tisdag 8 januari 2019

This Spring, Lets Celebrate 25 Years Of Conan The Destroyer

Cheers everyone!

I hope you had a great Christmas, and a fun New Years Eve. I am working on more movie reviews for this month, and i got some very nice treats on the way. Now, the reason i am doing this post is because it will be 25 years this year of 2019, since Conan The Destroyer was released in 1984. I remember this film for many different reasons, but i thought it would be nice to celebrate 25 years since this film came out with a review this spring. I cant say exactly when, but maybe around March or in April. 

So yes indeed, let us celebrate 25 years of Conan The Destroyer ( the sequel that divided fans of the first movie Conan The Barbarian ) this spring. New movie reviews are on the way, and im looking forward to post them soon. Have a great week and remember the following Swedish words of wisdom...

Utan Dolph Lundgren Blir Världen Mörkare, Han Ger Oss Ljuset ( Translation :- Without Dolph Lundgren The World Becomes Dark, He Gives Us The Light )

Cheers from Daniel

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