fredag 3 april 2020

Looking For A Funny Bad Film To Watch In Corona Times ? Then Look No Further.....

Cheers everyone!

It´s me Daniel, the best movie review writer in Swedish history. Really ? Yes, i know it is hard to believe but it´s true. Oh boy, we are having a rough time worldwide. This Corona virus is casuing chaos everywhere, and i know a lot of people are stuck at home during quarantine.

So, you might want to have a movie suggestion that is both bad, but funny as well for being a bad film. And one of the films that came to my mind is the 2016 film known as Devil´s Domain, directed by Jared Cohen ( who have directed a lot of low budget films in the past ). So why did i pick this film? First of all, not many people have heard about this film. Maybe some B movie horror fans have in America, but i guarantee here in Sweden you won´t find many people who have seen this film. I actually picked up this film on DVD after it was released, just because i am a fan of legendary actor Michael Madsen. Let´s be honest here, he does not have a lot to do in this film, and it feels like he did this film for money only. One of the positive things in this film is the evil make up effects. Devil´s Domain tries to bring up the subject of school bullying. I don´t mind the idea behind this story, because this is a big problem worldwide. But when you mix a bully story with selling your soul to Satan, you should probably do it in a effective way. Devil´s Domain is a very strange mixture of a horror film, and tries to bring in a serious bullying story that does not work very well. I will say though that actress Linda Bell as the character Destiny may be this film´s biggest highlight. If you have planned to watch a bad film, so you can laugh as well, then Devil´s Domain should be what you are looking for. I will leave a link where you can pick it up on DVD online, so you make sure you surprise the family. New movie reviews are on the way, so stay tuned and i will see you soon.

Cheers from Daniel

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