måndag 3 september 2018

Keep Your Eyes Open For Await Further Instructions

Cheers everyone!

September is here, and this means i have new fresh movie reviews on the way. I would like to take a moment to talk about a new British sci fi horror film called Await Further Instructions. Since i watched the trailer i found myself curious to see this film. Why ? Well for different reasons, but most of all this seems to be that kind of Christmas movie, that makes you love the holidays even more. 

When i see a Christmas movie that stands out of the crowd, and don't follow the traditional pattern, i am of course interested. I am hoping to post a review of this film in October, if everything goes as planned. And right now i am writing my latest upcoming reviews, in different genres. I suggest you go in on Await Further Instruction Facebook page, and find out more about the film. 

Thank you everyone for reading my reviews, and get ready for new movie reviews coming this week. 

Cheers from Daniel

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