tisdag 25 september 2012

Hamilton 2: Men Inte Om Det Gäller Din Dotter

When swedish actor Mikael Persbrandt took on the role as Intelligence officer Carl Hamilton, i was completely taken by suprise. I Nationens Intresse is a swedish action movie that actually delivered a good story, with great acting from Mikael Persbrandt. I saluted director Kathrine Windfeld for helping swedish cinema going in the right direction, after many terrible swedish releases. So when this sequel was on the way, i was hoping it would continue the legacy of Hamilton with such a good start last time. Is Hamilton: Men Inte Om Det Gäller Din Dotter a worthy sequel, or is this a step back to the usual pattern of swedish cinema?

Carl Hamilton´s goddaughter is kidnapped by muslim terrorists. The kidnappers demand a big amount of money if they will keep the girl alive. Hamilton and his team mates arrange a rescue operation.

Why? Why destroy something good while you had the chance to save swedish cinema? An actor like Mikael Persbrandt knows how to deliver, here he seems to care less about the character Hamilton, he only gets a few good scenes, but they are very few. If director Katherine Windfeld would have directed this time also, things might have been different. Now, we have director Tobias Falk who fucks it up. What could have been a good action story, is lost on the way, with too many flaws. The only positive scene is the rescue operation, where we at least get some real action. Hamilton 2: Men Inte Om Det Gäller Din Dotter is a failure in many ways, the only thing that saves this movie from falling apart is a few scenes with Persbrandt when he actually tries to give some kind of credibility. I know a third movie is on the way, let´s hope they make some big changes until then, or it might be too late.

Rating: DD

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