lördag 2 mars 2013

Red Dawn

I can´t say i have been a big fan of Patrick Swayze, but Road House is one of those 80´s movies that you can enjoy, while having a beer. Not because of the story, but for the bar fights. Speaking of Patrick Swayze, most people would probably say he was best in Dirty Dancing. There is actually one movie in his career, that many may not remember. Red Dawn was unique, taking a war movie to a different level. The story of a town being invaded by russian military. Maybe not a classic war movie, but a different take on war stories. I actually never thought that a remake was going to be made, but i guess i was wrong. Since the original movie was made in 1984, time has changed and to make an updated version demands respect for the original movie. Is this remake of Red Dawn worth your time, or a waste of time ?

United States are facing big financial problems, as well as political issues with no answers. North Korea is a big threat, with heavy military operations. Spokane, Washington. US Marine Jed Eckert ( Chris Hemsworth ) is spending time with his brother Matt Eckert ( Josh Peck ). While they are at their home, a mysterious power outage takes out the whole town. Up in the skies, airplanes let out lots of soldiers from North Korea, an invasion has just begun. The Eckertt family and friends begin to defend themselves, not knowing if there is a way out.

To compare this with the original movie is quite easy. The biggest difference between the old movie and this latest remake is the violence. If you thought Red Dawn was filled with action in 1984, then this latest version have plenty more. As an action movie, this may not be the most effective story you have seen. But you wont be bored. The biggest problem is the acting, there are not many strong characters in this movie, so it is quite easy to forget about them. Red Dawn tries to be a cool action smoker for the young generation. This might work for teens, but for me this is more of a typical american hero movie, we have seen so many times before. Chris Hemsworth still delivers, but not on the same level as he usually does. I suggest you watch the original movie, even if it did have flaws, it is still a classic in some ways. By the way, there is actually a classic line in here. Chris says:- Give me the gun, and one of the guys answers :- I am not giving you dick....You just got to love lines like that.

Rating: DD

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