fredag 31 maj 2019

Pet Sematary

I have never been a big reader of books. Why is that ? Well, i prefered to watch VHS films instead back in the 80´s, as i used to hang out with friends who also collected VHS films. I only remember a few books that i did read, and they are perhaps not known for beeing family friendly. Back in the 80´s, i did check some books out by author Stepen King. His horror novels actually got me interested in reading ( for a period of time only ), especially after seeing some of the film adaptations, based on his books. One of the books i remember reading is called Misery, released in 1987. The story of author Paul Sheldon, who is trapped by the psychotic fan Nurse Annie, had a very interesting psychological story to tell. The film adaptation that came out in 1990, is actually very good for being based on Stephen King´s book. Especially the acting from actress Kathy Bates as Nurse Annie, she is amazing as the disturbing Paul Sheldon fan. Legendary actor James Caan also did a really good performance, and i have to say director Rob Reiner managed to capture the right feeling from the book, into the movie adaptation. A must see on DVD or Blu Ray. There are a lot of Stephen King novels that have been made into films, and we could mention a lot of titles. But let´s talk about one novel especially, known as Pet Sematary. The book was released in 1983, and in 1989 a movie adaptation was made from director Mary Lambert. This film is perhaps not the best film, based on a novel by Stephen King. But i have to say that Pet Sematary did work because of a unique story of a pet graveyard. When i heard a remake was going to be made, i was not sure if we needed one. Since i have seen basically all films, based on novels by Stephen King, i had to check out this remake. Is this a horror film that actually manage to deliver something, or is this the remake that never should have been made ?

Dr. Louis Creed ( Jason Clarke ) moves from Boston to the small town of Ludlow, with his wife Rachel Creed ( Amy Seimetz ) and their two children Ellie Creed ( Jeté Laurence ) and Gage Creed ( Hugo & Lucas Lavioe ). As the family begin to explore the area, Ellie sees a group of children wearing animal masks, carrying a dead dog to bury at a cemetery. Ellie is curious about this cemetery, known as Pet Sematary and accidently hurt hurself. Old man Jud Crandall ( John Lithgow ), a neighbor to the Creed family find Ellie at the Pet Sematary and help her. The´Creed family begin to spend time with Jud, as he show Dr. Louis the animal cemetery. When the Creed family´s cat Church is found dead, Louis knows this will break his daughter´s heart. So his neighbor Jud suggest that he bury the cat, beyond the Pet Sematary. Church is brought back to life. Lillie notice that Church is not being himself, that something is wrong with him. But an ever bigger tragedy strikes, when Ellie is killed by a truck. Louis refuse to accept this, and knows a way to bring her back.....

If you are a fan of the original film, i think you will be divided about this remake. I believe some fans of the original film will still prefer the first film, while some fans will still enjoy this new updated version of Pet Sematary. I happen to feel that this film is not so bad, considering this is a remake of a classic 80´s film. One of the things i feel that this remake does well, is not look exactly the same as the original film. The story has not changed a lot, but a few details have been changed to match better with the updated version. If you did see the original film, you might remember the little boy Gage, who were killed by a truck. In this remake it is also a child, but the daughter instead. I think it is a good to not copy too much from the original film, because it would have been too predictable. The acting in this film is ok for the most part, and actress Amy Seimetz ( who you probably have seen in the TV series The Killing ) is one of the most interesting characters. Her character Rachel is clearly struggling with the memories of her dead sister Zelda, and she manage to bring these emotions very well from an acting perspective. Legendary actor John Lithgow as neighbor Jud Crandall is a character with a lot of mystery surrounding him, and Lithgow is a great choice for a character like this. Actor Jason Clarke ( who was fun to see in Terminator: Genisys ) is not as good as i would have liked him to be. Not awful, but for such a big role in this film he should have delivered more. What makes this remake work, is the child actor Jeté Laurence as Ellie. When she is brought back to Life, and does not behave as a normal child, this is where we get some of the best parts of this film. Especially toward the end, where we also get a surprisingly good ending. Directors Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer have made a remake that actually is not too bad. They manage to show respect to the original film, and still make this new version work with the right horror elements. Pet Sematary is worth a watch, especially for fans of Stephen King.

Rating: DDD

The Prodigy

Having children in horror films can be a difficult thing. Since they are usually too young to see horror films themselves, film makers have to find a way to make the film work, without making the experience too scary for the children to feel comfortable. Luckily a lot of directors know how to work with children in a positive and inspiring way. And as long as the project feels serious and guarantee the safety of the child, a lot of us can relate to horror films with children. Because let´s be honest, remember when you were a child and saw a scary film, how did you feel ? I remember the first time i saw A Nightmare On Elm Street 2 on rental VHS at my grandmother´s appartment back in the 80´s. I was too young to watch this, but i did anyway. I could not sleep very much after that. When it comes to films with children included into a horror story, we have a lot of titles to choose between. One of my personal favourites is without a doubt The Omen, released in 1976. The story of Damien, a child who is the actual Antichrist. Directed by legendary director Richard Donner ( one of his best films in his career, even if i really enjoy Superman II and Lethal Weapon ), this horror film works so well, because of the evil atmosphere. The acting from legendary actor Gregory Peck and actress Lee Remick works really well, and we also get a great performance from legendary actor David Warner. Actor Harvey Spencer Travis ( who played young Damian ) also did a great job, doing his role at that very young age. The sequel Damien: Omen II is actually not bad, but not as good as the original film. I think the reason why Omen II is good is because this film managed to keep the atmosphere from the first film, and still tell a different story as Damien is now a 12 year old boy ( played by a different actor, Jonathan Scott Taylor ). Omen III: The Final Conflict is to me the worst of the three films ( there is a 2006 remake of the original film, that is nowhere near as good as The Omen from 1976 ). Earlier this year i started reading cinema reviews about a horror film called The Prodigy. A horror film that tells the story of a creepy child, sounds like my cup of tea. Is this a surprisingly good horror film, or is The Prodigy another release you will easily forget about ?

On August 22, 2010 in Ohio, serial killer Edward Scarka ( Paul Fauteux ) is shot dead during a police at his farmhouse. Edward collected female hands, but one of his victims managed to survive. At the time of Edward´s death, married couple Sarah Blume ( Taylor Schilling ) and John Blume ( Peter Mooney ) give birth to their son Miles, in Pennsylvania. From an early age, it seems that Miles is very intelligent. He learns things quickly, while he might have a problem with his social Life, not having any friends. As Miles ( Jackson Robert Scott ) turns 8 years old, he is behaving very strange, and disturbing. At first Sarah is not worried about her son, but after seeing some really disturbing behavior from Miles, she is about to find out that maybe there is another reason to why Miles is not being an ordinary child.

The Prodigy shows you why you should be careful about certain children. If you see one who kill dogs, beat down other kids with dangerous objects and speak old Hungarian language, this should all be a big warning sign that they might be Jehovah´s Witnesses. Miles is exactly the kid no one would want to have, especially after his body have been taken over by the spirit of a serial killer. I would not say that The Prodigy brings anything new to the table, but this film does work with a killer child ( especially one scene is very effective in a kitchen towards the end ). Let´s talk about the characters. Child actor Jackson Robert Scott gives the best performance in this film. To play a role like this at his age, is of course impressive. Even if he does not do a lot of dialogue, it is the scenes where he speaks little and give some strange looks that gives you a creepy feeling. Actress Taylor Schilling ( who you might have seen in Netflix series Orange Is The New Black ) also give a solid performance. One of the characters i actually feel is very interesting, is the recarnation expert Arthur, played by actor Colm Feore ( remember him as Lord Marshal in The Chronicles Of Riddick ? ). Colm give the character Arthur the right depth, and professional look that this kind of character needs. So how does The Prodigy work as a horror film ? I would say that as a horror film focusing on a child, this is not a bad piece of work. The atmosphere feels connected to the disturbing background story, and i especially feel that it was the right choice to tell the story of an unsetteled spirit, instead of another demon possessed body with exorcism. Director Nicholas McCarthy ( who directed the 2012 film The Pact, somewhat of a cult film for some horror fans ) have made a horror film that will be appreciated by fans of The Omen and the great horror film Orphan. The Prodigy is a good choice for a horror film this summer on DVD or Blu Ray, especially during family gatherings. After all, i know there are other kids like Miles out there, who just want to have fun…..

Rating: DDD

torsdag 30 maj 2019

35 Years Anniversary Review Of Conan The Destroyer

I remember going down to our local comic book store, between 1990 and 1994. The store was shut down later on in the 90´s, so i think i visited the comic book store the last time around 1994. I used to buy both comic books and CD albums, since the owner tried to sell other stuff as well ( even some VHS films that no one seemed to want ). But one of the comic books i really loved to find in this comic book store was Conan The Barbarian. I loved the original film from 1982, based on the character, created by writer Robert E. Howard. The film managed to capture the character of Conan, and perhaps we have to thank legendary actor Arnold Schwarzenegger also for doing a classic performance. The original film by director John Milius ( who also directed the classic 1984 film Red Dawn with Patrick Swayze ), felt like a worthy adaptation of the character. I have to mention that James Earl Jones as evil Thulsa Doom, a great evil character for a film like this. You could say that this was the first big break for Schwarzenegger in Hollywood before The Terminator. When a sequel was going to be made, another director stepped in to continue the story of Conan. And this turned out to be a sequel known as Conan The Destroyer, released in 1984. This film is directed by Richard Fleischer ( who you might remember for his 1973 sci fi film Soylent Green ) and had a smaller tone of violence than the first film. Another detail that this film had compared to the first film, was more of a comedy tone. I remember seeing both films on VHS and i always loved the first film more. But when i looked around what films would turn out 35 years old this year, i noticed that Conan The Destroyer was on the list. I have not seen this film since 2005, on DVD. So i thought it would be a good time to go back and see how i feel about the film now. Is this Conan sequel better than i remembered, or have this sequel become worse over the years ?

Conan ( Arnold Schwarzenegger ) and his companion, thief Malak ( Tracey Walter ) are confronted by Queen Taramis ( Sarah Douglas and her men. She ask Conan to help her, and if he agree to do so she will help him ressurect his lost love, Valeria. The mission that Conan needs to do, is to bring Princess Jehnna ( Olivia d´Abo ) to the castle of wizard Thoth-Amon ( Pat Roach ), who is destined to restore the jeweled horn of the dreaming god Dagoth. On this journey they bring Akiro The Wizard ( Mako ) to join them, and the female warrior Zula ( Grace Jones ) to help them. But this journey is not about to be as easy as it seemed to be. Queen Tamaris have some other plans for Princess Jehnna.

Going back to watch this Conan sequel after so many years, i can appreciate certain things they tried to do with this film. The characters are not as serious as in the first film, you also get a different approach by the story this time, you could say this is a more simple film. In some ways, Conan The Destroyer is the sequel that tried to go in a different approach, with a more humoristic tone. Let´s be honest and say, this is not a film you want to see because of the acting. In fact, the acting here is not good, not even from Arnold. But that´s ok, this is the kind of film you want to see just to see sword fights, monsters, bad dialogue and bad special effects. Back in 1984 you did not have CGI or green screen, so you can tell a lot of locations were built for the film, and the costumes were specially designed to fit into the world of Conan. Let´s talk about the characters for a while. Schwarzenegger as Conan is of course the best part of this film. He may not act very good, but his sword fighting and his brutal personality fit with this character. Nice to see legendar actor Mako back as Akiro The Wizard. He is one of the characters that made the first Conan film special, and he works well in this sequel as well. Actress Olivia d´Abo as Princess Jehnna may not be the biggest highlight of this film, but actually one of the few performances i enjoy of her film career. Legendary NBA player Will Chamberlain as the character Bombataa is actually a character that works well, an old school warrior that have no problem with combat situations. One of my favourite characters in this film is Zula, played by legendary actress / artist Grace Jones. She is rough, shows no respect and especially one scene is funny when Princess Jehnna asks :- How do i get a man ? and Zula answers :- Grab him, take him. Even if the make up effects are sometimes bad, and the special effects are not top quality, Conan The Destroyer is a film for fans of this genre. This is not the sequel we were hoping for, since the original film is such a classic. But this is still an entertaining film for other reasons. Director Richard Fleischer made a sequel that fans of Schwarzenegger and Conan will appreciate for many generations ahead. Even if this sequel have problems, i still see the entertainment value in Conan The Destroyer.

Rating: DDD

lördag 25 maj 2019

The 27 Club


A year when i was listening to a lot of great music albums. I used to play Soundgarden´s amazing album Superunknown a lot in my CD stereo, on very high volume. Especially to the song Spoonman, with the magic voice of lead singer Chris Cornell ( RIP, we miss you bro ). This was also the year when i played Jamiroquai´s magic second album The Return Of The Space Cowboy, a very strange studio album ( perhaps they did smoke a lot of pot like Jay Kay have said in interviews during the studio sessions ), but still a very good album. Of course this year was unique since this was the year when Rollins Band released their best studio album Weight, with fantastic songs like Disconnect, Liar and Shine. But the year of 1994 probably is mostly known for the tragic headlines worldwide, when Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain was found dead, where the evidence turned towards suicide. If you were a teenager like me in the early 90´s, i think most people owned the Nirvana album Nevermind. Nirvana made music that a lot of teenagers could relate to, and Kurt Cobain had a voice that no one will forget. I remember when i heard the news of his death in April 5th, 1994. I was shocked, as many of my school friends were. Especially one class mate of mine named Michael, he was a huge Nirvana fan. I remember seeing him crying, and becoming even more depressed after the news. I have seen the great documentary film Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck, a film worth checking out if you love the music of Kurt Cobain. He died only 27 years old, and the same happened to English singer Amy Winehouse on July 23, 2011. Amy had a very unique voice, and her album Back To Black was a huge success. Unfortunately with drug and alcohol problems, Amy passed away too soon just like Kurt Cobain. I recently came across a movie review on YouTube channel Screen Stars of the film The 27 Club, a horror film that links the death of famous people at the age of 27. Is this a surprisingly good horror film, or is this a very silly concept that does not work at all ?

Singer-songwriter Lily ( Maddisyn Carter ) is chasing fame, while her friend journalist student Jason ( Derrick Denicola ), investigate why famous musicians and artists are dying at the age of 27. Famous rock singer Caleb ( Adam Celentano ) was found dead under mysterious circumstances. Lily is fascinated about The 27 Club as well, and realise that this could be her way to become famous. But does she really understand what she is getting herself into ?

I have to say, this is a horror film that is quite different from most B movie releases. While some B horror Movies use a lot of ideas that we have seen so many times before, but The 27 Club manage to stand out for trying something different. I like the idea of a demon being behind the kills of all these famous music artists, as if they signed a contract to the Devil. The acting in this film is very divided, but there are especially 2 characters i enjoy in this film. Let us start with lead actress Maddisyn Carter, who plays Lily. It is nice to see a female character who makes an impact, and i especially enjoy her just being rough. I don´t buy her quick fame transformation, as if she became famous over night, but she does a good job with her character. The other character i enjoy in this film is actor Todd Rundgren as Professor Crawford. He really is a perfect choice for this character, and i love his hippie style. Especially in one scene in the record store Lily works, where Professor Crawford tries to teach a young man what to listen to, and aviod crappy modern artists. I have to mention actor Eugene Henderson, who plays music legend Jimi Hendrix. He actually did a good job portraying the legendary artist. The portrait of Lily as an artist does not feel very interesting, because it does not feel like she is singing. Maybe it was hard to do this another way, but i would rather have wanted to hear actress Maddisyn Carter sing with a live voice, that would have been a nice touch. The strength of The 27 Club is when you see the actual demon coming into our world, taking the lives of those who have agreed to sign the contract. There are a few parts of the film that tries to explore another story, but you don´t really feel interested in that. Director Patrick Fogarty ( who directed a lot of episodes on TV series Average Joe ) have made a horror film that you have to say feels unique. He may not have found the right tone, to make this film more interesting. But i do enjoy his effort to do something different in a genre that needs some fresh ideas. The 27 Club shows that there is still hope for low budget horror films, if you dare to do something different in this genre. A film worth checking out if you enjoy B horror movies. I am glad i have survived The 27 Club, turning 42 years old this summer. I guess the Devil wont get my signature after all, unless he gives me a lot of Ron De Jeremy Rum, then we might have a conversation.....

Rating: DDD

fredag 24 maj 2019

Another Pick For Is It Really That Bad, Wolvesbayne

Cheers everyone !

Daniel here, the amazing movie review guy from Sweden, Really ? Yes, i must be since i have all the albums from Hanson, that has to impress you all right ? I have looked through a list of films i have never seen, that movie critics have not been impressed with, and i came across a film i never heard about called Wolvesbayne. Released in 2009, a mixture of werewolves and vampires, and have legendary action actor Mark Dacascos in one of the roles. I also noticed that actress Yancy Butler is here ( remember her from the Witchblade TV movie, and the TV series of Witchblade ? ) This has to be a future classic right ? I will be writing a review for this film in August, if everything goes as planned, to the segment Is It Really That Bad ? I will be doing some more choices for this segment during autumn, but Wolvesbayne will be fun to see for sure ( if it´s any good is no guarantee of course ). Im publishing my last reviews for this month soon, and i will be getting ready for new movie reviews in June. Have a great weekend, never trust the Norwegians, and remember it is ok to be naked in the forest ( i have tried, it actually worked ).

See you soon folks!

Cheers from Daniel

tisdag 21 maj 2019

10 Years Anniversary Review Of Disctrict 9

Science fiction films is a genre i started very early in my youth. I remember going downtown to our favourite video rental store Videomix, where i used to rent a hell of a lot of VHS films. In fact, one time the owner even told me to slow down, that i rented too many titles. I was probably one of their biggest rental customers, and there was a good reason to why i were so active. I always wanted to make sure i saw the latest titles, and even rented the films that looked terrible. I especially remember 2 titles on the sci fi section that i really enjoyed on VHS, back in early 90´s. The 1993 sci fi drama film Fire In The Sky, directed by Robert Lieberman. This film is based on a book named The Walton Experience by author Travis Walton. In the book, Travis Walton tell us his story of how he experiences being abducted by aliens in 1975. But skeptics believe this is not true, and believe that this is all a lie. This does not affect the quality of the film though. In my opinion, Fire In The Sky is the best alien abduction film so far, and have a great cast of actors Robert Patrick, Peter Berg, Henry Thomas, D.B. Sweeny, James Garner, Craig Scheffer and many others. This is a film worth buying on DVD, unless you can find a Blu Ray release of course. The second film i remember enjoying on VHS back in the 90´s, is a film called Split Second with legendary actor Rutger Hauer. Directed by Tony Maylam, the film tells the story of Detective Harley Stone, who is looking for a serial killer in London, in the year of 2008. But it turns out that this is no ordinary serial killer, perhaps something that is not human. Also a film worth owning on DVD or Blu Ray. I recently went through a lot of sci fi titles that is turning 10 years this year, and i came across the film District 9, from respected director Neil Blomkamp. I loved this film 10 years ago, and i have not seen it since then. I thought it would be a good time to see it 10 years later, to see if my opinion have changed between these years. Is this still a very solid film, or have this film lost some of the magic ?

In 1982, a gigantic extraterrestrial spaceship arrives and hovers over the South African city of Johannesburg. An investigation team finds over one millions prawn looking aliens inside. The South African government relocates them into a camp called District 9. However, over the years District 9 turns into a slum, and locals complain about the behavior of the aliens. They are filthy, law breakers who bleed resources of Johannesburg. In 2010, following unrest between locals and aliens, the government hires Multinational United ( MNU ), a huge weapon manufacturer, to relocate the aliens to a new camp outside the city. Piet Smit ( Louis Minaar ), an MNU executive, appoints his son-in-law, Wikus van de Merwe ( Sharlto Copley ), to lead the relocation. But the mission for Wikus and the MNU team, is about to be more complicated than they expected.

When you see a film that is 10 years old, and it still feels like one of the better films in the sci fi genre, you know this film will be loved my many generations ahead. District 9 is not only a fantastic looking sci fi film, the story could easily be connected with events happening today with refugee camps, and a lot of refugee stories we have heard on the news for many years now. When you think about it, you can sense a similar tone in this film, that this was a way to show how you would treat refugees from another country if they came to another country. How do we solve the big refugee numbers ? Put them in slum camps. Of course this film is about aliens instead, but you can sense that the refugee situation worldwide is a part of this film, told in a different way. District 9 does not only tell the story of divided species, but also talk about other subjects such as diversity, culture differences, different society classes and communication between different species. Let´s get into the acting for a bit. Lead actor Sharlto Copley is really good as the character Wikus van de Merwe. Sharlto really show his ability to act very emotionally, and use both his body and face expressions to show you how he feels through his mutation. Actor Jason Cope, who does several character in this film, but should most of all be mentioned for his performance as District 9 prawn Christopher Johnson, who fights together with Wikus in the end of the film. David James as Colonel Koobus Venter, a brutal PMC mercenary soldier is perfect for this character. Eugene Khumbanyiwa as the psychopathic Nigerian leader Obesandjo, is also a performance you will not forget. Even if the story of District 9 is very well constructed we have to talk a little bit about the amazing special effects. The design of the prawn aliens looks really effective, and works really well with the storyline. Considering the budget of this film, i would say that the design of these aliens look better than most Hollywood big box office releases. Director Neil Blomkamp have made a sci fi film that will be considered to be a cult classic in the future, I really appreciate his other films as well, but District 9 is his best film so far, and one of the most intelligent sci fi films you can find to watch. This is a must have in your DVD or Blu Ray collection, and please schools worldwide show this film for teenagers. They might start to think more about the refugee problems worldwide, and that is something we need to make sure will work better.

Rating: DDDD

lördag 18 maj 2019

I Trapped The Devil

Horror movies are not as fun to watch today in Hollywood, as they used to be. Back in the 80´s there was a lot of fun releases, and even in the 90´s. But after the millenium, things changed to the worse. A lot of horror films made by bigger studios felt uninspired, too predictable. There are some great titles as well of course, but not as many as it should be. This is why independent horror films have turned out to make a lot more great releases over the years, and there are plenty of titles to choose between. Independent horror films does not rely on budget, they know how to tell stories and also combine interesting horror ideas. Let us go through two indpependent horror films i really enjoy. The 2009 independent horror film known as House Of The Devil, is directed by Ti West. This is a very well made horror film, that tells the story of college student Samantha ( well played by actress Jocelin Hughes ) who is struggling with her economy as a student, so she takes a job as a babysitter in an old house. What seems to be a normal house, turns out to be something completely else. House Of The Devil is a very well made throwback to the 60´s and 70´s horror films with satanic influences, and director Ti West knew exactly how to make this film for fans of this genre. Another film i came to think about is the 2014 film known as It Follows. A very creepy horror film from director David Robert Mitchell, where a supernatural entity will follow you and kill you, unless you find another victim to sacrifice to the entity. What makes It Follows so good, is that you get to see the entity shape into different bodies, and you never know where it will show up or who will be a victim. Worth a watch on Blu Ray or DVD, if you want to rent something good. I mentioned House Of The Devil earlier, and i recently got to hear about a film that got some really positive feedback called I Trapped The Devil. Being such a huge indenepent horror film like me, i had to check this film out on VOD. Is this one of the better horror releases this year, or did it turn out to be worse than i expected ?

In an old christmas decorated house, lives Steve ( Scott Poythress ) alone. He gets an unexpected visit from his brother Matt ( AJ Bowen ) and his wife Karen ( Susan Burke ). As they see how Steve is doing, they become worried. Steve seems to be very mentally unstable, and worst of all is that he actually believe he have trapped the Devil in his basement. Matt and Karen try to listen to what Steve is saying, but are not sure if they can believe him. Steve is convinced he is telling the truth. Could he be telling the truth, or is Steve having some very serious mental problems ?

Finally !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A damn good horror film is here for everyone to enjoy. I Trapped The Devil is the best horror film i have watched so far this year, and i will explain why without giving away spoilers. First of all the atmosphere of this film feels so well constructed. The old house with the christmas lights, the colors of certain scenes, the cinematography is such a pleasure to watch and the acting in this film is really damn good. How often do you get all of this in a horror film these days ? This film reminds me of old school horror films of the 70´s and 80´s, but does not feel predictable. Let´s get into the acting for a bit. Actor Scott Poythress ( who you probably have seen in TV series Reckless ) as Steve, is absolutely brilliant. You ask yourself throughout the film, is he insane or is he actually telling the truth ? Scott manage to balance his character in such a powerful way, that you would want to know more about his background. We do get a small detail later in the film, that reveal something interesting. What about the rest of the cast ? There are 2 more characters that are connected with the main character. AJ Bowen ( remember him as Victor Ullman in House Of The Devil ? ) plays Steve´s brother Sam. He also manage to deliver a strong character, who is worried about his brother´s disturbing environment. Actress Susan Burke ( who i remember from independent horror anthology film Southbound ) also deliver a solid performance as Sam´s wife Karen. Since this film does not rely on any jump scares, it is more about the psychological perspective of character Steve, and you try to figure out what is really going on in this house. Director Josh Lobo have made a really interesting horror film, and i am shocked how good he have made his first directorial debut film. We really need this guy to make more horror films in the future, and we might be able to have quality horror films back on track. I Trapped The Devil is at this moment my favourite independent horror film of this year. This film will be released on DVD and Blu Ray in august, so make sure to support the film and buy a physical copy. Until then, enjoy this film on VOD and i guarantee you will be very pleased.

Rating: DDDD

torsdag 16 maj 2019

Miss Bala


For most people we think about tacos, beer, tequila, great music and of course beautiful women, But for people like Donald Trump, he only think about building a wall. Why is he so afraid of mexicans ? The truth is that the mexican people are not dangerous at all. Sure there are drug cartels and criminals in Mexico, but you have them in every country, even in America. So no matter how many walls you build, you can never stop criminals, you just punish ordinary workers instead. We don´t need walls, we need to respect each other, no matter what country we are from. One of the things i Always think about when i hear Mexico, is of course the wondeful, beautiful film From Dusk Till Dawn from director Robert Rodriguez. Released in 1996, tells the story of criminals Gecko Brothers ( played by George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino ) who kidnap a family and plan to finish some business at the Titty Twister, a night club out in the mexican desert. This film has all the right elements, lots of action, body parts flying, naked girls, vampires, alcohol, cool characters, great dialogue, and fantastic music. I still consider this to be one of the best films from director Robert Rodriguez, and this is a must have on DVD or Blu Ray, also a perfect gift to the whole family. Another film that makes me think about Mexico is the 2007 film known as Borderland. Directed by Zev Berman, this film tells the story of three college students who travel to Mexico and accidently stumble upon a human-sacrifice cult. This is actually a great horror film, Since it manage to mix Mexican culture and religion in a brutal, but effective way. If you love horror films, i Think you should give this film a chance. In 2011 there was a Mexican film called Miss Bala, that movie critics worldwide recommended. I have not seen it yet, but i am curious to see it. Now we have a remake with the same name from director Catherine Hardwicke ( who directed Lords Of Dogtown ). Is this a solid remake, or is the new Miss Bala a disaster from start to finish ?

Gloria Fuentes ( Gina Rodriguez ) is a make up artists from L.A., who struggles to find her way in life. Gloria goes to Tijuana, Mexico to visit her best friend Suzu Ramos ( Cristina Rodlo ) to help her prepare for the Miss Baja California pageant competition. On a night out, Gloria and Suzu head to a night club to hopefully meet some important people, who are connected to Miss Baja California pageant competition. But the night ends with mexican drug cartels going in shooting down people, as Gloria manage to escape. She have no idea if Suzu is alive, but the next morning she confronts a police officer for help. He turns out to be corrupted, and take her straight into the hands of Las Estrellas members, a drug cartel gang. Their leader Lino Esparza ( Ismael Cruz Córdova ) order them to take her to him. He has an offer, she work for them and her friend Suzu and her son will be ok, or they could easily wipe them both out. Gloria have no other way out, she is forced to follow the rules.

Since i have not seen the original film from 2011, i can´t compare these films, so i will just give my opinions about this remake. If you are looking for great acting, this remake of Miss Bala is not what you are looking for. This is more made for people who enjoy action films, especially that reminds us of the action films of the 90´s. We get lots of guns, some explosions and other violence as well. If you enjoy these things in a film, then you probably have found the right film for you. To be honest, sometimes it is just nice to watch an action film that does not focus on acting, and focus more about delivering action scenes. What about the plot ? The plot is very simple, and we have seen this type of plot before. But it works, considering it fits into the story of drug cartels. The characters may not be very strong in this film, but lead actress Gina Rodriguez ( who you might have seen in TV series Jane The Virgin ) as the victim Gloria is actually the strongest character in this film. It is nice to see a female character that i believe  many women could relate to. If you look at her situation, i am sure most women would do the same to protect the ones you love, to make sure no one gets hurt. There is one more character i did enjoy in this film ( even if his acting is not great ), and that is the character Lino, played by actor Ismael Cruz Córdova. His performance of this drug cartel chief, gives you a bigger understanding on why he lives a life filled with problems. He only knows how to be a criminal, and making money is everything. Anything bad about this film ? Except for some bad acting, i would say i would have wanted some unexpected twists in this film, and it could have been more fun. Other than that, i can´t complain since this is made to be a pure action film for a certain kind of audience. Director Catherine Hardwicke may not have made one of her better films, but still manage to deliver a film that will be appreciated by people who enjoy this genre. If you love action movies in general, give Miss Bala a chance. This is popcorn entertainment where you don´t need to use your brain cells, just have a good time and enjoy the ride.

Rating: DDD

fredag 10 maj 2019

Important Information For Trump Lovers, And Tree Huggers !

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New movie reviews are on the way, but i wanted to update you on when the 25 years anniversary review of Conan The Destroyer is coming. It has been delayed because of me, i had forgotten to finish it since i had so many reviews to go through, and wich ones i would publish first or later. But it will be published later this month, so if you have waited for it, now you know. So have a lovely weekend and i will see you soon. Got some fresh movie reviews on the way that will rock your socks off. 

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söndag 5 maj 2019

Escape Room

Puzzles can be tricky, especially if you have to out together big puzzles with over 1000 pieces. I have tried, and trust me i could not go all the way through. Maybe i don´t have enough patience, or maybe i need to try and think differently on how to solve puzzles. Puzzles can be made in different ways, it is not always small pieces you put together, some are a bit more complicated than that. There are several great films that used puzzles and math combined, especially the 1997 cult classic film known as Cube. This film tells the story of a group of selected people who wake up inside a cube, where every room could have deadly traps. They need to figure out how the cube works to get out, using the right number combinations on each door. This is a very intelligent film, and one of the films of the 90´s that turned out to be original. Let´s stay within the same year and talk about another film that takes on another kind of puzzle. The 1997 thriller The Game, from director David Fincher, is one of the best thrillers of the 90´s with a very good performance by legendary actor Michael Douglas. He plays the wealthy investment banker Nicolas Van Orton, who is given a birthday present from his brother Conrad Van Orton ( played by legendary actor Sean Penn ). This gift is a voucher for a " game " offered by a company called Consumer Recreation Services ( CRS ). But what Nicolas does not know, is that this game is very different from anything else that he have seen before. The Game is a very intelligent thriller, how you handle different situations in a game that feels very serious, and if you can figure out how to survive. A must see on DVD or Blu Ray. Recently i picked up a new Blu Ray of the film Escape Room, a film i wanted to see Since the beginning of this year. Is this an intelligent horror film, or is it " same business as usual " and very predictable ?

In Chicago, Illinois, physics student Zoey Davis ( Taylor Russell ), stockboy Ben Miller ( Logan Miller ), daytrader Jason Walker ( Jay Ellis ), war veteran Amanda Harper ( Deborah Ann Woll ), trucker Mike Nolan ( Tyler Labine ) and escape room enthusiast Danny Khan ( Nik Dodani ) all receive invitations to the Minos Escape Room Facility, with a chance to win 10.000 US dollars. Everyone arrives to the facility waiting room, but none of these people know what they are about to experience. 

If you wanted to see a different take on puzzle films, i can´t say that Escape Room will bring you any big surprises. However, there are parts of this film i actually enjoy, because of the chemistry between the characters, trapped to play each game. You could say that Escape Room is a combination of the Saw films, The Game and even a little bit of Cube. One of the best scenes in this film is actually a pool bar room, where they have to figure out a puzzle on a bar wall. I mentioned the characters, so we should talk about them for a bit. Lead actress Taylor Russel ( who you probably recognize from the great TV series Falling Skies ) does a good performance as the intelligent character Zoey Davis. It is nice to see a strong female character in a film like this, but she´s not the only one. I also enjoy actress Deborah Ann Woll ( remember her from TV series True Blood ? ) as the tough character Amanda Harper. She is not afraid to take chances, and i really enjoy Devorah´s effort into her character. The male roles are not bad, but there are a few that stands out. Actor Logan Miller ( who you probably remember from the film Before I Fall, worth checking out ) as the trouble filled Ben Miller is one of those characters you get frustrated on, and also feel sorry for. Logan does this character in a way that fits with the story. Jay Ellis ( who you might recognize from TV series Insecure ) is a survival type with his character Jason Walker, something he manage to do well. The plot is actually not that bad, Since we do get a few surprises along the way. I also like that the film tries to focus on making surprises with the puzzles and the clues, and don´t become too predictable. Perhaps i would have liked a stronger ending, but can´t complain otherwise. Director Adam Robitel directed the well made horror film The Taking, a film i still enjoy even today. Escape Room may not be as good as The Taking, but i still feel director Adam Robitel have managed to do a horror film that is entertaining, and more clever than most horror releases these days. If you love thriller horror films, and enjoy puzzles and clues, i have a feeling Escape Room is your perfect match. What can i say, i had a good time with this film, i might even start doing puzzles from now on.

Rating: DDD


Politics can be very dramatic, fascinating and very boring as well. It all depends on what subjects you are listening too. I have listened to different debates between politicians, both here in Sweden and in other countries. And i have learned one important lesson, that in Ukraine they have a different approach to how you solve political problems. I have seen them fist fight in parlament, and i have to say, well done Ukraine. I would love to see Swedish politicians do this in our parlament. Why ? Because Swedish politicians are very boring, there is no action. That is why we would need a personality like Superstylisten Jonas ( a wonderful TV personality ) as a politician in Sweden. I have a feeling things would turn around in a much more positive way ( he might even make sure that everything sparkle more in parlament ). I enjoy listening to American politicians as well, especially Trump supporters who believe that frogs are gay because of chemicals in water. Do they actually believe this ? Yes, this has been confirmed, and i love these insane details and hope they say more crazy things. Ever since Trump became president, we have a lot of American politicians who are either against him or agree with him. And next year we will have to see if he will remain his position as president. If you hear the name Dick Cheney, what is your first reaction ? My first reaction is that he was the vice president of the United States from 2001 to 2009. That is a very long time, and he is seen as the least favored politicians in the history of U.S. I remember hearing Dick Cheney talk on different TV news shows, and seeing him on the George Bush campaign back in 2000. Last year i read in Empire Magazine about a film coming out, based on the life of former vice precident Dick Cheney. And when i saw that actor Christian Bale will be playing Dick Cheney, of course i was excited. Bale have delivered so many great films such as American Psycho, American Hustle and of course the 3 Batman movies he is in. Since i do not know much about Dick Cheney´s private Life, i was curious to see if this film called Vice would give us an interesting portrait of one of the least favored politicians of America. With a great cast and a well known director, is Vice exactly what we were hoping for, or is this a film no one will remember ?

Wyoming, 1963. Dick Cheney ( Christian Bale ) works as a lineman. Alcohol problems caused him to drop out of Yale University. One night he is driving drunk, and is stopped by a policeman and is arrested. His wife Lynne Cheney ( Amy Adams ) is fed up with his drinking problems, and demand that he needs to clean up his life. After working his way through, he finally get a turning point in 1969, as he gets to work as an intern in the White House during the Nixon Administration. As the 70´s arrive, Dick Cheney is about to go an a long journey into politics, that will affect both his life, but also politics in America. This will also give him an even bigger position in the White House. But is Dick Cheney ready for what the future will bring, or have he taken a position he can´t handle ?

If you make a biographical film on a famous politician, you need to have the right tone, mix serious topics and also be able to have some humour in there as well. And this is something Vice actually manage to do. Of course this is not a film for people who don´t like a lot of dialogue, but this is a very intelligent film that brings up some very important periods of vice president Dick Cheney´s life, even his younger years when alcohol caused some problems. Lead actor Christian Bale as Dick Cheney is really good, and he delivers a realistic portrait of Cheney. Let´s talk about some of the other cast members for a while. Actress Amy Adams ( who i really enjoyed in American Hustle and the sci fi film Arrival ) plays Lynne Vincent Cheney, and i will be honest and say she delivers one of the best performances in this film. She gives a performance that is worthy nominations in film festivals. Comedian actor Steve Carell ( who i recently posted a review on his film Welcome To Marwen just a few days ago ) plays Donalds Rumsfeld. The thing about Steve is that he is a very good dramatic actor, and he shows that clearly in this film as he manage to deliver a solid performance. One surprise for me is to see actor Sam Rockwell as former president George W Bush, and he is better than i expected in this role. Actress Alison Pill ( who i dearly loved in the film Milk ) also gives a solid performance as Mary Cheney. I Think one thing that makes Vice an interesting view into the Life on Dick Cheney, is that we get to understand things from his perspective. Did he do the right choices, or could he have made better decisions ? I think you will have to feel for yourself, how you feel about what impact Cheney made in politics. Director Adam McKay ( who directed both Anchorman films will Will Ferell ) knows how to make a political film correctly. This is a really well made drama film, that will hopefully give you a more personal view on who Dick Cheney is. If you love politics and history, this is a film you need to see. 

Rating: DDDD

torsdag 2 maj 2019

My Next Choice For My Segment, Is It Really That Bad ?

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I hope you are enjoying your May barbecues, running naked in the forest and listening to Sting Greatest Hits, this is a combination i do every May. Why ? I guess this is just a typical combination for happy Swedish people like me. So it has been fun doing my segment Is It Really That Bad? so far, and i watched 2 films that i was very divided about. So now this summer, it is time to choose my next pick for this segment. And i found a movie called Grendel ( also known as Beowulf, depending on titles in different countries ), released in 2007.

This is not the 2007 animated film from director Robert Zemeckis, just to make sure you are not confused.

I noticed that actor Chris Bruno is in this film, who you might remember as Sheriff Walt Bannerman in TV series The Twilight Zone. Grendel is a film that not many critics enjoyed, so it seems to be a perfect choice for my segment. I can´s say exactly when this review will be posted, but let´s guess around the end of June. More fresh movie reviews are on the way, so have a great weekend, and remember, Aaron Carter have never made a bad album ( anyone who says he have does not know quality music like i do ). See you soon movie lovers.

Cheers from Daniel !


Older people have a lot to tell us, in many different ways. They have seen so much happening in society, they have experienced big historical events, and they have a lot of knowledge that a younger generation can learn from. Unfortunately, here in Sweden i see that older people are not being respected as much as they should be. Since i work in health care, and have worked here for many years, i see some of the problems that should have been taken care of, to make lives for older people as good as possible. Instead i hear politicians promising things they can´t do, they spend the money on champagne party´s and strippers instead. This is the reality folks. When i was in Thailand on vacation, i saw something that made me happy. Thai people really take care of older people, no matter where they are from. And i could tell that they respect older people, doing everything they can to make their lives better. This is the way it should be in Sweden. When i think of films that brings up the subject about becoming older. There are quite many great titles to choose between, but especially one film came to my mind right away. The 2002 film About Schmidt, with legendary actor Jack Nicholson, tells the story of retired Warren Schmidt, who decides to go on a road trip after his wife passed away. This is a charming drama comedy, how hard it can be when you are old and lonely, but this film also shows that you can take chances in life. Jack Nicholson is brilliant as Warren Schmidt and give us a realistic look on how quickly life can change, and how you deal with this. If you have not seen About Schmidt, i suggest you pick it up on DVD or Blu Ray, or if you find it on Netflix. Recently i was reading some movie reviews on a British film called Tucked. I found the story fascinating, telling the story of an old man struggling with cancer. Since i love British films, is Tucked another highlight you should see, or is this a film that should have been better ?

Draq queen Jackie ( Derren Nesbitt ) loves to entertain the audience. But after some serious health issues, he is forced to visit a doctor. He finds out he have cancer, and the cancer have spread too far, and the doctors can´t do anything. He is given a very short period to live. Jackie becomes close friend with drag queen Faith ( Jordan Stephens ), who is very sad over the news of Jackie´s health.  Faith sleeps in his car, and this is something Jackie can not accept, so he asks Faith to live with him. They build up a friendship, as Jackie struggles with his health problems, while he is trying to connect with his daughter Lily ( April Pearson ). Will Jackie live life until his time is running out, or is it too late ?

It is not often i see a really funny drama film, that also manage to touch your heart. But this is exactly what Tucked manage to do. You have a story of old man Jackie, who loves to perform as a woman but is very lonely in his private life. You see his daily struggles, trying to deal with his cancer, while trying to perform as long as possible. There is a very realistic portrait here, of how it can be to grow old. But this film also manage to show the life of being a draq queen. Lead actor Derren Nesbitt ( who played Inspector Grosse in the 1990 comedy Bullseye! with Roger Moore and Michael Caine ) as drag queen Jackie is absolutely brilliant. He really manage to balance the comedy and the dramatic scenes in a very professional way. To be honest, i think that this is the best acting i have seen Derren Nesbitt do in his career, he is seriously really good here. Draq queen Faith ( really good acting from Jordan Stephens ) becomes the close friend to Jackie, and this film really shows that you can find friends, no matter what age you are. One of the things i feel this film does well, is to show that it is never too late to fix things in your life that you regret. You may not be able to change the past, but you can make it right now. Director Jamie Patterson have made a film that is needed to be seen by all ages in society. We need to show the world that it is ok to be who you are, and no matter what happens in your life you can never give up to enjoy yourself. Tucked is a film that i will not forget, because this film touched my heart more than most films does these days. A really well made drama comedy that shows you why we need to respect older people, and also let them live their lives in any way they want. I suggest you pick up Tucked on DVD or Blu Ray in online stores, and see this film with the whole family. This is the best drama comedy i have seen this year so far.

Rating: DDDD

onsdag 1 maj 2019

What Should You Check Out On DVD / Blu Ray, That You Probably Never Heard Of ?

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Daniel here, preparing new reviews for a new month. Since May is here and we are getting closer to summer, i thought i should give you a great advice on what to see on DVD or Blu Ray, that you probably never heard about. The 2013 supernatural mystery thriller Odd Thomas, never got a chance to be released in theatres worldwide. This film tells the story of Odd Thomas ( played by actor Anton Yelchin ) who is a psychic who believe he can see dead people. This is an odd film, and i think the title is a really good way to tell that this is not your typical DVD / Blu Ray release. You have both great characters, and a different way to tell a supernatural story. Legendary actor Willem Dafoe is also in this film, doing a great performance as well. So why should you pick up Odd Thomas on DVD or Blu Ray ? Because this is a film that never got a chance to become a cult film, and Odd Thomas deserves to be seen as a cult film. If you enjoyed Peter Jackson´s classic 90´s film The Frightners, i have a feeling you will enjoy this film as well. So if you plan to find something to buy on DVD or Blu Ray this summer, i suggest you pick up Odd Thomas from online shops, or if you find it in your DVD / Blu Ray rental store, and i guarantee you will have a good time. New movie reviews are on the way, so keep your eyes open and i will see you soon again.

Cheers from Daniel

Level 16

Brainwashing people is something you see everyday in society and in social media. Politicians are promising a lot of good stuff for everyone, but at the end of the day they take the money and think about their own luxary lifestyle. The same goes for ( some ) religious leaders who live in luxary homes, thanks to people giving them money. My personal opinion about leaders brainwashing people, is that they are using people for their own advantage. And this is wrong on so many levels. I learned as a young boy, that you should work hard and do what is right in society. As long as we have leaders using brainwashing to get themselves famous, we have a long way to go until they can be stopped. When it comes to films that take on this subject, you have plenty of titles to choose between. But i do have 2 films on my mind, that i think brings up the subject of brainwashing in different ways. Let us start with the 2005 film known as The Island, from director Michael Bay. This film tells the story of an isolated compound, on an island where humans are living under strict rules. The people living here have been told that they are safe from the outside world, that have become too contaminated for human life. Actors Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson both do great performances here, as two of the humans trapped on this Island. I also enjoy the crazy performance by actor Steve Buscemi here as well. One of the reasons why this film is good, is that it manage to show you how it is possible to brainwash people to believe in anything. I personally Think this is one of director Michael Bay´s better filmsin his career. The next film that comes to my mind is an independent film called Holy Ghost People, released in 2013. Directed by Mitchell Altieri, this film tells the story of a man going to a secret church society, where his sister is missing. A well made independent film, and i especially enjoy the performance of actor Joe Egender as cult leader Brother Billy. I recently came across a film on VOD that seems to have brainwashing inside the plot, of a film called Level 16. With an interesting plot, and a great looking poster, is this an unexpected positive surprise for me, or is Level 16 doomed to fail for being too predictable ?

In a highly regimented boarding school, every girl is taught to be clean, not ask any questions and just follow the rules. Miss Brixil ( Sara Canning ) makes sure that every girl follow the rules, or they will be punished. Vivien ( Katie Douglas ) begin to doubt that this is no ordinary boarding school, and especially doubt the answers she gets. It seems that there is a secret inside this building, and Vivien starts to look for clues to why they are locked up. 

It is not often you see a film with almost only female cast, and this makes Level 16 unique in a positive way. But the real reason why Level 16 is a great film, is because of the secret of why these girls are kept locked up. Imagine mixing together The Island with a strict boarding school film, and you basically have Level 16. Right from the beginning you get a sense that this is no ordinary educational program. Now let´s get into the cast. I am so happy to see so many women in this film, since we need strong female characters in films. Actress Katie Douglas ( who you probably have seen in TV series Mary Kills People ) plays the most strong female character Vivien, a young woman who clearly understand that something is not right with this building. Katie is a really good choice for this character, and i feel she gives us a solid performance. Actress Celina Martin ( who you might have seen in TV series The Other Kingdom ) plays the character Sophia, a woman who is insecure, but has a good heart. Actress Sara Canning ( who you probably have seen in TV series The Vampire Diaries ) as the evil character Miss Brixil, is exactly what a film like this needs. Sara knows exactly how to portrait her character into a mean bitch, and i love that. The plot seems a bit thin at first, but when we get deeper into the truth later on, this film becomes more interesting. I won´t reveal any spoilers, since i feel that you should see the film instead and hopefully be surprised. Director Danishka Esterhazy ( who directed the drama film H & G ) have clearly a big passion to tell stories about women, and it shows in Level 16. Danishka knows how to combine a thriller drama with psychological strings included. If you are looking to see something different, with an interesting twist, then Level 16 should be a film that will please you. I am curious to see what director Danishka Esterhazy is working on in the future, because she caught my attention with Level 16.

Rating: DDD

Welcome To Marwen

I love director´s who dare to go in different directions with their movies. What do i mean by this ? Well, i think director´s who don´t repeat themselves too much are interesting, since they are not afraid to try a different genre or make some unexpected choices. There are of course many director´s out there that are doing very different films, but let us talk about one director who have dared to try many different genre films. Director Robert Zemeckis have made a lot really great films, and i especially remember the 1984 film Romancing The Stone with Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner. This film is a mixture of adventure and comedy, and worked really good thanks to the great cast. But it was one year later when Robert Zemeckis really made his name big worldwide with the sci fi comedy Back To The Future with Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. This is one of those 80´s classics that will live on forever, because this film keeps finding new fans in younger generations. And i have to say, it is a charming and funny film in many ways. The sequels are fun also ( especially the third one that takes place during the western period ), but the first film will always be the best in this franchise. Zemeckis kept making great films such as Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Death Becomes Her. But one of his most classic films was released in 1994, known as Forrest Gump. The funny and charming story of war veteran Forrest Gump, who gets to live a very extrodinary life. If you have not seen Forrest Gump yet, you have to check it out. It is one of the big classics of the 90´s and one of the best films from director Robert Zemeckis. One of the more unusual films that Zemeckis made is the film known as Flight. This was a more serious drama film about alcohol addiction, something we have not seen him do before. Released in 2012, Flight turned out to be a really interesting story of Airline pilot William Whitaker ( brillant played by actor Denzel Washington ) who crash a plane and manage to rescue 96 people out of 102. But they find out he was drunk while flying, and William is under an investigation. Flight is also a must see, if you have not seen it. I recently got my hands on a Blu Ray copy of Zemeckis new film Welcome To Marwen. Since i love many of his previous films, is this another highlight in his catalogue, or is this a big downfall for this legendary director ?

Mark Hogancamp ( Steve Carell ) spend his days taking photos of dolls, in a town he have created called Marwen. When Mark dream away, he imagine that the dolls are fighting the nazis in World War II. The fantasies help him cope with memory loss and posttraumatic stress disorder, after being attacked by a group of abusers. Mark is especially attached to the doll known as Cap´n Hogie, a war hero who never surrender to the nazis. But when it becomes harder to seperate reality and his doll world, Mark is forced to try and find a way to deal with his past.

If you were expecting another Zemeckis classic, you might be dissapointed with this film. It is not one of his better films, however, i still feel that this is an interesting portrait based on the Jeff Malmber´s documentary Marwencol. I have not seen this documentary myself, but i understand that this documentary tells the story of artist and photographer Mark Hogancamp. Welcome To Marwen is sort of a personal portrait of Mark Hogancamp, where he takes photos of modified fashion dolls, and live inside the doll world as Cap´n Hogie. The most interesting parts of this film is when we get to see Mark trying to handle every day, as he escape into the doll world to forget about his personal problems. Lead actor Steve Carell ( who had done several of great performances, especially in the comedy TV series The Office, and of course in the really funny romantic comedy Crazy, Stupid, Love ) does a good job portraying Mark Hogancamp. I feel that he was the right choice for portraying this kind of character, since he knows how to play more dramatic roles. Let´s talk about the cast as well. Actress Leslie Mann ( who i really enjoyed in the comedy Knocked Up ) plays the lovely character Nicol. If every neighbor was as lovely as the character Nicol is, i guarantee you would love to live in that neighborhood. Actress Merritt Wever plays the hobby shop owner Roberta. She is one of those characters you feel sorry for, since she seems to have such a good heart and not many friends. Merritt give a good performance, and i feel that she gives Roberta a realistic portrait, who i am sure many people can relate to. There are other performance here that works as well, but let´s get into the visual effects with the dolls. This is one of the details that make this film unique, since they look great on screen. So what does not work in this film ? To be honest i don´t have much to complain about, perhaps that the dramatic scenes are not as strong as most of Zemeckis films have been in the past. I still feel that director Robert Zemeckis have made a film with a different view into the mind of a man, who is struggling with posttraumatic stress disorder. I know many movie critics have been hard against this film, i still enjoy this film either way. So if you love odd drama films, this is a film you should see for being different. Marwen seems like a nice town, i might also build my own doll world from now on, after seeing this charming film.

Rating: DDD