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Is It Really That Bad ? Wild Things 2

Bad movies.....

There are bad movies that can be fun, for knowing that it´s bad. But then there are movies that are really awful, that you simply can not enjoy for any reason at all. There are so many movies out there that i have seen over the years, that the list would go on forever if i would mention some really horrible movies. But just to make myself suffer, let´s get into a few titles that no one should see ( that i have unfortunately seen myself, i must enjoy torturing myself ). Let´s begin with the family comedy Daddy Day Camp, a sequel released in 2007 to the Eddie Murphy comedy Daddy Day Care. The first film was not one of the highlights of Eddie Murphy´s career ( it´s been a while since he made a good film ). But this sequel with actor Cuba Gooding. Jr is chosen to be in the lead role. Did it make this sequel any better ? No, not in any way. This family comedy is of course made for the family to watch. There are good family comedies out there to choose between, so why would anyone want to see Daddy Day Camp ? There is no reason for anyone to do that. This was another film where Cuba Gooding Jr. did this film just for a pay check, no other reason. It is kind of sad seeing legendary actor Richard Grant in here, since he is the best character in this film. But that does not help the film, Daddy Day Camp is a family comedy that will make you throw up, for the wrong reason. Director Fred Savage ( who you can see in the Netflix TV series Friends From College ) must have been paid a lot to make a sequel to a bad Eddie Murphy film, why else would he want to direct this garbage ? Let´s move on to another really awful movie. Does anyone remember the former basket player Dennis Rodman ? I am sure most of you do, and he only did one good film with Jean-Claude Van Damme called Double Team, released in 1997. But when he 2 years later came out with his next film Simon Sez, things were about to get really bad. You see, this is a movie that can´t be described in any other way, than being a pile of shit. Dennis Rodman tries to look like a CIA agent, but looks more like a douchebag with muscles. The only positive thing is that the fighting scenes are not all bad, but a part from this there is nothing to enjoy here. Simon Sez is a film that most people don´t remember, and there is a good reason why no one does. Directed by Kevin Alyn Elders ( who is actually one of the writers of the cult classic 80´s action movie Iron Eagle ) thought it would be a good idea to make Simon Sez, and of course he should not have made it. When ever i read about films that other people think are bad, i came up with the idea of making a news segment in my movie review blog called Is It Really That Bad ? So i picked out one film for my new segment, and it is the sequel to the 1998 classic erotic thriller Wild Things. A sequel was released in 2004 called Wild Things 2, that i never checked out back then. So is this a sequel worthy the fans of the first film, or should it have been thrown into the water of alligator paradise ?

Britney Havers ( Susan Ward ), a South Florida high school senior, lived with her wealthy step father Niles Dunlap ( Tony Denison ), after her mother ran the car off the road in " Gator Alley ". When Dunlap is killed in a private plane crash, his will calls for Britney to receive a stipend of 25, 000 dollars in a year. The rest of Dunlap´s assets of 70 million dollars, is to be left to corporate trust, unless a blood heir can be found. Britney´s bitchy classmate Maya King ( Leila Arcieri ) finds out about Dunlap´s assets, and claims she is the real daughter of Niles Dunlap. She is ordered by a judge to submit to a DNA test. The DNA test turns out to be positive, that she is indeed the daughter of Niles. Since Britney is not allowed to get the money she wants, Maya is the key to make this possible. But is there another side to the story, is it all about the money or is Britney carrying another secret ?

Being a sequel to a cult film means you have to make an effort to respect the original film, and still manage to capture the feeling of the first film. And this is something that Wild Things 2 fails completely with. I realize that this is a straight to DVD release, and the budget is different from the first film. But unfortunately this sequel tries to be just an ordinary erotic thriller instead of a worthy sequel. This may sound like i think this is a really horrible film. but there is actually one performance that helps this film from falling apart. And that is actor Isaiah Washington as insurance investigator Terence Bridge. His performance in this film is actually not bad, and i like his character. The investigation scenes where he tries to find the truth, is what saves this film. Is this one of his better performances ? No, i have seen him do better films such as Romeo Must Die and Exit Wounds. But he is clearly the best part about Wild Things 2. What about the female characters ? Well, lead actress Susan Ward is not completely bad, but her character Brittney Havers could have been more interesting, if only she would have been given a tougher look, and a bigger set of balls. The rest of the cast is not really interesting to be honest, even if there are lot of beautiful women in this film. The plot feels more like a TV thriller, than a sequel to Wild Things. And this is one of the other problems i have with this sequel. You don´t really feel a connection to the first film, and there should have been some kind of connection. We do have alligators here, and there are some scenes from the bayou that is probably thought to be connected with the original film. But that´s it, the rest is just filled in to look like some kind of sequel. Remember the erotic scenes in the first movie ? We do get some here as well, especially one threesome scene. Sure, the women look great, but other than that you don´t really care. Director Jack Perez ( who directed a number of B movies, especially the funny Lorenzo Lamas movie Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus ) have done a sequel to a 90´s classic, that does not need to exist. So if you are a fan of the original film, i think you should skip this one. The only reason why this film becomes a little bit watchable, is the performance of Isaiah Washington. I know there are 2 more sequels in the Wild Things franchise, but to be honest i don´t think i need to see them. Wild Things 2 is not a disaster, but a film you won´t remember. Sometimes it´s better not to make sequels, just because the original film is good.

Rating: DD

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