fredag 30 augusti 2013

The Heat

Sandra Bullock is actually one of the few women around, who have both combined a successfull comedy genre with action. It did not work every time of course, but she is very talented, for the most part. Let´s forget about Divine Secrets Of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood, by all means don´t even watch it. I noticed actress Melissa McCarthy first in tv series Mike & Molly, where she turned out to be a great comedy talent. I did review her box office hit Identity Thief earlier this year, where she delivered once again. With these 2 actors combined, in an action cop comedy, does The Heat have what it takes to entertain, or is this another failed version of Lethal Weapon ?

FBI Special Agent Sarah Ashburn ( Sandra Bullock ) is a very skilled, and professional agent. But her co workers does not like her, and the pressure is on Ashburn´s boss Captain Woods ( Tom Wilson ) to do something about this mess. Woods decide to send Ashburn to investigate a drug kingin named Adam Larkin ( Taran Killam ), as Woods promise to consider to make her as his replacement. But she has to solve the case and work better with other people, or she will not get this opportunity. While she arrives to Boston, she finds out she has a new partner, a police officer named Shannon Mullins ( Melissa McCarthy ). The biggest problem is, Shannon hates her new partner, and she hates everyone. Even though this looks bad, they are both sent out to work together, to try and solve the case of Larkin. Confronted by 2 DEA agents, they realise they are being watched as the investigation goes on. Ashburn discover that Mullins brother Jason Mullins ( Michael Rapaport ) may be connected to Larkins organisation. He was recently released from prison,  and Ashburn have an idea. Shannon needs to find out if her brother know anything about Larkin, that could help their search. Jason tips his sister about an abandoned car, where a dead drug dealer can be found. While exemination of the body is done, they found chemicals on the dead drug dealers shoes. The chemicals lead them to a abandoned paint factory, where they arrest Julian ( Michael McDonald ), a member of the Larkin organisation. They try to question him, but with no luck. Time is running out, so Ashburn and Shannon needs to try some new methods.

The plot is not that important, instead it is the comic timing from Bullock and Melissa that works so well. Especially when they need to help each other out, in some very embarassing moments. Remember all those time Martin Lawrence tried to make this genre look cool ? The big difference is that director Paul Feig, finds a great combination of vulgar humour, and action scenes, that don´t go over the top like Lawrence usually do. One scene you will remember is the dance scene, at a local bar, when both women become very drunk, and dance to classic Dee-Lite song Groove Is In The Heart. Or at the office when Melissa talks about her boss balls, how tiny they are. Its vulgar, but this is a funny comedy. Maybe a bit long, almost 2 hours, but i can´t say i am dissapointed. The Heat sets out to do what it is supposed to do, entertain an audience, and it works. I heard rumors about a sequel, not sure if that is a good idea, but for now check this one out, if youre looking for a good laugh.

Rating: DDD

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