to help anyone who is trying to escape poverty, in this case from Mexican cartels, this subject match well with the story surrounding The Forever Purge. Because this problem will always be around, how will we help immigrants in a safe way, to make sure they can get the help they need? The idea of the Purge happening at the border between 2 countries, helps this film feel more relevant to what reality looks like ( not talking about the Purge itself, but the immigration issues ). Can they become a part of society, or will ( real Americans ) never accept that they come from another country? You do get some racist characters in this film, who clearly see the Purge as a good oppurtinity to wipe out Mexicans because they don´t want them in their country. And this is actually the mentality of some Americans, even today in 2021. The acting in this film is perhaps not great from all the characters, but there are some expections. Especially from legendary actor Will Patton ( who can forget his performance in the 2002 supernatural horror film The Mothman Prophecies ) as the character Caleb Tucker. Actress Ana de la Reguera ( who you will recognize from the Netflix film Army Of The Dead ) does a great job with her character Adela. I will have to admit that i do like the idea, that in this film they decide to let the Purge go on, even if the time runs out. As if they feel the need to clean up the streets even more, and have no rule to follow. Interesting idea for a sequel, and it works for the most part. Even if The Forever Purge is not the best sequel in this franchise, i do feel that i enjoyed this film for taking a different turn than the previous films. It may not be as political effective as The Purge: Election Year, but it still manage to bring out some important political subjects. Director Everardo Gout ( who directed 6 episodes of the well made TV series Mars ) may not hit all the notes with this Purge sequel, but he does bring a sequel that has a lot to say about immigration, and show a different perspective in this franchise. If you are a Purge fan, you definetely want to check this film out. Excuse me folks, i will be heading off to try going on a Purge myself with my axe and shotgun, you are all welcome to join me ( i can´t guarantee you will make it out alive though ).

Rating: DDD

söndag 22 augusti 2021

Fried Barry

Those who really know me personally, know how much i love odd films. I love films that have no boundaries, who dare to go in any direction, and you have no idea what will happen. Sometimes we need a film to dare not to follow the usual pattern, and just go absolutely crazy. That kind of film could be hard to find sometimes, since most film are very similar to other films. There are a collection of films though i could easily mention, but let us dig into one title, that i am pretty sure not many of you have seen. And that is the 2009 film known as The Revenant from director D. Kerry Prior. This is one wild mix of action, horror and comedy, all thrown together in a very strange story. This film is about Second Lieutenant Bart Gregory ( David Anders ) who has been killed under mysterious circumstances in Iraq. After his friends and girlfriend Janet ( Louise Griffiths ) attend his funeral, Bart awakens in his grave. Not knowing why he have awaken from his deah, Bart go out to see his best friend Joey Leubner ( Chris Wylde ) to get some answers. The Revenant is one of my personal favourite crazy films, because this film really go off the rails with some really crazy shit. The acting performances are really good, especially from the lead characters. Director Kerry Prior threw in everything in this film, both delivering comedy, action and horror, in a very effective way. This is a must pick up on DVD if you have not seen it, i have a feeling it will be a cult classic in the future. Another film i need to mention, that you should see is the 2012 film John Dies At The End, from director Don Coscarelli. A very bizarre mix of sci fi, horror and fantasy, where a new street drug called Soy Sauce, can send drug users across time and dimension. Throw in some very bizarre moments, and John Dies At The End deliver some really fun, but odd moments. Definetely worth checking out, if you want to experience something completely different. Nice to see fantastic actor Paul Giamatti in this film as well, who always knows how to deliver strong characters. I have been hearing a lot of buzz about the South African film Fried Barry, especially among some film critics online. Aliens, drugs and violence, isnt that all we need in a real cinema experience? I just had to check this film out, since it seemed to be my kind of film. Is this one of the best films i have seen this year so far, or is Fried Barry nowhere close as good as i was hoping it would be?

Barry ( Gary Greene ) is a drug-addled, abusive bastard, who is abducted by aliens. An alien visitor takes control over his body and takes it for a joyride around Cape Town. Wherever Barry ends up on this journey, there are no boundaries of what could happen.

I am pretty sure that you won´t see any film like Fried Barry this year. This film have some of the most crazy scenes put together, i can´t imagine we will see anything like it in quite a while. How do i describe Fried Barry? Imagine if you took the atmosphere of Trainspotting, mixed it together with the 1987 cult film The Hidden, and threw in a slice of The Revenant in there, and you have Fried Barry. This is film based on the short film of the same name, and if you have seen that short film, you recognize the style and the amosphere in this full feature film. This film starts off really good, in fact i found myself laughing several times to some of the crazy shit that happens. Barry goes completely insane on drugs, while he is later probed by aliens and become even more strange. And this is where the film really works, when you see Barry being taken over by an alien. He begins to have sex everywhere, even get a blow job in the mens room by a guy, how often does that happen? It´s the drug overdoses that makes Fried Barry really fun at moments, when the crazy shit happens around town. So here we come to a problem with this film. The runtime is almost 1 hour and 40 minutes, and that is a long time for a film like this. And you can feel that they run out of ideas in certain scenes, almost like they just added certain details to keep this film that long. A perfect example is the chainsaw scene, a fun idea, but when you see that the chainsaw isn´t even running, it becomes a bit silly. It´s a shame, because if they would have kept the playtime at 90 minutes and kept the best scenes, this could have been one of the funniest films of this year. But let´s get back to what i enjoy about this film. Lead actor Gary Greene as Barry is really good, i just love seeing him go completely insane on drugs, and i can´t imagine anyone else who could have played this character as good as him. Actress Chanelle De Jager is also good as the character Suz, a depressed mother who wants a different life. Fried Barry is definetely a film you should see, if you love odd films. This film does not follow the typical Hollywood pattern, but focus more about being a drug trip. Director Ryan Kruger have definetely made one of the more interesting films this year, if you want to experience something out of this world. If you don´t mind wild drug overdoses, and very odd personalities in a city full of misery, Fried Barry is definetely a film that will please you.

Rating: DDD

Miranda Veil

As long as i can remember, i always wanted to go on a road trip along the desert highways of America. Imagine seeing all that beautiful scenery, with old diners, and gas stations along the highway, that looks exactly like the old days. Locations that have remained the same, and the few people who live in smaller towns, go on with their ordinary day life. Just imagine having that slice of lemon pie, and a coffee, while watching the dusty highway outside. One of the reasons why i always wanted to go to the desert highways, started back in 1987 when i was 10 years old. This was the first time i saw the serial killer action thriller The Hitcher, from legendary director Robert Harmon ( who later in 1993 directed the Jean-Claude Van Damme film Nowhere To Run ). The Hitcher tells the story of  Jim Halsey ( C. Thomas Howell ), a young man delivering a car from Chicago to San Diego. On the West Texas desert highway, he picks up a hitcher named John Ryder ( Rutger Hauer ), who seems a bit odd. Jim is about to find out, that John is a serial killer, and this ride will never be the same again. The Hitcher is one of the true desert thriller classics, with fantastic scenery and really good characters. Legendary actor Rutger Hauer is brilliant as serial killer John Ryder. So why did The Hitcher help my interest of the American desert highways? Maybe it´s the atmosphere that this film manage to capture, through the desert locations, that inspired my curiousity to experience what it would be like to actually travel down those highways. Either way, The Hitcher will always be one of the greatest serial killer films in the desert, that everyone should see. Since i am a fan of films taking place in desert areas, and especially films with a killer running loose, i came across an independent film called Miranda Veil. Not knowing much about the film, i decided to check this film out, just in case it might be better than i expexted. Is this one of the most fascinating independent films i have seen lately, or is Miranda Veil not as good as i was hoping for?

Soren ( Zach Steffrey ) are constantly hearing voices, telling him he needs to kill. He kidnaps his first female victim known as Miranda Veil ( Anabelle Barrett ), and eventually kills her. But as she wakes up later on, without any wounds, none of them knows what is going on. Why is Miranda still alive? Is there a reason to why she can´t die?

One of the first things that i noticed with Miranda Veil, is how good this film looks. The desert scenes match very well with the story, and they really managed to bring in a different touch on the serial killer genre, by using a unique twist to the plot. Since we usually get the basic serial killer wannabe films released these days, it is refreshing to see that someone dare to try a different approach in this genre. We have to talk about the lead characters Miranda Veil ( played by actress Annabel Barrett ) and Soren ( played by actor Zach Steffey ). I am surprised how well their chemistry is on screen. And their acting? I have to say i am impressed, since this is not the kind of acting you usually see in independent films, in this genre. Considering that a lot of independent films on a limited budget, are usually not focused on the acting, Miranda Veil proves that there are exceptions. And i am very happy to see that they actually focused on their characters, it makes them a lot more interesting. What about the violence? There are some brutal moments early in this film, but this film is more focused on the story, and i actually appreciate that. After the unexpected twist, this film tries to go in a completely different direction, and does not focus on the killer, but especially discuss how they will go on with their lives, going through such a shocking experience. I must clarify that this is not an ordinary thriller, so if you like traditional serial killer films, you won´t find it here with Miranda Veil. If you can accept that, i have a feeling you will appreciate the effort that they made to make this film pretty unique. Director Levin Garbisch have definetely tried to make a film that is hard to compare to other films in the serial killer genre, and i have to say he did a good job, trying to bring the audience a different kind of film experience. Miranda Veil may not be a future classic, but is definetely one of the most interesting independent films i have seen lately, for trying something completely different. I suggest that you check this film out with an open mind, and be prepared to be confused. Sometimes, we need a film that takes chances, and may not lay out all the answers. Miranda Veil definetely bring some interesting ideas to the table.

Rating: DDD

fredag 20 augusti 2021

The Last Mercenary

Action stars are not what they used to be, at least if you look at the action films that are released today with new young actors. I always hope to see new talents, because i do believe we need new action stars, so we can have a future with martial arts, guns, explosions, all those wonderful details that makes you jump on the roof of your car out of joy. I am 44 years old, and i grew up in the 80´s when action films made a huge impact worldwide. Those were the days when you did not know what romantic comedies were, we just wanted to see serious acting, macho diaogue and a lot of guns. You did not care about what makes sense, we just needed some mucsle guys fighting, and we felt like it was our perfect home. Back in those days, all we knew were the following rules:

* Blow up building first, ask questions later.

* If you have extra ammo, use it all, don´t think too much.

* If you can do special kicks, do them a lot, and make sure the guys who get them don´t stand up again.

* If someone is cocky, use at least 46 punches, so they learn their lesson.

Speaking of action films, we do have a few action film legends that will forever impact this world. And one of the greatest action legends of all time, is of course the action star Jean-Claude Van Damme, also known as The Muscles From Brussels. Van Damme have delivered so many great action films such as Bloodsport, Kickboxer, Cyborg, Lionheart, Double Impact, Universal Soldier, the list never ends. One of my earliest Van Damme memories at the VHS store, was the first time i picked up Kickboxer on the renting shelves back in 1990. I still remember the cover of this film, and at that time i was probably too young to see this film. But thanks to a dad of family friend, we got to see this film anyway. Kickboxer turned out to be one of the coolest films i have seen during that time, and i still remember how i tried to do round kicks in front of the TV. Did not go very well, i actually accidently hit my sister, but she revenged me by hitting me with a snow showel. Kickboxer tells the story of Kurt Sloane ( Jean-Claude Van Damme ), who is the younger brother and cornerman of Eric Sloane ( Dennis Alexio ), the United States kickboxing world champion. After a successfull title defense, the media asks Eric what he will do next. When a reporter mention that Thailand might be something he should look into, Eric is convinced he can defeat any champion there. A fight between Eric and Thailand´s undefeated top fighter Tong Po ( Michel Qissi ) is arranged, as the brothers travel to Bangkok. The fight ends badly, where Eric is paralyzed from the waist down and will never be able to walk again. Kurt is devestated, and is determined to revenge his brother, by training to fight Tong Po. If you want a really good martial arts action film, seeing Van Damme make some special kicks, Kickboxer is a must see. For a while i have been following social media about the making of the latest Van Damme film The Last Mercenary. I have been really pumped up for this film, being a huge fan of this legendary action actor. Is this the best Van Damme film in many years, or is The Last Mercenary more horrible, than we ever could have predicted?

A mysterious former secret service agent known as Richard Brumére ( Jean-Claude Van Damme ), must urgently return to France when his estranged son Archibald Al Mahmoud ( Samir Decazza ), is falsely accused of arms and drugs trafficking by the government. Richard have to find a way to make sure, that his son will be secure.

Just to let you know, if you are expecting to see a pure action film, with only Van Damme doing his special kicks, you might need to go into this film with an open mind. Because this film is definetely trying to have a good time with the traditional action genre, by using a lot of comedy. I would probably say that this is a throwback to the action comedies of the 90´s. It´s got that tone, that you would be familiar with, from that time period. I personally appreciate that legendary action actor Jean-Claude Van Damme as the character Richard, can make fun of himself, that he does not try and be serious, in everything that he does. He have proved in the past, that he can be funny. And in the case of The Last Mercenary, he is definetely the highlight in this film. Not only because of his funny character, but he knows how to put on a show, in his own unique way. With that said, what about the rest of the cast? Actor Samir Decacca as the character Archibald, is actually surprisingly good. Not on the same level as Van Damme, but there is something charming about Archibald´s character, even if he definetely is having personal problems. The rest of the cast is very divided. Some of them go into their character in a positive way, while some does not leave any bigger impact. So what about the action scenes? The fighting scenes that i am sure a lot of Van Damme fans have been waiting for, you will get some fighting in this film. Maybe not as much as i was hoping for, but i believe the reason to that, is that they were focusing more to tell a story, than just delivering fight scenes. When it comes to traditional action scenes, we do get some here as well. Is this a future classic Van Damme film? I am sure a lot of fans will appreciate this film, but it can´t reach the same level as his classics. And that´s ok, because i still think this is an entertaining film. I probably would have wanted to see Van Damme do a little bit more special kicks, but im happy that he at least brought some fight scenes, for his old school fans. Director David Charhon ( who have directed 3 comedy films in the past ) manage to make a film that definetely feels inspired by VHS action comedies of the 90´s, in a positive way. If this is your kind of genre, and you love Van Damme, you should definetely give this film a chance. The Last Mercenary proves why we need a legendary action hero in our lives, and Jean-Claude knows exactly how to charm his audience.

Rating: DDD

onsdag 18 augusti 2021

Night Crawl ( A Horror Short Film )

I am a big fan of horror short films. Sometimes, you can tell that there are some really good ideas being made from short films, that could actually become a full feature film. One of the things i think short films does well, is to tell a story that actually makes a big impact. Especially if you have a playtime in around 10 minutes, where you have to be able to tell an interesting story, a character that you can connect to, and have horror elements that match with the plot. A perfect example of a short film that worked really well, is the 2013 horror short film known as Lights Out ( that became a Hollywood film in 2016 ), from director David F. Sandberg. This turned out to be a very beloved short film worldwide, that tells the story of a woman ( played by actress Lotta Losten ) who see a human figure appear, everytime she turns of the light. When she turn the light on, no one is there. But as soon as she turn the light of again, the human shaped figure is still there. A very creepy idea, that worked really well. When this short film idea was made into a full feature film in 2016, the same director David F. Sandberg, managed to keep the creepy atmosphere, and build on the atmosphere from the short film. I was actually surprised over how well this full feature film turned out to be, and perhaps it is also thanks to the cast with actors such as Teresa Palmer, Mario Bello, Alicia Vela-Bailey and many more. You can also see actress Lotta Losten in this film, who was the lead character in the short film Lights Out. I suggest you both see the short film, and the full feature film of Lights Out, to see how you feel wich one you like most. I try and look at horror short films, when i come across something interesting. I usually don´t plan to review horror short films, since i am more focused on full feature films. But then i came across a horror short film called Night Crawl, that looked very interesting. A creature horror short film, how could i say no to that combination? Is this a must see for everyone this autumn, or is this not as good as i was hoping it would be?

Two inmates in prison, try and get out through a tunnel. But as one of the inmates get through the end of the tunnel, he is not prepared of what´s waiting out there.

You know when you get a feeling that you have come across something special? That´s exactly how i feel about Night Crawl, and i have to be honest. I love the idea behind this short film. With such a simple plot, and you are able to make such a great creature thrown in there as well, i have to applaud the effort that director Gregory Schultz have made with this short film. Not only does this short film look great, i love the creature design as well. Reminded me a little bit about the creatures in the British independent horror film The Young Cannibals, with some differences. The strength of Night Crawl, is that it works so well as a creature horror short film, with some simple but effective details. All the actors does a great job with their characters, and they all manage to make an impact with their characters, and that is not easy to do in a short film that´s 8 minutes long. I also really appreciate that director Gregory Schultz use a real prison set, it helps the location feel more realistic. I would love to see Night Crawl being made into a full feature film, since i feel that this short film have some very interesting ideas that could work well in a full length film, both for the well designed creatures, but also the prison location. A very interesting plot, and a very good short film. Night Crawl shows that we still have hope for directors who have a passion for old school horror films, where you use practical make up effects, instead of CGI effects. If you are a horror fan, you need to see Night Crawl. I think you will agree with me that we need a full feature film made out of the idea behind this short film, these creatures deserves to be seen on a big screen. Director Gregory Schultz is a director we need in the independent horror film indsutry, to get creature horror films back on track. Night Crawl have no problem delivering a story, that both looks really good, but also find a really good balance in the creature horror department.

Rating: DDDD

If you want to see the horror short film Night Crawl, you can see this film on the YouTube channel called ALTER, who focuses on short films in different categories. Just copy the link below:


tisdag 17 augusti 2021

Bad Witch

Horror films can be very hard to make, and to combine horror with comedy is definetely a challenge. You have to be able to make the combination work, both to please horror fans, and comedy fans as well. Over the years there have been a number of films who have actually done a great job, combining these genres together. Unfortunately, there are a few films that could not make this combination work. A perfect example of this is the 2016 horror comedy Boo! A Madea Halloween. To combine the character Madea Simmons ( played as always by actor Tyler Perry ) into a Halloween film, was not a good idea. Maybe i have a problem with this, since i don´t even think the character Madea is that funny, and to throw her in a horror themed film does not help. The film did well at the box office in America, so they did make some money, but if you are expecting to laugh a lot, you might as well drop your expectations. Boo! A Madea Halloween is a very predictable horror comedy that does not entertain, or offer any fun with the horror ingredients. But let´s bring up a horror comedy that turned out to work really well. And that is the 2004 British horror comedy Shaun Of The Dead. If you love British comedies ( just like myself ), and you love horror films as well, then you have to see Shaun Of The Dead. This is one of those films that will entertain you, no matter how many times you have seen it. This film tells the story of electronic salesman Shaun ( brilliant played by actor Simon Peggs ), who lives in Crouch End, London. His life is not going so well, and he need to find a different direction, to find a way out of misery. He does have his best friend Ed ( Nick Frost ), who he gets drunk with. When they wake up the next day, a zombie apocalypse have overwhelmed London, and none of them are prepared for what´s to come. This is definetely one of my personal favourite horror comedies, and this might be one of the funniest zombie comedies as well. It is not often you see horror comedies get released in these days, but a few titles manage to reach the surface. One example of this is a film called Bad Witch. I have read a few rewviews of this film, but not seen any trailer. So i was curious to see if this would be a film in my taste, since i do enjoy horror comedies. Is this one of the films you should see this fall, or is Bad Witch just as horrible as Mike Lindell´s election evidence?

Xander Perkins ( Chris Kozlowski ) is a witch, who drinks a lot of alcohol, and is having trouble with his personal life. He gets a chance to turn things around, when he meets waitor Roland Grimm ( Jackson Tremt ). Roland, a stereotypical nerd, is the target of relentless bullying by football hero Conrad Miller ( Jonathan Helwig ) and his henchman Hans ( Abe Kim ). Zander will teach Roland about witchcraft, to revenge on his bullies, and win the heart of his crush, Veronica ( Clare Lefebure ). But everything does not go as smooth, as they hoped for.

One of the first thing that strikes me while watching Bad Witch, is that this film have some problems delivering funny moments. It is said to be a horror comedy, but it feels more like a horror film. When you advertise a film to be a combination of 2 different genres, you want the film to be able to please the audience. In the case of Bad Witch, i have a feeling that people will wonder what kind of horror comedy this film was aiming to be. If they were aiming to get the audience laughing, i can tell you right now that this film fails to deliver funny moments. So what about the horror elements? I can´t say that this film have any scary scenes. The idea of the main character being a witch, is not a bad idea itself. The problem is, it does not help this film become a good horror film. To be able to make a film about a witch good, you have to be able to make the plot interesting. There is an interesting story hidden somewhere within Bad Witch, but with so many characters that you can´t feel connected with, it becomes quite hard to see why you should care. Main character Xander Perkins, played by actor Chris Kozlowski, is kind of an asshole. I like the idea behind his character, but it´s not a strong lead character for a film about a witch. But there is one character that i actually feel that this film should have focused on instead, and that is the character known as Roland Grimm, played by actor Jackson Trent. Roland may be a nerd, but you feel sorry for him, since he is not popular and is easily bullied. I actually think it would have been more interesting to see Roland as the main character, since actor Jackson Trent actually makes an effort to make an interesting character. The witch elements in this film do have some fun ideas, but not enough to make this film entertaining. Bad Witch could have been a good film, if some changes were made. As this film stands now, we only get a few scenes that might please fans of independent horror films. Directors Victor Fink and Joshua Land missed the mark to make this a good horror comedy, and they can´t make this a solid horror film either. I can mention a lot of titles that i think you would like more than Bad Witch, so i suggest you skip this one.

Rating: DD

tisdag 10 augusti 2021

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

Whenever i hear about paranormal mysteries, i especially think about two people, and that is of course legendary couple Ed and Lorraine Warren, the most well known paranormal investigators in this world. Eward Warren Miney was a self-taught and self-professed demonologist, author and lecturer. Lorraine Rita Warren professed to be clairvoyant and a light trance medium. They claimed to have investigated well over 10.000 cases during their career. The first time that i remember hearing about Ed and Lorraine Warren was back in the 80´s, after reading a book that my father owned about paranormal events. In this book there was a chapter that focused on Ed and Lorraine Warren who investigated the paranormal mystery about the Amityville Haunting. If you have not heard about this case, let me tell you a little bit about it. In Novermber of 1974, Ronald DeFeo Jr, murdered his whole family at 112 Ocean Avenue. On November 21, 1975,  Ronald was found guilty on six counts of second-degree murder. On December 4, 1975, Judge Thomas Stark sentenced Ronald to six sentences of 25 years to life. It is well known that Ronald claimed that voices told him to kill his family. The house was investigated on the night of March 6, 1976, by Ed and Lorraine Warren. If you want to know more about this case, i suggest you check out the following interview on YouTube, where Ed and Lorraine Warren talk about that specific investigation:


Some of you might have seen the 2013 horror film The Conjuring, based on one of the cases of Ed and Lorraine Warren´s career, a very effective horror film with both fantastic acting and a really creepy atmosphere. This is still today one of the horror films i always recommend, since it is one of the best from director James Wan. The Conjuring 2, released in 2016, continued the legacy of Ed and Lorraine Warren, played really good by actors Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga ( who portrayed the same characters in the first film as well ). The Conjuring 2 turned out to be a very effective horror film as well, and really gave us a deeper look into the relationship between Ed and Lorraine Warren. Both Patrick and Vera returned as Ed and Lorraine in Annabelle Comes Home, and they are actually the best part of that film ( i was not a big fan of that sequel ). It has been a couple of years since we could see another The Conjuring film, but here we are with the third film, that takes on another very famous case of Ed and Lorraine Warren. Since i am a big fan of the previous Conjuring films, is this third film the best in the franchise so far, or is The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It a total disaster from start to finish?

In 1981, demonologists Ed ( Patrick Wilson ) and Lorraine ( Vera Farmiga ) Warren document the exorcism of 8-year-old-David Glatzel ( Julian Hilliard ), attended by his family, his sister Debbie Glatzel ( Sarah Catherine Hook ), her boyfriend Arne Johnson ( Ruairi O´Connor ) and Father Gordon ( Steve Coulter ) in Brookfield, Connecticut. During the exorcism, Arne invites the demon to enter his body instead of David´s. Ed witnesses the demon transport itself from David´s to Arne´s while he suffers from a heart attack and is taken to a hospital. The following month, Ed wakes up in the hospital and reveals to Lorraine that he witnessed the demon enter Arne´s body. They both know that Arne is in danger, and they must find a way to help him, or he may not be able to be saved.

There is something special about seeing actors Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga return as Ed and Lorraine Warren, they are just a perfect match to play these legendary paranormal investogators. And in the case of The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, they make sure to bring a performance that is the biggest reason why this is a good horror film. That does not mean the other actors are bad, they just have a hard time reaching to the same level of acting as Patrick and Vera deliver. So what else is positive about this sequel? The costume design is spot on into the early 1980´s. It feels like they really tried to capture the fashion of this time period, including how houses used to look like in those days. The cars that you see in this film also match well with the time period, and details like these helps this film feel like it is actually trying to tell a story from the early 80´s. I also enjoy the background story of this case, knowing that this is one of the most famous cases of Ed and Lorraine Warren. I will be honest and say i have not read a lot about this case, compared to the Amityville Haunting, but i have read some facts about the case, and i am fascinated. Does this film manage to capture the atmosphere of the Devil Made Me Do It case? I would say yes, at least for the most part. Is this film as scary as the previous The Conjuring films? I would have to say no, and the biggest reason for that is that this film is more focused on other details surrounding the case, than bringing us some really creepy moments as the first film did. As a horror film though, this is definetely worth watching, if you are a fan of the previous films. There are some moments where you do feel the right atmosphere. The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It looks great, does a really good job capturing the 80´s, and the characters are interesting as well. Director Michael Chaves ( who directed the horror film The Curse Of La Llorona ) may not be as effective as director James Wan on making horror films, but this is definetely his best horror film so far. I really hope we get to see  Patrick and Vera come back as Ed and Lorraine in the future, they really shine in this third film of The Conjuring. If you love paranormal horror films, what are you waiting for? See this film, and i have a feeling you will be pleased to see the Warrens back in action.

Rating: DDD


No one knows what the future holds, and we all want to hope there is something positive waiting for us, such as improved medicines. Imagine if we could find new medical ways to cure people, that we never thought would be possible. I think we all can agree that we need to find other ways to cure people, especially the ones who really needs help. But what if the future does not hold anything positvive, but an endless path of darkness and suffering? We need to hold on to hope, or else we would all stop believing in the future. Speaking of the future, there are plenty of really good dystopian films, that tries to show what the future could look like. One of the films that especially comes to my mind is the 2006 dystopian sci fi action thriller known as Children Of Men. Directed by Alfonso Cuarón ( who directed the really well made sci fi thriller Gravity with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney ), Children Of Men takes place in the year of 2027, where 18 years of total human infertility, war and global depression push society to the point of collapse as humanity faces extinction. I remember the first time i saw Children Of Men, back in 2007. I bought the double DVD release from the UK, and this film turned out to be one of the better dystopian films of the 2000´s. Not only does this film have really strong characters, but this film also have a lot to say about the problems, how badly refugees are being treated. Even if this film takes place in the future, we all know that a lot of refugees are struggling to survive out there, right now as we speak. Children Of Men is a really well made sci fi thriller, that should be seen. I am pretty sure most of you remember actress Gina Rodriguez from TV series Jane The Virgin, she surprised me with the American remake of Miss Bala, and i heard this spring about her upcoming dystopian sci fi Netflix film Awake. Since i am a big fan of dystopian films, is Awake one of the better releases in this category, or is this a flat fall for Gina Rodriquez wonerful career?

Former U.S. Army medic and recovering addict Jill Adams ( Gina Rodriguez ), works as a security guard at a local college where she steals drugs from the research lab to sell. After her shift, she picks up her children, Noah ( Lucius Hoyos ) and Matilda ( Ariana Greenblatt ), from their grandmother, Doris ( Frances Fischer ). While driving their car loses power and is hit by another car into the lake. All three of them manage to get out of the car in the lake, but Matilda drowns. Thankfully, she is revived by a police officer, who tells them that all electricity is out, everywhere. Jill needs to get stitches on a wound on her head, so they walk to a hospital. There they find out that coma patients have suddenly woken up. But that´s not all, a psychiatrist, Dr. Murphy ( Jennifer Jason Leigh ) explains that people appear to be no longer able to fall asleep, except for Matilda. No one knows why she is the only one who is able to sleep, but they must find an answer, or people will start to fall apart, since no one can control themselves with having no sleep. 

I have seen quite a lot of dystopian films in the past, and i am always curious to see if any films in this category will bring something different. In the case of Awake, i do think this film have an interesting twist to the story. What if you could not fall asleep at all, how long can you go on as a normal human being? I actually think this part is one of the most interesting details about the plot of Awake, because we all know how important it is for us to get sleep. So the idea of the whole world being affected, with only a few people who seems to be able to sleep, is actually a great idea for a film like this. The dystopian image of this film is fine, but i would have to say that this part is actually not the strength of Awake. I do believe that there are details that could have been added to make this film feel more dystopian. Lead actress Gina Rodriguez as the character Jill, is a character i think a lot of people could relate to. A struggling former addict, and a mother who is trying to make the situation as good as possible for her kids, even if she is having problems in her personal life. Gina is one of those actors who knows how to portrait ordinary day women, who is not living in a dream world, and is just trying to survive. And to have a lead character like that in a film like this, actually makes this film more interesting. One of the characters i wish we could have seen more of, is actor Barry Pepper ( who have been in a number of 90´s classics such as Saving Private Ryan, Enemy Of The State and of course The Green Mile ) as Pastor. He is one of those characters that is actually a great match for a dystopian film like this, and i would have liked to see more of him, since he seems to have a fascinating personality. The scenes where we do get to see him, bring some interesting discussions in his church, between visitors and himself. Child actor Ariana Greenblatt as Matilda, deliver a performance that feels like a perfect match to the character. As a sci fi thriller, Awake does have a lot of important subjects that the film tries to bring into the plot. Some details fits well, while some details are perhaps left without any bigger explanation. Overall, i do enjoy Awake for trying a different approach in the dystopian genre. Director Mark Raso ( who directed the good Netflix film Kodachrone ) have definetely made a film that does bring up some interesting ideas, what the future could look like. Maybe not one of the best films in this category, but definetely worth checking out on Netflix, if you don´t know what to watch. One thing is for sure, i will be getting better sleep from now on, after watching Awake.

Rating: DDD

söndag 1 augusti 2021

35 Years Anniversary Review Of The Delta Force

If i am having a bad day, no matter what the reason, i close my eyes and think about Cannon Films, also known as The Cannon Group. The greatest 80´s film studio if you ask me, even if bigger studios such as Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros, Touchstone Pictures and others, also released a lot of good 80´s films as well. The thing about Cannon Films was that they focused more on making B movies, and they made a lot of films. No matter if you loved ninjas, big weapons, martial arts, slasher films, naked women, Cannon Films had something to everyone to enjoy. The two Israeli cousins Menahem Golan and Yorum Globus really took this company under there wings, and pursued their Hollywood dreams. The list of films that Cannon Films have made over so many years is incredible, but lets just mention a few titles in a short list:


The Apple


Enter The Ninja

Death Wish II

10 To Midnight

Young Warriors ( The Graduates Of Malibu High )

Revenge Of The Ninja


Exterminator 2

Ninja III: The Domination

Missing In Action


American Ninja

Invasion U.S.A.

Invaders From Mars

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

Avenging Force

I think you get the picture, what other film company would have made quality films such as these, if not Cannon Films? And this is just a few of the films, there are a lot more titles i could mention. Since we are speaking about Cannon Films, let´s bring up one of the films that remember seeing on VHS back in the 90´s, and that is the 1987 film Assassination with legendary action actor Charles Bronson. I remember when i rented this film back in 1991 at the VHS store, and i was actually 14 years old, and you had to be 15 to rent Assassination. But since the guy who worked there knew that i rented a lot of films, he let me rent this one ( i believe i also rented Predator 2 at the same time ). Assassination tells the story of Jay Killian ( Charles Bronson ) who is a senior member of the Secret Service. On the day before Inauguration of the new president, Killian is given a new assignment, to protect the First Lady, Lara Royce Craig ( Jill Ireland ). Assassination is a classic action thriller, where Charles Bronson deliver classic dialogue, and some great action scenes as well. I should probably ,mention that this was the last film director Peter Hunt directed, ( who also directed the Charles Bronson film Death Hunt ) If you enjoy action films in general, Assassination is worth picking up on DVD. As some of you might know, legendary action star Chuck Norris was a big name in the 80´s for Cannon Films, where his trilogy of Missing In Action made an impact, as well as Invasion U.S.A. And in 1986, he released an action film that actually would turn out to be one of his most beloved classics called The Delta Force. This year it is 35 years ago since The Delta Force was released, and i decided to revisit the film, since i last saw it back in 2005 ( that´s when i bought the film on a DVD box, together with Missing In Action 1 & 2 ). Has this film still a lot of entertainement value, of have The Delta Force aged too much and don´t feel relevant anymore, in todays society?

The year is 1985, and a group of Lebanese terrorists hijack American Travelways Airlines Flight 282, a Boeing 707 flying from Cairo to New York City via Athens and Rome. Taking all 144 passengers, and the flight crew as hostages, the pro-Khomeni New World Revolutionary Organization, is led by two terrorists named Abdul Rafai ( Robert Forster ) and Mustafa ( David Menahem ). The terrorists force Captain Roger Campbell ( Bo Svenson ) and his crew to fly the 707 to Beirut, where they make demands to the United States government that, if they don´t do as they are told, passengers will be executed. The only solution to save the passengers, is to call in the special operations force known as The Delta Force.

Since action films are not as straight forward today, as some of the action films were in the 80´s, it is nice to get a throwback to the glory days of Cannon Films in the company with The Delta Force. This is a film that i guarantee extreme Swedish feminists believe, that this film is demonic, since this film goes against all of their protocols ( i can imagine they explode in anger if they see a poster of Chuck Norris ). And this is why we need The Delta Force in society, to show that it is good for you to see an old school action film where guns, explosions and violence is included, a combination that will make cinema lovers have a good time. After all, there should not be any extreme terrorists alive at all, so i have no problem seeing military forces blowing them all up ( hopefully they will all be finished in the future, hoping for the best ). The plot is very simple, you have the classic terrorist hijacking of an aircraft, with tourists on board. And we get to follow the procedure to make sure that every passenger will be safe, when the Delta Force team is being brought in to take care of this situation. I have seen plenty of terrorist action films over the years, and The Delta Force is actually one of the most classic films in this genre. And the biggest reason for that is thanks to the wonderful cast in this film. You have legendary actors such as Shelley Winters, George Kennedy, Bo Svenson, Joey Bishop, Robert Forster, Lee Marvin, Steve James and many more. They all bring something magical on the big screen with their performances. I especially think legendary actor Robert Forster ( who is fantastic in the Quentin Tarantino film Jackie Brown, a must see ) does a really good performance as terrorist leader Abdul Rafai. The real star of this film is of course action legend Chuck Norris as the character Major Scott McCoy, and he have no problem delivering his classic dialogue, as he takes out terrorists in his own unique way. The action scenes are well done, and the violence is quite effective, especially towards the end when the real action scenes kicks in. Director Menahem Golan really gave us an action feast with this film, and i personally think that this is one of the best films that he directed. The Delta Force is one of those 80´s films that will continue to entertain action lovers worldwide for many generations ahead. If you love action films of the 80´s, The Delta Force is one of those films you have to see, a wonderful action blockbuster for the whole family to enjoy. 

Rating: DDDD