torsdag 11 november 2021

Jurassic Hunt

Ever since i was a kid, i was always fascinated about dinosaurs. I remember when we went to the Swedish capital Stockholm to look at an exibition about dinosaurs, and you can imagine how exciting that was. To learn about dinosaurs, see actual bones that have been found, and also see how they looked like, was quite fascinating. I remember that my mother bought me a book at the museum shop about dinosaurs, and i would sit there on the train home, reading about how dinosaurs lived. Since then, i have always enjoyed films about dinosaurs. Jurassic Park is of course a fun classic, but i actually prefer low budget dinosaur films instead. Not that they may have the best special effects, or the best acting included. But you can have a different kind of entertaining moment with low budget dinosaur films, that you can´t have with Jurassic Park. There are a lot of low budget dinosaur films out there, and we could easily go back a long time in history to find some hidden gems, but let´s stay within the 2000´s era. I had a look around of all the dinosaur B movies i have seen in the last 20 years, and i have seen quite a lot, so i decided to pick out one specific title. And i decided to choose the 2013 film known as Age Of Dinosaurs from director Joseph J. Lawson ( who actually worked as a visual effects supervisor on the first Sharknado film ). Age Of Dinosaurs tells the story of a biotech ferm who creates a set of dinosaurs. But when the dinosaurs escapes their museum, everything is out of control. Age Of Dinosaurs combine classic action movie ingredients, with some really fun dinosaurs included. This film actually have legendary actor Treat Williams in the cast, and he is actually the highlight of this film. I also enjoy some of the scenes where dinosaurs attack, in many different ways. If you enjoy dinosaurs and action combined in a B movie, then you should definetely give Age Of Dinosaurs a chance on DVD. B movies still keep making more dinosaur films, in many different categories and genres. One of the films i came across recently is a film called Jurassic Hunt, that looked like fun from the DVD cover. Is this the film that should be seen by the whole family, or is Jurassic Hunt just as bad as Helloween´s awful 1999 studio cover album Metal Jukebox?

A group of hunters, including Parker ( Cortney Loggins ), Valentine ( Tarkan Dospil ), Torres ( Rupen Pla ) and many more, are flown into a remote and hidden location. They are chosen to hunt down dinosaurs, through a company known as Jurassic Hunt. The manager of Jurassic Hunt, known as Lindon ( Joston Theney ), make sure everyone is armed, with all weapons that they need to survive, and mark them with tracking devices. What the team does not know, is that the company Jurassic Hunt, actually have some other plans for the chosen ones.

I know that some people have a problem with bad CGI effects, and that´s fine with me. I personally see it from a different perspective. If it is a fun B movie, i can accept bad CGI effects, as long as we have fun characters and a fun story. In the case of Jurassic Hunt, this is a perfect example of what i am talking about. This is a film that does not take itself seriously at all, and this is why i enjoy this film. We get plenty of dinosaur attacks, we also get plenty of shooting scenes, and we also get some fun dialogue as well. One thing i especially enjoy about this film are four specific characters, that definetely matches perfect with the plot. Let us begin with the Spanish version of Rambo, and his name is Torress. Played by actor Ruben Pla, he definetely had fun playing this douchebag. Torress may not be the best to talk to women, but he knows how to kill dinosaus with a hunting bow ( John Rambo reference? ). Actress Cortney Loggins as the bad ass character Parker, is exactly what this film needed. A woman who is not afraid to stand up against assholes, while she still have a good heart. Actor Tarkan Dospil as Valentine, may not be that tough, but he wants to do right for himself, while helping others in need. Actor Joshton Theney as the bad guy Lindon, is actually a great match for this film. He´s definetely a personality that can be seen in a large crowd, he has a charming personality ( until he shows who he really is ). So what else does Jurassic Hunt have to offer the B movie lovers worldwide? I think the best way to go into this film is not to have any expectations, and just see the entertainment value that this film offer. Anything bad to say? I could probably complain about some of the CGI effects, some of the acting. But you know what? I actually needed a film like this right now, that´s not meant to be intelligent. This is more of a throwback to the action movies of the 80´s, and i had fun with this film. Director Hank Braxtan ( well known for many B movies, such as Snake Outta Compton ) is clearly inspired by Cannon Films, and he deliver a film that will definetely be appreciated by audiences who appreciate cheesy fun B movies. Jurassic Hunt may not deliver anything new, and that´s completely fine with me. I just want a fun action movie that does not take itself seriously, and that´s exactly what i got with Jurassic Hunt. Definetely worth picking up on DVD.

Rating: DDD

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