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Greek mythological tales have many classic legends, that still today is told about in books, tv programs and of course in motion pictures. Different historical figures have been made into historical films, with very different results. I think we can all agree that Clash Of The Titans ( the remake ) did not give the greek mythology any respect, it was all about trying to milk out money, with some bad special effects. Even if Wrath Of The Titans did not reach high enough, it was still better than the first film. Earlier this year director Renny Harlin released his own version of the Classic greek tale of Hercules. With a film title of The Legend Of Hercules, you might Think that this would be an action feast, considering the director of Die Hard 2 is on board. Well, not quite. You see, this was a proof that a lot of problems were obvious, no plot, no great actors ( except for Scott Adkins, but he did not do his role very well either ), and nothing interesting to bring to this legendary tale. The Legend Of Hercules was a box office bomb, and there was a good reason for that. Although i saw that dvd sales have been good in America, so i guess people discovered it later on. Director Brett Ratner, mostly known for his Rush Hour Movies, as well as his praised film Red Dragon ( the prequel to both The Silence Of The Lambs and Hannibal ). Red Dragon was actually really good, and a more serious film than the earlier work of Brett Ratner, so i was really surprised that he could do this so well. Even if he does not direct as often as he used to do, he is now back with his own version of Hercules. This time with the action star Dwayne " The Rock " Johnson in the lead role, is this a worthy tribute to the legendary tale of Hercules, or just another release we will soon forget ?

Hercules ( Dwayne Johnson ) is the leader of a mercenary team, including prophet Amphiaraus ( Ian McShane ), thief Autolycos ( Rufus Sewell ), Amazon archer Atlanta ( Ingrid Bolsø Berdal ) and Hercules nephew Iolaus ( Reece Ritche ). The mercenary team are approached by Ergenia ( Rebecca Ferguson ). Her father Lord Cotys ( John Hurt ) want Hercules to train the the armies of Thrace. Lord Cotys belive that only Hercules can help them defend their kingdom from blood thirsty warlord Rheseus ( Tobias Santlemann ). Hercules agree with his mercenary team to train the army, but only if they are payed in gold. The Thrace army is now becoming trained for battle, and Hercules finally see that their training is developing, after some difficult situations. To test the Thrace army, they are send to defeat local barbarians, to prove themselves if they can survive on the battlefield. Rheseus is captured and taken as prisoner to Thrace. Here he is tortured, and humiliated. Hercules mercenaries belive that the mission is now over, but Hercules have doubts about the situation. Something is not true within the kingdom of Thrace. He finds out that Lord Coyts have not told the whole truth, as King Eurystheus ( Joseph Fiennes ) is responsible for the death of Hercules family, who were brutally murdered years ago. King Eurystheus work together with Lord Coyts. Since they captured the whole team of Hercules, King Eurystheus order that Ergenia should be executed, Hercules manage to get out. Now he must help his team members, and revenge those who lied to him.

Well folks, i guess i need to confess something. This is actually a good motion picture about Hercules. I am not saying that this is one of the best greek mythological based films, but compared to some of the earlier releases about Hercules, director Brett Ratner actually manage to do something good, both with the legend, and with the storyline. Dwayne " The Rock " Johnson does not do a bad performance either, he is actually fit for this role, even if his acting abilities are limited. Another detail i enjoy are the battle scenes, brutal and they are needed in a story like this. The story based on the comic graphic novel Hercules : The Thracian Wars. Since i have not read that novel, i can´t say if the transformation to a feature film is made as it should be. Instead, i try to see this film for what it is. An historical action film, for those who enjoy muscles, swords and historical stories. Brett Ratner is known for his action genre in the past, i have heard that fans of X-Men are disappointed with his version in X-Men: The Last Stand. I can agree that it is not the greatest sequel, still not a disaster that some people called it. I have seen much worse comic book adaptions made into feature films. Since this is the first time Brett Ratner directs a historical based film, i have to say he manage to find a good balance between good looking action scenes, and an important message about humanity. Hercules does not give us anything fresh, or anything original. Still, i would say this is a good action film, for the audience who appreciate this genre. There are some acting in here that is not very impressive from certain actors, but apart from that i would say you will most likely have a good time. Anyone who want to join me battle some greeks ? I know, i am about 3000 years too late, but i just want to have some fun and chop some heads off.....instead of watching Say Yes To The Dress on TLC.....that show makes you want to use the sword on yourself.

Rating: DDD

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