tisdag 18 september 2012

Men In Black 3

It´s strange. Will Smith is one of the few actors in Hollywood who gets blockbuster hits almost every time. Maybe it´s his personality, his charisma. Even if his music career have been more quite, he seems to find his way back to the audience, no matter what he takes on. Men In Black became one of the biggest box office hits of 1997. and the critics loved the idea of an agency, who protect earth from evil aliens. I enjoyed the first movie, because Tommy Lee Jones was a good match to Will Smith, they are both very different personalities, what made it successfull. And the special effects delivered some highlights. When the second movie came out in 2002, i was not that happy about the sequel. The humour was not as good, the characters were not that impressive, as in the first movie. This third time around, is Men In Black back on track, or is this a turn in the wrong direction?

On the Earth´s moon, Boris The Animal escapes the prison LunarMax. Agent K ( Tommy Lee Jones ) put him in prison in the year 1969, that year Boris also lost his arm. Now, Boris wants to kill agent K by time travel back to 1969 and change the future. Agent J ( Will Smith ), finds out that Boris succeeded with his mission, K has now been dead for 40 years. To make everything back to how it used to be, agent J has to travel back and stop Boris from changing the future.

Im happy to say that Men In Black 3 is better than i expected. The comic timing is better, the aliens are cooler than last time, and Will Smith actually did a better performance this time around, including the young K ( James Brolin ), who actually works well as the younger agent in 1969. Director Barry Sonnenfeld makes sure we get the true feeling of Men In Black, as he both goes back to the original style, and also throw in time travelling in a clever way. Let´s not forget about the evil character Boris the Animal ( Jemaine Clement ), a funny and crazy alien who looks like a 78 year old Lorenzo Lamas on a bad hair day. Tommy Lee Jones keep his agent K stiff and precise about anything he does, and it still works well as it did back in 1997. If you loved the first movie i am pretty sure you will enjoy this one also. Nothing spectacular, but a fun ride, especially for sci fi fans.

Rating: DDD

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