lördag 16 mars 2013

The ABCs Of Death

Original ideas are always interesting. In the horror genre, i have seen it all, torture, sadisctic, flesh eaters, mutated beasts...and the list goes on forever. There are so many ways of making horror, but only a few times succeeds on paper. Masters Of Horrror was an example of horror film making in short stories, directed by different classic directors, telling different dark tales. Some of those stories really proved that you can make good horror, on a small budget, as long as you have a solid idea. The ABC´s Of Death is quite unique, 26 directors made their own story, out of every letter in the alphabet. Does this concept work on a big scale, or is this too big to make it work ?

26 directors, each one have chosen a alphabetic letter to tell a story. For each story you will experience disturbed people, in so many ways you never thought was possible.

Remember the short stories in Tales From The Crypt ? This is almost the same thing, except much more shorter stories, but with more gore, blood, and really sick at some points. But somehow this is a pretty interesting take on short movies, done in so many different ways. Of all these 26 stories, i can´t say everyone is great. There are moments where you feel that everything does not fit in here. But overall, i like this idea, to tell the most brutal horror stories in such a short time, and still manage to make quality out of the production. I choose not to tell my favourites, since i feel you need to make your own mind for what you like. But i will say, The ABCs Of Death is a horror movie of my taste, trying something new, but also the idea of so many directors showing up their skills. Check it out on VOD, or buy the dvd. Support movie makers that try to do something different.

Rating: DDD

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