lördag 30 november 2019

30 Years Anniversary Review Of Kickboxer

I have thought about travelling to Belgium within a year, because i need to visit one location in the city of Brussels. Here they have a statue of action movie legend Jean-Claude Van Damme, and since i have always been a fan of his 80´s and 90´s movies, this is something that i need to see with my own eyes. Van Damme was a big part of my childhood, and i remember seeing his films at the VHS rental stores. I was too young to rent any of them around 1990 ( i was 12 years old ), so a school friend of mine managed to get his dad to rent some of the films. My earliest memory of a Van Damme film was Black Eagle, with legendary martial arts actor Sho Kusogi. Even if Van Damme did not have a big role, you could tell there was something special about his fighting skills. Of course we would experience Van Damme´s unique fighting style in the 1988 classic known as Bloodsport. I remember seeing the rental version on VHS in Sweden, and unfortunately they have cut the fighting scenes a bit. This was an ordinary thing that they did here in Sweden in the 80´s, censorship destroyed a lot of great martial arts / action films. However, i did enjoy Bloodsport and some of the fighting scenes with legendary martial arts actor Bolo Yeung. Bloodsport turned out to be a box office hit with grossing 65 million dollars. Not bad for a movie that only cost about 2 million dollars. Van Damme kept working hard in making more action films, and in 1989 he had 2 films released in cinemas. The first film is called Cyborg from director Albert Pyun, and the second film is Kickboxer. Now, if you were a teenager like me in the 80´s, then i believe most of you have memories of Kickboxer. It was in many ways the perfect way to end the 80´s. I have not seen this film for a long time, so i decided to watch it again on DVD, since this film turned 30 years this year. Is this still one of the best Van Damme films, or has Kickboxer aged much more than i expected and lost some of the magic ?

Kurt Sloane ( Jean-Claude Van Damme ) is the younger brother of Eric Sloane ( Dennis Alexio ), the United States kickboxing world champion. Eric is enticed by the media to compete in Thailand, where kickboxing was started, to further establish his legacy. Eric and Kurt travel to Bangkok to fight Tong Po, Thailand´s undefeated top fighter. Eric is confident he will defeat Ton Po easily, and have no fear. But as the fight day arrives, it becomes clear that Eric might not have taken his opponent Tong Po seriously. The match ends with Eric being taken to hospital, after being badly injured. At the hospital it becomes clear that Eric is paralyzed, and will never walk again. Kurt want to revenge Tong Po, but is told to wait, until he is trained hard enough to fight the champion. He is guided to a well known trainer known as Xian Chow ( Dennis Chan ), where he must go through a lot of hard training to reach the level of Tong Po´s fighting skills. Will Eric be strong enough to defeat Tong Po ?

When you see a film like Kickboxer today, you realise two things. First of all this is the perfect Karate Kid story that is actually better than the 1984 film ( i know some people will not agree with me on this, but that´s ok ). Second of all i have to say that this is the first time i have seen Van Damme really give his best performance in an 80´s film. Not saying he was bad in Bloodsport, but i feel that he managed to bring out a different level of acting in this film. Of course he delivers cheesy dialogue ( that´s part of the charm of this film ), and i love his disco dance scene ( the greatest disco dance you will ever see in an 80´s film ). Some of the fighting scenes with Van Damme, really manage to show you how hard he worked to bring out some of his best fighting scenes ever in the 80´s. Van Damme as the character Kurt Sloane, is actually more dramatic than you probably would expect. He is not the typical macho guy, but is actually very emotional. Kurt´s brother Eric Sloane ( played by former Kickboxer champion Dennis Alexio ) is the tough one, who clearly is self-confident. To have two very different brothers in this film, makes the relationship look more realistic. I have to mention some other great characters as well. Muay Thai trainer Xian Chow ( played by actor Dennis Chan ) is the perfect choice for a role like this. He is very serious, but you also understand he have a sense of humour while he teaches Kurt to fight. Actor Michel Quissi as the iconic 80´s villain Tong Po, is one of the best bad guys of the 80´s. Tong Po is brutal, have no respect for anyone and don´t care if he kills anyone. Michel really gave this character a strong personality. Kickboxer is a film that is made for fans of martial arts, and especially fans of Jean-Claude Van Damme. There is so much here to be happy about, especially the fight scenes. But i also enjoy the serious tone of this film, mixed with some funny moments that you don´t really know why they were added, but still works well with the story. I would not say this is the best Van Damme film, but definetely his best film of the 80´s. Directors Mark DiSalle and David Worth made this film fit so well with the Van Damme image, as they managed to add some other tasteful ingredients. If you love 80´s nostalgia, then Kickboxer is the film to buy on DVD or Blu Ray. Christmas is getting closer, so why not enjoy this film with family and watch a real 80´s classic on this 30 years anniversary of Kickboxer. Who knows, Santa Clause might stick around to watch also, i heard he loves Van Damme special kicks.

Rating: DDDD 

fredag 29 november 2019

Mystify: Michael Hutchence

Let´s go back to the year of 1990. I remember being on my first foregin trip to Las Palmas, Gran Canaria with my Sony Walkman. I was lying by the swimming pool, listening to tapes with music. And i remember especially listening to the band Curiousity Killed The Cat and their song Name And Number. It was here when i heard New Sensation, on one of my dad´s old Mr Music tapes ( a tape was released every month for many years with all the big hits ). The band was called INXS, and this was the first time i heard about them. Later that year, i was at the record store checking out new album releases and came across INXS brand new album X. I had a listen and i was surprised. INXS had a very unique rock and pop sound, and the album X had some really good songs, where the song Suicide Blonde could get anyone to start dancing. But it wasn´t until 1992 i actually bought an INXS album, when they released ( in my opinion ) their best album Welcome To Wherever You Are. Songs like Taste It, Not Enough Time, Wishing Well gave this album a different sound, as if INXS wanted to try a differen path and try different music styles. Front man Michael Hutchence had a very deep, powerful singing voice and he made the songs magic. When INXS released their next album Full Moon, Dirty Hearts in 1993, they became more raw with a heavier rock sound. I am especially thinking about their single The Gift, and the song Days Of Rust. After a lot of touring, and personal issues, INXS would not tour for a while and not release any studio album untill 1997. This was the year when they released their studio album Elegantly Wasted. I know this album did not do well in the charts, but Elegantly Wasted have some of the most personal songs from Michael Hutchence, such as We Are Thrown Together ( incredible pop / rock song ). On the 22nd of November, 1997, Michael Hutchence was found dead in a hotel room in Sydney, Australia. I was shocked, and i remember my mother bought several papers to read about this with me. Michael have left us too early, it felt like he had so many more years to enjoy in his life. I have seen several documentaries on TV about Michael Hutchence, but it was not until i heard about a new documentary film called Mystify. A new documetary film about the incredible life of Michael Hutchence. Is this the best documentary film of 2019, or is Mystify not bringing anything interesting to the table ?

As a young boy, Michhael Hutchence became the frontman to the Australian band The Vegetables, with the Farriss brothers, Kerny, Sanders, Beers and Kennelly. The band is renamed in 1979 to INXS, and this is where the journey begins. During the 80´s, INXS tour constantly and their songs really kick off with the 1985 album Listen Like Thieves. But everything will change in 1987, when INXS release the album Kick. Massive world tours, exploding on the charts and selling millions of copies, Kick will bring INXS all over the world. Michael becomes one of the most loved frontmen in a rock band, and his life will never be the same again. Mystify is the story of Michael Hutchence, INXS and how Michael made an enormous impact on the world of music.

After seeing Mysitfy, it becomes even more clear why Michael was such a unique frontman in INXS, Australia´s biggest rock band ever. Not only did he have a stage personality that was incredible, he connected with people in a very special way. I can understand why some people would say he was the 80´s and 90´s Jim Morrison ( frontman of The Doors ), because he also had that unique sexy style, and looks. Mystify digs deep into Michael´s personal life, but this film also manage to give you a bigger picture of his personality with interviews of the people who knew him. But that´s not all, you also get to hear the stories of how INXS became one of the most popular rock bands, and how the songs developed through touring, studio sessions and personal experiences. The period of when the album Kick was released, this is really where you see how big INXS became. Selling out arenas, climbing the charts worldwide, the album Kick gave the band a bigger success than anyone expected. As the fame became bigger, you could tell that Michael had to work really hard to keep up with all the massive publicity. Not only that, the fan base was growing incredibly big and wanted more of Michael. The stories from some of the people who were really close to Michael, makes this film become more interesting. I especially enjoy the part of this film, where Australian pop singer Kylie Minogue tells the story of when she met Michael, and how they connected in a very unique way. You can hear it in her voice, that Michael will always have a big impact on her life, with the years that they shared together. You also get to hear the darker parts of Michael´s private life, and how he struggled to keep it all together with his personal life and his famous personality. Director Richard Lowenstein have made a documentary film that leaves a powerful impact, especially how much Michael changed millions of lives of fans through the songs of INXS. There will never be anyone like Michael Hutchence again, he is still the biggest rock star of Australia. This is without a doubt the best music documentary film of 2019, and i guarantee you will be listening to INXS after this experience.

Rating: DDDD

måndag 25 november 2019

3 From Hell

There are some horror director´s who don´t care about being updated. They know exactly what time periods of horror films that they personally love, especially the ones who love the 60´s and the 70´s horror films. And there is especially one man i am thinking about, who clearly have a big passion about horror films from this time period, and that is of course respected film maker Rob Zombie. He is of course mostly known as an artist with his music, but since his debut full feature film House Of 1000 Corpses was released in 2003, he got horror fans worldwide to respect his passion for old horror films. Looking back at House Of 1000 Corpses, it was a perfect start for Rob Zombie, to introduce his main characters Captain Spaulding, Otis and of course our favourite girl Baby ( every man´s fantasy ). I have to say, the introduction to the iconic character Captain Spaulding ( played brilliant by legendary actor Sid Haig ) turned out better than i expected, and since then i have always felt that no one could ever do Captain Spaulding in such a magical way as Sid Haig does. He passed away this year, and we will all miss this wonderful man. The chemistry between legendary actor Bill Moseley and actress Sheri Moon Zombie in House Of 1000 Corpses is really powerful on screen, and they go into their characters so Deep, that it almost feels like they are the real Otis and Baby. Just 2 years later, director Rob Zombie released his sequel to this film, simply called The Devil´s Rejects. In my opinion, this is the best film director Rob Zombie have ever made, and he brought back the three main characters, who all did an even better performance in this film. The Devil´s Rejects is one of my personal favourite horror films in many years, for many reasons. Most of all i love the brutality, and the grindhouse look of this film that looks fantastic. After many years of speculations, we finally have the last film in this franchise known as 3 From Hell. The final film of Captain Spaulding, Otis and Baby, so the question is, does this film prove to be even better than Rob Zombie´s previous film, or is 3 From Hell one hell of a mess that you should avoid ?

The serial killers Baby Firefly ( Sheri Moon Zombie ), Otis Driftwood ( Bill Moseley ) and Captain Spaulding ( Sid Haig ) miraculously survived their shootout with the police. All three of them are all found guilty in court, and sentenced to life in prison. Captain Spaulding is executed via lethal injection. Otis ´ half-brother Winslow Foxworth " Foxy " Coltrane ( Richard Brake ) shows up to help Otis escape while he is outside doing work on a chain gang. Otis and Winslow begin to plan to get Baby out, to make sure that they can continue their sadistic journey.

The first thing that strikes me with 3 From Hell, is that the power that i love from The Devil´s Rejects can not be found here. In some ways, 3 From Hell is a much lighter version of the previous films, that can´t bring back the same magic as the previous films. That does not mean that 3 From Hell is a terrible film though. Since this is a film directed by Rob Zombie, you know he have kept something tasteful for his beloved fan base. I personally feel that this film really give actress Sheri Moon Zombie a chance to show of her crazy personality on a more personal level in this film. We have all seen her do crazy shit in the previous films as the character Baby, but here we get to see her behind bars, where she does not have the same control as she is used to have. Sheri Moon makes sure she give a performance that fits really good with her character. Legendary actor Bill Moseley ( who i never will forget in the wonderful cult film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 ) is back as Otis, and he does get the chance to show his brutal and insane personality. But the real highlight in my opinion, is the new character Winslow, played by actor Richard Brake. This guy is really nuts, and this is exactly the right kind of character to be hanging out with Baby and Otis. Unfortunately we only get to see Captain Spaulding for a very short while, played by legendary actor Sid Haig. Knowing that this was one of his final films ( his final film is called Hanukkah ), it feels sad that we did not get to see Captain Spaulding do what he knows best, having a damn good time. Since this is supposed to be the final film with these characters, i can´t say it does not finish as powerful as i was hoping it would do. At the end of the day, 3 From Hell will most likely divide fans of Rob Zombie fans. I am somewhere in the middle, where i would have made some changes. But i still think this is a film you should see, if you enjoy the style of Rob Zombie´s films. Director Rob Zombie have clearly been inspired to tell a different story with 3 From Hell, where you get a sense that this films shows that becoming older may change your perspective on life. The grindhouse style is something he knows how to handle, and 3 From Hell gives you a glimpse of this world, perhaps in a lighter version than The Devil´s Rejects. Don´t know what to give your grandmother for christmas ? Give her 3 From Hell on DVD or Blu Ray, and i guarantee she will say:- Hey, when can i join in and have some fun ?

Rating: DDD

lördag 23 november 2019


There are a lot of things i have seen in health care. When you have worked for 20 years with different patients, you get to see a lot of people with different diagnoses or disabilities. And i have met many wonderful people in health care, and thanks to them i have learned that there is no point in complaining about small things. You enjoy life as much as possible, even if you have rough moments in your life. The hardest part of my work have been working with very ill children. I especially remember one little boy, who could not breath on his own and not eat ordinary food. This was heartbreaking, but i wanted to make sure that everything i did for him was as good as possible. And we had some good times together, even if he could not talk with his mouth. He gave me face expressions, and i read his eye language. Even though this boy was very ill, he was always happy. I even made him laugh, telling him crazy things i have been through. When it comes to films with children who are sick, we have a lot of titles to choose between. One of the films that came to my mind, is the 2009 film known as My Sister´s Keepers. A very tragic drama film, about the young girl Kate Fitzgerald ( played really well by actress Sofia Vassilieva ) who is diagnosed with acute promyelocytic leukemia. This film really show you how such a young girl is suffering, and how her family is trying to do anything to help her survive this horrible disease. Directed by Nick Cassavetes ( the director of John Q ), this is a film that will bring out tears in you. Actress Cameron Diaz also does a great performance in this film. I have heard about a new Netflix film called Eli, that is supposed to tell the story of young boy with a rare disease, who is about to try a new treatment. A horror film with health care issues, and paranormal activities combined, is Eli one of the better Netflix films this year, or should Netflix have made a tribute documentary of the greatest Swedish actor ever Dolph Lundgren instead ?

Eli Miller ( Charlie Shotwell ) is a young boy suffering from a rare disease that causes allergic reactions to the outdoors, forcing him to live his life with protective gear. His parents Rose Miller ( Kelly Reilly ) and Paul Miller ( Max Martini ) have decided to take Eli to Dr. Isabella Horn ( Lili Taylor ) to her secluded medical facility. The treatment is supposed to help Eli get better. Since Eli´s parents are willing to do anything to help Eli from his disease, they trust on Dr. Horn and her medical team. During treatment, Eli is suddenly being contacted by something mysterious in the house, as if he is being warned about something. Did something happened in the past, and is this medical facility keeping a hidden secret ?

One of the things that i appreciate with this film, is that we get to see from a child´s perspective, how it is being a patient. And when you see the main character Eli suffer through treatment, you can´t deny that this will affect you emotionally. But there is another part of Eli that works as well, and that is that the horror elements are really effective here. Just imagine being a sick child who already suffered enough, and now you have to deal with something supernatural as well. Young actor Charlie Shotwell ( who i really feel gave a very powerful performance in the independent drama comedy film Captain Fantastic ) as Eli is really good. He manage to bring out Eli´s personality in a very effective way through his performance. English actress Kelly Reilly ( who i really enjoyed in the horror thriller Eden Lake ) gives a really strong performance as Eli´s mother Rose. Kelly knows exactly how to construct a character in her own special way, and i am so pleased to see her in this film. Legendary actress Lili Taylor ( she is so good in The Conjuring, and Brooklyn´s Finest ) as Dr. Horn is another performance i admire. The horror story may not bring anything new to the table, but what this film does, is make you think about treatments in a different way. What if not all treatments are as effective as you may think they would be ? What do you do if you are running out of options, and don´t know what else to do to make your child healthier ? This is any parents nightmare, and this is something that makes this film more interesting than most ordinary horror films. Director Ciarán Foy ( who directed the awful film Sinister 2, but i did enjoy his Irish horror film Citadel ) have really stepped it up with Eli, and i am impressed that he have found a way to tell this story in such a effective way. The only thing i would have liked to see more of, is perhaps a stronger ending. Other than that, i suggest you see this Netflix horror film and i hope you will enjoy it as well. One thing is for sure, i am not getting any treatments soon after experiencing Eli, unless it includes vodka, then i might be interested.

Rating: DDD

onsdag 20 november 2019

Terminator: Dark Fate

There are some action movies that can age, and still look damn good, no matter how many years may pass by. The special effects may not be as good looking as they can do it today, but i have to say that i am ok with that. I am especially thinking about one of the greatest action films of the 80´s known as The Terminator. This classic film is directed by James Cameron, and tells the story of Sarah Connor ( played by actress Linda Hamilon ), who have no idea she is targeted to be killed by a Terminator ( Arnold Schwarzenegger ), a cyborg assassin sent from the future. But a Resistance fighter known as Kyle Reese ( Michael Biehn ) have also travelled from the future to protect Sarrah Connor. The Terminator is a perfect popcorn film for everyone, and director James Cameron managed to give us great characters and some really fun action scenes as well. But if you thought James Cameron could not make a worthy sequel to The Terminator, then you would be wrong. Termnator 2: Judgement Day turned out to be one of the best action sequels ever made. this film has everything you could wish for, such as epic battle scenes, big guns, lots of violence, fantastic CGI ( considering this film was released in 1991 ) and one of the most classic dialogue scenes in a 90´s film, is also in this film. Both these Terminator films is still today loved by action fans worldwide, and it would take a long time until Terminator would return. Not until the year of 2003, with the film Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines. This was not the sequel everyone was hoping for, and even if the film was not a box office bomb, fans of the previous films had some issues with the story. Of course we had to have more sequels, so in 2009 we got Terminator Salvation. Also a failure according to fans. In 2015 we finally seem to be going back to a more traditional style with Terminator Genisys. I personally enjoyed this film, but of course not nowhere as good as the first two films. So here we are with Terminator: Dark Fate, the film that is said to please fans of the earlier films. Do we finally have a fantastic sequel, or is Dark Fate more likely to be forgotten for all eternity ?

in 1998, three years after averting the threat of Skynet, Sarah Connor ( Linda Hamilton ) and John Connor ( Edward Furlong ) live a life of Peace in Livingston, Guatemala, when they come under attack by a T-800 ( Arnold Schwarzenegger ). The Terminator murder John Connor. 22 years later , and advanced Terminator, called Rev-9 ( Gabriel Luna ), is sent back in time to Mexico City, to murder Daniella "Dani" Ramos ( Natalia Reyes ), while a cybernetically-enchanced Soldier Grace ( Mackenzie Davis ), is sent to protect her. The Rev-9, infiltrates the assembly plant where Dani and her brother Diego Ramos ( Diego Boneta ) works. They survive the attack thanks to Grace, as they escape the assembly plant. The Rev-9 is on the hunt for Dani, who kills Diego and is suddenly attacked by Sarah Connor on the highway. She knows this will only slow down the Rev-9 for a while, so she bring the others with her to a motel room. Sarah reveales that she found them because in the years since John´s death, she have received encrypted messages detaling the locations of arriving Terminators, each ending "For John". Grace notice that neither Skynet or John exists in her timeline. Instead, humanity is threated by an AI called Legion, designed for cyberwarfare. They have no choice, they must make sure Dani survives or all humanity will be lost.

Let me begin with saying, this is the best Terminator sequel we had so far since Terminator 2. That does not mean that this sequel is nowhere near as good as that film, but i am impressed over certain details over Dark Fate. First of all i am so happy to see strong female characters kick ass on screen, this is exactly what a film like this needs. Actress Mackenzie Davis ( who i especially remember from the fantastic TV series Halt And Catch Fire ) as the character Grace, almost feels like a younger version of Sarah Connor, and i love to see her go all in, with some incredible fight scenes. Legendary actress Linda Hamilton is finally back as iconic character Sarah Connor, and to see her older but still bad ass is wonderful. Linda really give a performance that makes a very powerful impact on the big screen. Arnold Schwarzenegger is of course also back, as his legendary character T-800. Arnold knows exactly how to do his performance, and it is especially in the action scenes where he gets to shine most. Gabriel Luna ( who i only have seen before in the film Transpecos ) really surprised me, of how well he does the advanced Terminator prototype Rev-9. We needed an evil machine that works with the storyline, and Gabriel have clearly worked hard to make this character a worthy part of this franchise. Now, the story is actually pretty simple in Terminator: Dark Fate. And you see that this film is connected with the earlier films, without copying too much. The action scenes are hard, well made and are clearly inspired by Terminator 2. My only negative thought about this film, is that the ending perhaps reminded me a bit too much about the ending in T2. Other than that, i had a really good time with Terminator: Dark Fate. Director Tim Miller ( who directed the excellent film Deadpool ) have brought back Terminator in a way i did not think would be possible. This is the sequel we should have had a long time ago. So make sure to experience this film in cinema, and i guarantee you will have a lot of fun. Terminator: Dark Fate is without a doubt the best action film of 2019.

Rating: DDDD

söndag 17 november 2019


Let´s travel back in time, to the ancient period known as 1999. I was 22 years old at that time, and these years were the period where Nu Metal really grew inside of me. Especially the Limp Bizkit album Significant Other, i must have played that CD every single day, i was hooked up on their songs. I also had a poster flag of the album cover, all over the wall next to my bed, so every morning i would Wake up and see that beautiful poster flag. But 1999 became unique for a number of reasons, and one of those reasons was of course the big comedy hit American Pie. Those of you who have seen the film, remember that this was a teen comedy about sex, getting drunk, more sex and..... a lot more crazy stuff going on. American Pie ended the 90´s in a great way, and the cast of this film was one of the reasons why this film worked so well. I would like to mention especially one guy from the cast, and you might remember him kown as Sean Willam Scott. His character Steve Stifler in American Pie, was the funniest character of them all. He is vulgar, confident and he sees himself as an Adonis. Sean continued doing more films after American Pie, in all kinds of genres. And there is especially one film i think you should see with him, that most people probably never heard about. The 2007 film Trainwreck: My Life As An Idiot, gave Sean the oppurtunity to do a more serious drama comedy, that turned out to be one of his better acting performances. Sean plays the character Jeff Nichols, a man with alcohol problems coupled with ADHD, dyslexia and a mile case of Tourette Syndrom as well as absent-mindedness. He spents most of his time attending support meetings including ones wich have no connection to his problems. Jeff meet a girl named Lynn in one of the support groups, but can he handle a relationship when he have so many personal problems ? This is a fun, and dramatic film as well about how to deal with life, especially when you have different diagnoses. This summer i started hearing about Sean Williams Scott´s new film Bloodline, a film that is really different from his previous work, since he plays a serial killer. I always like to see actors try a completely different character than what we are used to see them do. Is Bloodline a surprisingly good horror thriller, or is this a film that you will most likely not remember at all ?

Evan Cole ( Sean William Scott ) is a counselor, who is especially helping risk-at teens, talking about their personal problems, and their abusive environment. Evan tracks down these people, who have abused, and treated these teenagers badly and murder them. In Evan´s mind he is making sure that they are punished, and he is making this world a better place. Evan has a wife, Lauren Cole ( Mariela Garriga ) and a new born son. But can he handle an ordinary family life, when he is not finished yet with his mission, to end the lives of sinners ?

To be able to play a serial killer, you have to be able to act as 2 different personalities. And this is something that Sean William Scott manage to do. He may seem like the ordinary father to his new born baby, but he has a calling for murdering chosen victims ( people who does not deserve to live ). There is a very disturbing scene, when he sees his child being born, and he suddenly have backflashes of a person he murdered. A normal father would never even think about anything else but their child being born, while this disturbing man clearly think about his evil deeds. This gives you an image of what a monster this man really is, how you would even think about this at such a precious moment of becoming a father?  We have seen similar stories before, of a serial killer being a father. Some of you might have seen the Netflix film Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil And Vile, where actor Zac Efron played serial killer Ted Bundy. The difference between these two films, is that Sean´s character Evan can not act out any emotions at all, compared to Ted Bundy who fooled everyone with his charm. Sean William Scott shows that he can do this character, with another level of acting that i have seen him do before. Is this his best performance in his career so far ? I would say that from an acting perspective, this is one of his more interesting choices of a character in films. Actress Mariela Garriga who plays Evan´s wife Lauren, is clearly a very vulnurable woman, not knowing her husband is a serial killer. She gives a performance that fits well with her character. Actress Dale Dickey ( who i especially remember from the really funny TV series My Name Is Earl ) is a really good choice for her character Marie, mother of Evan. My biggest problem with Bloodline, is that i would have wanted to see Evan´s dark view on the world, from his point of view. We do get to see some details, but perhaps we could have seen more of that darkness, that he clearly is carrying within his mind. Other than that, i am pleasantly surprised to see Sean William Scott do a role like this. The vigilante tone of Evan´s personality is an interesting angle, as he seems determined to make justice in his own mind. Director Henry Jacobson have made an interesting portrait on a serial killer, who thinks he is helping society. Bloodline may not be one of the best serial killer films, but i strongly advice you to check this film out. There is especially an interesting twist owards the end. I have a feeling that Sean William Scott have something really good waiting for us to see, in a near future.

Rating: DDD

lördag 16 november 2019


Independent horror films are extremely important. Without these passionate director´s, i am sure that horror films would be heading towards a bad direction. In all of these years that i have written reviews, i have always had a special place for horror independent films. There are director´s out there who makes really good low budget horror films, who have to work really hard to get their films released. I am happy to say that more people are noticing the importance of low budget horror films, and i can tell from online discussions with other fans that they are willing to support these films. When it comes to anthology horror films, there are a lot of titles that i remember. Since there are so many to choose between, i decided to pick one specific title out that i enjoy. Let´s talk about the 1993 film known as Necronimicon: Book Of The Dead. This anthology horror film tells three different stories, based on short stories by writer H.P. Lovecraft. One of the things i enjoy about this film, is that the cast is actually wonderful. You have legendary actors such as Bruce Payne, Jeffrey Combs, David Warner, Brian Yuzna, Richard Lynch, Vladmir Kulich and many more. I have to mention that the three stories are all pretty good, for different reasons. I know this film does not get mentioned very often, perhaps because the 1993 anthology horror film Body Bags is a bigger fan favourite. But if you have not seen Necronomicon: Book Of The Dead, i suggest you pick it up on DVD or Blu Ray. Some of you might have read my review of the anthology horror film known as Hi-Death this year. I had a request if i could write a review on the first film, so of course i said i would since my readers means a lot to me. Is the first film Hi-8 as good as the sequel, or is this film nothing worth checking out ?

Three people are trying to shoot a low budget horror film, while we are shown 7 different stories, from 7 different directors. If you thought you have had a good time this weekend, just wait and see what Hi-8 have in store for you......

Since i saw the sequel first known as Hi-Death, i was curious to see if the first film would keep the brutality and sadistic tone of the sequel. And i have to say, this first film might even be more brutal in some ways. With different stories from different directors, we find ourselves in very divided tales of classic grindhouse horror ingredients. Let´s get into the stories, and the ones i especially enjoyed. The Tape is a story of VHS horror nerd Tim Strauber ( played by actor Travis Hoecker ) who is given a box of VHS tapes as a gift, where he especially is interested in a VHS tape under the title of Bloodgasm. He becomes a huge fan, and decide to track down the director of the film. The Tape is a simple story, but one of the most effective stories in Hi-8. We get some interesting characters, such as Phoebe ( played by actress Bobbi Beach ), and there is no doubt that Bloodgasm director Chester Koz ( played by actor David S. Hart ) is a very disturbing and wonderful man, the one you would want next to you during Thanksgiving dinner. The Tape is directed by Tony Masiello, and he clearly loves old school grindhouse films. The next story i enjoyed is called Gang Them Style, and this is a fun one. Imagine a combination of The Return Of The Living Dead and a really bad 80´s action film, and you get this fun story. The main character RJ " Moongoose " is a cool character, and actor Wes Reid give us the perfect example how you want to see bad acting, in a positive way, with some cheesy dialogue included. This segment is directed by Ron Bonk, and i can only imagine that he is a big fan of zombie films from the 80´s. The rest of the stories on the film Hi-8 have some other highlights ( including from legendary director Todd Sheets ) while some don´t feel as strong as the ones i mentioned. But i do appreciate the effort of this film, trying to bring us back to the glory days of video violence at the local VHS store. Hi-8 is a film for fans of grindhouse films, anthology horror films and especially if you love TV series Days Of Our Lives, then you are going to dig this a lot. Anyone up for a butcher night? You bring the knives, and i will bring all the Bridget Jones DVD´s ( yes i have them all, doesn´t all grindhouse fans have them ? )

Rating: DDD

måndag 11 november 2019

30 Years Annniversary Review Of Cyborg

1989, a year where most people of my generation have some wonderful memories, and some shitty ones as well i can imagine. But since we are being positive today, let´s mention some of the good things that happened back then. Nintendo released Game Boy in Japan and North America, that became an enormous success worldwide. I never owned my own Game Boy, simply because i was playing the ordinary Nintendo instead. We have to mention that this was the year when the Berlin Wall fell, a very important historical moment for Germany. This was also the perfect year for artist, actor David Hasselhoff to be a part of this historical moment, so his song Looking For Freedom became a huge hit. 1989 was filled with a lot of classic films, and there are a lot of titles to mention. So i decided to pick out 2 films that i especially remember for different reasons. Let´s begin with the comedy known as See No Evil, Hear No Evil, directed by Arthur Hiller. A very funny film with legendary comedians Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor, where one of them is blind, and the other one is deaf. One of the reasons why this film is such a great comedy, is because both Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor knew how to deliver funny scenes with their disabilities. If you never thought a film could be funny to watch with people who have a disability, then you should see this one and i guarantee you will laugh. The next film that came to my mind is the action comedy Tango & Cash. Now this is a real 1989 classic, where Kurt Russel and Sylvester Stallone team up to kick ass, and make sure justice is served. Russel and Stallone is a perfect match for a film like this. Since we are looking back 30 years, i was reminded this summer that Albert Pyun´s cult film Cyborg was released 30 years ago this year. One of the classics that Jean-Claude Van Damme released in the 80´s, so i decided to look at the film again. Is this still a great action film, or has Cyborg aged too much through time ?

A plague known as the living death cripples civilization has infected a lot of people. A small group of surviving scientists and doctors - located in Atlanta, Georgia, work on a cure to save what remains of humanity. To complete their work they need information stored on a computer system in New York City. Pearl Prophet ( Dayle Haddon ) vollunteers for the dangerous courier mission and is made into a cyborg through surgical augmentation. Pearl, accompined by bodyguard Marshall Strat ( Alex Daniels ), retrieves the data from New York but is pursued by the vicious Fender Tremolo ( Vincent Klyn ) and his gang. Fender wants the cure so he can have a monopoly on it´s production. Fender murder Marshall, while Pearl is cornered by Fender´s gang. A slinger ( mercenary ) named Gibson Rickenbacker ( Jean-Claude Van Damme ) saves Pearl and is informed on her mission. Before he can help her further, he is knocked up by a falling debris. Gibson wakes up, and remember Fender as the killer of his only family. He must track them down, and make sure Fender does not get his hands on the cure.

When i rewatched Cyborg, i watched this film on the Shout! Factory blu ray release, with some new special features. And i am happy that i did, because this release will give you some more details with new interviews, and a director´s interview with director Albert Pyun. If you have seen Cyborg at some point in your life, you know that the story of this film is very simple. This is the typical kind of 80´s action film, that knows what audience it was made for. You get plenty of fights, bad hair cuts, cheesy dialogue and even some more dramatic scenes where Jean-Claude Van Damme is more quiet than usual. I think this is a good time to talk about the characters. Jean-Claude Van Damme as Gibson, is a great character for such a simple action film like this. Not complicated constructed, you know he just wants revenge and will do anything to stop Fender. Speaking about Fender, now that´s what i call one of the most iconic bad guys of the 80´s, played by actor Vincent Klyn. This film could not have had a better bad ass character than this, and Vincent does a wonderful job with portraying such an asshole. Actress Deborah Richter who plays the female character Nady Simmons gives this film a more sensitive touch, while she can also be tough. What makes Cyborg such a great fun moment is that this film does not take itself serious at all. When you see Fender and his men attacking, you get exactly what you were hoping for. Lots and lots of violence, with a variety of kicks and punches in pure 80´s style. Sometimes you don´t need everything explained, you just want to have fun with a film such as Cyborg. Director Albert Pyun have managed to make an post apocalyptic film that works well with the story, and with great characters. Cyborg is perhaps not his best film, but one of his true classics. If you love Van Damme films, then you have to see Cyborg and experience a fun trip back to the 80´s. 

Rating: DDD


As a child, i used to play flute. I remember being a part of a school Orchestra, and i really messed up. I played the wrong notes, and the old female Orchestra leader was not happy. I remember she told me i have to concentrate more. I should have thrown the flute at her instead, and gone back to play Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Nintendo. Wait a second, this is exactly what i did. Oh man, i better start taking my memory pills, they worked so well the ones i found in Thailand on vacation. Have you ever heard a person who plays an instrument tone-deaf ? I have, and i remember it was actually in a bar in Scotland, back in New Years Eve in 2002. We were in a sport bar, and one guy thought he was going to play Bohemian Rhapsody on piano, and sing the whole song as well. It was a disaster, but i loved the guy. Not only was he tone-deaf, he singed like a group of castrated seagulls after a whiskey round. Now that´s my kind of New Years Eve party. You have probably heard tone-deaf people on different TV talent shows, where some singers think they are the biggest singing star. Of course this is nowhere near the truth, but it is still entertaining to watch. If i say the name Robert Patrick, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? I can imagine that would be Terminator 2: Judgement Day, where he played the iconic character T-1000. Legendary actor Robert Patrick have really made a fantastic career, making so many great films and giving us a lot of great characters. I have 2 films in my mind, that i have to mention in Robert Patrick´s film career. Let´s begin with the 1993 science fiction drama film Fire In The Sky, directed by Robert Lieberman. This is one of the best sci fi films, in the category of alien abduction. Fire In The Sky is not only a really well made sci fi film, this film also have a really good cast, and some really good acting as well. Pick it up on DVD or Blu Ray this Christmas. The next film that came to my mind is Cop Land, from director James Mangold. A 90´s classic with an amazing cast such as Sylvester Stallone, Robert De Niro, Harvey Keitel, Ray Liotta, Robert Patrick and many more. It is worth to mention, that this is one of the best performances from Stallone in his career in this film. I got a chance to see the latest film with Robert Patrick on Blu Ray called Tone-Deaf. A horror comedy about a tone-deaf girl, does this story work better than expected, or should we all avoid this film at all cost ?

Olive is fired from her job, as she spends time with one of her best friends Leonore ( Hayley Marie Norman ). Leonore think that Olive needs some time away from the big city, to clear her mind. At first, Olive is not sure this is anything for her, but she eventually begin to look for a house to rent. She finds one, and contact the owner known as Harvey ( Robert Patrick ). The house looks lovely, and she agree to pay him. At first Everything seems fine, but there is something wrong with Harvey as he sneaks in to look at Olive, to make sure she is behaving herself. Soon, things are going to go out of control.

Imagine mixing the Dennis Quaid thriller The Intruder, with Norman Bates from Psycho, and mix in some bizarre American Psycho LSD trips, and you have Tone-Deaf in a nutshell. This film has a mixture of different styles, while trying to show you a really disturbing personality who have no limit of insanity. I would not say this film has anything really original to offer, but this film does manage to blend many different ingredients and lay them out in a stylish way. Let´s talk about the characters for a while. Robert Patrick as the insane serial killer Harvey, is a really good choice for this character. You can tell he have no control over his sick behavior, and Robert brings something unique with his performance, by portraying a very disturbed man with no remorse over who he kills. Actress Amanda Crew ( who i especially remember from the 2009 horror film The Haunting Of Connecticut ) gives her character Olive an interesting personality. One interesting detail about her is that she is tone-deaf ( that becomes very clear when she plays the piano ). The horror elements is one of the highlight in this film, where the serial killer story works with the plot. The only detail i feel does not work as well, is the attempt to make certain scenes funny. A few may work, but in some scenes you can feel that the jokes falls flat. I love dark comedy humour, especially in horror films. But this is something i feel does not work as well here as i was hoping for. Other than that, Tone-Deaf is a film that does have something to bring, especially if you love Robert Patrick as an actor. Director Richard Bates Jr., who directed a personal favourite film of mine called Excision ( a must see if you enjoy odd independent films ), still knows how to make horror films in his own unique way. I would not say this is his best film so far, but he have done a good job mixing in so many different ingredients. If you thought you were Tone-Deaf, don´t worry, just let Robert Patrick take care of that for you, and i guarantee you will thank him as he takes care of sinners. Worth a watch on VOD for sure.

Rating: DDD

söndag 10 november 2019

Itsy Bitsy

Spiders, you either hate them or love them. They are the largest order of arachnids, and there are about 48,200 spider species worldwide. You might think there is nothing good about spiders, but there is acually some positive things that is positive. They feed on insects such as roaches, mosquitoes, flies, moths and much more, so they clean up our homes from insects. Spiders venom can be used as medicine, and spiders silk can be used to make parachutes and bullet proof vests. So you see, you should cuddle more with spiders from now on, they are not as bad as you might think. When it comes to spiders in films, we have plenty of titles to choose between. We have to mention a real classic to begin with, the 1955 cult movie known as Tarantula! from director Jack Arnold. If you love insect horror films, then Tarantula! is one of those films you should see. The next film i have to mention, is probably one of the best in this genre. I am of course thinking about the black comedy horror classic, known as Archnophobia. Released in 1990 from director Frank Marshall, this is a really good choice, if you love insect horror films, mixed with some really funny comedy scenes. The cast of Archnophobia is really good, where you have legendary actors such as Jeff Daniels, John Goodman, Julian Sands, Peter Jason and many more. The cinematography from Mikael Salomon ( who also made the cinematography for the James Cameron classic The Abyss ) looks really good. If you have not seen Archnophobia, you must check it out on DVD or Blu Ray. Earlier this autumn i heard about a new spider horror film, known as Itsy Bitsy. How can anyone say no to this ? Is this one of the better insect horror films in recent years, or is Itsy Bitsy a B movie that will most likely be forgotten ?

In an old house in the countryside, old man Walter Clark ( Bruce Davidson ) have been collecting historical artifacts from all over the world. Since he no longer can take care of himself, he needs help at his home from a caregiver. Kara Spencer ( Elizabeth Roberts ) is hired to be Walter´s new caregiver, and she moves into his guest house with her kids Jesse Spencer ( Armon Darbo ) and Cambria Spencer ( Chloe Perrin ). Kara is suffering with memories from a car crash, that forces her to use drugs to sleep anything, while her son Jesse notice that his mother is having a hard time taking care of him and his younger sister. Kara Begins work and focus on making a good impact. But when a man destroys one of Walter´s old artifacts, Kara is worried this was a break in. Walter try to calm her down, that this is nothing to worry about. Inside this ancient artifact, a very unique deadly spider wakes up.....

It would have been very easy just to make a creature effect horror film, with a giant spider attacking. But the good news is that Itsy Bitsy actually has a plot that makes sense, and we also have some good characters as well. Let´s begin with actress Elizabeth Roberts ( who fans of TV series Days Of Our Lives might remember as the character Marge Bernadi ) who plays Kara Spencer. There is especially one thing that makes her character interesting, the pain she suffers from a car accident, and she manage to bring out this pain through her acting. The next actor i have to mention is legendary actor Bruce Davidson ( who i especially remember from the X-Men films as character Senator Kelly ), it is so nice to see him still make films and i do enjoy his character here, known as Waler Clark. Teen actor Arman Darbo gives a performance that fits so well with his character Jesse Spencer, who is having personal issues and frustrated with his mother´s problems. Now, let´s get into the most positive in this film. The creepy horror atmosphere with the spider, works better than i expected. If you are expecting CGI effects and bad looking spiders, i am pleased to say this film uses practical effects. And this is of course something i really appreciate. I also enjoy the spider attack scenes, they give you some fun moments that reminds me of classic films in this genre. The only negative i can say, is that i would have liked to see at least a few more attacks by a spider. Other than that, i still feel that Itsy Bitsy is a tasteful treat for B movie lovers. Director Micah Gallo ( who have done visual effecs on films such as Hatchet and Hatchet 2 ) have managed to bring back the 90´s all over again, with a spider horror film that actually knows what the audience wants. If you enjoy this genre, you should pick up this film on DVD or Blu Ray as a Christmas gift, especially to someone you know hate spiders in your family.

Rating: DDD

onsdag 6 november 2019

Running With The Devil

There is a rule in the B movie fan base across the world, and it goes something like this:

* Any film with Nicolas Cage, is guaranteed to please you!

If there is any truth in this, i have no idea. But what i can tell you, is that Nicolas Cage has a very large fan base. This becomes very clear, because everytime he release a new film, people rent his films like maniacs. You simply have to wait at least 2 weeks ( if you are lucky ) to rent a physical copy of his latest film. So what is it about Nicolas Cage, that people love so much ? I think there are 2 big reasons why he is still one of the most popular actors:

* He knows how to act powerful.
* He take each of his characters very seriously.

I have seen some of his films over the years, and i will admit that not all of them are good. In fact, after Matchstick Men ( released in 2003 ), he did not no any real good performances until the 2010 film Kick Ass, and of course the really good independent film Joe ( released in 2013, actually one of his best films since Matchstick Men ). One of the problems that became obvious was that Nicolas stayed within the B movie genre, and only a few of these film were entertaining. One film that i actually enjoyed ( that some of you might not agree with me ) is the historical fantasy adventure film known as Season Of The Witch. Released in 2011, this film is directed by Dominic Sena ( who also directed the Nicolas Cage film Gone In 60 Seconds ) and is a dumb but fun adventure about two templar knights, who are supposed to transport a possessed girl to a monestary. The casting in this film is fun, you have Nicolas Cage and legendary actor Ron Perlman in the lead roles, and we have to menition legendary actor Christopher Lee in a smaller role. We also have actress Claire Foy ( who you can see in the Netflix series The Queen ). Since last year, i have not see Cage´s latest films, until i decided to watch one of his new releases called Running With The Devil. Since i know not to have any high expectations, is this one of the better Cage films in a long time, or is this another one of his films that you won´t remember ?

The Cook ( Nicolas Cage ) is a restaurant owner, and seems to be a serious business man. But he is living a double life, as his other job is as an executive in a professionally run drug circuit in the pacific northwest. The Chef is approached by the head, known as The Boss ( Barry Pepper ). He is frustrated that their shipments are being skimmed, and their street product being cut with other substances. The Boss orders The Cook to travel to Colombia, to follow through the traffic chain to find out where the product is being compromised. The Cook bring drug addict and friend The Man ( Laurence Fishburne ) on his long journey to fix things correctly. 

Even if this film brings nothing new to the table in the drug industry, i have to say this is not as terrible as you might expect it to be for a straight to DVD film with Nicolas Cage. And that is mainly because of other actors performances that helps this film. I also think that the Mexico scenes, with spanish talking actors, makes the story more realistic. Now, let´s get into the acting for a bit. Legendary actor Laurence Fishburne is one of the highlights of this film, as the drug addicted sex addict The Man. Laurence knows how to portrait an older man, who is clearly stuck with a lot of personal problems. And his sex addiction is not helping, especially combined with cocaine. One of my favourite performances in this film comes from actor Adam Goldberg ( who you might remember from 2 Days In Paris ) as the crazy character The Snitch. He does not have many scenes unfortunately, but the scenes he does are some of the best in this film. There are ( some ) other performances that works as well. Nicolas Cage does not go all in as he usually does in some of his films, he is actually pretty quiet in his role as The Cook. And i am ok with that, since that works for his character. I would not say that it is a strong performance though. The story is divided into a lot of different characters, so you will have to be patient to understand what´s going on. My biggest problem with Running With The Devil is that there is nothing here that we have not seen before. The drug industry have been portrayed much stronger, in a classic such as Traffic. With that said, i do believe that this film manage to deliver some entertainment through some of the crazy characters. If you are a Nicolas Cage fan, i think you should see this film to see him do a different kind of character, than most of his straight to DVD films. But most of all, you should see this film if you want to see Laurence Fishburne go nuts on drugs, you never thought you would see that, right ? This is director Jason Cabell´s full feature debut film, and this is not that bad for his first film. Got nothing to watch on VOD ? Give this film a chance, and who knows, you might not fall asleep.

Rating: DDD

tisdag 5 november 2019

Good Boys

Comedies used to be really good. I remember some really funny films, that could make me laugh everytime i watch them. Unfortunately, comedies made in the last 10 years have not been as funny, as many classics are. It is like the comedy genre have suffered a big crisis, and directors don´t really know what a comedy should look like. So we have to go back a while, to find one of the funniest films in the last 13 years, and that is of course Borat: Cultural Learnings Of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan. Released in 2006, this film is so damn funny, i remember the first time i saw it in cinema. I laughed so hard i almost fell out of the chair, especially when Borat wrestle naked with his friend Azamat. But that´s not all, there are so many classic scenes, such as when Borat and Azamat try to kidnap actress Pamela Anderson ( The Baywatch Icon ), since Borat want her as his wife. I could mention a lot more scenes. but lead actor Sacha Baron Cohen is absolutely brilliant as the character Borat. I promise you, if this film would have been released today, i am pretty sure some of the extreme feminists would want to ban this film forever, because of the strong vulgar humour. Luckily you can pick it up on DVD and Blu Ray, and this is a film worth owning. The next film that came to my mind was released in 2009, known as The Hangover. A really funny comedy about a bunch of guys who is having a bachelor party weekend in Las Vegas, and everything goes completely nuts. Directed by Todd Phillips, this film has a really funny tone on male friendship, and how far we men are willing to go with the best friends. The cast of Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis and many more are really good as their characters. A must watch if you want a crazy comedy. Did you perhaps heard this summer about a new film called Good Boys ? I have been waiting to see this new comedy , ever since i heard some positive feedback on this film. Is this one of the funniest comedies in many years, or is Good Boys a desperate try just to cash in on comedy fans worldwide ?

Friends Max ( Jacob Tremblay ), Lucas ( Keith L. Williams ) and Thor ( Brady Noon ), enter sixth grade facing their own personal dilemmas. Max have a crush on classmate Brixlee ( Millie Davies ), Lucas learns that his parens are getting a divorce, and Thor drop his musical dreams because of teasing. Max want to kiss Brixlee at an upcoming party, so he and his friends uses his father´s valued drone, to hopefully learn how kissing works by spying with the drone on his teenage neighbor Hannah ( Molly Gordon ). Their plan goes bad, and the drone ends up at Hannahs home. They steal Hannah and her friend Lily´s ( Midori Francis ) drugs, to get the drone back. But this is about to become more complicated than anyone expected. And time is running out, the party is not very far away from happening.

Imagine a mixture of the 1999 classic American Pie but with younger teenagers, combined with Revenge Of The Nerds and you have Good Boys. This is a vulgar comedy that is not very family friendly , and i am sure some parents will not appreciate the tone of this film. However, if you enjoy vulgar comedies, i do think this film manage to bring some comedy highlights for us to appreciate. This film manage to bring up different subjects about how it is like growing up, and learning about sex, becoming a man and of course how to approach girls. There is nothing new to the table with Good Boys, but if you just want to laugh, i think this might be what you have been looking for. Let´s talk about the wonderful cast. Jakob Tremblay ( who you can see in The Predator ) plays the character Max, a guy who is very curious about sexuality and want to learn how to approach girls. The teenage character Thor, played by teen actor Brady Noon ( who i especially remember from the really good TV series Boardwalk Empire ) is the coolest character in this film. Thor is sort of a child version of legendary actor Michael Madsen, with his cool hair and tough attitude, but he loves musicals more than anything. Teen actor Keith L. Williams as the soft hearted character Lucas, gives this film some really funny moments with his girl screams and neerdy personality. Since a lot of comedies have a problem finding a funny Comedy tone, Good Boys manage to balance this in a positive way. Everything is not comedy gold, but i laughed more in this film than what i have in another comedy released this year so far. Director Gene Stupnitsky ( who was a producer on the very funny TV comedy series The Office ) have found a way to tell a pretty ordinary story, and make it funnier than i expected. This is not a comedy classic in any way, but i guarantee you will have a good time with Good Boys. What are you waiting for, check out Good Boys on VOD, DVD or Blu Ray, and have a good time.

Rating: DDD