måndag 18 februari 2013

Grave Encounters 2

Every year we alwas get documentary made horror movies. I have said this many times before, but some of them are good, while others are easy to forget. To succeed you need something original, and clever, to make the audience feel interested. Grave Envounters may not have been very original, but had an interesting take on hospital institutions. With a sequel in our hands, will Grave Encounters 2 please fans of the first movie, or just please teens who don´t demand more than scary scenes ?

Alex Wright ( Richard Harmon ) is a university student, who loves to party, and also make low budget movies. He is directing a horror movie for a school project, but feels unsatisfied. He feels he needs to do something different, something that may actually give him recognition. Alex becomes curious about the movie Grave Encounters, of what happened of actor Sean Rogerson, and the movie team. Alex arrange a meeting with Grave Encounters producer Jerry Hartfield ( Ben Wilkinson ). Jerry does not have all the answers Alex wish for, so Alex convince his friends to follow him on a journey to Vancouver, Canada. This is where the mental hospital known as Collingwood is located. As the film team arrives, and begin to investigate, they are not prepared for what is about to come.

Even if the first movie was alright, it still had a few flaws. But after watching Grave Encounters 2, i feel that this was only made to make cash. First of all, the acting is pretty terrible. Second of all, the story is dull. This is basically the same movie made again, but with no big surprises. A few times we get a scene that looks pretty good, but along the way it is so easy to fall asleep.  If you are going to make a sequel, make sure you bring something solid and unforgettable. Grave Encounters 2 is not awful all the way, some scenes are pretty scary, but this is not enough. With a sloppy script and uninspiring actors, you feel a certain need for Rob Zombie´s visual ingredients, where you never know what can happen. Skip this one, unless you really loved the first movie, and watch The Devil´s Rejects again, now that is horror in top quality.

Rating: DD

Django Unchained

As i grew up as a kid, i learned to see classic western movies thanks to my grandfather. Especially movies made by Sergio Leone, you could tell that he knew how to make epic western tales. It was also a great introduction of Clint Eastwood´s acting skills, he proved himself to be a solid actor, even at his young age. From the 60´s so many great western movies were made, but one movie that became a cult movie, was Django. Franco Nero made a big impact worldwide, and it was actually forbidden in some countries, because of the violence. One thing is for sure, Django is still today a western movie worth watching. It had a different look than some of the western movies from others made at this time. When i heard Quentin Tarantino was going to bring back Django, in his own version, i was actually curious. This is a director who loves old classics, and can make great tribute to movies, with very big cult status. Jamie Foxx takes on the role as Django, question is, does he deliver a classic performance, or is the original movie so much better than this fresh version ?

It is the year 1858. Male chained slaves are being transported, after being purchased by the Speck Brothers. One of the slaves named Django ( Jamie Foxx ), was sold away from his wife Broomhilde ( Kerry Washington ). As the slaves march through the dark forest, a german dentist named Dr. King Schultz (Christoph Waltz), arrives with his wagon. He finds Django among the slaves, and want to take him with his wagon. The transporters who are responible to get the slaves to their location, does not allow this to happen. Dr. King Schultz kill them, set the slaves free and bring Django with him. Schultz is actually a bounty hunter, and wants Django´s help to kill wanted criminals. Django agrees to kill them, but he wants to find his wife Broomhilde. It turns out she is now a slave at the Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio) plantation. With nothing left to loose, Django is ready to get his woman back, no matter what might happen.

If you´re not a western fan, you might not enjoy this. But if you do, damn you will feel blessed. This is true cinema magic. The acting is fantastic, especially from Samuel L. Jackson as the senior house slave Stephen. Count how many times he says nigger, and i promise you will be busy for quite some time. Jamie Foxx as Django is a really good match, he have always been an actor who manage to find ways to create his character. Let´s not forget Leonardo Di Caprio, i am not his biggest fan, but here is proves why he can deliver an unforgettable performance. Quentin Tarantino still manage to make movies that will please fans of cult movies. He knows he has to make everything as perfect as possible, because Django is a classic cult movie, you have to know your material to make this good. And of course he knows exactly what we need. To compare this with the original movie is complicated, because this is a different story. I see this more of a worthy tribute to the original motion picture, updated in a different way. Django Unchained gives us a hell of a good time, not only because of the acting, but also for the slave story. I can´t think of many western motion pictures that talks about slave plantations, and for that Django Unchained becomes unique. Even if this is almost 3 hours long, you will not get tired. There are so many fantastic scenes, and so many classic lines, Django Unchained is a feast for cult movie maniacs, just like myself.

Rating: DDDD

fredag 8 februari 2013


America, the greatest nation of the world. In some people´s eyes this is how they feel. And what other country have such a great impact on the world like America has ? Politics, culture, health, America seems to have the answers for everything. But then there are issues where America have had problems for many years. Especially in politics, and war issues. One of the best political scandal movies of all time, is without a doubt All The President´s Men, with Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford. The story of 2 newspaper reporters investigating the Watergate scandal with Richard Nixon was both intriguing, and very interesting. That a president could get away with almost anything is shocking. Argo is a movie, based on a true story in Iran in 1979. Ben Affleck, mostly remembered for his earlier movie days, have changed his career in a remarkable way, with movies like Hollywoodland, and The Town, people respect him more than ever, both as an actor and a director. Argo is nominated for 7 academy awards, is Argo worth every nomination, or is this not as good as we would hope ?

On November 4, 1979, militants storm the U.S. embassy in Tehran, Iran, and take over 50 people hostage. 6 people manage to escape the building, and hide in the home of the Canadian embassador Ken Taylor ( Victor Garber ). CIA specialist Tom Mendez ( Ben Affleck ) is contacted to attend a meeting, where he is informed what the situation is at this moment in Tehran. Tom have an idea, to get in and rescue the hostage, he propose that they should pretend make a fake movie, in Tehran, to be able to save the hostage without being suspected. The idea is at first criticised, but the board realise it might actually work. Tom and his supervisor Jack O´Donnell ( Bryan Cranston ) contact Hollywood make-up artist John Chambers ( John Goodman ). John have helped the CIA before arranging disguises. He  approves helping Tom Mendez and his team. They name the movie project Argo, a sci fi movie. As Tom arrives in Iran with his team, he poses to be a producer of Argo, to secretely get in contact with the 6 people hiding in Ken Taylor´s home. Tom provides them with Canadian passports and fake identities, to prepare them to get through security at the airport. Will their identities be revealed ? 

Praise Ben Affleck. He is now one of the best directors around, The Town was excellent in many ways, Argo is even better. This is one of the best political thrillers in many years, the style reminds me of Sidney Poitier, it´s honest and very detailed in every piece of the puzzle. The fact that this actually happened in Iran in the 70´s makes everything even more interesting. Director Ben Affleck does not only deliver behind the camera, but also proof why he is a very talented actor in the lead role. The rest of the cast works very well in this intensive story. The fact that they actually tried to make a fake movie on location, to save the hostage, was a very daring move, but maybe the only chance to actually do something about the situation. Argo is without a doubt one of my favourite movies in a long time. This is the quality i wish more movies would deliver more of. Definitely worth buying on blu ray, and put this one next to All The President´s Men. It is without a doubt great to see that intelligent motion pictures still are being made, especially based on real life events in the past history.

Rating: DDDD

Life Of Pi

Ang Lee is without a doubt one of the directors in this world, who can tell powerful stories, and also make cinema magic. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is a timeless classic, i don´t know how many times i have seen it, but you never get tired of good movies. It takes a certain feeling to make movies that will be remembered. If you think about it, so many movies are released every year, but only a few will leave an impact on the audience. Life Of Pi have made an big impact on audiences and movie crititcs all over the world. Is this the masterpiece we all have been waiting for, or is the hype too big to be true ?

 Pi Patel ( Irrfan Khan ), is a middle aged indian male, is being interviewed by a novelist. Pi is ready to tell the true story, of what happened to him. When Pi was a young boy, his parents owned a zoo, where Pi had great interest in the animals, especially in a Bengal tiger, named Richard Parker. Pi´s father Santosh Pathel ( Adil Hussain ) tells Pi that they must move to Canada, to settle down and sell the animals. At the age of 16, Pi Patel ( Suraj Sharma ), he is travelling with his family by a ship, towards Canada, but a storm sinks the ship, as Pi manage to survive with some of the animals in a life boat. Even Bengal tiger Richard Parker manages to come on board. As a zebra dies, and a hyena on the life boat, Pi Patel and Richard Parker manage to stay alive, on their journey on an endless ocean.

I would not be surprised if Life Of Pi wins at least 3 Academy Awards, most likely for best special effects. Some of the scenes in the ocean are stunning, visually and technically fantastic. This is where Life Of Pi delivers in the best possible way, cinema magic. The beginning of the movie feels kind of simple, and would have needed a different angle. But once you pass the 35 minutes, then you get a completely different type of movie. Leading actor Suraj Sharma is a very talented actor for his young age, only 19 years old. The scenes where he tries to survive the tiger attacks looks astonishing. Ang Lee once again proves why he is such a good director, a very beautiful story told in a cinematic way, you don´t really see very often these days. This is not the masterpiece some movie critics say, but i will say this is a really good adventure movie, for both young people and old. Visually maybe one of the best looking movies in a very long time, and that pretty much says everything you need to know.

Rating: DDD

tisdag 5 februari 2013

The 2013 85th Oscar Academy Awards

It´s finally here, just a few weeks away, we get the greatest movie festival all movie lovers feel excited for, well...most of us. I am going to review some of the oscar nominated movies this week here in my movie review blog. So i need to get my suit, out, and dress up for Oscar night, because it´s going to be exciting. So get ready for Oscar nominated movie reviews, this week on Daniels Super Sexy Movie Reviews.

lördag 2 februari 2013


I love to travel all over the world. See new places, meet new people, and experience things you may never see close to your own home. I have no big problems flying long flights, since i feel pretty relaxed going up in the air. I am aware that things can go wrong, but there is no need to think about that. Then you will be too worried enjoying your trip. When it comes to flying captains, they have to feel a lot of responsibility, to make sure all passengers feel safe. So what do you do as a pilot, when you managed to land a plane during a crash ? Do you just go on living life, or is there a darker side to the story. Legendary director Robert Zemeckis tries to give us an example, of what life is like behind a pilot. Denzel Washington is praised worldwide for his portrait in this movie as a pilot with problems. Is mr Zemeckis latest film his best in many years, or unfortunately a big let down ?

Airline captain William "Whip" Whitaker ( Denzel Washington ) have some serious alcohol problems. Not only that, he also use drugs. As he is getting ready to fly the 9 morning SothJet flight to Atlanta, he tries to stay awake. As the flight take off, the weather condition is really bad. William manage to go through the stormy clouds, as the plane is safe. William tell the passangers everything is stable, as he takes a big vodka juice bottle to the cockpit. As he wakes up, the plane is having some big problems. He manage to get some control over the plane, but need to crash land in a field area. William wakes up in a hospital, where he is notified he saved most passengers lives, except for 6 people. He is considered a hero to most, but when rumours comes out about his abuse problems, his image is not going in the right direction.

After some different genre turns, Robert Zemeckis is back on track with this heavy drama, with a smooth story line. Denzel Washington is absolutely fantastic as the alcohol addicted pilot, who does not seem to care about life. You know that Denzel won´t let you down, and in this case he really shines as pilot William, this is real acting. But hold on, we have more quality acting to mention, like Nicole ( Kelly Rilley ), absolutely loved her in Eden Lake, if you have not seen that movie, just go out there and rent it, no excuses. Here in Flight, Kelly Rilley does a very honest portrait of a female drug abuser, who lost her hope along the way. Another interesting detail about Flight is the different perspective of what is right or wrong ? Is William a hero, even if he have been drinking, or should he be punished legally for this accident ? You have to make your own decision, but Flight gives you a interesting look in to a broken man´s soul. A little bit slow at some moments, but still this is really good. Flight will hopefully win something at The Academy Awards in a few weeks, a motion picture of this quality deserves all the praise it can get.

Rating: DDDD

Hope Springs

Marriage. For most people it´s a big part of our lives. Having kids, finding the perfect home, growing old together with your partner. Life can offer many wonderful things. But somewhere along the way it´s so easy to forget the good parts of your relationship, and what made the chemistry special. From director David Frankel, who also directed The Devil Wears Prada with Meryl Streep, is back with a new motion picture, including Meryl Streep once again, but slightly different from last time.

Kay Soames ( Meryl Streep ) is tired. She feels her marriage to her husband Arnold Soames ( Tommy Lee Jones ) is dead, there is no sex, no surprises, they never do anything together. So, Kay decide to book a week of intense marriage counseling with Dr. Bernie Feld ( Steve Carell ), to find back to their marriage again. Arnold does not want to go, he thinks this is a waste of time, and everything is alright. Eventually he agrees to go with her to Omaha, Nebraska, to both go to the marriage counselor, and also experience a different town. As they begin to open up, they realise how much they need to change, to find back to each other.

In April, i have been in a relationship for 9 years, and i realise i might be in the same situation when i get much older. It´s easy to get lost on the way, you need to spice up your relationship, no matter how you do it, don´t be afraid to try, there is nothing to loose. This is what makes Hope Springs such a good relationship comedy, this is not fake Hollywood style, this is a real life example of how it can be. And you will laugh, the chemistry between Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones is really good. This is a very simple story, with a big heart, without being too glamorous. Tired of Sex And The City ? The give Hope Springs a try, i have a feeling you might actually enjoy this story. Even if it may seem dull on surface, i am sure you will have a smile on your face after watching this couple. Another cup of tea anyone ? 

Rating: DDD