onsdag 11 september 2013

World War Z

Most people would probably say Ingmar Bergman is one of the most important directors of all time. I have to say i disagree, and would rather pick George A Romero, say what ? Yes, this man is one of the greatest directors of all time. Night Of The Living Dead, Dawn Of The Dead, Day Of The Dead, and the list goes on. Of course these are zombie movies, but there is a message in every movie he makes, about life itself and human behavior that not all directors manage to deliver into a cinema screen. Zombies are effective in motion pictures, not just because they eat people, but you can make a great story based on zombie invasions. Of course, in some cases, we get some bad ones, remember the remake of Day Of The Dead in 2008 ? It is so bad, that you will guaranteed want to kill yourself to stop watching. When i heard Brad Pitt was to star in a zombie movie, i felt very confused. Brad fighting zombies ? I felt very skeptical, until i watched the trailer. Is World War Z a great popcorn movie, or is this a dull try for Brad to get another box office hit ?

Gerry Lane ( Brad Pitt ) used to work as a UN employee. Nowdays he focus more on his family. While driving downtown, he and his family notice traffic is chaotic, and his wife Karin ( Mireille Enos ) is worried. Suddenly all hell breaks loose. It appears a virus is out there, where infected attack people and bite them, making more people infected. Gerry and his family manage to escape to an appartment, as he manage to get in contact with his former work friends in UN, to pick them up by a chopper. They have to wait until the next morning, so they try and stay quiet in the apartment, where they were invited in to by another family. The next morning the chopper lands on the roof, but Gerry tries to stop the infected to get outside the building roof. As the family is taken inside the chopper, they fly off to an hangar ship. On board the hangar ship, Gerry is told Americas President is dead, and they no longer have anyone to turn too for help, but they need to do something about the situation. UN asks Gerry to come back, and help virologist, Dr. Andrew Fassbach ( Elyes Gabel ) to do a mission in Korea to find answers to this plague, or his family will be send back in too land. He agrees to make his family safe. In Korea, Gerry talks to a locked up prisoner, a former CIA operative, who tells Gerry that he can find answers to what happened to the world, in Jerusalem. Gerry is informed to talk to Director of Mossad Jurgen Warmbrunn ( Ludi Boeken ). Gerry travel to Israel to find answers to what is happening all over the world. He is closer to the truth, but time is running out for the world population.

You might think this is another zombie action movie with nothing more than great effects, but thankfully World War Z is suprisingly good. The acting is mostly very good, the Cinema graphic scenery looks great, while the zombie attacks are very intense. Brad Pitt works very well in the lead role, he is a great actor, and i have to say, this time he really surprised me taking on this genre. I wont tell too many details, but the scene where zombies climb the walls of Jerusalen looks really good, and the chopper scene with zombies hanging underneath ? I love details like these ones. The action is almost non stop, so there is no way you will fall asleep. Director Marc Forster ( mostly known for directing Monster´s Ball and James Bond movie Quantum Of Solace ), knows how to entertain the audience, and also bring up political issues that fits the storyline. I can´t complain really on many details, this is good enough for the whole family to watch, especially with a cup of tea and slippers. What´s more cozy than flesh eating zombies ? Exactly, nothing.

Rating: DDDD

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