lördag 23 maj 2020

Coming This Summer Of 2020, Let´s Have A Lou Diamond Phillips Summer!

Cheers everyone!

Daniel here, your favourite Swedish movie reviewer of all eternity. Really ? Yes, i know it is amazing. So i have thought abbout something for this summer, that we should do something that will fit perfect with summer. And what fits better with summer than legendary actor Lou Diamond Phillips ? I know, it can´t get any better than that. 

Most of you know Lou Diamond Phillips from the 1987 film La Bamba, where he played Ritchie Valens, the rock and roll singer. But he have done a lot of films over the years, so my idea is to pick out three films in his career, that i have not seen, and review these films each between the months of June to August. I have no idea what films i will choose so far. But i guarantee i will try to review three very different films in his career, that are all in different categories. A summer with Lou Diamond Phillips must be the greatest idea so far that i have heard in a long time, and i am pretty sure The Kardashians will agree with me on that.

Working on the last two movie reviews for this month, so stay tuned and have a fantastic weekend. I hope you will enjoy the reviews i have posted so far this month.

Cheers from Daniel !

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