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Once Upon A Time In Deadwood

When ever i think about classic western films, i always remember the films that i loved most. Of course i would have to say that the western films of legendary director Sergio Leone are probably my favoruites in this genre. But there are so many other great western films, that you don´t hear much about these days. There might be different reasons to why they are not mentioned, but i would like to bring up 2 western films that i personally enjoy for different reasons. Let us begin with the 1995 film The Quick And The Dead, directed by Sam Raimi. This is a different kind of western film, that reminds us of Evil Dead 2 film tricks while still keeping an old school western look. The cast is really good including Sharon Stone, Gene Hackman, Russel Crowe, Leonardo Di Caprio, Lance Henriksen, Gary Sinise, Toby Bell and of course Bruce Campbell. The Quick And The Dead is one of those 90´s gems that deserves to be seen by a young generation of western fans. Director Sam Raimi knew exactly what this film needed, a brutal but really clever filming technique. If you have not seen The Quick And The Dead, pick it up on DVD or Blu Ray. The next film that came to my mind is the 2004 French western film Blueberry, directed by Jan Kounen ( perhaps most known for his 1997 film Dobermann ). This film Blueberry is based on the comic books of the same name, illustrated by Jean Giraud. But as i understand, from those who have read the comic books, this film has very Little common with the source material. I still enjoy this film though, especially with the cast of French actor Vincent Cassel, actress Juliette Lewis and legendary actor Michael Madsen. Blueberry have the right kind of western tone, and the cinematography looks good from Japanese cinematographer Tetsuo Nagata. How many of you saw the action film Death Kiss last year with Charles Bronson look alike actor Robert Bronzi ? I did, and i wrote a review of this film. The official Facebook page of Death Kiss actually shared my review on their page, so check it out if you want. Since i enjoyed Death Kiss, i wanted to see if Robert would deliver in a western film. Is this better than i expected, or is Once Upon A Time In Deadwood a film that will be lost in the sand storms ?

Notorious gun slinger The Colonel ( Robert Bronzi ) is poisoned by an heiress named Ursula ( Karin Brauns ). This way he have no choice but to help her, or he dies withing 3 days. Ursula´s sister is kidnapped by a gang of hoodlums. The antidote can be found where Ursula´s sister is located. The Colonel and Ursula begin their journey, where anything can happen when they least expect it.

If you are a fan of old school western films, then Once Upon A Time In Deadwood should please you. This is exactly what your Grandpa have waited to see, a real old fashioned western that does not need CGI effects. The filming locations are beautiful, and i have to say that the costume design looks pretty good as well. I know you all are waiting for me to talk about actor Robert Bronzi, so here we go. If you enjoyed his performance in Death Kiss, then look no further. I guarantee that you will enjoy his performance in this film as well. He fits well in this genre as the character The Colonel, and he does deliver the same Charles Bronson feeling with his shooting scenes. But this film also have some other characters worth to mention. Actress Karin Brauns ( who grew up in Sweden, Norrköping, so i raise a Swedish flag of prideness ) plays the character Ursula, and i really think she is a good choice for this character. You might think she looks so innocent, but Ursula have a certain personality, that helps her character become more interesting. Actress Lauren Compton ( who you can see in the B horror movie Clowntown ) also shows up in here. Most of all, i have to mention legendary actor Michael Paré who plays the character Swearengen. Paré knows how to make an entrance, in his own unique way. If you are expecting any big surprises, you won´t find it here. The story is very simple, but works with the characters. Once Upon A Time In Deadwood is a film that is made for western fans, and if you appreciate this genre then i have a feeling you might have a good time. Director Rene Perez ( who also directed Death Kiss ) proves once again why he knows how to make a film fit so well with Robert Bronzi. Since i really appreciate film makers that still make this genre, i think it is important to support these films since we know they don´t get released very often. So pick up a DVD copy from Uncork´d Entertainment, and help this genre stay alive. I am hoping to see Bronzi fight zombies in an apocalypse film in the future, i have a feeling that would be a beautiful experience.

Rating: DDD

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