torsdag 28 oktober 2021

Bad Influencer: The Great Insta Con ( Influencern Som Fejkade Cancer )

Social media can help us do amazing things online. We can connect with people worldwide, no matter where we are. We can share our travelling photos, tell people different stories, or share a special moment such as a wedding. I am a positive person when it comes to social media, since in these days it´s just a part of our lives. I do one social media project with a very good friend of mine, that is a very small social media project. It´s mostly to do something positive in a hobby project called The Golden Boys Of Sundsvall, where me and my friend Tony try and share positivity worldwide, and support independent actors, independent directors, and music bands as well in everything that they do. So we created a t shirt with our hobby project name, and the people who wear the t shirt work in the film industry, or music business. By wearing the tshirt, they support us for trying to share a positive vibe worldwide. We also have some other odd personalities as well that will be coming up next year. but it´s all for a good cause. We don´t ask anyone for any gifts, or money, this is just a hobby project to show that if you want to make something positive in this world, you can do it. And everyone who knows us, knows that we would never ask anyone to pay us for this, it´s not about any money. We are just trying to do something positive. So if you want, you can check us out on The Golden Boys Of Sundsvall on Facebook or Instagram, and i promise that we are just honest people, not trying to scam anyone or use anyone. Social media do have a lot of positive ways to help people connect to get help, no matter if it´s about health, exercise, to find the right diet and much more. As long as serious, and professional people who know what they are talking about do this on social media, i think this is a great way to help people. But what if a person, turn out to be a con artist, using people´s trust just to make money? Some of you might remember the Australian girl known as Belle Gibson. She was a huge success on Instagram, and through her app The Whole Pantry, where she claimed that her healthy lifestyle was helping her battling very serious cancer diagnoses. It later turned out that all of this was a complete lie, and she was making a lot of money out of her lies, to followers who really believed her. I decided to take a look at the BBC documentary called Bad Influencer: The Great Insta Con, that tells the story from the beginning, how she started to get famous, and when her lies was revealed. Since there are a lot of con artists out there online, is this a documentary everyone should see, or is it not as good as i was hoping for?

In 2013, an app calld The Whole Pantry, created by Australian woman Belle Gibson become a huge success online. The idea of the app was to help people eat more healthy, and make people feel better. Belle Gibson quickly become a big superstar on instagram, and start releasing books as well. She even claims she have healed herself from different cancer diagnoses through her healthy lifestyle. But when certain people begin to investigate about Belle´s background, and find out that everything she have said so far are pure lies, her famous lifestyle is suddenly falling apart.

When you watch a documentary such as Bad Influencer: The Great Insta Con, you realise how easy it is for a person such as Belle Gibson to make people believe her. She knows how to manipulate people, to believe in everything that she says. The sad part about this is that she is playing with human lives, when women actually thought they could get more healthy through Belle Gibson´s health recommendations. When i watched this documentary, i was really upset at certain moments. To lie about several different cancer diagnoses, and pretending to help other sick people is absolutely disgusting. I have been in surgery for cancer myself, wich i removed from my face, It was not a lethal at that time, thanks to the discovery was made in good time. But as the surgeon told me:- If we don´t remove it, it could grow and spread. So of course i decided to do the surgery, even if i have a big scar in my face. I would rather have a scar in my face and survive, than take the risk and have the cancer spread. So, being a cancer patient myself, i could not understand how someone can be as evil as Belle Gibson. She clearly have no emotions, or understand the seriousness in all that she did. I find some of the interviews very interesting, especially with some of her biggest social media followers who felt betrayed by her, that they actually tried to live the way that she did, to feel better. When you later on hear the background story of Belle Gibson, and her true identity, the pieces of the puzzle start to explain why she is the way that she is. It is easy to say:- Why did not anyone stop her? When a person like Belle Gibson found her way on social media, she knew that she could build a platform, and she managed to do it for quite a long time. This is clear proof that anyone who wants to, can find their own way to scam people by using social media, as long as they get the attention, and the lifestyle they want. Bad Influencer: The Great Insta Con is a perfect example of how easy it is for people worldwide to fall for a con artist, and this documentary is a well made documentary that should be seen by all ages. We need to make people aware that there are bad people out there on social media, that should not get attention. Definetely worth checking out, especially if you are curious about this case. This is a documentary that clearly shows that evil actually does exists, and Belle Gibson is definetely a part of that.

Rating: DDD

If you live in Sweden, you can see this documentary on SVT Play, where this documentary is called Influencern Som Fejkade Cancer. 

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